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Product Description

GOLD N HOT? PROFESSIONAL IONIC SOFT-BONNET DRYER Features: Powerful 600 watts Continuous ionic output High/Off/Low/Cool switch Soft, lightweight, flexible bonnet accomadates large rollers 1-Year Limited Warranty Convenient, lightweight and portable for drying comfort. Color: Black/Gold

  • Powerful 600 watts
  • Continuous ionic output
  • High/Off/Low/Cool switch
  • Soft, lightweight, flexible bonnet accomadates large rollers
Customer Reviews:
  • Best Hair Dryer - EVER!
    i've read the reviews that are before mine, and let me tell you, the things they complain about are the things that i take advantage of with my hair dryer.

    okay, so there's a noise. what dryer have you EVER sat underneath where there hasn't been a noise?! instead of seeing it as a nuisance, let the hum lull you into a nice nap, or put on earphones and listen to an audio book, music or online tv program.

    the neck string. yeah. that. it is SO not as heavy and burdensome as a lot of the reviewers have made it seem. again, like me, use this perfect "feature" to your advantage. the portability allows me to put on lotion, get dressed, type, etc.--all while drying my hair! and if i plan on cleaning or cooking with it on, i simply plug it into an extension cord for a longer range and go on about my day! do you know how LATE i'd be to everything if i had to waste time sitting underneath a hairdryer! (a string around my neck then is the LEAST of my worries!)

    as a writer, i'm always in front of my computer. so today, instead of working, i washed my hair, put on my dryer, popped in my earphones, clicked on and watched full episodes of my favorite tv shows!

    oh, and besides all that, the quality is EXCELLENT! it dries my "african american" hair quickly, thoroughly/evenly and straightens it out like i've had a perm.

    this is the GREATEST hair dryer...EVER!...more info
  • do not use with an Adapter in UK!
    I live in the UK and I purchased this product in the Amazon Marketplace. Afraid it did not work for me as I never got past switching it on! It immediately gave out smoke and an acrid burning smell. I used my standard worldwide adapter that works well for other items that I have purchased over the years. Unfortunately I never got as far as drying my hair with this product so cannot tell you how effective it is!...more info
  • Great hair dryer
    Greetings,this is a great dryer. I am African-American with coarse thick below shoulder hair. It dried my hair on the low setting in 50 minutes. I use 2 inch rollers in front and even larger rollers in the back. Not a problem because the bonnet expands beautifully to cover all of the rollers.

    The only thing I disliked was the loud motor. That is the only reason I did not give it a five star rating. I put some tissue paper in my ears to muffle the sound. I have to get use to the loud motor around my neck.

    It was easy to walk around once I attached an extension cord.I had the Conair dryer first and returned it. That Conair dryer is good for conditioning not drying my hair. It did not work at all. The Belson is the best soft bonnet I have ever tried!!...more info
  • Good for only a year!
    I purchase this bonnet a little over a year ago. It worked wonderfully I used it several times and I love it. Today it totally died! For the amount of money I paid for it. I expected it to last for at least 5 years.

    ...more info
  • I Love My Belson
    I really like this product. I had a hooded dryer previously which worked great, but I was stuck sitting at the table for an hour while waiting for trying to figure out the best way to dry my hair with out hurting my neck. I wasn't sure about the soft bonnet dryers, but I figured that I would give this a try. I was pleasantly surprised. Since it fits around my head, my entire head was dry rather than just drying the top of and having to maneuver to get the back of my head dried. The only issue that I have is that it does run a little hot and I will have to stop because my neck does burn a little, however I should turn it down. All in all I think that this is a great product and I definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Hands up:hands down
    I bought this for my wife who had troubles in getting her hair dry and nice. First, we bought couple of conair's products, but they were not good enough. This thing is very good. It dryes the hair in just one hour may be 70 minutes. This is the good thing. The bad thing is first the noise. I can't withstand it. really noisy, second, that it may require some of the conair's dryer after the 70 min. Overall, it is good and it solved the problem....more info
  • Gold N Hot Success Bonnet
    I love this dryer and it dries my hair very quickly. I like that I don't have to sit still under a traditional dryer!! I am glad that I made this purchase!! You Go Gold n Hot!!!...more info
  • Good choice
    That's a very good hair dryer and a easy way to dry with rolos. The problem is that because I bought it to use in Europe I had to buy a converter adapter plug and it keeps stopping every 10 minutes. Nevertheless, I think it's a good buy. It doesn't burn the head and actually dries fast....more info
  • Nothing to rave about
    I used this dryer for the first time today. I did not like the fact that you have to carry the generator around your neck (hard to tell from the product description). The air blows directly onto your neck, chin, and your eyes when you turn it on, which makes it very uncomfortable. Fifteen minutes after I started drying my hair, I tried to turn the dryer off so I could get a towel to cover my neck. Immediately, there was what smelled like a smoke from a burnt fuse. All of that came right through the dryer holes, since there is no other outlet, right into my eyes. My eyes were burning like crazy, but I could not get the dryer off of my head because it got tangled up with the neck strap...which made me think whether the product had gone through inspection for fire emergencies. It was a scary experience. I do not recommend this product....more info
  • Satisfied
    I'm pretty happy with the hair dryer. I like the more direct heat of a soft bonnet dryer but since you don't find them very often in the stores I have put off getting a new one for some time. I finally broke down and went online to find one and am happy with the Belson Gold N HOT. So far so good. We've had misty off and on whether which will usually leave me with a frizz head and need to redo my hair frequently, but I've been coming and going and only washing my hair when I go to the gym so I guess the Ionic benefits are working. The only negative I would say is the element hanging down in front of me is a little annoying, but bearable. The first time I used it I leaned over and the air intake/exhaust area got covered for a few seconds and it shut off and took so long to cool enough for me to turn it back on I gave up and went to bed and let it dry overnight instead. Since then I've just been careful not to let it get covered and it's worked fine. Doesn't even feel too hot on my face which I remember reading as a concern. I would recommend this dryer to a friend....more info
  • very roomy
    As someone stated this item is a little loud since the motor is around you neck but it works great. It dries my thick coarse hair quickly and there is room for my large rollers. ...more info
  • It's great!!
    I am a big Belson product fan. And when I noticed that Belson had a soft bonnet hair dryer, I knew I wanted to add it to my arsenal of other Belson products like their irons. As usual, Belson didn't disappoint! Don't let the look of it fool you! Its a compact and easy-to-use product that packs a punch!
    It does great with my thick long hair; it dried it no time! The only thing I wish was that the cord was a bit longer but its nothing an extension cord can't handle.
    Also, I received my item sooner then expected, which was great!
    I recommend this dryer!...more info
  • love this haidryer - great purchase
    This Bonnet dryer is very soft and lightweight and easy to use. I use at least 2" rolers and it fits very nicely. It has 3 heat settings to choose from and does a faster job drying on my hair than a regular dryer. And it leaves my hair nice and soft - probably that's the ions working.
    I purchased this hairdryer, because it is so much more convenient to let your rollers dry, while you are surfing the internet or reading a book. You have both hands free and don't have to fumble around with a regular hairdryer until you get cramps.
    So overall a great purchase for me, I strongly recommend it !
    ...more info
  • Great Buy
    This soft bonnet dryer is great! I'm saving to purchase a PIBBS EZ Dryer and needed something for the time being other than a table top hood dryer. My hair is past my shoulders and thick, so it's important that my hair is fully dry when I roller set. It only took 60 mins for my hair to dry, which is average time in the salon for me. So, I was quite surprised. This product is definitely worth the money....more info
  • It works
    It works like detailed. I can't ask for more than that...

    The hood is odd, but gets the job done......more info
  • Belson hair dryer
    The dryer does not have a way to tighten the cap around my head so the air blows into my eyes, thus making them dry and burning. Thank goodness it dries my thick hair fairly quickly so I can turn it off. Also, the sound of the blower upsets my cats and I could not hear the TV....more info
  • Sista's, you can buy this item with confidence!
    I bought this product after spending countless hours on ebay trying to replace a 2nd-hand, bonnet hair dryer from the 70's that was on it's last leg. I thought ebay was my only option for replacing an old bonnet hair dryer (this type of hair dryer works so well on Black hair). So, after viewing hundreds or blow dryers, and seeing only a few bonnet hair dryers in sad condition, I finally stumbled across a 2nd-hand, Gold N Hot bonnet hair dryer and decided to check out the website. Never did I imagine that bonnett hair dryers were still in production and could be purchased brand new! What a relief! I purchased the item on a Wednesday afternoon and it arrived at my door in roughtly 24 hours. I removed the packaging and tried it out for the first time the same evening. Simply saying, "I love it", fails to convey my sentiments for this item.

    Thank you, Belson, for making products that make caring for African American hair easier and less stressful. The most popular brands on the market fail miserably when it comes to caring for and keeping Black hair healthy and strong. And buying products that fail to deliver on their promises is insulting and an outrage, not to mention time consuming and expensive. Although Belson and Gold N Hot products aren't typically available at your local Wal-Mart and Target,(go figure), they do have an excellent reputation for making quality Black hair care products.

    So, buying this product and making the purchase through Amazon was an easy choice. The product is wonderful, works well and delivers what it states it will. Dealing with the vendor and getting the product delivered took less time than if I had researched where I could buy it locally and Amazon offered the best price even with shipping charges added! As I stated above, the vendor shipped the item the same day I placed the order and it arrived via UPS the next day. The dryer itself heats up quickly, is large enough to accommodate a whole head full of 2" rollers and is also quite comfortable. The only change I would make, would be to make the electrical cord longer so I could accomplish more chores while wearing it. The cord is approximately 6 to 7 ft in length. 15 to 20 feet would work better for people like myself that have to multitask. But then again, I have plenty of reading to catch up on as well. If you're at all on the fence about this item, don't be if the issue is performance or quality. You won't be disapointed in either.
    ...more info
  • best hair dryer to purchase
    I absolutely love this hair dryer! It is so lightweight and comfortable. It is so much easier than wearing a bonnet or using the hard hair dryers. If you want comfort and ease while drying your hair...try this product. ...more info