Generic Kenmore Canister HEPA Allergen Vacuum Cleaner Bags Fits 5055, 50557, 50558 - 3pk.

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Product Description

These new HEPA vacuum bags made by DVC, are the nicest quality Kenmore canister vacuum bags on the market. They are 40% larger then standard paper bags which mean you wont have to change them as often as paper bags. These bags are ideal for homes with allergies, breathing issues, and especially pets. These HEPA Filtration vacuum bags are made from 3 ply's of cloth material which are guaranteed not to tear during use. They also will improve vacuum performance because they minimize loss of suction as the bag fills. They are easy to install, and fit most Kenmore canister vacuums that have made in the last 12 years. They are made to fit 5055, 50557, and 50558 style Kenmore bags. They are guaranteed to trap 100% of Dust, Pet Dander, Mold and Pollen. The Allergen Performance Vacuum Bags with Advanced Fiber Filtration provide superior cleaning performance. While ordinary paper bags can pass as much as half of the problem particles like dust, pet dander, and pollen back into the air, DVC Allergen Performance Vacuum Bags capture 100% of these particles down to 1 micron is size. Bag Installation instructions are conveniently printed on the back of these bags. 3 Bags in each package. Made in Germany.

  • Ideal For Homes With Allergies, Asthma, Breathing Issues, and Pets
  • Advanced Fiber Filtration
  • 3 Ply Consturction
  • 40% Larger then Standard Paper Bags
  • Fits Most Kenmore Canisters (5055, 50557, 50558)

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    Product appears to work great. It took a little bit longer than I expected for delivery. ...more info