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Every new parent wants to make sure their baby's environment is as healthy as possible. Klean Kanteen can help with that. We designed a special adapter that works with Avent's patented sippy cup spout. Just like every other Klean Kanteen, our 12 oz bottle is made from 100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade stainless steel so it doesn't need a special lining like some other metal bottles. It's completely BPA-free and won't leach chemicals, toxins, or funky flavors into your baby's water or juice. It's designed for small hands, making it easy to hold. And the large-mouth makes cleaning as simple as a quick scrub with soap and water or a rinse in the dishwasher.

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Customer Reviews:

  • sippy for Kanteen
    Wish I was clear on having to also buy the cap that is for this sippy top. Can't buy the top that fits over this sippy top w/o buying another sippy top. Love the Klean Kanteen!!...more info
  • stainless steel or polypropylene?
    For some reason, I thought a polypropylene flat cap came standard with the Klean Kanteen water bottle which is why I bought this stainless steel loop cap. I was surprised when my water bottle came with a stainless flat cap. Nevertheless, I like the loop cap better than the flat cap. It is easier to screw on and off and to carry the bottle with. It is too expensive though. Make sure you order it with the bottle at the same time so you don't have to pay for extra shipping....more info
  • Good investment.
    I purchased the Klean Kanteen bottles as an alternative to my deteriating lexan bottles. I am impressed with the bottles and the sports caps that they came with. I purchased the Stainless steel loop cap so that I can clip the bottle to my backpack when hiking and am very happy with it. The threads fit much better and far more secure than the poly loop cap threads and it also covers a bit of the outside of the rim to. (the poly loop doesn't)...more info
  • Stainless Flat Cap = Piece of Crap
    This cap is so pathetic that it caused me to post my first review.

    I was looking forward to using this cap instead of the plastic cap. But it's a piece of crap. Don't waste your money.

    The black plastic piece separated from the (hollow) stainless piece as soon as I tried to get a tight seal. There doesn't appear to be any kind of sealant used to hold the pieces together. They just kind of jammed the two pieces together (by lining up two tabs on the plastic part with two notches in the stainless part) and hoped for the best.

    ...more info
  • The plastic keeps separating from the metal
    In theory I like the idea of a metal cap that prevents contact between the water and the plastic, I've had a terrible experience with the stainless loop cap. I have the 40oz bottle and apparently the adhesive cannot handle the weight--the loop actually separated from the rest of the cap, sending my water bottle crashing onto concrete, damaging the bottle in the process. I ordered a second one, stopped carrying it by the loop all the time, but it still came separated. I'm using the poly loop now and haven't had this problem....more info
  • Better than the cap that came with my Klean Kanteen
    I like this a little better than the stainless/plastic one that originally came with my Klean Kanteen. Unfortunately, like the stainless/plastic cap, this cap gets some water trapped inside it when washed in a dishwasher--maybe not quite as much with this one, but I can hear it sloshing around in there when I shake the cap.

    This cap is all plastic (polypropylene, which has a fairly safe reputation at this time.)

    Unlike the plastic loop-top cap, this one has a a texture around the edge where you grip it to tighten or loosen it....more info
  • Do not submerge
    I ordered these as replacements to the plastic lids that came with my kanteens. They came with a "Made in China" sticker on them, so I soaked them in the sink to get the stickers off. They wanted to float, so I had to put something on them to hold them down in the water. A couple of hours later (I got distracted!), I picked them up to scrape off the stickers, and what do I hear but sloshing water... the lids had taken in water, but there was no way to open them up and get it out. All I could think was that the soapy water would be slowly leaking into my drinking water. So... it was back to the plastic lids Klean Kanteen Loop Cap/Polypro for us! (BTW, HealthEGoods was very helpful about returning them)....more info
  • Klean Kanteen top
    I bought this to replace the sport top. A club in my golf bag knocked the top off (the sippy part). I think this top is also more sanitary...more info
  • Very durable cap
    Durable, easy to wash cap. I use this cap when I don't need my sports cap. ...more info
  • Warning! liquid will remain in the cap!
    If you ever put this cap in the dishwasher, or submerge in water for a few hours, the water leaks into the cap and has no way to clean it out. They need to recall this cap, as potentially toxic liquid can stay inside the lid, and leaks into your bottle. It is too bad, because otherwise, the wide cap is really easy to open and close....more info
  • great fit
    the cap fits well and does the trick. too bad it doesn't come standard with the bottle....more info
  • Leaks like crazy
    I joke that I'm going to singlehandedly ruin the environment by buying new caps, trying to find one that doesn't leak. I have the steel loop cap and it leaks probably about 50% of the time. Somehow the water always finds a way to seek out any electronics in my bag. Maybe some teflon tape will fix it? ...more info
  • ss cap
    I got this cap because I didn't want plastic in my water bottle. But, it doesn't fit well and the bottle leaked with the ss cap....more info
  • It works fine
    Not much to say about this cap except that it works! I bought several Kleen Kanteens with sport caps as gifts, then added these loop caps as alternatives for the recipients. Two things which are different from the caps on the older bottles: they are not as big or clunky, and the bottoms are hollow (instead of being sealed over)....more info
  • Needs Improvement
    Love the fact that it is stainless steel but the upper plastic portion keeps coming off when putting this lid on the bottle. Perhaps we got a lemon but it is a pain to have to keep putting the plastic top back on and also when it comes off it exposes metal that is sharp.
    ...more info
  • Review
    The thing fits but it looks like it was not ment to be on the bottle. Def aftermarket and NOT klean kanteen OEM. I know they are hard to find but I would reccomend you get one from klean kanteen....more info
  • Water leaked in!
    I ordered this product directly from Klean Kanteen. After a couple months of use, I noted water in the cap. I tossed all of them (4)and replaced them with the plastic ones which came with the bottles originally. Defeats the purpose (of choosing steel over plastic) but we like the loop on top for a carabiner and I am concerned about water remaining in the lid. Have emailed Klean Kanteen response.
    Otherwise love the bottles! ...more info
  • Klean Kanteen Stainless Cap
    Great cap - if you're going to invest in a stainless bottle, go the extra mile and get the stainless cap, too. A bit pricey, but it's worth it. ...more info
  • Stainless Caps retain fluid and RUST!
    I oredered this cap as an alternate cap to use with the sport cap on my 40oz bottle. Both were ordered from Amazon.

    First, the new SS caps are not the same design as the original (on a KK bottle I bought that came with SS flat cap 2 years ago) the knurled edges only go around a portion of the cap and they are not as high in relief, this makes the cap a bit harder to get off, this is just a nitpick. BUT...

    The real problem with this cap is what others have mentioned, water leaks inside the cap (between the plastic and SS threaded portion. I read the reviews and decided in advance I would not submerge this new cap. I washed by hand, filled my bottle a left for work. When I got there, I noticed that some of the water I had put in the bottle was now stuck in the cap, I stress that this was liquid from my beverage (water). I don't feel this cap is safe to use, and completely unacceptable - if you fill your KK with different fluids, such as juice, do you really want this liquid staying in the cap to age/spoil and then possibly re-entering the bottle.

    The SS flat caps (at least this version from amazon) are a waste of money. I can't say it is the caps fault, but I also noticed rust on the thread of both the bottle and cap - it could have occurred on either one and then transferred to the other so I can't tell which is to blame. Again this was on the first day of using the bottle and cap. My two other KK bottles, one with SS Flat cap (older design) and a newer one with PP loop cap both have never had any problems. KK needs a new design for the SS caps - I would not buy these until this issue has been fixed. ...more info
  • Love it!
    Quick twist off, easy to carry and clean. Sport's Top has more twisty grove things and requires a few more twists to remove. Prefer this one. And less plastic....more info
  • Love the concept, hate the construction
    The stainless steel inner part of the cap separated from the plastic top loop part of the cap, it needs some sort of adhesive to join them together which I might do myself. So don't think you can clip a full 40oz. klean canteen to a carbiner and then to your backpack with one of the Stainless Loop Caps because you will drop the bottle eventually if you are trekking some where or being extreme or intense. Also the worst part is that in order to prevent the bottle from leaking with this cap, you have to tighten the cap so much that the leverage of the threads of the bottle pull the cap apart, very frustrating.

    ...more info
  • water trapped inside
    I purchased several stainless steel caps. The adhesive from the labels wouldn't come off, so I soaked them in soapy water. The expensive lids now have water trapped inside where bacteria can breed. I can't get the water out; the caps are unsafe to use, and I'm out the money....more info
  • Doesn't seal properly
    Cap doesn't seal totally and water leaks from the bottle as a result. Got it so I wouldn't have any plastic part, but will now have to use the one that came with the bottle. I guess that's why they don't use this cap when you buy the bottle....more info
  • Better than what came with my bottle
    I like this cap better than the stainless/plastic one that originally came with my Klean Kanteen. This cap is simpler, all plastic (polypropylene, which has a fairly safe reputation at this time.) Easy to wash, goes through my dishwasher in the silverware basket with no problem.

    While the original has the advantage of minimizing plastic contact with the water, it somehow gets water trapped inside it if washed in the dishwasher--but then it's very hard to get that water back out. Also the all-plastic flat caps I bought get water trapped inside them. But this cap seems to have a design with no place for the water to get trapped. Another reviewer complained about water getting trapped in this cap. Either
    1) he has it confused with on of the other caps (flat top or stainless/plastic)
    2) they changed the design of this cap between when he bought his and when I bought mine
    3) I've just been lucky so far.

    The one way I think this could be improved would be to have some sort of texture around the edge of the cap to make it easier to grip for tightening and loosening. As it is, the surface there is a bit too smooth; so if your hands are wet, weak, or greasy from hand lotion or fried chicken you kind of have to stick your finger through the loop to get leverage. (The flat-top plastic cap does have a texture there that makes it easier to grip.)...more info
  • Too expensive
    This product is way too expensive, if you include the shipping charges. $10 for a lid that should have been included with the bottle in the first place is a bit too much. I have two bottles but I am not paying more for a second lid. Clean Kanteen used to include those lids with the bottles, but they now sell them separately......more info
  • great spare top!
    This cover made is easier for my husband to carry his 40 oz around work while his hands are full, since he can use the hole for carrying, (not the sport top clip , which snaps open enabling the bottle to fall on the floor). Also, it's nice that it is all stainless touching your H20!...more info
  • not worth it
    Paid extra to get 2 of these klean kanteen bottle tops and already one of them has come apart. The plastic separated from the stainless steel. they were a little pricey and I ended up using the cheaper plastic tops which seem to be more durable...very disappointing.......more info


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