Finger Pulse Oximeter Octive Tech 300C with Easy-Carry Soft Case

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Product Description

FREE SHIPPING OctiveTech 300C Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter combines advanced technology with a stylish, wearable design. The outstanding interference resistance capacity against ambient light along with wide-range accurate measurement even in low perfusion make this fingertip pulse oximeter one of the best oximeters in the world. Featured with a large bright red perfusion LED display which allows you read in the dark and severe weather condition, OctiveTech 300C Fingertip Pulse Oximeter provides accurate readings (SpO2, PR, 7-segment Bargraph) with affordable price. It is equipped with pulse oximeter and sensor in one unit providing fast, real-time, reliable blood-oxygen saturation percentage, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements, with one button keypad and auto 8 seconds power-off. This item is covered under 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Any Questions? Call 1.888.7.MyGuard (1.888.769.4827) for help.
  • Interference resistance against ambient light. One Button Operation, Auto power-off after 8 Seconds
  • Three parameter reading (SpO2, Pulse Rate, 7-segment Bargraph)
  • Ultra-Lightweight (1.8oz or 50g). It can be used by a variety of sports enthusiasts, including mountain climbers, hikers, skiers, bikers, and others interested in measuring oxygen saturation and pulse rate
  • Easy to carry: Neck/wrist cord, easy carrying soft case

Customer Reviews:

  • Finger Pulse Oximeter
    I was recently diagnosed with COPD and the doc said that my oxygen level in my blood was too low. Come to find out I am a shallow breather and am not always aware of my breathing, so I got this unit. This unit is for a biofeedback set up for me to remind me to take deep breaths and allows me to see how I am doing with the great display. As a plus I can check my heart rate. I would say it's worth the money. It does run through the batteries though....more info
  • Healthcare Professionals Beware!!!
    I am a Registered Nurse who has worked in the home care setting. I would strongly suggest that licensed medical professionals NOT use equipment that is not indicated for professional medical use. If these less expensive devices were so wonderful and accurrate, then I wonder why they are marketed to pilots and athletes, and not licensed professionals. I do not see a problem with others using this for their own piece of mind, but caution those in healthcare against using these types of devices as diagnostic tools. We are responsible for patients' lives and I believe it to be irresponsible to use an unapproved device on patients. We are held to a higher standard and must use the appropriate diagnostic tools....more info
  • A Real Life-Saver!
    Recently, my mother was put on oxygen. She was told to keep a close eye on her oxygen level, and to keep track of what it ran so sh could inform her doctor. We called several medical supply places locally, but all of them wanted over $300 for an Oximeter. My mother is on a fixed income, so we were beginning to loose hope when I decided to look here on Amazon. I was worried because a lot of the Oximeters were still so expensive. Then I found this one. It was less expensive then the rest, but seemed to still have all the bells and whistles as the more expensive ones.

    Since getting This meter, my mother and I have beenoverjoyed. Now she can be more independant, and is able to see when her oxygen is too low. It's really a wonderful product. I'm glad I ordred it. The oeration is simple, and the screen is large enough that even I can read it, despite my vision problems.

    Overall, it's a wonderful product. I couldn't ask for more!...more info
  • Works GREAT!
    The oximeter works great. My husband uses it daily to monitor any possible return of CHF and will allow us to monitor him at higher altitudes. Great and very affordable. And is as accurate as the one at the doctor's office....more info
  • Beware!. Lousy product.
    This product does not work at all. It always shows the same reading.
    Amazon should not carry such bad products as its presitge will suffer. I will not be able to place an order for anything else without being very concerned about what I am purchasing....more info
  • Inexpensive Pulse-Ox
    I had considered purchasing a Pulse ox for several years for home use. But all of our doctors said that "if you are wondering about your oxygen saturation, come to the office or call 911." Well, we had a family member come home from the hospital on oxygen. We knew the need for oxygen would last only a few days. The medical supply company came to deliver the oxygen right away, but they don't rent out pulse oximeters! They would sell me one for $300, but it would take 2 weeks to arrive. Very frustrating. So I purchased the Octive Tech 300C from Amazon. It works well and gives readings that matched the readings taken in the doctor's office. It clearly will NOT take a lot of abuse, but it get's the job done. When I admited the purchase to the doctor, I told him that it would probably just increase my phone calls to his office. He laughed.

    Then we discussed the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress, which are really more important than the reading on the meter. But I have much more peace of mind knowing I have my own meter now.

    Update 05-07-2009: Oximeter is still working just fine after one year....more info
  • Mrs.Troy
    I am very satisfied with this oximeter. It is very accurate when checked by my Doctor,and was a great price.The best meter for the price,bar none....more info
  • worth the price
    I got this to be able to check oxygen saturation of my 90 yr old mother. The price was much better than the $350 her oncologist told me I'd have to spend at REI (where he recommended that I go). I have checked the accuracy at her doctor's office and the oxygen therapist's and it is within 1 percentage point of theirs. It gives my mother and me a great feeling of comfort that we can follow her O2 status more often than the once per week that she was previously being tested. It's made a big difference in her treatment. Delivery and telephone assistance were top notch.
    ...more info
  • Husband loves. What more can I say?
    My husband is a respiratory therapist and needed a pulse-ox he could carry easily on his rounds. This does the trick and the price is OH SO NICE....more info
  • oximeter
    This meter is an accurate and reliable unit. An outstanding value. My healthcare professional was amazed by the low cost and accuracy....more info
  • Great device
    The 300c is small, portable, inexpensive and accurate. I have compared it's readings against a large, accurate machine I paid over $1,200 for 10 years ago and the readings are similar....more info
  • Works great!
    Couldn't believe the price but decided to try it.

    Took it to my Doctors office and it read exactly the same as their big $$$$ unit!...more info
  • Good Buy
    Shipment on time. Product quality good. I checked this device against those we use at the nursing home where I work. It was right on with those more expensive ones....more info
  • Excellent Value
    We purchased this meter based upon the reviews and we were not disappointed. My father is on O2 and recovering from MRSA and his O2 level drops very easily. We compared result of this meter against the results the nurse got and it was dead on. The nurse was very interested and said that a lot of her patients are looking for somthing just like it. For the price, this is an excellent deal....more info
  • Oximeter easy to use
    I use the Finger Pulse Oximeter to measure my mother's oxygen level, in addition to getting her blood pressure. Very easy to use and read....more info
  • Oximeter Octive Tech 300c
    It shipped quick and has been working great, I use it three to four times a day to monitor my oxygen and pulse....more info
  • Great DEAL on a PULSE OX
    I am a registered nurse and have been waiting to purchase a high quality pulse ox for a long time. Or at least one that was not $200-400.This is it! It is compact, reads very quickly, and is very accurate in its readings...and it was a STEAL at $65.00(shipping included). IF you also need this piece of equipment, don't hesitate to purchase this item....more info
  • " Peace Of Mind"
    My mom was in the hospital for 40 days about 4 weeks ago. Her oxygen level and pulse was something that has to be watched closely. When she got home I was worried about her oxygen and pulse so I went onto Amazon and found this oximeter. The next day I was talking to a family member who is a physical therapist for a home health nursing facility. She was telling me how she has been wanting one of these but could not afford to pay what most places were asking for them. I told her about finding one for 70.00 and she said when you order one order me one too. I ordered them the next day and they were sent within a few days to our door. We use them everyday and it has given me and my family peace of mind. My family member that I ordered one for said that she tested her agaist the machines at work and that they were dead on accurate. We are very pleased and would like to say thank you for making them affordable. ...more info
  • oxyimeter
    Right off the top this procut has been a trimph. I hve continually measured it against my Rehab instruction much. much pricer brand and this produt is spot on!...more info
  • lifesaver
    Great product. Easy to use and apparently quite accurate. The price is right and ordering through Amazon was a dream. quick and easy...more info
  • Better than I hoped for...
    I purchased this pulse oximeter in order to monitor my wife's saturation when the hospital removed the equipment in her room... I was very pleased when I placed this oximeter on my wife's finger while the hospital equipment was still hooked up, both pieces of equipment provided the exact readings. Put my mind at ease. I would definately recommend this oximeter to anyone wanting to monitor their own or a loved one's oxygen saturation and pulse....more info
  • Just what I needed
    I recently had pneumonia and was in a hospital 800 miles from home. The Doctors wouldn't discharge me until my %Oxygen level in my blood was over 90. I was registering at 88%-90%. I spent six days in the hospital over New Years week. I told the Doctor that possibly my levels were normal near 90%. Also, I needed to have a meter to experiment on how I could get my levels up well over 90% so I could go home. The hospital staff wouldn't cooperate with me in experimenting, so I "borrowed" a meter from outside the Hospital and I figured-out how to get my % elevated to 96, although it was temporary. Upon my release from the hospital, I decided to keep a log of my normal % Oxygen level. I purchased the 300C and it's GREAT. My levels do hang-out in the low 90s. When I start walking again, I'll take the meter with me (it also registers heart-rate)....more info
  • Finger Pulse Oximeter OctiveTech 300C w/Case
    This is one of the best purchases I have made of home medical equipment for my Mom. Tremendous quality/value for the dollar!

    Thank you!...more info
  • Decent product
    The product does what it is supposed to do. The neck cord, however, is very cheap and broke when I tried to attach it to the Oximeter, so I had to use duck tape to attach it....more info
  • great bargin
    We were very please with the pulseoximeter. the price of others with medical attached to it are very very expensive. This one was a great bargain for the price. We will order from this company againFinger Pulse Oximeter Octive Tech 300C with Easy-Carry Soft Case...more info
  • Best Price, Accurate, and Reliable
    A pulse oximeter is used to measure the oxygen saturation of arterial blood (Sp02). The acceptable range in Sp02 is from 95-100%. Some people will be short of breath with an SpO2 of less than 90%. Anything less than 70% is considered to be life-threatening. As you can see, oxygen saturation can show you if a person is in distress. As a result, you want a pulse oximeter that is reliable and accurate, because lives might depend on its ability to monitor status adequately.

    This pulse oximeter does just that. It is the best $67.95 you could invest. Other oximeters as accurate as this one can be well over $400. The accuracy of this oximeter is unmatched. I have taken this particular pulse oximeter to the hospital, and compared the results to the expensive units used in hospitals. The pulse and SpO2 measurements of this oximeter and the one at the hospital matched 100 PERCENT. There was absolutely no discrepancy.

    Other advantages is that this little unit is as accurate as can be, and it is way smaller than the hospital units. It is portable, comes with a protective hard case, a lanyard, and it only requires 2 AAA batteries.

    The pulse and SP02 are shown in bright red numbering.


    This pulse oximeter does not beep to alert you when a person's SP02 is very low. Another bad thing is that if you leave the batteries in the pulse ox, the next time you try to use the device, it will have drained the batteries and you will need fresh ones. This is of course solved by taking the batteries out before storing the pulse ox. Other than these minor blemishes, the pulse oximeter is PERFECT!

    I highly recommend it, like I mentioned before: it is of the same quality as those used in the hospitals. As a nursing student, I tested this myself because I couldn't believe it was so in-expensive, and yet so reliable. This is not something that's "too good to be true," it's your once in a lifetime to get a perfect deal. ...more info
  • Medical care
    It is a product that permite you take care of your health or of any personal that needs care...more info
  • As Advertised
    I was recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and wanted the oximeter for my own piece of mind. The 300c is affordable and easy to carry with me where ever I go. I now know when to take it easy and when to increase my oxygen intake. I took the oximeter with me to the pulmonologist and tested it with the doctor's office model and it was right on....more info
  • Good bussines
    I received this product in the established time, good price, but it could be great if it could be sent directly to Ecuador, anyway thumbs up for finger pulse oximeter....more info
  • Great price, works well
    I bought this item for a friend. We've both tried it and it works fine so far. ...more info
  • Lifesaving product!
    This product has proven itself everyday since it arrived...It gives me lifesaving information to maintain my mothers level of care......more info
  • Oximeter Octive Tech 300C
    Item was shipped promptly and is a very good value. It works well and visiting nurses were so impressed, they want to order them for themselves....more info
  • Pleased with product
    Have used product for a month now. Seems to be accurate and dependable. I still plan on comparison testing with oxygen saturation readings in the doctors office....more info
  • Great Product
    Needed a meter to check the O2, This works great is a constant updating just as in the hospital. Only one problem, the fingers CAN NOT BE COLD, it will attempt to read than shut off. Easy to overcome, just clap your hands. Checked this meter out against the hospital one. Heart beat totally correct, O2 within one count. Hospital 98 mine 97 or 98. So overall 5 stars....more info
  • Very pleased!!!
    I can now check my Oxygen level anytime. My Dr. was impressed that I found one and bought it. Thank you very much....more info
  • Great Product!
    This oximeter works great! It's so small, light weight, and gives results very quickly. I know they don't recommend taking your pulse during exercise but I've tried it and found it to be very accurate! It's so much easier to exercise at your desired target heart rate using this handy instrument. I never used to pay attention to target heart rate and I got frustrated because it just didn't seem like I could last very long walking on the treadmill. Well, after I purchased this, I found a great website that calculates both weight loss and cardio fitness target heart rates. What a difference it made sticking to the appropriate target heart rate, no wonder I was so exhausted before, I was exercising well above my target heart rate! [...]...more info
  • Oximeter - Good one
    I recently purchased the fingerpulse oximeter Octive Tech 300C.
    I find this product to be very good. It uses two AAA batteries.
    One thing you need to understand the difference between this oximeter and the ones you see in the hospitals is that - in hospitals it is a continuous monitoring type. Whereas this one is like a thermometer. You put it on your finger and press the button and you get the reading at that moment.
    However it is a great tool and gives a lot of peace of mind - which ofcourse could only be understood by patients (with a history of O2 dropping) and their relatives/attendants. ...more info
  • Easy to use, accurate, reasonably priced
    I bought this to monitor my mom's oxygen levels and it worked right out of the box no problem. Its easy to read and seems to give accurate results. I would buy it again. It was a great price compared to some of the more sophisticated products out there....more info
  • Finger pulse oximeter
    The test meter worked very well, actually it was compared with the home care nurse and they both read the same. The only difference is his was over $500. I think it was a good purchase for the money and he even said he was going to look into getting one for his personal use. Its also useful having the pulse strength meter to help you get it positioned right on the finger for optimal use. All in all I was well satisfied....more info
  • I would recommend this product.
    This product is adequate for on the field use. Sometimes it's a little touchy and does not register a reading right away. But the reading it gives is trustworthy....more info
  • Oximeter
    The product works as advertised. It is easy to use and accurate when tested against other machines....more info
  • Excellent for the Price
    I'm a RRT(respiratory therapist) and I purchased this pulse ox several months ago. I use it daily and have found it to be very accurate. It is lightweight, easy to read in dark or bright rooms, and works well on pts with poor circulation. The only complaints I have is that it is slower and more sensitive to motion than $400 handheld models. I have also noticed the lettering for SPO2 an HR has already started to wear off. I would recommend this product to RTs, PTs, and RNs who want an affordable pulse ox....more info
  • Excellent value, and IT WORKS!
    I bought one of these based on Amazon reviews. I was not disappointed. The product does exactly what it's supposed to, without any fuss or hours of study figuring out how to operate it. Uses two AAA batteries (not included). Readings compare very close to pulse-oximeters costing two or three times as much. Easy to clean, and the hard case is great and fits in a pocket. As a matter of fact, I bought a second one for my wife, a nurse, to use on her rounds. Highly recommended--it's a great, well-designed product....more info
  • Small and compact handy meter
    It is very handy and useful for my son as his breathing drops when he has wheezing. Earlier, we used to go to the Doctor's office to check his oxygen, but after we got this meter, we check it at home with much ease. It is quick in giving the reading. ...more info
  • Inexpensive, good value
    I am so happy to finally be able to have a pulse oximeter costing less than $100.00. I don't see any different in quality or performance between this model and other more costly machines available in my hospital....more info
  • Excellent Product
    We ordered this product to assist us with managing our COPD. Shortly after, my husband was hospitalized and we had an opportunity to check the accuracy while he was in ICU and it was very accurate. The product is worth every penny....more info
  • Octive Tech CE0123 finger tip pulse oximeter
    My wife was hospitalized for pulminary edema; upon discharge, Doc suggested she get oximeter to track SpO2 level. This device is easy to use with easy to read measurements. Suits her needs to a tee....more info
  • Great value and easy to use pulse oximeter.
    Product is very easy to use. The price is right. Readings are within 1-2% vs. the expensive model at the doctor's office. Perfect for daily spot checks at home....more info
  • Very useful device at reasonable cost
    I am on oxygen therapy and the Octive Tech 300C Oximeter lets me check my O2 level as often as I wish so I can adjust the O2 to keep me in the comfort range. I have checked it several times against doctor/hospital oximeters and it appears to be accurate. And the cost was a fraction of the one my doctor uses. It is sometimes slow to respond, which is why I gave it 4 stars. ...more info
  • Oximeter
    Finger Pulse Oximeter Octive Tech 300C with Easy-Carry Soft Case. Convenient, compact, works quickly, and economical. I have no way to check its accuracy but results seem reasonable. The "manual" is frankly laughable but you can probably figure it out for yourself. Amazon should have it translated into English....more info
  • Oximeter Review
    Shipping of the oximeter was quick and the quality very good. I am very satisfied with this product....more info


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