Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection

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Combining three top-selling titles, Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection includes the original Zoo Tycoon game and the Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania expansion packs, allowing players' imaginations to run wild as they care for more than 100 land, aquatic and prehistoric animals in the most beautiful and lively zoo imaginable.

  • Combines The Original Zoo Tycoon, Dinosaur Digs expansion pack, Marine Mania expansion pack.
  • Let your imagination run wild as you care for more than 100 land, aquatic and prehistoric animals.
  • Loads of bonus content, including a new Endangered Species Theme Pack.
  • Tend to these rare animals using more than 40 new objects.
  • Set-up your own aquatic show.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun and educational too!
    This game has enough possibilities to keep you entertained maybe for years! At the same time it teaches you facts about a large variety of animals and their habitats as well as teaching you how to manage money and resources to keep your zoo growing. My grandkids love it too so it's fun for all ages!!!...more info
  • Zoo Tycoon
    My 9-year-old son played this game at a friend's house and decided to use his Christmas money to buy it. Instead of paying $30 for a different version at Target, we got the one he really wanted on Amazon for $10. There is no violence, no weapons, but something very addictive about building the zoo, picking animals for the zoo exhibits and taking care of them. The goal is to keep the animals and zoo visitors happy -- a simplified version of a Sims game, I guess. My 9-year-old begs to play the game every day. Even my 12-year-old son got interested and plays it a lot. ...more info
  • Zoo Tycoon
    My daughter loves this game. She can spend hours creating various habitats for her animals....more info
  • So Much Fun!
    I love this game. Very addicting, you can end up playing for hours and not realize it! ...more info
  • Good times!
    This game is really fun for all ages and includes the expansion packs. Very addicting game. There are different challenges to meet to unlock levels, or you can just freeplay. You design your zoo, hire workers, and adopt animals. I am excited to buy the 2nd one as well. ...more info
  • My kids love this game!
    My daughter played this game and school. She liked it so much that she saved her allowance and bought it! She and her brother both play and really enjoy it! They are 12 and 9. ...more info


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