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philosophy: the natural aging process causes the soft tissues of our faces and bodies to begin to descend. our eyebrows frown, our lids droop, our eyes appear hollow, our noses and ears larger, and our jawbone is less defined. as for our breasts, bellies, and our buttocks, it's no different. we can fight the process or we can yield to losing our bodies, gaining our souls, and finding our grace.

amazing grace perfumed firming body emulsion is an award-winning body lotion. it's the ultimate body moisturizer for dry, aged or wrinkled skin. amazing grace perfumed firming body emulsion is enriched with natural olive and macadamia nut oils to help soften skin and aid in moisture retention while shea butter helps nourish dry skin. vitamins e and c provide antioxidant protection, and a firming ingredient helps tone the skin leaving it feeling velvety soft and smelling beautiful.

Customer Reviews:

  • Reminds you of a Day at the Beach!
    Nowadays we hear a lot about feeling good on the inside. And, I'm all about happiness from within. In this case it's found within a box, a bottle, a tube, oh and a jar! I'm talking about one of my FAVORITE bath and beauty brands, "PHILOSOPHY" ! Ironic since philosophy is one of my favorite subjects to read, discuss, or ponder. And now I love to submerse my entire body in it!

    While PHILOSOPHY has hundreds of products that cover skincare, makeup, and favorite PHILOSPHY product, by far, is "Amazing Grace". Wow, just thinking about it makes me swoon! Yeah, that's right, I'm in LOVE with it. The name itself envokes the wonderment of effortless beauty and charm, and that my friends is what it smells like.

    Let's see, how can I best describe the fragrance? Hmmmm....the scent of Amazing Grace is like the beat of a drum off into the hear it gently, it peaks your interest, as you get closer to the sound it makes you want to sway to the beat, and by the time you're up on it, it overwhelms your senses. Some say it reminds them of a day on the beach, but mostly, I've been told that it is intoxicating......Translate that into a smell and you've got it! It is fresh, subtly sweet, with a delicate hint of musk.

    The line has approximately 11 items in it: perfumed firming body emulsion, hand cream, perfume, oil, combination shower gel/shampoo, bubble bath, hair conditioner, soap, body splash, and there use to be a small tin that was a wax like substance. However, I have not seen that product in some time. Shame because it was great!

    Now the only product that I do NOT like in the line is the salt scrub! Something was lost in translation on this one. It smells nothing like Grace!

    Now, if you've never experienced Philosophy's Amazing Grace there is one place you can try it out. Take a little field trip to your closest Sephora. Sephora, a retailer that carries hundreds of beauty lines, is a great place to purchase Philosophy. There you can sample the product and make purchases in smaller quantities if you wish. But TRUST me. Once you've tried it, you'll want to get the big gulp size!

    P.S. can sometimes have great deals on Philosophy as well! Check them out!...more info
  • philosophy amazing grace body firming emulsion is very nice
    My wife thinks this amazing grace body firming emulsion is very nice but a bit too expensive....more info
    I simply love this whole fragrance line. It's one of my favorites. I "layer with this " starting with the shower gel, then the body lotion, then the perfume. I get many, many compliments on it. It has a clean, just showered fragrance that lasts all day!!...more info
  • My biggest beauty splurge!!!
    This lotion I use everyday and have for a couple of years now and I LOVE it. This product plus a few other little additions fragrance wise and I am telling you I get stopped in public constantly with people telling me how good I smell! The gyno even commented!!!! I love for several reasons the smell is strong enough to be noticed but not overwhelming. I can't do floral type fragrances because I will get a migraine. This is perfectly fabulous!...more info
  • amazing scent
    philosophy's amazing grace lotion has a wonderfully fresh scent that lasts all's a great moisturizer, but i don't think it does any significant firming. however the scent is better than any other lotion i've ever used, so i would probably purchase it again....more info
  • Love it as with all AMAZING GRACE products
    Soft and silky with the heavenly light fragrance of Amazing Grace.Moisture without greasiness. Absorbs quickly and lasts for hours....more info
  • I'm addicted
    I will be purchasing this item for as long as I can. First, the smell is wonderful. My boyfriend commented on that immediately. Secondly, I noticed a difference in my face in about 2 weeks. I have noticed slight differences on my body, but mostly in my face. I use it daily, at least once and sometimes twice. Alot goes a long way though. I noticed I don't use as much of this as I did my regular lotion. I'm very happy with this purchase!!!...more info
  • Grace is the BEST!
    I use this lotion day in and day out. The frangrance is clean and fresh and lasts the whole day through. As soon as I started using the it, I began receiving compliments on the frangrance. The lotion is also very creamy and moisturizes very well.

    I now use the Grace shower gel too.

    ...more info
  • Twelve Stars
    Okay I wish I could give this product twelve stars because it does so much for your body. First of all, by now, if you've been reading my reviews, you know by now that ANYTHING with the AMAZING GRACE fragrance is to die for. But this body emulsion is like the thickest body cream in a bottle that you could buy. And it literally tightens your skin as it moisturizes. I have two in the bathroom and one next to my bed. This is one of the "must haves" of the philosophy line of products. Get it....more info


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