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"DYSON" DC17 ANIMAL UPRIGHT VACUUM *Level 3 root cyclone *Quick-draw telescope reach *The most powerful upright for pet hair *Brush control to protect rugs and delicate floors *Mini turbine head cleans pet hair from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and car *Carpet care kit *Low reach floor tool *Gray and purple *Replaces Ace no. 1306745 Mfr no. DC14 *5 year limited warranty *Boxed

  • Level 3 root cyclone
  • Quick-draw telescope reach
  • The most powerful upright for pet hair
  • Brush control to protect rugs and delicate floors
Customer Reviews:
  • Waste of money
    When I first bought this vacuum cleaner I loved it. It really cleaned well. But after just 7 months things went bad. It started making a horrible noise and the belt was constantly clogging. After numerous phone calls to Dyson with them talking me through trying different things with no success they authorized me to take it to one of their dealers an hour away from me. I'm not sure why I needed authorization because I had to pay $80.00 to the repair guy who said the belt was clogged. No kidding Mr. Repair guy, I was constantly cleaning that belt, I brought it to you so you could tell me WHY the belt kept getting clogged. Needless to say the Dyson was still was not working properly.
    I'll give Dyson a little credit, they did send me part after part at no charge until eventually the entire vacuum cleaner had been replaced bit by bit. The Dyson ran well for a few months, I thought my problem was solved but just last week it started with the clogged belt and awful noise again. So, just 21 months after I paid Five hundred bucks for the Dyson DC17 Animal I give up. An expensive lesson learned, I'll never purchase another Dyson again
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  • REALLY sucks- in a GOOD way
    This is the most amazing vacuum cleaner I have ever owned !!! I live alone, use air filtration devices,have mostly tile and no pets, so my house stays fairly clean, or so I thought. Boy, was I wrong.
    I am pulling buckets of dirt,hair, pollen, dust and god knows what else from my "clean" floors. Best of all, the filth it pulls out is neatly contained in a sealed compartment so there is NO leakage or dust in the air to aggravate my allergies.
    I have allergic asthma and I am even breathing/sleeping like a baby now.

    This will be the last brand of vacuum cleaner I buy.
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  • 3 Animals - This is a MUST have!
    I don't normally gush about products. This one, I do!!! I just bought it last night at Target. (Listed for $549 but you get a $55 gift card.)

    My carpets were just vacummed recently so I looked forward to seeing if the Dyson really lived up to it's reputation. I broke it out and vacummed my livingroom. I was so suprised with how much it picked up. Not only did it pick up more hair than my old vacumm but it pulled up so must dust that my old one never did.

    With animals (I have 3)... This is a must have!!!...more info
  • The best that I could find
    I bought this Dyson at sams. The price was right and I have never seen any thing clean like this one.
    I have a lab dog and two cats and they shed a lot. Not only does it clean up all the hair from the carpet but all the dust left over when my orek was through.

    My carpet was swept twice then steam cleaned prior to us moving into a two year old home we just bought. We then bought the dyson and the first time I cleaned I had to empty the recepticle twice. It continues to pull real fine dust up every time I clean, along with anything else that the carpet can attract.

    This is the finest cleaner I have ever used and I will never buy any other brand again. ...more info
  • This is the one you should buy, don't bother with anything else
    We just took this Dyson Absolute DC17 Animal out of the box 2 hours ago, snapped it together without much trouble (but DO refer to the instructions). Oh-my-gawd! The first room we vacuumed had already been vacuumed with our old machine, and then steam cleaned. It looked clean. But the Dyson stunned us to the point of disbelief when we gave that "clean" carpet the once-over and the canister on the Dyson was full of dirt and pet hair from our black lab and short-haired cat! I'm not kidding here people, this model of the Dyson lives up to the rave reviews it gets. So it's almost $500 and maybe you are thinking "I'd never pay that much." Well, it's cheap by comparison with most of the disappointing competitors out there. We keep our carpets clean but when I saw all the filth that the Dyson pulled out of our "clean" carpets, I was blown away. I'm not prone to gushing about any product but this one really lived up to the advertising. Only one thing (there's got to be one thing, right?) and that is it comes with some useful attachments and one very UN-useful one called the "Mini Turbine Head." It is in sharp contrast to the rest of the Dyson vacuum in that it simply doesn't work worth a darn. For one thing, the instructions don't tell you how to hook it up to the hose. Once you call the 800 number and figure it out, it's still pretty worthless. But since it wasn't a separate purchase, I'll just leave it in the closet....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I had a Dirt Devil dual action that lost suction after having it for a year. I was really skeptical about spending so much money on a vacuum.

    I have to say that this vacuum has picked up so much dirt. I have 4 cats and 1 dog and 7 birds. It picked up everything and then some. My carpet has never looked so clean!

    The low attachment thing is great. I used to have to move the bird cages or get on my hands and knees. Not anymore. I just put the attachment on and under the cages I go!!

    My other vacuum also would shoot the dirt backwards on tile floor. The Dyson picks everything up. I won't ever have to sweep again.

    The upholstery brush is big and I like that! My cats sleep on the couch and I have hair all over my couch and I love this attachment.

    I've seen reviews about the holes getting plugged. I noticed that mine got plugged up after I stopped vacuuming but you can actually take that top part of the canister off. You just have to have the bottom of the canister open too. Took me a while to figure that out. You don't have to reach in there to clean them. Now I'm not sure it got clogged because they are prone to clogging or because I just stopped vacuuming. If I had started the vacuum again, would the dirt have gone with the rest of the dirt? I'll have to check next time.

    The power cord is really long. I really like that.

    It's not any heavier than my dirt devil was and it's actually quieter. Not by much but it's quieter.

    It also self propels. I thought it was going to take off!

    I love this vacuum and I am so glad I made the investment!!

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  • Just a great vacuum
    I've had my DC17 for about a week or 2 now, and I love it. It's built well, and picks up great. I really like how easy it is to use and to empty. I wish they had a motorized hand attachment for cleaning steps, etc., but otherwise it's great....more info
  • I'm not an easy sell.
    I was not going to buy another vacuum. I have a higher end Orek that has been serving me well for the past 8 years and I have an extended warenty with it. That being said I used my sister's Dyson on a recent visit to her house and was REALLY impressed with the way it sucked up pet hair. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and a fair amount of hair. I don't vacuum every day but generally do a good cleaning twice weekly. I was taken by her results and went out and bought another vacuum.... Let me tell you, I have filled the container on the Dyson 5 times in three days from my small t.v. room alone. I have no idea where all the dirt, dust and hair is coming from but it keeps showing up. This is an amazing machine and seems to be worth every penny I spent on it. Luckily I got 20% off by going to Best Buy and asking for the on-line sale price which they happily gave me. The only downside to this vacuum for me has been the fact that the on-board hose is a bit ackward to use. Not as bad as pulling out a second machine to get the rug edges however! ...more info
  • get it at sams club. cheap!
    this is advertised everywhere for 549... it is available at sams club for 479.. at target it is currently 549 but you get a free 100 giftcard for future purchaces, so it is actually cheaper if you shop at target regularly to get it there.
    it has a 5 year warranty and so don't buy an extended warranty unless you have money to burn or you want the ease of taking it back to sams and no questions asked they will hand you a new one....more info