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In the highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Sony PlayStation 3 game, Resistance 2 is an alternate-history, first-person shooter that puts you in the heroic role of Sgt. Nathan Hale as he struggles against overwhelming odds to defend humankind from an insurmountable Chimera.

Offline: 1-8
Online: 2-60

game play Modes:
Single player offline, multiplayer offline cooperative, multiplayer online cooperative.

Resistance 2 puts you in the heroic role of Sgt. Nathan Hale. View larger.

This sequel introduces several new Chimeran enemies with a host of new powers. View larger.
Resistance 2 takes up right where Resistance: Fall of Man left off. Hale is kidnapped by a black ops group in London and forced to Iceland for research testing. The full scope of what happens in Iceland is a mystery, but the game reveals that as Hale wrestles with the insidious Chimera war machine, he must also battle the virus raging inside his body that threatens to transform him into the very creature he fights against.

The Return of the Chimera
The Chimera are the main enemies of the Resistance franchise. For those new to the story, it is believed that the Chimera are of extraterrestrial origin. Yet, it is known that their army expands by infecting humans with a virus that transforms humans into Chimera while inside a cocoon. These creatures are much stronger than humans, and they usually have multiple yellow eyes. They have remarkable healing abilities and thrive in very cold temperatures, which has led them to alter the Earth's climate to a much lower temperature that better suits their habitat requirements.

Resistance 2 introduces several new Chimeran enemies with a host of new powers. A few new characters include the Chameleon, a creature that can cloak itself completely and kill a player in one, destructive blow, and the Grim, which are a terrifying species that attack in hordes.

The Battle Moves to the United States
After the brief opening scenes in London and then Iceland, game play jumps ahead two years and across the globe to San Francisco. Giant, mile-long motherships slowly cruise through the skies, demolishing the city with fiery beams. The city is burned and mangled, and it appears that there will be little to no survivors. As the battle continues across the United States, you're sure to encounter many new, deranged, and much more powerful enemies.

In Chicago, you'll be joined by a squad of soldiers, all carrying different weapons. To survive and move through the level, you'll need to work together, moving from cover to cover, setting up your squad in a smart and defensive manner. These are just a few examples of the challenging levels you'll encounter as you battle your way across the country to save humankind. And if you're hoping for new weapons, Resistance 2 won't leave you disappointed. The US-based campaign is loaded with tons of new weapons to enhance the overall game play and first-person shooter experience.

Online game play Goes BIG
Powered by Insomniac Games' third-generation PlayStation 3 technology, Resistance 2 delivers several console gaming breakthroughs. Most impressive are the stand-alone, class-based, online co-operative campaign mode that can accommodate up to eight players, and the mind-blowing, 60-player, squad-based online competitive multiplayer battle fest. This unprecedented 60-player option could revolutionize online multiplayer game play and is sure to provide countless hours of action-packed fun.

Resistance 2, set in the United States, is loaded with new weapons, enemies, and an unprecedented online gaming experience.

  • Resistance 2 for the PlayStation 3 is an alternate-history, first-person shooter that puts you in the heroic role of Sgt. Nathan Hale
  • After brief opening scenes in London and Iceland, the battle moves across the globe to the United States
  • New Chimeran creatures include the Chameleon, with cloaking powers, and the Grim, a species that attacks in hordes
  • US-based campaign is loaded with tons of new weapons to enhance the overall gameplay and first-person shooter experience
  • Impressive gameplay options include online co-operative campaign mode that can accommodate up to eight players, and 60-player, squad-based online multiplayer mode

Customer Reviews:

  • Join the resistance!
    This is one of the top first-person shooters available on PS3. It's not a requirement that you play the first Resistance: Fall of Man in order to follow what is going on in this one. It's pretty simple, you're human and you need to destroy any and all Chimera. The single player campaign is pretty good but where this game really shines is in the online multiplayer options. The 8 player online co-op is fantastic. You are on a team of up to 8 players and can select one of three different classes: soldier, medic, and spec ops. Soldiers are responsible for providing cover for their team by utilizing their shield, medics are responsible for providing health to teammates, and spec ops are responsible for providing ammo to other team members. You will have a hard time finding success in the co-op missions unless you have at least one player in each class on your squad. As you play each class type you level up and unlock new weapons and beserk powers. I have played a lot of co-op and have reached the maximum level (level 30) in all three classes. There is also online competitive multiplayer with up to 60 players in a game, which is unheard of up to now. All the typical multiplayer modes are offered: deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag (although it's called core control), and skirmish. Skirmish is my favorite mode since your objectives are constantly changing. You will be assigned to various tasks such as capturing various control points or killing a designated player on the other team. The battles feel very intimate, even with up to 60 players at one time. Each team is divided into small 5 man squads with a rival squad on the other team that you will be matched against. In short, this game is a must play for first-person shooter fans!...more info
  • Better Graphics!
    Overall, this game is definitely a lot of fun with an easier game play yet shorter than the first one.


    1. Better graphics
    2. More landscape to discover
    3. One-on-one dialogs instead of narratives


    1. Looking for the weapon of choice on the ground instead of having them
    at your finger tips like in the first Resistance (sometimes you may
    need a RPG to kill an over-sized beast but all you can find on the
    ground is a sniper rifle!).

    2. Shorter than the first Resistance....more info
  • Best Game in PS3
    I have played around 15-20 games on PS3 and this is by far the best game I have ever played. Here is why

    - Graphics are the best so far in any PS3 game
    - Non repetitive (has amazing locations)
    - Tough but good boss fights
    - Good storyline with amazing game play ...more info
  • very fun
    very fun game, love the weapons, love playing online with friends nd other people. overall lots of fun...more info
  • Can Resistance 2 out do Fall Of Man Yup it can part 2 is on the collectors edition
    This is a PS3 exclusive basically this picks up where Resistance ended. Hale's taken into military custody The Chimera are in the U.S and now this means War. So you go through the 1st level you have to be operated on & he's been out for 2 years it's 1953. Nathan Hale is the only returning character he's an L.T now but the characters are great DR. Malikov you know he's slimy & the key to all the problems Capile a bada** Warner who reminds me of a younger version of Samuel L Jackson. Hale is believe to only have 19 hours to live before he becomes part Chimera. It gets hardcore twords the end of level 2 & then the action really starts picking up after the level. You will battle in wastelands & rubble of many major U.S cities like Chicago IL. Certain areas like Oreck CA are designed beautifully areas like Chicago look like a wasteland. Some weapons have returned lke the carbine, bullseye, arguer & the shotgun. But have been upgraded. Newer weapons are Wrath a gatlin gun there's a burst sniper rifle & a saw gun...more info
  • Disappointing sequel to a brilliant game
    I greatly enjoyed Resistance: Fall of Man for its avoidance of common game cliches, brilliant story telling approach, and solid gameplay, in a wonderful environment.

    Resistance 2 however is not that game, this is a lead-by-the-nose journey through a graphical wonderland with little in the way of freeform gameplay, full of cliches from past games and lacking any sort of natural flow.

    For example I died 40+ times when fighting the walker near the start before figuring out that I had to walk through a gate that is opened as part of a scripted sequence involving a commander telling me where to go - many more scripted sequences followed this, with equally contrived situations.

    Resistance 2 feels exactly like a Call of Duty 4 clone (right down to the health system, and escaping from a tilting naval vessel), very disappointing compared to the logical and well-designed Resistance before it, making it worse is the fact it introduces new plot holes in what was a solid story before.

    All this said, Resistance 2 is a graphical extravaganza, I've never seen such well-done environment modeling of the american West Coast before (almost life-like representations of the forests I live near), and there are some really cool gimmick-driven sequences throughout the game, like fighting a boss while standing on a helicopter landing platform that is being buffeted by waves (from the boss!), great stuff, unlike anything I've seen before - but the actual core gameplay falls a bit flat.

    Overall, amazing graphics, mediocre gameplay, limited fun factor, disappointing....more info
  • Nicely done
    Things I liked:

    Great boss battles. Right from the start you have to destroy huge bosses. Battlefield is grand and the game makes you run from one corner to another to take those behemoths down.

    Some level sections are like puzzles, you have to solve the enemy group to take necessary action, or else.

    Some times you don't see any enemies at all between the checkpoints but you don't know it untill you reach the next point so tension grows with every step you take, damn.

    Things I hated:

    Little creatures that rolls and the runners. I hate them. I hate them because I'm not a great shot and they come in packs. I died many times.

    Also the Chameleons or whatever they are called, you see them, then you're dead. One blow, that's it, no fair! Like I said I'm not a great shot, so again, I died many times.

    Every time, same number of enemies, triggered at the same point. Scripted appearences feels like, well, a game. I wish they were there when I arrived, not because I arrived, you know what I mean?

    Things I didn't care for:

    Graphics didn't feel like anything special, because they are expected to be this good on PS3. If you want to see special see MGS4, now that is special.

    Never tried online multiplayer, I couldn't get used to playing with strangers. Also I'm not a team player, so didn't try co-op either.

    Didn't notice the lentgh of the game because I can hardly find time to play, so it took me like a month to finish the game, so I'm happy with it....more info
  • Better than the first one
    I just wanted to say that despite what i heard i have so many good things to point, that i needed to mention them here :

    -newer and badder chimera to kill. You never will get bored at killing same class of chimera. Bosses included
    - Even tough you can only carry two weapons, you will always find plenty of ammmo to enjoy
    -New characters to fight along with Hale
    -Great Videos that ties the story instead of seppia pictures and narrated info on missions(yhis helped me to get the story even easier than the prequel)
    -Bigger Stuff to shoot at...the scale sense is notorious....
    -Great end... R3 coming?

    -Kind of short total gameplay ( Online coop and competitive, compensates this!! you will always gets fresh action there
    -Some graphics may look pixelated specially far enemies or weapon ... tought you may get the best possible visual graphics after R1
    -we miss an on screen map!...more info
  • Avoid this game until they release the next patch!
    The game has the potential to be fun, but BUYER BEWARE! There are currently a number of huge bugs in this game...most notably, the game will without warning corrupt your save files, forcing you to start over from the very beginning. One patch has already been released, but it did not address this issue or a number of other terrible problems. Insomniac Games is promising a 'big patch' to fix a number of these problems, but it has been two months and nothing has been done yet. My advice is, if you really want this game at least wait until around February when they may have fixed the many problems with it...and then you might find it in used form much cheaper. If you insist on getting it now, good luck, but you'll likely find yourself forced to start from zero when the game crashes on you....more info
  • Fun but can get tedious and repetitive.
    Having been a fan of the first Resistance, I was really excited about this one. Since owning it for a few months now I figured I could finally give it a decent review.

    The single player campaign is fun, the story is good and overall gameplay is improved over the original Resistance. That being said, I didn't like the fact that they took out the 2nd player coop option in the single player campaign.

    If you have a friend over and want to play two player you're pretty much forced to create a multiplayer game. This can be competitive or coop, but it *cannot* be campaign. Your friend also isn't able to create their own username/avatar as they basically are just tagged with your name preceded by a "(2)".

    Early patches in the game didn't allow them to accumulate points the same way the 1st player did.. But that's been somewhat fixed, so now they're not lowly noob players with weak weapons and berserks while player 1 is leveled up.

    Leveling is slow and tedious. It takes a really long time to level up. Not that it's a bad thing, but that's what ends up making it repetitive. It starts getting more fun as you unlock things but the pacing is a bit too far apart for the unlocks.

    While there are a number of large maps and random monster generation, differing objectives.. The game still gets repetitive after a little while. You'll soon memorize where things spawn and what's coming up next. Hopefully they integrate more of the campaign in the Coop aspect, it'll make it a little bit more fun. Competitive is alright.

    You'll find yourself often muting microphones on both coop and competitive because of people's inane chatter, background noise and poor hardware. It ends up introducing ugly ambient noise or clipping. There needs to be a better game tool to automatically lower the input volume on the mic or lessen the clipping. Running it on a home theatre receiver ends up making that clipping sound incredibly terrible.

    Love the game, hopefully they come up with new content soon. Definitely a current PS3 "must have". ...more info
  • Didn't Know What I Had
    I'm a Resistance: Fall of Man veteran and was eagerly awaiting the sequel, Resistance 2. After playing through most of the single player campaign, I have to say that I like it. But I don't absolutely love it. Here's why. The graphics are good, but not as good as Gears 2. The big monster bosses look flawless, but a lot of the environments have a bland, plasticky look to them. For example, the rubble doesn't have quite the grittiness that you see in Gears 2. I really miss having access to all the weapons at any one time. Only being able to carry two weapons now isn't quite as fun. I kind of miss the narration from the first game. Most of the story in Resistance 2 comes from your squadmates barking at you, but it loses some of the cinematic quality that Resistance 1 had. The ease of control, awesome framerate, and sound quality are all terrific. The multiplayer is heads and tails above just about anything else on the market (60 player, co-op, etc.). I would certainly recommend this title to anyone with a PS3, but I have to say I am finding more and more things from Fall of Man that I wish was still in Resistance 2....more info
  • Good multiplayer changes, bad single player changes
    If I were to review this as a stand alone game, it would be much more positive than this is. Because as a sequel, I feel this game is lacking. Lacking in the originality of the features that made the first one such a great game.

    The story picks up exactly where the last one left off, with Hale getting picked up in a helicopter by the mysterious men in black uniforms. They are taking you to a lab in Iceland where they conduct research on the Chimera, only to find that the Chimera are already there and blowing it to smitherines. You sucessfully make it back to mainland America and fight off a Chimeran invasion of the country along side other virus-resistant human soldiers called the Sentinels.

    The story is where I have my first problem. Insomniac pulled a George Lucas and retconned stuff that happened in the first game. In the first, it was clear that Hale entered the conflict in Europe as a perfectly normal human and didn't get converted until he and another squad of humans were ambushed by Crawlers at the end of the first mission. This was made clear by the fact that his health couldn't regenerate until after the ambush AND the fact that the Crawlers did crawl all over and inside of him. Intel documents from the first game state that Crawlers avoid humans that are already infected. But now, apparently Hale got injected with the virus before he left for Europe as a participant in some top-secret project called Project Abraham. Come on!!! I don't know why they felt they had to change the story line, but retconning only hurts and never helps.

    Additionally, the "narrated documentary" method of story-telling is missing from this game. In fact, there is no narration at all. Cutscenes are all animation, no freeze frames or people recalling past events. The problem with this is that everything happens so abruptly in the story with no explanation of the events. Yeah, it's not bad per se as you can still make relative sense of the overall story. But after playing the first game, this way of doing things just doesn't feel right. The intel documents that are spread throughout the game only offer small hints to help you understand the grander scheme of things, but it still isn't enough to understand it as well as in the first game when Parker would narrate and explain why certain things were the way they were without you having to go on a great big easter-egg hunt. The one good thing I will say about the story is that I like how the ended this game.

    But the change to the single player that I hate the most is that you can only carry two weapons at a time now. In the first you got to carry every weapon you found. I don't know what the reason is for why they changed it, but it was not a good decision. Now when I play through missions, there are times where I die 10+ times and finally make it through by the skin of my teeth because, apparently, I made the "wrong choice" of which two weapons to take with me, got to a checkpoint, and then got annihilated because I didn't have the right ones or ran out of ammo. But when I restarted at the checkpoint the guns I left behind aren't there anymore, and I am stuck with trying to figure out how the hell I can get past this part with what I have, or restart the game again.

    Also, some of the best weapons from the first game like the Sapper and the Halestorm are gone, and some of the returning weapons have been changed for the worse. The rocket launcher is no longer able to stop a rocket mid flight and change it's direction and instead launches some kind of shrapnel. I'm not exactly sure what it's useful for, I never use it. Some changes I am neutral about, like the Bullseye. It is more powerful, but it is less accurate and the clip size has been cut in half. However, to compensate for this, normal enemies are not longer the bullet sponges they were in the first game. It takes much less damage from all weapons to bring them down.

    Another problem along the same vein is that there are quite a few enemies in this game that turn it into a trial and error experience. There are these large enemies that carry this kind of energy gattling gun that is insanely powerful. However, the enemy is also a very fast mover. So you may try to kill it from a distance, but then it runns right up on you, you have no more cover to get to, and you just die. I have had to repeat sequences with these guys quite a few times, finally surviving on luck. Nothing kills my enjoyment of a game fastest than trial and error gameplay.

    A smaller complaint about the single player is some of the new Chimera they came up with. Apparently, now the Chimera are making 100 story tall monsters all the time, and squids that are right out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The reason for this is because a sizable number of gamers got their panties in a wad over the first one because, although there were many different Chimera with their own unique traits, weapons, and tactics, the majority of them were humanoids. And these gamers wanted a HUGE amount of variety, even if it doesn't make sense in the storyline. The Chimera are a race of monsters made by mutating humans. It makes sense that most of them will be humanoid. But no, some gamers must have certain things, even if they don't make sense in the game's story.

    I didn't play the co-op in the first one and am not a co-op campaign kind of guy, but for those of you who are, it's worth noting that you CAN NOT play through the campaign in this game cooperatively. The Co-op feature in this game is a completely different experience that has up to 8 people go through levels filled with Chimera to complete objectives with different character classes. I heard someone describe this mode perfectly as "Resistance meets World of Warcraft".

    The quality of the graphics in the game are slightly better than they were in the first, but it is noticable. I think the big reason people think they are a big step up is because they made more colorful set pieces than the drab-english ones in the first game. That can make some people think the upgrade was bigger than it actually is.

    On the other hand, the changes that were made to multiplayer are excellent. Some of them I am not a big fan of, but I can overlook them. There are alot of gametypes to choose from that have lots of great twists on traditional game types. One of my favorites is where the game splits teams up into smaller squads and sends each squad off to complete it's own objective and as the game goes on and objectives are completed, it funnels everyone on both teams back to one spot on the map for a big battle. Lot's of fun.

    And as if all the great modes wasn't enough, these games can have up to 60 players, and I never experienced any slowdown at all. That is an amazing accomplishment, I don't care who you are.

    The one thing I was never a big fan of is experience points in this kind of a multiplayer game. You can earn XP to unlock new abilities and equipment to use in the game. Now I am not a hardcore gamer. I don't have the time to play games all day and I do also enjoy spending some of my free time physically interacting with other people. This experience system kinda makes me feel alienated for not having the time to spend hours leveling up my guy to get the abilities and gear needed to be on par with some of these other guys that are playing.

    All in all, it's a very good game, but a mediocre sequel. Video game developers, if you are going to try something different, have the balls to defend and support your decisions and don't cave after one game to a small number of critics. Lots of people loved the first Resistance the way it was. Why did you feel you had to turn your original, creative product into a generic, derivative one?

    My disappointment with the single player campaign really makes me want to give this game as 3 out of 5. But my head knows that is not fair. The multiplayer is full of content and has great controls (unlike Killzone 2) and while I do not like the changes to the single player, they are not bad technically, just nowhere near as great as what I got from the first game. Therefore, I must be fair and give it the 4 out of 5 it deserves....more info
  • Addicting MP
    This has to be one of the funnest games I have played. Single Player was very enjoyable and multi player is just a blast. I am very happy this game is in my library. A must have! ...more info
  • Sturdy performer in need of refinement
    Is the FPS genre dead? Not quite, you can still teach an old dog new tricks, but sometimes it takes time to do so. As such, there is nothing revolutionary or particularly polished here, but Resistance 2 is a great case study in providing maximum quantity for the buck. I'm guessing that when this series when into development, the target of the time was probably HALO with a good dose of 50s monster movie added in. Resistance 2 is a good game on more than one front, but one that feels a bit rushed out the door.


    The single player campaign is pretty good and nicely varied. The co-op is really nice to hammer away at with friends and the competitive multiplayer can get quite hectic on 60 player death matches. NO LAG! Call of Duty developers, figure out how they did this because COD 4 is a big offender on lag these days.


    Many of the "dark" levels, where you can see only by the spread from your flash light, are almost too dark. It is quite easy to get lost. The Competitive multiplayer feels a bit imprecise. The gameplay is a tad more Unreal Tournament than Call of Duty, but without the precision of both of those games. It just seems to take a bit too much ammunition to get a kill. The Co-op is really cool and demands good teamwork, but it would be nice to have this in the same campaign as the single player and not just a separate map quest of its own, though it still is a great mode to get into. Thematically, they didn't weave the 50s period in a particularly cohesive way.


    For the single player, granted the bosses are cool and HUGE, but they are also typical linear encounters in the route of HALO and Gears of War, the typical of PC FPS style "keep shooting and they'll die," the Metroid Prime series usually incorporates visor functions, weapon selection and dynamic kill points for boss strategy. Most FPS designers need to sit down and take a good look at a lot of the way Metroid Prime games have dealt with good boss battles and even many FPS cliches. Seriously, you don't have to copy everything, but there is some combat depth to learn from.


    I think the overall desing and look of the game is very well done. Sure there are a few rough edges and textures out of place, so what? If you fire up Call of Duty 4 or even Fallout 3, you don't have to look hard to find a similar amount of graphic glitches, flat textures and physics oddities. So I won't harp on any of that for Resistance 2. I will say with more time, Insomniac probably would have smoothed all these little things out for sure.

    Audio is pretty good with a great music score and good sound effects. I think they could have used more "ooomph" for the weapon sounds. You really need to hear the power of each weapon and they could have turned this up a notch.


    For a straight out melee alien shooting gallery, this game does a good job of topping the HALO formula in many ways. I think the multiplayer is good, if a bit imprecise. Resistance 2 is a great work in progress on par with most games of its type these days. But there is still a better game out there to be made. Note to Insomniac, if you're going sci-fi shooter, forget looking at HALO or Gears of War. Those games are fun but not without their own set of limitations and have done little to advance the corridor shooter formula. Fire up a Metroid Prime game and see what depth of gameplay and refinement can do for the FPS genre....more info
  • Flawed, not nearly as fun as the original.
    I absolutely loved the original Resistance and had high expectations for this game. I just won it, and it left me disappointed and underwhelmed. This is a game to rent, not buy.

    Positives: Truly epic battles where you are taking on a LOT of chimeran enemies at the same time. A couple of cool new weapons, especially the marksman rifle. Some of the boss battles were very nicely rendered.

    Negatives: Got rid of the original weapon select from Resistance that allowed you to have unlimited weapons and quick switch holstering via the scroll wheel; now you can only hold 2 weapons at a time, which is very annoying. The graphics are subpar, especially the textures. For a game released in late 2008 when the developer should have been over the learning curve on programming for the PS3 this is simply unacceptable. The graphics often reminded me of high-end PC graphics of 4 years ago. The color palette was ugly; way too much red and black throughout the game. Annoying that you couldn't kill those water creatures, so if you fell in the water you died instantly from their attacks. The lack of frequent saves is EXTREMELY aggravating! In these epic battles you will die often and have to start from the beginning of a stage. The ending was very underwhelming, and the final boss battle was a complete was way too easy.

    The much balyhooed 60 player multiplayer wasn't that great either.
    Overall, it was a huge letdown after playing Resistance: Fall of Man. That game I would give a 9.5/10. Resistance 2 is a 7/10 in my book....more info
  • Amazing game!!!
    This game contains hours of fun. Even after completing the single player campaign, the online gameplay can keep you busy even longer. Most defiantly worth buying!!...more info
  • The Ultimate Gaming Experience!!!!!!
    I don't review games that often but I have to say that this one of the finest games ever made. I wasn't the biggest fan of the first game, mainly due to the annoying weapon switch function, confusing cluster of fellow soldiers constantly in the way, and the small scale level locations. The Chimera were also kind of fake looking and didn't scare me at all.

    WOW, what a change for RE2! The weapon switch is a simple button (triangle), and your team is hardly EVER in the way of the action. I also love the way Nathan "regenerates health" so you no longer need those health packs. The weapons are amazing (I LOVE THE MARKSMAN) and are all easy to use. The shooting is so much fun and very simple to use! Its almost identical to UNCHARTED in that respect.

    Speaking of similarities to UNCHARTED, this is also one of the most lush and beautiful games I have seen. Who would have thought. But man, these locations are complex and so beautiful. Its definately the most immersive experience I have had. Also, if you like DEAD SPACE, this game is pretty darn close. My heart was beating like the bass drum from a MEGADEATH cd. This game is scary as hell! Beyond amazing battles, are some really fun moments where creatures of all sorts are ready to pounce you in the dark.

    What a variety of species presented this time around. I still cant get over how cool it was fighting that 300 foot TITAN. Geeze, this just doesnt happen in other games as realistically as it does here. What a blast!

    Now the Multiplayer. HELP, I am addicted. I cannot stop. I love the Co-op so much. It's so much fun to work as a team, WHICH YOU NEED TO DO, and experience the game from completely different maps within the game locations. Nothing in multiplayer is the same as the sigle player campaign. Yeah, sometimes their can be chaos in the 8 player, but who cares, it's a blast. I didnt like the competative death match stuff as much. Too chaotic for me, but truly an astonishing feat by SONY to be playing with 60 people in perfect real time. Much better than BAD CO., which I thought was really disappointing.

    I did have one glitch in a cut scene where things froze up, but other than that, I really don't experience many glitches, and believe me, I play this game non stop. A Chimera will just be standing there once a while in multiplayer, but it doesn't effect gameplay. I can't imagine why anyone would give this game only one star. I guess you have to really love this kind of shopoter, and in that respect, its the finest game of the genre and I think it is going to be REALLY hard for SONY to top this one! ...more info
  • Pretty good Pick-up here!
    I bought this game on impulse, and I must say that it's a pretty good game. It wasn't as good as the first one, but it's still pretty good. Story mode is here and there, but the multiplayer and Co-op more than makes up for it. Check it on Insomniac fans....more info
  • Cooperative exceptional
    Men, I was downloading something over the net and playing at the same time and the connection was working great.

    COD5 have a hard FPS competitor in this year 2009....more info
  • Awesome game
    This is an amazing game. The graphics are awesome, one scene in particular, the first time you walk outside in San Francisco is just awesome.

    Online play is great, 30 on 30 is just insane

    One of the best games i have played...more info
  • A solid game, but nothing spectacular
    Huge Scale
    60 Player Online Multiplayer w/o Lag
    Some Guns Can Be Fun To Use

    Underwhelming Graphics
    Weak Sound Design
    Confusing/Pointless Story

    Resistance: Fall of Man was once known as THE title to own for PlayStation 3, way back in 2006 when the console launched. Since then, the PS3 has seen many more great titles released giving potential buyers a reason to pick up a PS3, other than for a Blu-ray player. Is Resistance 2 one of those games you just have to buy a PlayStation 3 to play? Well, technically yes because it is an exclusive to PS3. But NO, this game is not a system seller.

    The first game was given great reviews, and I played through it and came away very underwhelmed. The same thing is true of Resistance 2. There wasn't much hype for this game, other then for die hard fans of the first game. I was optimistic about the sequel, as I couldn't quite figure out what made Resistance: Fall of Man so forgettable. Resistance 2 is better then the first game, and improves upon every aspect but still falls short from being a great game.

    The story picks up where the last game left off, but from the game's opening, you are immediately confused to why any of this matters. Yes, there is obviously a war going on, so I guess that is a good enough reason to shoot things. But when the game opens saying "This is his story" (Nathan Hale, the controlled character's story), and you learn nothing the first few hours of the game, no explanation for anything that's going on, it is hard to care.

    The graphics and sound are another average part of the game. I'm not going to say that they are bad, but they are just nothing better then average. With titles like Gears of War, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4 out, Resistance 2 looks like just another FPS. Sure, there are some gigantic moments in this game, but nothing will make you jaw drop or make you want to play it over so you can show a friend how far video games have gone. The color palette is much brighter this time around, but I think that may be the only (noticeable) improvement from the first game. The water, first, and explosion effects all look a little strange, especially the water. Explosions are very dull. The sound is equally boring. It seems like the same music is playing at the end and beginning of each mission, and there isn't much in between (or if there is you won't notice it). The gun sounds are the best part, as is the pretty decent use of surround sound.

    The gameplay may be the biggest downside for this game. Everything feels off, from moving your character to targeting. The controls feel loose, and the default control scheme is a little awkward at first. The cursor moves pretty quick when trying to aim, and can actually be a little touchy when zoomed, but it takes far too long to turn around when getting attacked from behind. The screen zooms in when you run for some stupid reason, and just makes not sense. While most reviews I have read say that the AI is superb, I have to disagree. Countless times I have seen an enemy run out into the open, then start shooting (only at you, even when you have allies with you) and standing in one spot. The only time they show any signs of life is when they charge at you and try to melee you, but even that is a dumb act.

    As far as value goes, this is one thing that the game has going for it. The single player campaign is around 10 hours, then there is a separate cooperative campaign for up to 8 players, and then 60 player competitive multiplayer. There is a lot to unlock and could take a very long time to unlock everything, but that is if you can stand the game for that long.

    The bottom line is that this game that is supposedly great, is nothing more than an average shooter. There is some fun to be had, but nothing will blow you away. If you don't have a PS3, don't bother buying one for this game. Buy it for LittleBigPlanet, or don't buy one at all....more info
  • Not nearly as good as the first
    I can't say much that isn't already said on other reviews. In short, I wasted my money on this one. I loved the first one. This one is going on Ebay. And I just bought it yesterday....more info
  • Resistance 2 - Better Than The Original
    This is one of those few games that lived up to the hype for me. This game not only freshened up the graphics with some great textures and settings, but also gave quite a bit of diverse locations to fight the Chimeran invaders. Most of the negative reviews are from the typical Xbox fanboys who have too much time on their hands and post on PS3 boards and reviews. It's not a perfect game, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable one.

    I played the first Resistance and found myself immersed in a shooter that I wished had never ended--it was that addicting. Resistance 2 was more of the same and many complain it lacks new features, and I say why mess with a formula that works. The graphics are better, the settings are better, the enemies are better and more clever, and the storyline better.

    The shift in moving the game to the U.S. was much needed. Now there are lush forests, big sprawling cities, etc., and the muted colors of the old game are few and far between. This is one sharp-looking game.

    The variety of weapons is much the same with a few new ones throw in (or updated versions of old ones). As with most shooters, you find your favorites and stick with them or use ones you know work most effective against certain enemy-types.

    The music and sound effects are all big-budget sci-fi movie-type and the story is good enough to keep you wondering what is going to happen next. (I will say the ending is abrupt and leaves one shaking their head, but then again, so do a lot of movies these days.)

    If I had to nitpick, it would be that some of the weapons are not that accurate, even when you are clearly targeting the enemy. (In particular, the Auger is supposed to allow you to see through solid material and target yellowish glows that represent the enemy; it is hit or miss most of the time, as to you seeing the enemy.) Also, the squad AI is really not there. Most times it seems like it's just you against the whole Chimeran army even with them by your side. Also, it is rather short at about 12hrs if you take your time. And like I mentioned above, the ending will leave some with a bad taste in their mouth.

    The trophies are plenty and 30-50% seem to be able to be obtained in the single player campaign and the others in co-op and multi-player.

    Overall, this is not an over-hyped game at all. It is what a sequel should be: an improvement over the original and one that keeps the elements that made the original so enjoyable.
    ...more info
  • Test your PS3!
    Awesome game! Great graphics - smooth gameplay - glitch free and worth every penny! - Mark B...more info
  • New feel...but same fun.
    So if you're an avid fan of the first Resistance, there are definitely some different things taking place in the game, such as the overall feel of the game, such as maps, and a lot of things changed visually-mostly for the better. Now if you've never played the first Resistance- you should- but if you haven't and just decide to pick this game up, then it is definitely something worth buying, as it has excellent online play, single player, and online co-op. The shining things in Resistance 2 are obviously the online play, which is far superior to any other games I have played in the past, as 60 player online and 8 player co-op is hard to beat, and Insomniac pulls it off. The stoyline itself is definitely worth playing through, as it has epic battles and excellent play and storyline, as well as the occasional "jump-out-of-your-seat moments" with some ok graphics to go with it. The graphics are definitely not the best ever, but they are better than the first. The only bad thing I have found with the game is that you don't actually play the 'game' in co-op, more rather some custom levels that Insomniac pulled together for people to play through, which I thought was weird.

    Overall, if you liked the first Resistance, you will like this one especially if you're an online fanatic like me. Everyone should definitely pick this up, as it is an outstanding game!...more info
  • very fun FPS
    i played this game when it first came out. i noticed after i beat the game, i was wanting more. the game i thought was very fun. i loved the story and i thought the graphics were awesome. i didnt experience any glitches that the other people said they did, if i did, i dont remember which means i guess it wasnt a big deal. controls were awesome and even though the boss battles werent super hard they were just plain out fun. if you want fun shooter thats beautiful and has a cool story, go rent or buy this game....more info
  • better than the original
    Resistance: Fall of Man was excellent but Resistance 2 is a definite improvement over the original. It's much more colorful, the terrain is more varied, there are new and interesting enemies, and the story is better and more fleshed out. I did not have a problem with the two weapons at a time limitation because the game presents plenty of chances to change weapons. Overall, this is a fun, easy shooter that's worth paying full price....more info
  • Story not as good as the first one, put the multiplayer makes it great.
    The solo campaign story was not as good as part one's, but the ending and the bosses were awesome. The multiplayer is very addictive and fun. A great game overall....more info
  • Bring back offline co-op!
    One of the reasons I loved the first Resistance was for it's co-op ability in the campaign mode. In addition to that, the game was fun, kept you on your toes, had a compelling story line, and bad guys that were just plain fun to kill.

    So far R2 seems like it has similiar features for the campaign mode, but I am HIGHLY disappointed that they took away the co-op capabilities. Cooperative play is now only available for short campaign missions with basically no structured story line. Cooperative play is obviously built for three or more players and if you happen to have a friend that you'd actually like to sit next to and play 2 player mode with, don't waste your time. While Resistance Fall of Man was an awesome experience for 2 players offline, R2 is basically unplayable in this situation.

    That said, in single player campaign mode the graphics are still compelling and the enemy just as frightening as in the first game. Definitely worth playing.

    I know that a lot of people will still enjoy this game either as a single player or with online play. But, my vote would be for Insomniac to bring back offline co-op ability in campaign mode. It added a lot to the game playability and general experience to be able to follow a complex story line in a multi-player mode. Very disappointed that this is not the case with this sequal....more info
  • Disappointed
    I really enjoyed the 1st version of Resistance, but I'm very disappointed with this new one. I don't like the graphics or online play. The regular gameplay is nice though and the only highight in my opinion. Please if they make a Part 3 go back to the basics....more info
  • Too Short
    While the graphics were excellent, the game itself was just way too short. I felt kind of ripped off. I finished it up in about 8 hours, which is way too short a time for a great game. I would suggest renting it but don't fork out the money to buy it. I don't foresee a Resistance 3 coming out. ...more info
  • The best PS3 FPS of the year
    This game is a fantastic FPS. If you liked the first one this game will not disappoint.

    The first person game is great overall. The story is decent and the action is great and will make you jump every once in a while. The difficulty can be adjusted for newbs and pros alike. The second highest difficulty seems to be the hardest, but the highest difficulty is not available until you play through.

    Multiplayer gave me the most enjoyment. I am a big fan of co-op multiplayer like Gears of War (2-Disc Edition) and Army of Two. Resistance 2 has you and up to 7 other people fight through six missions against the Chimera. There are three different classes you can chose from. There is the Soldier able to block and/or absorb damage, a Medic to heal the party when they take damage, and a Spec Op that does massive damage and hands out ammo for the party. These classes level up and you can purchase upgrades as you play through. You will need to play through the missions many times to reach the top level and get all the upgrades. The missions ramp up depending on how many players and their levels. There is also one of two sets enemies that are apparently chosen at random at the beginning of the mission so one play through will not necessarily be the same as the next.

    Competitive multiplayer is also quite fun and can support up to 60 players! You have your standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, Core Control (capture the flag), and Skirmish. Skirmish is similar to king of the hill, except that there are multiple hills. You will capture one point and then move on to the next all while the other team is trying to cap that point, defend that point, or cap one of your held points. Every once in a while they through in an execution order where you must kill a particular enemy or protect the teammate the enemy is after.

    If you enjoy FPS you probably already have this if not, what are you waiting for!?!...more info
  • PS3 Must Have!!
    Before I had purchased this game, I was hearing about it all over the place so it caught my interest. I went out and purchased Resistance: Fall of Man to see what the hype was all about, just to find out that the game was only mediocre. Even after the fact though, I decided I needed to buy this game and try it out because of the online matches(60 players online) and I have been amazed by it. One thing that isn't mentioned on the game anywhere, is that you can go online in these huge matches with two people on one console, in a split-screen mode, allowing you to play with friends that might not have the ps3 or a copy of Resistance 2.
    I highly recommend this game for PS3 owners, making it one of the best exclusive shooters, next to MGS4, on the system....more info
  • Great game, shame about the Co-op
    On the positive side Resistance 2 is one of the few of the few games in which i actually took the time to complete the campaign (rather than going straight to multi-player) because this game has a great story that really captured my attention. Much like the original RFOM the online gameplay is very fast paced and hectic, one can have a lot of fun going on a suicide mission by charging an enemy position and nade-spamming, or engaging in a sniper battle. All around the online experience is what it should be - fun.

    On the negative side they ruined the highly enjoyable co-op mode from the first game. My friends and i used to have fun playing through the campaign and revisiting the storyline together but in this game they completely changed it. Rather then replay the main mission, the co-op mode has you and your friend try to kill as many enemies as you can in a a very arcadey fashion and without any plot....more info
  • Great game - hours of fun!
    This game is great if you like first person shooters. The single player campaign is a great alternative past story, and the multiplayer mode will keep you coming back for more!...more info
  • one of my favorite games ever
    this is an excellent shooter game and i think they have improved a lot since fall of man, i would definitely recomend this game to anyone who likes a good shooter game ...more info
  • 2 player co-op is BS
    It says it's a 1-2 player game on the package with 2-8 co-op in online play.

    What this means is that it's nothing like the prequel game where 2 player offline co-op runs you and a buddy through a split screen co-op game of the main story line. THIS IS NOT THE CASE on Resistance 2.

    This new version of 2 player split screen co-op is virtually unplayable due to the new co-op engine requiring 3 roles and obviously designed for larger parties.

    This drastic of a change to the original makes this game a regrettable purchase for offline (2 peeps sitting side by side and sharing a split screen) co-op play and is very misleading considering the original game was fantastic for co-op play.

    Rent it if you must but save your money if you are looking for co-op game play anything like the original version....more info
  • Disapointing
    If you loved the first episode, and were impatient to find all taht excitement in the second: forget it.
    The game has not the same controls, even on easy level, it's much harder, graphics are more complicated, get ready to have to start over again, and again, and again. It's just no fun....more info
  • Uncreative, repetative, waves of enemies and lame run and gun
    Resistance 2 is the sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man. It takes place, I think, in the future where an alien race has assaulted planet Earth. Apparently they have the ability to make people into their race, or something. I don't really know, as the plot is very uninteresting and mostly inconsequential. You play some guy, a "Sentinel", which means something special, but I don't know what. As you can tell I didn't play the first one, so maybe this is all stuff I should already know. Regardless, it all seems very generic and super thin on plot. I have not played in multi-player, as I have no interest. Apparently this is where the game shines, or so I'm told. I'll never know because it is unlikely I'll ever put it back in the tray.

    The environments are pretty stunning in some places, the graphics pretty good, and the sound very rich. The gun variety is lacking... most of the time you will have the same weapon, or whatever weapon you have ammo for. Since you can only carry two weapons at a time you'll be forced to dump weapons in trade for whatever you can find that has ammo. Apparently this passes as strategy.

    There have definitely been a few fun parts, here and there. Some parts where the chaos of battle is thick and you are running around, immersed. Most of the time the game involves cheap one-hit kills or times of nothing followed by a massive wave of enemies. Rinse, dry, repeat. While there is variety in enemies, there isn't much variety in game play. Yes, the game hits all the standard FPS style levels: Open space with big combat, open space with big bad guy, enclosed space with low lights and is kind of spooky, enclosed space with lots of bad guys, one on one "big boss" battles, desolate towns, and alien spaceships. All very generic.

    My biggest complaint with the game is that it devolves into "Serious Sam" style game play. You'll, essentially, round the corner to find a gigantic pile of bad guys who want nothing more than to kick-start your face with their massive arsenal of weaponry. You'll do lots of running in circles trying to track and kill waves of spidery things, packs of flying drones, waves of zombie-like-rip-off things, and big dudes with player-seeking missiles. It gets old, and in my opinion is the mark of poor level design. Checkpoint, walk a bit, massive swam of bad guys, checkpoint.

    I'm not entirely sure what I expected when I got this game, but I was certainly surprised at the poor quality of this game. Graphics only go so far, and a good concept isn't worth anything if it is executed poorly. Resistance 2 wouldn't be a bad rental, or even on discount -- but at full pop, it just kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth....more info
  • Multiplayer Greatness
    This game's predecessor Resistance: Fall of Man was a launch title amazingly enough creating a great single player experience, good online, and they even threw in co-op.

    Now we are still learning about Nathan Hale's story. He has only 19 hours left to live and Insomniac attempts to use this to create an epic single player experience. Unfortunately, this does not deliver the single player never really hooked me in and felt like it was less than the original. BUT, you should still get this game for its amazing online capability.

    There are multiple types of team and every man for themselves, including death match. This game's greatest point is the online 8 player co-op there are 5 locales and up to 12 missions in each. You can choose from three classes medic(has a gun that can heal), soldier ("the big guns", they lead the charge, and Special Ops (a powerful gun and they create ammo).

    I recommend this game for an okay single-player experience but an online that no one has done better....more info
  • fall of man was better
    I would have liked more if cooperative mode was like the resistance fall of man....more info
  • This is one of the best PS3 games!
    I love this game more than any of my other PS3 games. It is scary and very intense. Great graphics, game play, and story line. I like it a lot more than Killzone 2....more info


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