Certified Factory Reconditioned Oreck XL? Tabletop Professional Air Purifier (silver)

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Oreck Air Purifier: The XL Professional Tabletop regenerates the air in an average size room (10' x 12') in just 12 minutes, captures and destroys bacteria, and uses Silence Technology for quiet operation. Remember, if you don't move the air, you can't clean the air. Protect your family's health with clean, fresh air. Try it risk-free for 30 days in your home.

Customer Reviews:
  • Wish I had bought a Filtered Air Cleaner
    Ok I bought 2 of these because it looked great on TV. No filters to replace ect. The dust lands on the collection plates in the machine and they can't hold much. You have to clean the thing every few days. If you decide you don't feel like cleaning it right now the machine creates some kind of static popping noise like a bug zapper from the dust. It is the most annoying sound that forces you to clean it or shut it off. If you have had an Ionic breeze it's the same sound only add the noise from the fan contained in this machine. I wish I had bought a real air cleaner with a hepa filter. Not this thing....more info