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Item #: EUK71AV. Quick-Up? Handheld Vacuum
Two-motor performance. 5.5 amp motor. Clean air filtration system. Easy-empty dust cup for bagless convenience. Exclusive Riser Visor™ pivots for cleaning stair risers and vertical surface upholstery. Includes crevice tool. On-board hose with cord wrap. 20-ft. power cord.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Best Vac for Stairs !!!!
    I love this little hand vac! I have owned this for several months now and it is wonderful for vacuuming the carpeted stairs in our house. We have a dog and it works great to pick up the per hair. It is quiet in comparison to the Dirt Devil hand vac that we once had. It has a long cord and it is relatively light-weight. A great buy for the price!
    ...more info
  • Great vacuum, short life
    I got it in November of 2006, and this little vacuum was pretty sweet. It did an awesome job on the stairs and the hose attachment was good for getting into some of the hard to clean areas around the house. I was always amazed to see how much "stuff" it was picking up off the floor. Kinda gross.

    But, not all good things are meant to last apparently. In Feb of '08, this little guy died in a blaze of glory. The back end lit up like the Fourth of July and a bunch of sparks went flying out the back. 16 months after I had gotten it, it was dead.

    However, because it did such a great job while I had it, I'm considering getting another one to replace it. That's why I'm giving it three stars instead of 1. When it works, its a 5-star product, but its short life knocks it down a couple of notches....more info
  • motore burned out after 3 uses
    Title says it all; never really got to find out how well it worked because the motor started to smoke and arc, and then died, after only 3 short, light uses. Needless to say, not a happy purchase....more info
  • Excellent - absolutely excellent!
    I bought this to use on our steps, but my husband has taken it over. He uses it not only on the steps but almost everywhere. He even took it to his business and used it to clean edges and corners. It's cute, light and does a great job of cleaning. ...more info
  • Good brush, okay suction.
    The Good:

    - The rotating brush is powered, which makes it rare, possibly unique, in handheld vacuums. A separate motor drives the brush. You can turn on just the suction, or both the suction and the brush. Not only that, the brush belt is covered, so it won't be damaged by whatever you are vacuuming up (a bugaboo for other vacuums, even my cast-aluminum Kirby.)

    - It seems pretty sturdy.

    - It does a good job on carpet and upholstered furniture. It especially does well on the job I expressly purchased it for: cat hair.

    - It comes with a crevice tool that stores in the vacuum itself, and the hose is built into the body (and is actually used as part of the machine's regular operation.) No little fussy parts and hoses and such to lose. To use the hose, just unplug it from the head assembly. If you want, attach the crevice too. Easy!

    - It doesn't make so much noise that you are scared of it. My 1000-watt Euro-pro Super Shark howls and screams like a Tasmanian devil. And the motor spins so fast that it creates gyroscopic forces, making the vacuum twist in your hand like it is trying to get away. And it gets quite hot, within seconds.

    The Not-so-good:

    - It is fairly large. Especially, it is long, about 16 inches. That might make it hard to fit into little crannies.

    - The handle is slightly uncomfortable. The handle itself is a little too fat for me (and I am a 5'10" man with "Large" hands, according to my gloves.) And the excitingly swoopy design means the handle joins the body at an acute angle at the rear, creating a pinch point. Not a big deal, but still.

    - The vacuum emits lots of dust. That is typical for handheld vacuums, especially the more powerful ones. Like most others, this one has a simple dome-shaped filter made of non-pleated synthetic felt, which apparently lets the finer dust through. (My Euro-pro Super Shark handheld has a second HEPA filter for the exhaust, which does reduce particle emissions. It also probably cuts suction power quite a bit.)

    - Emptying the dust collector is a little messy. You probably want a large, fairly empty trash can to do it, since you will be tapping the collector to get the dust and hair out. If you are sensitive to dust, you might want to do it outside. Incidentally, the instructions say not to rinse the filter in water, but I probably will do that anyway.

    - Its suction is not actually that powerful. It doesn't match my 1000 watt Euro-pro Super Shark (apparently discontinued) for suction power. On the other hand, the Euro-pro doesn't have a powered brush (it has an awful air-turbine powered brush that has no power and emits a horrible whine), so the Eureka actually performs better on upholstery and carpet. But the Eureka's crevice tool relies only on suction, and you can notice the relative lack of power when you use it. But it is more powerful than some other models, and certainly more powerful than any cordless model.

    - It is fairly loud, but all handheld vacuums are fairly loud.

    On the whole, I like this thing. It works well, and could use just a bit more refinement. The only real problem I have with it is the fact that it emits dust. But again, that is a problem with most handheld vacuums. And with it, you actually feel like you are working with a civilized tool, not wrestling with a shrieking imp born of conflict and chaos, like that Super Shark. It is probably the only hand vac I would recommend to others. ...more info
  • This vacuum sucks, but in a good way!
    I bought this handheld vacuum to help eliminate the mounds of cat hair shed by my two cats. After receiving the unit, I gave this baby a thorough testing right out of the box. As the previous reviewer noted, this vacuum really picks up animal hair. I cleaned my dark blue couch in less than three minutes and not a hair was left! While the vacuum is a bit heavy, using it for 30 minutes or so wasn't tiring. In cleaning stairs, the rotating front makes this chore easy also. Highly recommended to everyone, especially cat owners....more info
  • Great hand held vacuum
    Was very impressed by the power of this little vacuum. Pet hair does not stand a chance....more info
  • Perfect for my needs
    We full-time RV in a motor home and this vacuum works great for the areas that my upright won't fit into. We have a cat and a dog, and it is very convenient for picking up litter that is tracked outside of the box and for getting dog hair off the back seat of the car. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works and I would highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Eureka EUK71AV Handheld Vacuum
    I am a professional purchaser for a nationally recognized R & D institution.I reaserched hand held vacuums utilizing exactly the same methods I employ on thousands of work related products.

    I specifically looked for a light weight,powerful,quiet,multi functional
    hand vacuum. I previously utilized a Dust Devil unit that weighed considerabley more,constantly screeched until you were deaf, and couldn't do the verticle portion of stairs.The Eureaka EUK71A alleviated all those problems.
    The only side effect was when I vacuumed some carpeted stairs and discovered to my chagrin, how much dirt and debris that was really hidden in the carpet.Except for the unknown longevity of the internal filter, I give it a big thumbs up....more info
  • Works as expected
    I wanted a handheld vac that had a brush to do the stairs. I also wanted it to have a detachable hose to suction out those tight areas, like the baby's high chair. This vac works like it is suposed to. The brush and the suction work extremely well. I am very pleased with the quality of this product....more info
  • The perfect vacuum for stairs!
    After searching for a great product to clean stairs, I broke down and bought one of these. It works great so far! Handheld... and easy to manuever... it is a great vacuum for the cost. Easy to clean out and handy to clean out cars and small areas too.

    It is made to be held... so it takes a little getting used to... but I finally found a perfect vacuum for cleaning carpeted stairs! Awesome rare product!...more info