Taylor 5596G Body fat-Body Water Scale with Bone and Muscle Mass Features

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Product Description

Taylor Precision Products Body Fat Scale. This scale can monitor your body fat and your body water to the 0.1% (using the bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) method), which is precise enough to monitor changes in your body health over time.The 5596G also measures bone mineral mass and muscle mass. This scale also features 10 user memories and operates in either normal mode or athlete mode (for those who work out 10 hours or more per week). The large LCD readout features 3 lines of information, showing all the detail on one screen. There is also a body fat and body water range graph that displays if you are in the optimal zone for your gender and age. Plus, this scale also functions as just a scale -- simply step on to get your accurate weight up to 350 lbs by 0.2 lbs. Lifetime warranty.

  • Thin Profile
  • Measures muscle mass and bone mineral mass
  • 2 inch LCD readout
  • 10 memories to store data
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Returned for Refund
    This scale read 5 pounds heavier than two other scales and my Wii Fit. It also read heavier than my doctor's scale. It was impossible to read anything but the weight because the readout was so small. I returned it to Amazon for a refund. I hoped for an accurate scale. No one likes to see their weight increased by 5 pounds. Maybe my scale was defective, but I didn't want a replacement....more info
  • A lot of features!
    This is a great scale in every way except for the small lettering that tells you what all the numbers mean. I finally figured out I can write them on paper and have the pad ready ahead of time. It would be nice if they were slightly larger though. Scale seems to read accurately. It's attractive and not bulky. I can't believe it does so much for the price but it does. It's also a great price after comparing others with it....more info
  • Didn't work properly
    This scale measured my weight just fine. That's great, but it's supposed to measure body fat too. I tried it about 20 different times and there was only one time that it was able to actually give me a reading. Every other time it gave me an error. My body weight is average and I did everything it said to do in the manual. The strange thing is, if I changed my profile from male to female but left everything else the same (such as height), it was able to give me a reading. I suspect the figures were wrong in that case, though, as it uses your sex to do its calculations.

    Even if it would have worked properly there are better designed scales out there. The numbers on this display are tiny, cycle quickly, and only are shown 3 times before the unit shuts off. If you get off the scale to get a better look at the numbers the scale shuts off immediately. There is no memory for recalling the figures later....more info
  • Poor scale
    The scale looks fantastic and easy to use, however every time we stepped on the scale we'd get a different reading, fluctuating +/- 1lb! Unfortunately we returned the product....more info
  • You should probably choose a different one
    I have two main complaints with the scale:

    First, the weighing is very temperamental. The scale will often read ridiculous numbers when you first get on it like 20lbs or something. Then you get off and get back on and it gets closer. You might have to get on and off numerous times, each time letting it get it's bearings again. I'm assuming that it's re-tare-ing each time. Once it finally gets the number it's pretty accurate.

    I think part of the problem is that it appears to tare when after you get off. So if the person before you didn't get off properly then it's messed up for you.

    Secondly the measurement system for body fat is almost useless. It's entirely too small to read and I have lasik, cycles through very quickly, only cycles through 3 times before going blank, and if you get off it goes blank.

    I don't know how to tell if the body fat measurement is right. But, The numbers for body fat for me are somewhere between 9% if I pick athletic and 22% if I don't. I workout quite a bit and lift weights so I'm pretty sure it's not 22%.

    Overall I just can't recommend this scale....more info
  • Very accurate and sleek design
    this product doesn't feel cheap or delicate, it's a tough bathroom scale. I'm happy with all of its features and the fact that it was delivered to me so quickly....more info
  • inconsistently consistent
    We got this scale when my husband began weight watching. He thought our old scale (also a Taylor) was inconsistent and he's perfectly happy with this one. My experience is the exact opposite!

    If I get on this scale 3 (or 5 or 13) times in a row, it will give me the exact same weight. Great, right? Wrong! This weight has been up to 4 pounds more or less than what it gave me just 2 hours before. For the past week, my amusement has been what will the new high-tech scale say about me. LOL! The body fat measure has also varied by up to 2% in the course of a day. It has gotten to where, if I feel like a game of scale roulette, I'll get on this new scale... but if I want to know how much I weigh, I dig out the old one.

    And if that's not enough fun, you can use it to wake a soundly sleeping spouse! Checking your weight alone is silent, but when you check the other things (body fat, etc.) the device emits a shrill beep that is loud enough to wake someone in the next room.

    So why rate it a 2 instead of a 1? First, my husband is very happy with it. (He has a theory that it works better for heavier people. Uh huh. Right.) Second, it is a very good looking scale. ...more info
  • No longer happy with this scale
    When I first got this scale, I was impressed with it's accuracy. However, that accuracy has lasted less than 2 months. I weigh myself everyday (I know you're only supposed to weigh yourself once a week), but my point is that it said I weighed 10 lbs less than I did the day before. I stood on the scale 3 times in a row and got 3 extremely different answers. This has continued to happen. And it's not just a fraction of a pound either. It varies greatly each time. I tried replacing the battery and that didn't help. Basically, I now have a useless thing to stand on that displays random numbers no where near my actual statistics. ...more info
  • very innacurate
    I've had this scale for over 6 months. For the past 3 months or so I've been working really hard on getting in shape, eating right and working out like a fiend. So I've been weighing myself very regularly, usually every morning when I wake up. Unfortunately, I can't say I know how much I actually weigh because this thing is always giving me different answers, even though I've been diligent in my daily weight loss routine. One day I'll be 217, the next I'll be 209, then up to 215 the next day! Not only that, the body fat and muscle mass feature is totally off as well. Ive never had this sort of problem with a mechanical scale, which I'll be buying asap!...more info
  • Finally! A great, accurate scale at a great price!
    I had tried several scales before I got my hands on the Taylor 5596G. This scale tells your weight, body fat, body water, bone mineral, muscle mass - and is less than half as much as a competitor! I am just SO impressed with this scale.

    First, the basics. This scale is very simple to set up and use. For the first two memory spots, it's even one-touch operation - just hit the toggle up for person 1, down for person 2. Then you stand on the scale, it sends a mild electrical signal through your feet (you can't feel it) and voila! All your stats are shown.

    If you haven't used a scale like this before, you really should give it a try. These types of electrical scales are very popular now and work very well. If you're not sure how they work, drop me a line and I can explain it in detail. Suffice it to say in this review that yes they DO work, based on your body's conductiveness.

    So OK, taking it as a given that the technology should work well, does it work well here? I am happy to answer that with a resounding YES. The reason I got this scale is that my previous purchase - a competitor's scale at a much higher price - did NOT work accurately. It gave fat percentage numbers which were wildly off. It made me worry that a scale didn't exist that provided fat numbers with water and muscle mass numbers. However my fears were assuaged with this purpose.

    I compared the fat numbers of this machine with the five other fat testing devices we have here. This Taylor scale was right on. In test after test it came up with the exact same numbers as the other devices. I am very satisfied with it.

    As far as weight goes, pretty much all scales are good at that at this point :) I can put my 3 scales side by side and they all come up with the same numbers within a pound. So that part is fine.

    My tests with the other values - water, muscle mass etc - also show that this scale is accurate.

    It really is so important to have a scale that shows you your fat and water percentages. Let's say you are 150 pounds and little of that is fat. You could be in super shape. Let's say you are 150 pounds and 99% of that is fat - you could be in awful shape! Your weight alone tells you very little. You need to know how much of that is excess fat, and how much is healthy muscle.

    Water is critical because your body needs to be properly hydrated to work properly. Most people do not drink nearly enough water in a given day. If your body dries out, you get sick more frequently, it's harder to lose weight, and harder just to have energy to do things. You need to keep track of your body hydration levels.

    I also am really happy that this scale has a muscle mass indicator. Whether you are walking steps, biking, hiking or anything else, building lean muscle is an important part of staying healthy. This isn't so you look like Conan!! It is so your body is limber enough to climb stairs safely, to maintain your balance without falling and breaking bones. Every human needs muscle to be healthy. This scale helps you keep track of yours.

    Are there downsides to this scale? Well, the "indicators" of what you are being shown are rather small. It flashes the numbers one after another. So it's not that you look at the readout and see all at once the weight, water %, fat % etc. It cycles through them. But the indicator of what number means what is very tiny, so really you have to remember that fat comes first, water comes next and so on. Yes it's easy to learn after a few tries, but it's annoying that the indicators are so tiny.

    Also, it cycles around three times and then vanishes. With most of my other scales you stand on it and the numbers show until you get off. That gives you time to write them down. here you have to write really quickly - because if you miss something after that third try, you're out of luck. That seems to be a bit frustrating and nonsensical to me.

    But still, this is by far the best scale I've found - that gives me exactly what I want to know, with accurate numbers, and it's cheaper than others in the same category! What more could I want in life!...more info
  • No instructions in box
    Unit works ok, but came with no instructions on how to setup different memory slots for different profiles....more info
  • Great scale
    I've had this scale for about a month now and could not be more pleased. After one disastrous scale after the next, I was hesitant for quite a while to spend a bit of money on another, and researched scales for a few weeks. Finally decided on this one, and I'm glad I did.

    Its very accurate. My body fat percentage is exact as well as my weight as compared to high priced equipment at my gym. My sister and I each have our own profiles stored according to our heights and ages, and it was very easy to program all of this. It is very light weight and definitely not an eye sore....more info
  • Poorly designed, very cheap materials
    I received this scale and weighed myself after going through the lengthy setup process. It said I was 50 pounds heavier then my known weight. Called their customer support line and they said it comes pre-calibrated and there is nothing I can do. So I am returning it to Amazon (who are an excellent company). The body percentages seemed closer to correct but where about 4% apart when I did the test back to back to back. The top half is also cheap plastic that seemed to crack and snap under my modest weight of 200 pounds. I do not believe someone who weighs 300 pounds could use this scale at all....more info
  • Not for the technologically challenged
    I purchased this scale when my office decided to have our own "biggest loser" contest. None of us (male or female) have figured out how to get the advanced functions to work. Nice design, large screen and very sturdy, but too complicated....more info
    So I never write reviews, simply because I don't have a ton of time, but this thing is so bad I feel I have to do it so nobody else wastes their money on this thing.

    First off, when you get it out of the box, you can tell it's a flimsy piece of trash. No way this thing is durable and sophisticated enough for what is promised.

    Then you start using it. Good luck. I just stepped on the scale 5 times IN A ROW. 209.2, 207.4, 207.4, 208.8, 208.8. The body fat also ranged wildly between 15.9 and 15.1%. This is insane. All the things the company promises, and it can't even act as an accurate scale! I'm writing Amazon to ask that they remove this shoddy product from their site. Even on-sale, with another $10 off, it's not worth the energy you spend setting it up.

    Do yourself a favor, keep looking. I had one I bought 8 years ago that worked like a champ, until my housekeeper poured water all over it. If I find a good one, I'll update this....more info
  • Weight
    What can you say, but watch the numbers for your age and see how puffy you can be and the changes daily.
    ...more info
  • I'm astonished at the quality vs. the price
    I have previously bought similar scales, one of them being over twice as much as this one, and I must say that this is the best, easiest to use scale i've ever used. It worked straight out of the box. All you have to do is step on it and it reads out your weight, and then shuts itself off. You have to enter your personal settings to get body fat/bone mass/lean mass readings, but entering your info is very simple. this scale is classy looking, not bulky, and quite accurate. Body fat percentages are notoriously inaccurate from all bio-resistance type scales because of daily variations in water retention, and other factors, but this scale is as accurate as one could hope. The only thing i don't quite understand is the "athlete" vs "normal" mode. all the "athlete" mode seems to do is cut the body fat result by about 10%, and i'm not sure exactly what constitutes an "athlete" according to the manufacturer, so i just use normal mode to watch for small changes in body fat. At very least, this scale will tell you whether your body fat is going up or down or staying the same. I highly recommend this product, and I would recommend it even if it was twice the price....more info
  • A Great Value - A Great Scale
    I bought this at GNC about six moths ago at $49.99 and this has proven to be a very accurate scale, and the body fat measurements seem to be correct.

    I see Amazon has a much better retail price.....and I have not seen this product at any other retailers.

    I must say this is a very good product and I would recommend purchase if you need a reliable & accurate scale !
    ...more info
  • Inaccurate, but in your favor
    1) Instead of buttons it has this joy-stick thing to place the inputs. The slow reaction time of the counter makes this a pain to use and often doesn't even work.

    2) If you're looking for an accurate reading this scale is not for you. However, if you're looking for a "Kind" scale this is your dream. My actual body fat is 13% (based on a water tank) and this read me at 9% my weight is 187 and this has me at 183.
    ...more info
  • Pretty good product
    I can't attest to its accuracy in terms of what it can measure since I do not have any other way to compare the results I have read off of it besides weight.

    But I can though say that the interface is a lot more easier to read and use than another scale that my room mate has gotten. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get my room mate's scale to measure body fat percentage while this one was considerably straight forward.

    When using it, if you do not press any of the buttons on the scale and simply step on it, it measures your weight. I though feel that it is a considerable gripe that it doesn't measure body fat percentage shortly after measuring for weight. Interestingly though, in order to get body fat percentage or the other measures it has available you have to go through set-up all over again but you don't have to re-enter the data. Just press the next button till you hear a beep and its ready to measure.

    I don't regret the purchase especially considering the price point in which I had received at the time of purchase....more info
  • Lots of good points, a few negatives
    Overall, I really like this scale. It's well-built, solid, and highly accurate for weight (tested it against a high end scale and it was only 0.2 pounds off). My major problem is the size of the display -- I can't see the numbers without my glasses. The other irk is that it beeps twice when you use it for reading anything other than just weight. And the beeps are loud!

    The fat, bone mass, hydration and muscle mass features seem to work, but as with all scales in this price range, the readings are probably more of an approximation than an accurate read. But, it's valuable data to track to see the relative changes over time -- regardless of what the reading is for fat, if it trends downward over time, you know you're doing good (or vice versa).

    Setup is a bit cumbersome, but if you follow the directions it's not too hard. For the price (got it as a Gold Box deal) it is a good value. ...more info
  • bath Scale
    Very accurate, but a bit difficult to program if there are mroe than one person using it in the house. Great value with Amazon though!...more info
  • A good scale, but inconsistent readings.
    I'm not sure about the science behind a scale reading my body fat and bone mass through my feet, so this will not be a very educated review. I only wanted to note that the readings from this scale vary wildly at times, and therefore I am unable to trust it's body-fat readings (what initially attracted me to the piece, as well as price). It's a good scale, however, and it has a memory function. I'm just disappointed about not being able to accurately track my body fat percentages....more info
  • Accurate Scale - Lots of Features!
    I have owned this scale for about a year now - and all though I never thought I would post a review for a scale...this scale is so accurate I felt I had to give it a top review.

    I have been losing weight and the scale measurements have been as "Spot On" as compared to my weigh ins at my club. The extra feature of Body Fat % has been very motivating as I have personally seen it drop 14% over the past year. I actually had a Body Fat Test via Hydrostatic Weighing at a Sports Clinic and my 20% measurement there was only off by 1.4% from this scale ! The (not so) funny thing is....I only paid $40 for the scale, and the Hydrostatic Weigh cost $149 - so I must say this scale is a pretty solid way to get both an accurate weight measurement and a pretty accurate Body Fat % as well. This scale offers a lot of other features but I am really focused on lbs and Body Fat.

    Really a great scale!
    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I bought this scale about nine or ten months ago. At first it worked great, and seemed to give out accurate readings. Over the last few months it's been lying to me and showing a weight loss of 3-4 pounds a week. At first I thought all my working out was paying off, but my clothes fit the same. Then I realized that something was not right with it because it said I had lost over 30 pounds total, and I knew that it just couldn't be right. I went to the Fred Meyer and bought a cheap $10 scale, and I tested both scales with my friend. The Taylor scale also told him he was over 30 pounds lighter than he actually was.

    Don't waste your money on this scale, it will only fail in the long run. Just buy an old fashioned scale that won't lie to you....more info
  • Good, but not great.
    The Taylor 5596G scale is a good scale for the price. The weight is always on target and only takes a matter of seconds to get it. Just step on it! If you want to measure things like body fat, bone mass, and muscle mass, you will have to make sure of a couple of things and wait a little longer.

    1) You will need a flat surface! <-- no tiles, no carpet
    For some reason, if you are on a tiled surface, it will not register correctly. I moved my scale from the bathroom to the front door area and it pretty much gets everything right the first time around.

    2) You will have to measure yourself 3-5 times on the first day. This is to ensure that you have accurate data. What you will be looking for is your bone mass and that is the top number on the third screen). The most accurate number is usually the highest number that the scale shows you in your trial runs. Make sure you know your bone mass. This number should not change and if the scale registers this wrong, you should try again because all of the information before and after it will be wrong too (except for your weight).

    3) Enjoy it! It's just a scale for Pete's sake and doesn't cost all that much. It looks good and if you read the manual, you'll be able to figure things out. ...more info
  • don't be afraid to return but might be an OK product
    When I opened the box, I thought, "is this used?" The front had wear and the inside of the battery cavity was scratched up. It had a nice look though and didn't seem nightmarish to clean or store (it's pretty light). You will need a 9v battery to get it operational.

    Being willing to live with a few dings, I tried it anyway and while I enjoyed seeing I was 20lbs lighter than my other, accurate scale thought(which I wanted to replace so I could get body fat readings), the other controls didn't work. And, as other readers pointed out, even with good vision, it can be hard to read.

    So, I'm returning it. The basic product might be great but I am pretty sure the vendor/Amazon shipped me a previously sold product that was returned for not working. And if not, I still couldn't characterize this as accurate, much as I'd like to be 20 lbs lighter. This whole transaction was annoying, tedious and not eco-friendly.
    ...more info
  • Here's the skinny on Taylor's 5596G
    I never want to rely on body weight alone to assess my health. Scale weight alone will not tell you your body composition. The Taylor 5596G is easy to use, somewhat consistent, and offers lots of information. The primary reason I purchased this scale was to help monitor the effectiveness of my diet. I want to see the body fat decrease without loss of lean body mass. Though my diet isn't perfect neither is this scale. After weighing in 5 times in a row my body weight was the same each time. All other numbers varied but by only 1 - 3%. Short of having a hydrostatic weigh-in done I think that this scale is the next best thing.

    Affordability is a 5. Accuracy is a 4. Ease of use is a 4.5....more info
  • Difficult to use
    You're probably wondering, how can a scale be difficult to use? Good question! I wanna know why it's difficult to use, too! I don't really trust the weight it's giving me because it changes. But it's not like it changes every time I hop on it. For example, the first time I used it, I was excited to try it out, so I weighed myself in my clothes. I then took off my clothes and weighed myself, and it gave me the exact same weight. I had to pee, so I did that and weighed myself again...same number! I kept trying to get the number to change (partially because it was telling me I was fatter than I wanted to be). The number did change after a minute or so, but I hadn't done anything else to make myself lighter. It just seemingly arbitrarily changed and then was stuck on the new number, even after I put my clothes back on.

    I don't really like the fat measurements mode, either. Everything flies across the screen relatively quickly, so you have to have the placement and sequence of all the measurements on the screen memorized or you'll miss it...not very user friendly.

    Yeah, I pretty much hate this thing and never use it. I should've returned it....more info


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