Clear2O Premium Water Filtration Pitcher

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Product Description

Block carbon filtration: The Clear2O water filtration system produces cleaner water and removes five times more NSF certified contaminants through a unique block carbon filter that uses pressure to force the water through solid carbon and eliminates more contaminants than granulated or powered carbon found in most pitcher filters. Fill and drink! Quick connect hose: Utilizing a quick-connect hose that is built directly into the pitcher for easy storage and convenience, the Clear2O water filtration system simply attaches to the kitchen faucet and fills nine times faster than the comparable, leading-brand model. With the quick-connect feature and pressurized filter system, the Clear2O pitcher immediately fills with purified, clean water and eliminates the lengthy and inconvenient wait time associated with traditional pitchers that rely on the drip method for yielding water. Increased capacity: Traditional water filter pitchers employ a filtration reservoir which reduces purified water capacity. The Clear2O pitcher implemented a space-saving design that eliminated the need for a filtration reservoir to increase capacity to a robust total of nine, eight-ounce glasses of purified, clean water. More capacity saves times and reduces the frequency of fillings.

  • Black&Decker Clear20 72oz Premium Water Pitcher

Customer Reviews:

  • Good value with a few quirks
    I agree with a prior reviewer regarding the somewhat clumsy function. The pitcher requires a special connection, which is fine to leave on, unless you need another special connection such as for a dishwasher. Even then, the connector installs and removes easily and is sturdy.
    The hose style requires filling the pitcher within the sink. The filters are simple to replace.

    One thing I can add is that the filter does not last for 40 gallons with especially hard water. After about 25 gallons, the hardness starts to return. My water is especially hard here and others will likely experience different results with different water.

    I purchased two pitchers, one for the fridge, and another for the counter-top. Both have functioned well....more info
  • This has broken my bottled water additction
    It was bad - I really got to the point I was going through two 24-packs of Aquafina a week. I just don't like the taste of our tap water -- I like the purified water/reverse osmosis taste. Anyway, I've tried Brita and PUR in the past and could tell they did something to the water, but it didn't really make it taste better to me. However, I gave the clear2o a chance and it is amazing! It gets rid of the tap water smell AND funny taste! It isn't exactly the same as Aquafina's taste, but I actually like and can drink the water from this pitcher. I'm thinking it will really save me some dough over the next year (and save a lot of plastic bottle waste).

    I had no problem hooking it up to my sink ... the cord is a bit short because I have a low faucet, but it isn't a big deal. I drink so much water that I actually fill up the clear2o to filter the water, then pour the water out of the clear2o into regular pitchers in the fridge. This way I always have 2 or 3 pitchers of cold, good water and no urge to buy bottled water.

    If you find yourself buying bottled water for the taste, give the clear2o a chance!...more info
  • Works great for me!
    Some reviewer said this was "worthless" so I had to comment. I guess it would be worthless if it didn't work with your faucet! However, I am not very mechanically inclined, and managed to get this hooked up with little trouble, and then I was pretty impressed with the speed at which the pitcher filled. I am lucky enough to have two sinks and faucets in my kitchen (one in the island) so I hooked it up to that and it is just right for the purpose. I suppose that part is not as convenient as just filling it straight out of the tap, but my experience with our Pur was the same as other reviewers . . . took a LONG time to filter and then you really didn't have that much water in the pitcher. We just started using this today, so I can't comment on the longevity, but the water tastes great and the speed of filtering is fantastic....more info
  • A bit awkward, but the result is outstanding!
    This unit puts "Brita-drip" to shame. The water quality is simply outstanding and very discernable plain and in coffee and tea. Having to change back and forth between a portable dishwater fitting and one for the purifier hose connector on the faucet can be a bit awkward and the filling has to be done IN the sink. The filler hose is very stiff and can easily tip over the pitcher. But the result far outweighs the inconveniences....more info
  • Impractical for most faucets
    I bought the Clear20 with high hopes, but was quickly disappointed to discover that neither of the adapters would fit our kitchen faucet. If the threads aren't just right, or if you have a faucet with a removable head, forget about it, it won't work. We even asked our neighbor, a plumber, to try and find an an adapter that would work, but no dice. This is frustrating as most homes now have upgraded kitchen fixtures, something the manufacturer neglected to consider in their design. I have my fingers crossed that Clear20 will accommodate more fixtures by adding adapters to their line so we can try a filter I hear removes just about all the contaminates in tap water, but somehow, I doubt they will. ...more info
  • truly green: no more bottled water for me
    I bought this on clearance at Target, along with a several-year supply of filters also on clearance, so I paid next to nothing for this system. Yes, the downside is that if you have a fancy kitchen faucet, it might not work- mine is one of those pull-out aerators and it won't accept the Clear20 attachement at all. So - I attached it to my laundry sink and it works like a champ. Not only does my clean-but-sickening-tasting tap water now taste great, the best part is that I no longer have to lug bottles of water from the supermarket, and I'm saving money by not doing so, too. So, if you have a faucet that will work with this product, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Vast improvement over Pur
    I didn't buy this through Amazon but on impulse at Target. For 10 years I've used a Pur pitcher for my drinking water. Within the last 2 years I've noticed a major change in the quality of the filters. In less than half the usual usage time, they would develop what my wife calls "slow filter." This means that you fill the pitcher and it can take an hour or more to filter through. The first couple I wrote off as defective, then I complained to Pur and got some free filters, but it just keeps happening. These filters are too expensive to die prematurely.

    So I tried the Clear20. At first I was put off by the complexity of the set-up, but assuming your faucet is standard and not fancy it just requires replacing the aerator with the Clear20 aerator that is compatible with their filling hose.

    The aerator is something that stays on your faucet all the time. When you want to fill the pitcher, you put it in the sink, flip the hose up from the handle (it stays attached there) and click it onto the nipple. Then you fill the pitcher. It takes something like 60 seconds.

    Here's the thing that may not be clear to you: the Clear20 uses the power of the tap to push the water through the filter at high speed. When you're done filling the pitcher, you have a full pitcher of water ready to drink. If you've ever waited for Pur and Brita to drip though, you will REALLY appreciate this feature. Let me repeat: the pitcher fills in about 60 seconds and the water is instantly filtered.

    Basically what they've done is to put a faucet-mount filter into a pitcher. It was a genius move and I love it.

    The other innovation/difference with the Clear20 pitcher is that the filter is rated for 50 gallons, not a vague time period. There is an indicator on top of the pitcher. When you've gone through 40 gallons it turns yellow; you have 10 gallons remaining in the yellow period, then you have to replace the filter. They're a little more expensive than the Pur filters but they are rated for 10 gallons more. Also, you can easily buy them online and Clear20 even has a filter subscription club so you don't have to think about it.

    Assuming these filters don't develop "slow filter" like Pur, they're going to be awesome....more info
  • Too inconvenient!
    This is the craziest thing I've ever seen. Why would anyone want to change the faucet hardware each time you want some water!
    When I bought this I stupidly thought the tube fit over the faucet head, not that I had to remove it. I bought this from Target and it's going right back to the store. Dumbest thing I've ever used!...more info
  • Clear 20
    This is a premium product that filters 2 quarts of water in less that 5 minutes. I am still impressed with the speed of the system in refilling the container that holds the 2 quarts.

    The shipment arrived faster than promised and in very good order. I recommend this product for folks drink water that is to full of minerals spoiling the taste of the water....more info
  • fastest water filter
    the faucet attachment fits on my kitchen sink without any problem. the length of the hose is sometimes awkward but otherwise it's the best water filter i've had. i overwhelmingly prefer it over the pur sink filter(bulky, slows to a drip in a few days) and brita water pitchers (speed and cleaning issues). ...more info
  • the pitcher
    This pitcher was a little akward at first. It attached to my faucet with no problem. It fills really fast! Which I love! No more waiting around. The taste of the water is just fine also....more info
  • Cleanest tasting water filtration I've tried
    After doing some research, I decided to give Clear2O a shot and the results are as good as I expected.

    Pros - fast. "simple" to use and great tasting results. I've been a Brita user for the longest time and converted to Clear2O. I'm glad I did because after a side by side comparison, the difference is HUGE.

    Cons - tricky initial installation, but easy to use after installed. pricier filters, but i'm willing to pay the premium for better water. sometimes there is a loud sound when the water flows through the tube from the faucet to the pitcher... but i can live with that too. ...more info
  • First time filter buyer. Pleased with Clear2o
    I decided to buy a water filter for my overall health. I went to Walmart and chose Clear2o over the others, not sure why, but I'm very satisfied with the product. I've noticed a definite improvement in water taste compared to the tap and so I assume it's likewise removing any contaminants.

    I see a few people have had problems with this pitcher.

    Some have been unable to fit the adaptor to their faucet. That's unfortunate. The instructions seemed quite confident that there were only two types of faucet aerators and they supplied one adaptor for each... so this problem is probably rare. Don't let it discourage you from trying. At worst you can get your money back. Mine fit fine.

    Also, the hose is quite short, so we have no choice but to stand the pitcher up in the sink while it fills. They apparently did this so that the hose fits into a crevice along the handle of the pitcher. At least it's all conveniently in one piece.

    Once you've set it up, it's a breeze to use. You just hook up the hose and turn on the cold water to a moderate speed. The water will trickle through rapidly and you'll have a full pitcher in about a minute. I can't compare to other filters since I haven't tried any, but I am pleased with Clear2o....more info
  • Absolutely Love It!
    This is awesome! It is easy to use and the results taste great. Very Happy and would highly recommend anyone to purchase this!...more info
    By far the best water filtering product ever made or ever will be!! The idea behind it is brilliant! If you are debating between a brita and Clear 20 it's a no brain-er, CHOOSE THIS! We drink a lot of water in our house (so yeah the jug could be a tad bit bigger), but we don't have to wait forever and a day for it to fill up... just 60 seconds or less! It tastes great, really! I'm a water snob and I know good water when i taste it. The whole idea behind it is in the water pressure. It actually pushes the water thru the filter with intensity (unlike brita) and helps get more impurities out. GENIUS!
    SO not only does it taste good, filters more impurities out than other water filters, its SUPER convenient! It takes half a second to snap the hose to the faucet (the faucet adapter stays on the faucet permanently). I can't say enough about this product!
    After all this, it helps save our landfills and planet at the same time!...more info
  • Love this pitcher!!
    This is the coolest idea. My family has used a Pur pitcher for at least a decade (and a Brita before that) and lately I just got fed up with the Pur. The last 2 filters we bought are so slow to filter the water, sometimes it sits in the top for hours. Then when you forget to wait and try to pour, the lid pops off and water spills everywhere. A waste of time and money.

    Then I found this pitcher, and I LOVE it! My kitchen faucet is a plain delta with the ball on the end of the lever. Nothing fancy. The larger adapter fit perfectly and it took maybe 5 minutes to unscrew my aerator and screw in the new one. It stays on all the time and looks fine, just an extra inch of metal on the end of the faucet. The pitcher is so easy to plug into the adaptor and it takes about a minute for 72 oz. of water!! And it takes out more contaminants than the Pur or Brita. It's perfect. ...more info


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