philosophy - amazing grace - perfumed shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath

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philosophy:you need this product if...

  • you are looking for a moisturizing shampoo, bath, and shower gel for dry skin and hair
  • you want hair that looks and feels terrific
  • you like multi-tasking products
  • you like a gentle formulation
  • you need a moisturizing formula.
  • Customer Reviews:

    • More "good" than "bad"
      Pros: Smells amazing, used it as a shampoo and didn't even use a conditioner or styling cream (I have curly hair), and it left my hair soft ad shiny. For me, the scent lasts.

      Cons: Ridiculously expensive. They would really open up their client base if they would knock off like 10-15 bucks from their products. I mean, how expensive is this stuff to make, really? Also, the lather is pathetic. Not very creamy or rich at all....more info
    • amazing grace 3-in-1
      love the smell. bubbles don't last long when used as bubble bath. buy the spray scent separately and use after bath, since scent doesn't stick around for very long. moisturizing....more info
    • "Wind Song"
      I finally ordered this product after being tempted for years based on its reviews. It is a nice fragrance - but it reminds me of another perfume "Windsong" (which is a lot cheaper)....more info
    • Philosophy Amazing Grace
      I find the product to be of good quality. However, it is expensive for what you receive. There are comprable products that can be purchased for 1/2 the cost....more info
    • LOVE this in the shower
      I feel so clean and fresh, and the scent is wonderful. I also got the body spray which is very nice and light....more info
    • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
      This product has the most femanine scent and all women need to pamper themselves and you should start with this product line!...more info
    • Philosophy - Amazing Grace
      Love the light fgagrance and how cool that it's a shampoo as well as a bath and shower gel. Will definitely order it again.

      Linda B.
      Camarillo, CA...more info
    • Soothing Smell
      It works just as well for a hair shampoo amd body wash.
      If you like a soothing powdery smell,this is a great product....more info
    • You can't go wrong here!
      I am giving this as a gift. I have given it before and know it is of good quality. This is one of those items that every last drop is used. The shipping is great and well packed. I received this item as date promised which is a relief this time of year. I don't think a person can go wrong by doing business with Amazon as they seem to associate themselves with top notch companies that not only handle quality materials, but also keep good stock on hand. With this kind of report I will be doing business with them in the future. ...more info
    • Love the smell !
      I love this body wash and get compliments on how great I smell. However,it is a lousy shampoo. I wish they would make a deodorant in this scent....more info

    • ...more info
    • Best bath gel
      Winters are rough for skin. This product is wonderful to help with dry skin!...more info
    • Grace is the BEST!
      I use this shower gel every day. I first started using the Grace lotion. I liked it so much that I decided to start using the shower gel. The frangrance is clean and fresh; I get compliments on it all the time. My skin always feels super soft.

      ...more info
    • Amazing Grace shampoo and shower gel
      My husband just loves this product. I bought it for myself, but we both use it. Smells great!...more info
    • Wonderful!
      What a great way to start the day...Philosophy's Amazing Grace shampoo and shower gel is so feminine and light. I've loved this scent from the moment I opened the bottle and I've always received compliments such as: "You smell great"; never "What perfume is that?". It's so silky and it rinses clean, too. Just fabulous!...more info
    • Great Product, I Just Love It
      Talk about all in one, this product does it all. It smells so irresistible and sultry. It's amazing. I love everything about it. I use it as my shampoo, my body wash, and my bubble bath. I mean with that many things it can be, it really saves me money. Plus, I love the scent and having three different uses, without having to buy three different products is pretty cool you gotta admit.
      This makes a great gift and I mean it, I've given this to three of my friends already and they all loved it and can't get enough of the philosophy products just like me....more info
    • Essence of clean and fresh
      I had heard of Amazing Grace, but never tried it. The product was offered at a very good price compared to some other sources so I decided to try it. I am so glad I did. The scent is clean, fresh and light so it does not interfere with other scents such as perfume. My hair is very fine and this product does not weigh it down like many other shampoos and conditioners. How cool to have a shower gel and shampoo in one bottle! ...more info
    • Fantastic scent!
      This is my first Philosophy purchase that I have just used for the first time. I was always intrigued w/the 3-1 shampoo/body washes and I am glad I tried them!
      I have short hair so a bottle of this will last me for a while, but the shampoo has great lather and my hair felt very clean afterwards. I adore the scent! Not too overpowering, not too girly-just the right hint of floral & clean scents.

      After I use Amazing Grace, I intend on trying some of Philosophy's other scents, they ALL sound so delicious!!!...more info
    • I gave this as a gift so...
      I really did not get back much feedback from the person I gave it to so I do not not if that is a reflection on the product or the person to whom I gave it. Sorry ...more info
    • Love it as with all AMAZING GRACE products
      Perfect shampoo and shower gel. It leave my hair and skin soft ans silky and I don't need to use a moisturizing lotion after my shower....more info
    • A Great Shower Gel!
      I started using philosophy shower gels about a year ago when I discovered that they seem to be the only scented shower gels out there that don't make my super sensitive skin break out, even when I shave with them. Amazing Grace is my favorite scent. It's just so clean and soothing, with hints of baby powder and floral notes. Unlike a lot of the other philosophy scents, Amazing Grace is not overly sweet and it doesn't leave you smelling like a baked good. It's a nice clean scent that lasts all day. The gel has a good, long lasting lather, and doesn't leave any kind of residue. It has quickly become one of my favorite beauty items, both for myself and to give as a gift....more info
    • Heavenly!
      The fragrance is a wonderful, clean and slightly sweet blend of bergamot, lemon, white musk and some other subtle notes of fruits and florals. It's very clean and feminine smelling, but isn't overly floral or soap like. It's the sweeter version of Philosophy's "Pure Grace" scent which has a soapier smell. The body wash has a great, rich consistency. Because this scent is so popular, Philosophy carries LOTS of other Amazing Grace scented products so you can layer the scent which is pretty faint on its own. ...more info
    • Super Sudsy, Smells Great!
      I've used this shower gel for about a year and I love it--it has a light clean scent and lathers up nicely. I mostly use it as a shower gel, never as a shampoo, so I can't comment on that. But, it actually works as a shaving gel in a pinch. Love it--can't say enough nice things about it....more info
    • Overall opinion: Not worth the $$ (sorry Philosophy!)
      I love the smell, but it DOES NOT 'stick'. It smelt it nicely when I shampooed, or, when it was in higher concentration, but I could not smell it otherwise. Plus, it is not moisturizing. So, I will continue to use it as a shampoo, but not a body wash. My hair looked nice today, so I can't complain about it's shampooing performance. But, since I paid what I paid for it, I am disappointed. I wish it had a more potent, long-lasting smell, and, I wish it was moisturizing....more info


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