mix 1 Berry, Protein & Antioxidant Drink, 11-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

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mix1 is a balance of complete nutrition, great flavor and convenience. Mealtime, snacktime, before or after your workout, anytime -- mix1 provides sustained energy to get you through your busy day. Each bottle contains 15 grams of premium whey protein isolate, 23 vitamins and minerals, 3 servings of fruits and veggies, and antioxidants equivalent to 4 cups of green tea. It is also free of lactose, gluten, soy, and caffeine. The 2 to 1 carb to protein ratio provides sustainable energy and the 3 grams of fiber is good for cardiovascular and digestive health. mix1 is also naturally shelf stable for 9 months.

  • 15 grams of premium whey protein isolate
  • 23 vitamins and minerals
  • 3 servings of fruits/veggies
  • antioxidants = 4 cups of green tea
  • free of lactose, gluten, soy and caffeine

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Tasty Packed full of Vitamins
    I thought this was a very tasty drink and packed with the best nutrients for good health. The only down side was the high amount of sugar. I didn't think it tasted chalky at all. I rather thought the consistency and texture were just right, and that it was delicious....more info
  • Very scared to try, but it wasn't so bad...
    Ok.... so I have read all of the reviews and see that there is a general consensus regarding the flavor. Here is our take on it...

    I shook the bottle vigorously, but found that I needed to actually crack it open to release some of the air so that I could shake it properly. At first glance it was pale pink and smelled very very milky-berry like. To me it seem like a very thin, runny smoothie. I personally didn't want to taste it because I hate milk and it smells very much like a milky smoothie! I know that there isn't any dairy, but if someone does not enjoy the smell or taste of milk then stay away from this.

    It turned my stomache because of the milkiness. I started to drink and quickly realized that the aftertaste was very chalky and grass-like. No, I haven't eaten grass... but that is what my mind thinks it would taste like. After reading the ingredient list, it explained the grassiness.

    I wouldn't be able to tell you the effectiveness of this product because we were only supplied with one bottle. That isn't sufficient enough for me to claim anything at this point.

    I can tell you this... I don't like the milky smell or milky, runny taste. It has a rather impressive ingredient list filled with antioxidents and enough green tea benefits to last you a week LOL. That is where my stars go. The downside: the calories, the carbs and the price.

    If you are a health nut and are used to these sort of concoctions and prices; then give it a try and see for yourself. You may just enjoy it.

    By the way, my MIL had a sip and she thought it tasted great. My MIL works out atleast 4 times a week, and has her spinach/vegetable drinks almost daily. That would explain why she didn't notice the grassy flavor that I did....more info
  • Worse than anticipated
    After consuming and subsequently reviewing the Mix 1 Mango drink, I expected the Berry variety might be slightly more pleasant, if for no other reason than "berry" flavor is a little more "mainstream." I was wrong. While I found the Mango drink to be tolerable, despite the chalkiness and reminiscence of baby food, I could not even finish the berry drink. It is too sweet, and even more chalky and disheartening than the Mango version. It is great that the drink strives to pack a powerfully healthy punch, but it should not come at the expense of flavor. Thumbs down....more info
  • Good Tasting, Full Of Good Stuff Too!!
    mix 1 Berry is a good tasting drink that packs plenty of good stuff that your body needs and will thank you for. Some of the other reviews on here complain that the berry flavor isn't very good but when you are drinking these high content drinks the goal isn't something that is going to taste incredible rather that is a 'side effect' of trying to puree something together that your body will thank you for. The first taste I had of mix 1 the experience wasn't out of this world but it wasn't bad either. As I continued to drink more of this I got used to the flavor quickly and actually it grew on me.

    If you are looking for a healthy alternative to other drinks and/or something to balance out your food intake for the rest of the day, this is a wonderful product that delivers what it say it does.

    **** RECOMMENDED...more info
  • Wonderfully effective
    When I tried this drink, I was grateful that it is made of healthy ingredients and avoids the sugar overload that gives a temporary boost and then leaves you tired and with mood swings as the sugar wears off. And I can do without the extra caffeine, so that was nice, too. What really impressed me when I drank this drink is the high antioxidant content. I have degenerative disease of the spine, so having antioxidants allows me to control inflammation and pain without taking NSAIDs. This drink was amazing. I didn't even have to take Tylenol. Also, I had some extra energy to get me through the evening. I definitely appreciated that as well.

    As for taste, it tasted somewhat like the Flintstones chewable vitamins did in the 70s. Maybe they're still around-I don't know, but the drink didn't taste too sugary, didn't spike my blood sugar levels, and still was pretty good in the taste department. While it could be better, I'll take the healthy aspect over the sugary sweet flavor any day.

    I liked this drink very much and plan to buy plenty of it in the future. ...more info
  • Great Nutritious Drink
    I use it before or after workout.
    Gives lasting energy and I think berry tastes the best of the mix1 family.

    Alot of value is packed in this little bottle.
    I only buy when shipping is free since locally is cheaper otherwise.
    And if there is a coupon code then buy more....more info
  • Good, BUT...
    I'll attempt brevity but may not succeed. All the good stuff is contained in the bottle but does the bottle have to be so elaborate. They may have saved a penny or two by using a less expensive method of transporting the product. I have avoided these types of products because the cost per serving does not match my frugal use unless the taste and benefit factors exceed the cost factor. Taste for MIX does not demand a rebuy. Benefit factors may be a major positive when considering MIX. We complain when gasoline exceeds $5 per gallon but MIX is about $24 per gallon. If you can go further on MIX than a gallon of gas then it's a deal. I tried one of these and in all liklihood may not try another but who knows. Change is on the way, they tell me....more info
  • Toss-Up For Value
    Chilled, this supplement tastes like a watery yogurt. Its not bad tasting at all, just different. It does contain 23 vitamins and minerals, as well as `fruits/veggies', but the percentage required per day is not as much as simply taking a multi-vitamin. 15 grams of protein is good for a workout supplement, but 20 grams or more would be ideal. The good news is that it is free of lactose and caffeine, which are major factors for many people. However, I'd have to say for the value, it is a toss-up. The best content is the antioxidants, which are equal to four cups of green tea. Try it and make up your own mind....more info
  • Too Thick and Chalky
    I literally could't swallow this product. Well, I could...but it was hard. I'm all for having a convenient way to skip an actual meal, but will have to keep looking because I couldn't quite stomach this option. It was too thick, too chalky, and left an after-taste that I didn't like. If you can stomach it, it would be a pretty good product. It has a good variety of vitamins and minerals to supplement and get your diet balanced. I wish I could like it, but I'm too picky, I guess....more info
  • Meal Replacement
    Smooth tasting, not gritty, not too thick, just right texture, not upsetting to stomach, good product. Good on the go meal replacement...more info
  • Chalky, tangy, hard-to-drink vitamin enriched whey protein drink
    I had high hopes for this protein drink. I'm always looking for a new option, and most of the time I'm disappointed. This drink didn't make the cut for me, and here's why:

    the Pros: All organic ingredients, high vitamin content, PROTEIN!

    the Cons: TASTE! Extremely chalky and tangy flavor. It's got a carrot-y, yogurt-y flavor that just doesn't taste right. It's also got a pretty awful aftertaste. It's like drinking berry flavored Milk of Magnesia. It's got a really thick consistency, which doesn't help.

    Overall, I was totally disappointed with this drink. The idea is great, but unfortunately the taste made it almost undrinkable for me....more info
  • Rating: Incomplete
    As anyone can see, I am reviewing this as part of the Vine Program. The problem is that they only give you a single bottle on which to base your review. Since this is supposed to be a beverage that provides an energy boost it is pretty much impossible to tell whether it works based on a single bottle. I will be honest and admit that despite a very difficult day, I did feel a tad more energetic today than I might have hoped. But can I say with confidence that the bottle of Mix 1 played any role in this? I cannot.

    To test something like this you would need something closer to a full order. With a pack of 12 I would have been able to make a more educated guess as to whether the drink affected my energy level.

    I will say that while I did not care very much for the taste of it, it was not actively unpleasant. No one would drink this for fun. On the other hand, it went down without any great difficulty.

    So, all in all I have to give this product an incomplete. Based on a single bottle I haven't a clue as to whether it performs as intended....more info
  • Great Taste
    Mix 1 Berry is a fabulous product! The product tastes like a smoothie of the fruit, in my case mix berry. The product is healthy (according to the side panel) and tasty.

    1. Very smooth. None of the grit you usually have in many other protein drinks.
    2. The flavor was delicious. Perhaps too delicious. I wanted to drink them in multiples. I thought the primary berry flavor was blue berry.
    3. Great protein drink with the added bonus of high antioxidant.
    4. My 7 year old needs to drink protein drinks and this one he LOVED!
    5. I did not taste any chalk flavor as some have mentioned.

    1. It is a bit pricey but definitely a step above in taste.

    A great drink that I am surprised to say may be worth the price premium....more info
  • Smell slightly medicinal. Taste OK, but not compelling
    I drank this chilled and shaken, from a glass. As the glass reached my mouth, there's a slightly medicinal/chalky smell, which reminds me of some Vitamin B supplements. The taste, however, is better than the smell. The berry taste is pleasing, without being too strong, sweet, or artificial. The somewhat creamy texture is pleasing, too, if a tiny bit chalky.

    The product touts itself for its convenience and that it's good "before or after your workout, mealtime, downtime, anytime." However, the bottle advises you to chill before drinking and to refrigerate after opening. This advice would seem to limit the drink's convenience and appropriateness for some of these scenarios. It's not something, I think, you'd want to keep in your desk drawer, locker, or purse....more info
  • COuldn't really get it down
    I don't know if it was the flavour or the texture, it was just really hard to get down, I couldn't finish the bottle. I even made sure it was chilled nice and cold....more info
  • Great before a workout or around 4pm
    This is my second favorite flavor. I alternate between my favorite, blueberry-vanilla, and this one. And the mango is pretty good too. This is a great thing for me to have before my morning workouts, or after a big run when you are feelling really hungry. Also works well at 4pm when you get tired and hungry and there's still a couple hours before dinner.
    I also love that you don't need to refrigerate them unless you want to....more info
  • Healthy and pleasant
    Mix1 describes itself as a health/protein drink, capable of replenishing the human body with necessary vitamins and minerals. Reading through the ingredients, this would appear to be a true assertion. While no individual vitamin or mineral is listed here with 100% of the US Recommended Daily Amount, there is a broad amount of items with a significant level of the RDA. Also listed in the ingredients is Green Tea Polyphenols, which are antioxidants that have featured in many breathless news reports as they are currently thought to provide many health benefits.

    The liquid itself is rather thick -- thick enough that could in fact see this as being a replacement for a breakfast or a lunch meal (although that probably shouldn't be done on a regular basis). There was an initial medicine-type taste and aftertaste, but after a few sips my taste buds got used to it. There is a slight chalky texture, but it was subtle enough that it didn't really bother me. The multi-berry flavoring is actually quite pleasant. The ingredients list blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and apple as the primary fruit flavorings; its difficult to extract specific tastes, but as a blend, they go together nicely.

    I liked mix1. For a health drink, the flavor and texture are pretty decent. I don't see it as replacing any particular part of a balanced diet but I could definitely see it complementing that. The fact that it's all-natural (a claim apparently confirmed by the ingredients list) is also a plus....more info
  • Great for lunch
    I think the Mix 1 Berry drink is perfect for lunch. It is filling and tasty. I did have a problem with the delivery, however. Despite its being packaged with a lot of packing material, the interior box was broken. None of the bottles in this order were broken, but in a previous order, two were broken. The shipper needs to do more to protect the bottles during shipping....more info
  • great tasting and full of protein and vitamins
    great flavors and taste great,,, would reccommend to everyone,,, it is a healthy drink,,, better than soda,, kids love it..cheaper to buy online,, will continue to buy and drink,,, great pick me up after work out!!!!...more info
  • Must Be Healthy - Tastes Terrible
    I'm not sure how fair my rating is since I haven't had a chance to examine the long term effects a regular intake of this product could have on my health. It probably could reduce my risk of cancer and heart disease. Who knows. Looking at the nutrition label, it appears to have a third of the RDA of quite a few vitamins and minerals.

    I'm not sure how much of an energy boost the drink gives. My limited powers of observation did not detect such a boost. Really, the only thing I can comment on is the taste. It has the second-worst taste of any drink I've ever had. The only thing that tops it is the contrasting agent I had to drink at the hospital before getting a CT scan.

    You can taste the berry flavor in this mix a little bit, but not much. The little bit of decent flavor isn't even close to masking the taste of the rest of the stuff in the bottle. Much like the banana flavor of the contrasting agent, the mix 1 flavor masking attempt is comparable to putting a dab of perfume on an individual in need of a bath.

    If a doctor told me to I drink this stuff regularly to counter an imminent health threat, I wouldn't have a problem doing so. Yeah it tastes bad, but so do vegetables, and I eat those every now and then because I know they're good for my health. I still prefer apple juice as my healthy drink of choice, but I'm sure this mix stuff is healthier.
    ...more info
  • Tasty !
    I tasted this beverage at room temp, and chilled. I highly recommend drinking it chilled. One bottle is 11 oz. and 200 cal.
    The flavor I tasted was Mixed Berry, but I tasted more strawberry than anything else. It looked like a yogurt smoothie, but it was lighter tasting. Upon reading the label, I didn't note dairy products, so that was probably why it felt so light. It also contains Olive Oil, and Black Carrot Juice, in addition to numerous vitamins & minerals. I don't want to call this a meal replacement, but this is helpful for someone that doesn't have time to stop for a meal, or wants to suppliment. ...more info
  • Yum!
    I like this product. It tastes like those liquid yoghurt drinks that are so yummy. Plus it is only 200 calories which are easily burned off in a 30 minute workout. It is a good way to protein load before hammering away on the elliptical without adding a bunch of empty calories. I will look for it on the store shelves. ...more info
  • Good source of condensed, emergency nutrition for celiacs
    This product is gluten-free and has a shelf life of 9 months. For these reasons, I was excited to try this product as a potential emergency supply of nutrition for my daughter (who is allergic to gluten) to store at school.

    This drink is best served very cold. We had expected it to be thicker, like a yogurt smoothy. The texture is more like straight milk, but a little chalky, and the added vitamins give the drink a medicinal smell. Chilling reduces these negatives.

    I'd put this drink in the same category as Gatorade -- to me, Gatorade is truly nasty unless I'm dehydrated, at which point I gulp it down gratefully and it actually tastes good. If your blood sugar is crashing, this is a product that will go down quickly and easily with much more nutritional benefit than a simple high-sugar, high-caffine drink....more info
  • Whey is the way to go!
    I work out about 3 or 4 times a week, and follow my workout up with a nice WHEY shake. I tried the Mix out and have to say its a bit chalky and thick. I try to watch my carb count as well, and one of these bottles had 30 or so carbs per serving in it. My whey shakes have about 6 per 12oz bottle. You can also get a 6 gallon jug of whey for cheap if you look around. Overall, if your in a rush, I see this as a nice product, otherwise, stick to powder whey....more info
  • Good Formula--Mediocre Taste: Back to the Lab!
    I received one bottle of this item to review for Amazon and have saved it for after a Combat Hapkido practice so that I could really get the most out of this drink.

    I picked the Berry flavored version because I thought it would be tasty. It is not horrible, but it is awfully sour! By the look of it, I expected the kind of flavor found in those Dannon Light & Fit Smoothies. Not too sweet, but sweet enough. They use a touch of Aspartame -- although this drink uses Organic cane sugar, I don't taste it in the recipe (despite 22g of sugar)! Where's the sweeter taste??

    It reminds me of a mediocre diet shake. And while I love the nutritional ingredients of this item, I wouldn't pay the money to buy a case of this stuff (knowing how expensive it is) with a taste that isn't appealing.

    That said, if the taste is worked on this is a hearty item with lots of nutrients. For all of those on Syndthroid (Thyroxine), there is no Soy that can influence absorption of thyroid medication. This is a good thing.

    The ingredients and purpose of this product are done very thoughtfully and it definitely has tons of promise. It's the taste that can use some work.

    Back to the lab!

    ...more info
  • Healthy, delicious and convenient
    I don't drink too many fruit drinks, but I got this for my wife to see what she thought of it. It was a pretty big hit. Looks like I'll be getting more of it. Here's what she had to say about it:

    "The drink was really yummy. The texture was a little grainy, but not bothersome. It tasted a lot like fruity baby food. I like baby food (yes, I've tried it!) so it wasn't a turn off for me, but may be for others. There's a mango flavored one, which I prefer.

    Though it's not advertised, the ingredients appear to be vegan (no animal products, not even milk!) which ought to be a great selling point for a protein/health shake. There can't be many out there that are pre-made and vegan.

    It's healthy, delicious, and convenient! I loved it!"...more info
  • Expensive, caloric way to get vitamins, minerals, etc.
    This is an energy-drink cocktail of "whey protein isolate, 23 vitamins and minerals [each 35% or often less MDR], 3 servings of fruits and veggies, and antioxidants." An 11-ounce bottle is a serving and contains a whopping 200 calories. The concoction has unappealing medicinal taste and looks like Pepto-Bismol, which may actually taste better. Cost is a factor--$2 or more a bottle. This product is totally unacceptable for backpacking, being heavy, bulky, and in a plastic bottle. Energy bars are cheaper and preferable alternatives....more info
  • Great product...not so great taste.
    The effectivenes and overall worth of a nutritional product is certainly not directly related to its taste. Having said that, your continued use of a product may be dependent on its taste. Removing the cap from the bottle unleashes a somewhat unpleasant odor and a taste to match. I had just completed a three-mile run when I drank the mix1 mix berry formula. The formula is rather thick and goes down much like a milkshake...but that is where the similarilty ends. There is none of the heaviness you experience after drinking a milkshake; in fact, you might wonder if you have actually consumed anything. Almost immediately I experienced heightened awareness and a greater sense of well-being. I do not mean to imply that this is a huge change, but rather a subtle change; discernable but subtle. I can imagine this being a great morning drink that would get a person off on the right foot...mind focused and attitude where it belongs. The one rub to this is the taste. If you can get used to it this might just be a really great supplement....more info
  • Delicious, if a wee bit too costly
    Unlike previous protein drinks that I've tried, "Mix 1 Berry" and Mix 1 Mango" both are delicious nutrition drinks that I found myself actually enjoying. Previous reviewers have taken note of a chalky aftertaste and undue sourness, but I couldn't disagree with them more. The taste is strongly reminiscent of fruit-flavored yogurt, with lots of flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. I found no chalky aftertaste to be evident, and when chilled, was actually quite tasty. Yogurt lovers will definitely find something to enjoy here.

    Loaded with vitamins and minerals, a satisfying taste, and (for those who are buying bulk) a long shelf life of 9 months, what's not to like? Well, if I have any caveat with this product, it is kind of pricey, even at a bulk price of around two dollars a bottle. Still, for those looking for a quick, healthy pick-me-up, you can do a lot worse. All in all, highly recommended....more info
  • Tastes good, good for you
    I usually think the better something is for you the worse it will taste. This beverage is filled with good stuff so I was amazed it tasted so good.

    The second ingredient after purified water is whey protein unlike most drinks where the second ingredient is corn syrup. This drink is lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar (much better than corn syrup which has naturally occurring MSG) . I don't like super sweet drinks so it was great. It has 15 grams of protein and about one third of everything you need for the day with only one tenth the daily calories. It also has the anti-oxidants of four cups of green tea but none of the caffeine. Very impressive!...more info
  • A bit thick for my tastes
    I'm always willing to try something new. I like to test the latest sports supplement or product. I was curious about this new energy drink called Mix 1 Berry. I received my sample in the mail, after chilling it overnight in the ice box I drank the whole bottle and I wasn't impressed.
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the extra energy but it tasted like yogurt in a bottle. If the taste was modified so it wouldn't be so syrupy, it might make a good breakfast drink. But as it stands now, it's kind of funky tasting.

    I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Tastes better than the mango version
    I tried both this berry flavor and the similar mango one. I like this better. Tastes a little bit like something from TCBY, but without any chalky taste like I feared. I have tried Ensure and prefer this. It doesn't taste so fake....more info
  • Tastes Great, and Good for you too! Hooray!
    I was surprised at the flavor of this drink! It did not taste like a drink full of vitamins, nutrients, protein, and 3 servings of vegetables! It tasted like a good smoothie! The dominant flavor I tasted was Strawberry, but it was noticeable that it was a mixture of berries. However, about 30 seconds to a minute after drinking, I got a dry, parched feeling in my mouth. Made me want to drink water, which is probably a good thing.

    I really enjoyed the flavor, and how it actually served as food. It took care of my hunger for a good while! And, I felt a good, steady run of energy for a long time! Unlike other snacks and quick foods that give you a boost of energy for a short time. This drink, the mix 1 Berry, is a great drink, and I love it!...more info
  • A lot of carbs for 11 ounces of nutrition!!
    In this world of ultra low carb beers and snacks and other health conscious "snack" foods, I was kind of surprised that this drink had 29g of carbohydrates, of which 22g were sugars!! Of course, if you run for an hour a day, that might not matter, but otherwise it's a pretty major concern.

    The taste was average to good. Protein, Fiber and Anti-oxidants were impressive. The price... caught my breath. It was comparable to the more expensive energy drinks. There are probably more economical ways to get these benefits.. without the sugar boost!

    Bottom line - in my mind this is only a diet fit for serious distant athletes. I would suggest that the rest of us only use this as an occasional snack.

    All the best,

    Jay...more info
  • Good taste, not the best use of calories
    I tend to prefer my drinks to be a bit lower in calories, but this one is pretty good.

    The cons:
    - Calorie count (200 per 11oz serving)
    - The taste is actually a bit chalky, like a liquified vitamin C tablet
    - You can definitely taste the whey powder

    The Pros:
    - 15g of protein AND 3g of fiber - good combo for a 'sports' drink
    - Plenty of vitamins
    - Green tea extract

    It appears to be marketed as both an energy drink and a pre- or post-workout drink. As long as you don't forget that it has 200 calories in it, I'd use it as an afternoon snack replacement....more info
  • Drink it cold
    The mix1 berry is a thick and creamy beverage that tastes a lot like a berry yogurt spiked with children's multivitamins. The taste is more than good enough if you are drinking it for it health and energy benefits.

    I don't think this will replace anyone's primary beverage of water, tea or even soda. First of all it has 200 calories in the 11oz serving so it's too high calorie for regular intake. Second it has that milky taste that benefits from being really cold, but it takes quite a bit to cool it down with the thick plastic bottle and dense beverage inside. I'd recommend putting it into the freezer 2-3 hours before drinking it to make it really refreshing.

    So all that being said... If you like the yogurt based smoothie drinks you find in the grocery store and you don't mind the vitamin additive flavor you can get at most smoothie places... this could be a very good pick me up drink for you....more info
  • light protein taste
    Tastes good compared to other protein drinks. The bottle is too small for my appetite (11 oz).
    ...more info


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