Stevita Co. Inc., Spoonable Stevia, 16oz Jar, great for baking!

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# Stevia and erythritol blend is great to use in beverages or dishes for a delicious sweet treat without calories or carbs! # Great for baking ~ granulated and sweet! # 1/2 teaspoon = 2 tsp. sugar; # 12 tsp = 1 cup sugar

  • No Calories, No Carbs, No Gluten
  • Natural alternative to sugar - natural sweetness!
  • Great for Baking! For a conversion chart see
  • Great choice for diabetics, no carbs or calories
  • For a free sample of this product call 800-337-5561

Customer Reviews:

  • SWEET!!!
    I quit aspartame. Stevia is a healthier solution for me.
    I like to have my coffee in the mornings and be able to taste it like it is.
    Stevita let me have a coffee with the taste of coffee.
    I'm glad this product is not flavored, dissolves well and has no aftertaste. ...more info
  • Try Stevia again!
    I've been using Stevia for about 6 months now. One of the reviewers said she can't stand the taste in her tea.. I didn't like this product the first couple of times I tried it, either, but then after about a month of not using it, I tried using LESS of it in my coffee.. That did the trick. I use it every morning now and love it. It's so much better for you than Equal or Splenda, which give my husband and I both horrible headaches and other side affects.. Stevia has no side affects! Try it. Great for diabetics!!...more info
  • helpful hint
    Substitutions can be tricky, especially with stevia or even when adding salt to a meatloaf. What I now to take a dab of whatever I am making, microwave it a few seconds to cook it..then I taste it. Adding less salt, less stevia, etc to the initial mix, then tasting it, will allow you to season it up to your own taste....more info
  • Good for Baking
    I have to agree with the predominating comment regarding Stevia products in general--too much aftertaste for general use but great in baked goods--especially if there are strong spices and/or other flavorings--it melded well with a pumpkin waffle mix....more info
  • Sweeter than sugar!
    This is an amazing product. A little goes a long way. A great alternative to sugar. Actually, I rarely use sugar anymore. I use this in my sweet tea--I am a gallon-a-day drinker! Love Love Love It!...more info
  • stevita
    Stevita Co. Inc., SpoonableTM Stevia, 16oz Jar, great for baking! SAVE with FREE SHIPPING offer! very sweet. I made ginger cookies using the conversion chart for splenda and for sugar. I cut the amount in half, then in half again and the cookies were satisfyingly sweet....more info
  • I like the Stevita ...
    BUT ...I tried to make the old fashioned cocoa on the Hershey's Cocoa box, like I have made for my kids over the years and it tasted just awful ! I'm sure I just needed to adjust the amount I used .... I thought I was going to have a low calorie version of this wonderful treat !

    I haven't used the Stevita in anything else since that .... I will though .
    I think the product is good enough ,it's just to know how much to use .

    ...more info
  • Use only a tiny bit
    I usualy buy my Stevia in the health food store in pre measured packets for my coffee. I bought this to use for cooking and baking. I ran out of the pre measured Stevia and had to use this. Oh my i used a bit to much the first time. you need to use such a tiny bit to get a sweet taste. I love stevia. then why did i give this product 4 stars. Stevita has natural filler derived from corn, also found in melons, pears etc == Stevia = that i normally buy has no fillers. This product has an after taste that Sevia doesnt have. This product may be perfect in cooking and baking so it got 4 stars. but i dont like it in my coffee. not something i want to use everyday. ...more info
  • Very Sweet and a Great Alternative
    I cannot use Equal because it gives me a headache and I've noticed lately that if I use too much Splenda I get a funny feeling in my sinuses, so I decided to try Stevia. I had read about it several months ago as a healthy alternative to other artificial sweeteners, but I was hard to find because the government was trying to regulate it somehow.

    To date, I've tried Stevia in the Raw, which I like, Truvia, which is okay but not as sweet as the Stevia in the Raw, and Stevita Spoonable.

    The Stevita Spoonable is EXTREMELY strong and I cannot find an equal measures chart for it but as far as I can tell I use about 1/4 of a teaspoon for every 2 teaspoons of conventional sweetener (or 1 packet). I use it in tea with milk and love it! I haven't tried any baking or cooking with it yet.

    This stuff is a bit pricey, but considering how little you need it's probably not too bad. I haven't yet figured out the cost per serving, but it's probably comparable with the packets of other artificial sweeteners....more info
  • spoonable stevia
    The price of this product is minimal, considering how little one MUST use. Whether added to coffee, tea, cereal, or baking, the trick is to use so very little that there is a touch of sweetness without any bitterness or aftertaste. Worth experimenting to have a healthy sugar substitute....more info
  • Excellent
    I have tried the packets in the past, and love this alternative to Splenda. Now I can use this for baking as well. Great product, but remember a little goes a long way! ...more info


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