Health O Meter Physician Balance Beam Scale, Measures in Pounds

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  • Wonderful Piece of Equipment
    The Scale was easy to assemble and all parts came as expected on time and works excellent. It is accurate to the quarter pound and is easy to track your weight loss or gain....more info
  • One step Accuracy
    Our whole family is pleased with this scale (13 yrs-50). It is refreshing knowing you can get on and off and have an accurate reading and not worry about breathing, leaning or sneezing and losing and gaining 2-3 lbs with each step. I highly recommend it for those who are serious about monitoring their weight. After using many scales over the last several years and losing over 110 lbs, I wish I had discovered this scale sooner. It would have saved a lot in tears and frustration!...more info
  • Great Scale/Great Bargain
    This scale is very easy to put together, it is very accurate, and it is 100% consistent. It is a heavyweight - just like the scale the doctors use - not some flimsy imitation.

    I had a standard bathroom scale that wasn't inexpensive, but you could step onto it 3 times in a row and get 3 different readings that would vary by up to six pounds. When you are trying to figure out if you have lost or gained weight in a given week, that level of accuracy is useless. If you get on this scale 100 times in a row, it gives you the exact same, accurate weight every time. I can't overstate how important this is to staying motivated.

    I should note one more thing, because this confused me when I was trying to make a purchasing decision. I research things extensively (maybe obsessively) and I had noticed that some scales by this maker, seemingly of the same model, seemed to have a silver colored balance beam, and others seemed to have a black colored balance beam. When I got the scale I realized that the balance beam is reversible, with one side being in pounds and the other side being in kilos. The two sides are different colors, so when you are looking at various pictures that do not show model numbers please understand that a different colored balance beam does not necessarily indicate a different model of scale. This is important because if you research these types of scales you will find that some sites that rate these types of scales have brought in experts to test the various scales under scientific conditions, and the Health o Meter came out on top. These sites don't give model numbers, but the Health o Meter scale they show looks just like this one, but for the fact that a different side of the balance beam is showing, and but for the fact that it is way more expensive than Amazon sells it for. ...more info
  • Wow
    We wiegh ourselves every day. When anyone walks past this they can not help but see thier wieght. This is such a sturdy machine that I know it will be passed down to our gradnchildren....more info
  • weight scale
    I have had this scale for 1 month am very happy with my beam scale would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a correct weight scale....more info
  • Can't get more accurate than this one
    I bought this scale because I had a digital scale that when you weighed yourself, stepped off, and then weighed again, there would be several pounds difference. I wanted a scale that was accurate. This Health O Meter Balance Beam scale is the best I have ever had, and I felt that it was reasonably priced with free shipping on Amazon. I would highly recommend this scale....more info
  • Health O Meter scale
    Health o Meter Physician Balance Beam Scale
    Couldn't be more satisfied with this product. Needed accurate weight readings and this is free of the errors experienced with previous digital scales. Easy as pie assembly. Price is right.

    Bob B, Lake Wylie, SC...more info
  • Which scale?
    If you are looking at purchasing a physician's balance beam scale, you understand they are more accurate, repeatable, and durable than other types of scales and over the long run should be cheaper than replacing the regular strain gauge and digital bathroom scales every few years. You have three brand choices: Detecto, Health-o-meter, and Seca. Price isn't a consideration because careful shopping reveals less than a 15 dollar price difference between these three brands when one compares the equivalent models. Before choosing, I searched the net for reviews and information. Finding little, I contacted 7 companies which sell them (5 sold all three, 2 didn't sell Detecto) and 2 firms which calibrate & repair medical scales. I asked each which scale they would purchase for their own home and why. On to the review:

    Detecto looked like a winner out of the gate. It is the only brand made in the U.S.A. However, looking at pictures I found on the net, the fit and finish did not appear to rise to the level of the other 2 brands. Additionally, no one I contacted recommended Detecto. The eliminating factor: Detecto has reduced their warranty from the industry standard 2 years to 1 year. Folks, this happens when the 2-year warranty is costing them too much money and it doesn't speak well for their quality.

    The Health-o-meter brand is owned by Sunbeam and is made in China. Fit and finish are very good and it has a 2-year warranty. My parents and my brother both own Health-o-meter beam scales and highly recommended them. Additionally, none of those I contacted had anything bad to say about them. One put it best when he said the Health-o-meter vs. Seca was basically a Ford vs. Chevy argument. I do not believe one could go wrong purchasing the Health-o-meter model. They are great scales and should serve the needs of anyone for many years to come. If you buy a Health-o-meter make sure to get the 402kl or the 402lb since they are the best of the line (the EXP is not as sturdy and the CERT model is not worth the extra money).

    Seca is a German company and the 700 model is made in China. Fit and finish are excellent and it has a 2-year warranty (the 5-year warranty listed all over the web is not accurate, call Seca if you don't believe me). All 700s have integrated wheels (optional and costs extra on the other 2 brands). Additionally, everyone I contacted chose Seca over Health-o-meter. Most chose on the basis of its modern, less clinical appearance, several felt it would be more durable in the long run because it outweighs the other 2 brands by at least 10 pounds, and one said she had never had a Seca returned.

    I purchased the Seca 700 'pounds only' model with integrated height rod (5 bucks extra and I liked the looks) and have had it for over a month. It arrived well packaged and took 20 minutes to assemble. It was perfectly balanced out of the box and the weight was dead-on. It is highly repeatable; the weight will remain the same no matter how many times you step on and off. The heavy extra-wide cast iron base and the inherent strength of the round column design speak well for long-term durability. The balance beam is constructed of thick aluminum and is very robust. The beam has 1/8 of a pound graduations (the other brands 1/4 of a pound), is easily read, and the design of the beam `pointer' makes it very easy for one on the scale to tell when the beam is level and the weight is accurate. I also like the sleek appearance. Bottom line: I prefer the Seca 700 and recommend it without reservations to anyone. I'm very satisfied with my decision.
    ...more info
  • Great value for a medical scale.
    This scale was purchased for an office so that we may better monitor our weight. The scale was easy to assemble and is accurately calibrated. Comparative prices were over $300 and did not include shipping. We got it shipped for free!...more info
  • High quality tool!
    We bought this instead of yet another typical bathroom scale. Let's see the kids pull the sticker off of this! This is a NICE piece of gear, assembled by my son, and accurate out of the box. I can see the difference before/after a glass of water. It's well built, and should last a lifetime. Just like the doctor's scale, so there's no more surprises going into the clinic. No wonder people's blood pressure is higher at the Dr's office. Sudden Instant Weight Gain Syndrome! SIWGS!
    Buy this, you'll be glad you did. ...more info
  • Best scale ever!!
    I bought this scale because I got so tired of using digital scales where the batteries would go or something would get glitchy and the read-out wasn't accurate. I also grew tired of the old dial-type scales that you kept having to adjust to get it exactly on the zero. I thought to myself that the scales at the Dr.'s offices never seemed to be wrong or off so why not just go ahead and invest in one similar.
    I am so glad I did.
    The scale is easy to assemble and balance correctly, a little twist of a screw and you're set.
    I couldn't be happier with if I could just be happier with where I need to be personally LOL...more info
  • Time to weigh in
    Great product. Accurate, sturdy construction, good price. Grandson weighs himself every morning with consistent accurate results of height and weight. The counter weights to extend the maximum weight measurement are a nice option. Have used bathroom scales for years, but they were never accurate. I give this product five stars. ...more info
  • Great Scale and Improved Height Bar
    The scale is super accurate. It will be nice to know my actual weight as opposed to "about" how much I weigh by stepping on and off of my old scale 5 or 6 times.

    The height bar on mine is steel (arrived today 8/22/2008), so maybe all of the new ones will be steel.

    One problem mine did have is that the top cap on the height bar was broken off, which made the height bar unusable (the bar assembly would just slide out of the rail.) The cap was put on with rivets that must have snapped in shipment, as the part was loose in the box. I was able to cut down some small bolts to reattach the cap and we are all good now, but this could have been a problem for someone who would not be willing or able to do a repair like that and really wanted the height function. I would assume this was an isolated problem unless more people are having it in the future.

    Even with that I still give the scale a 5, as the scale is a great value and I would have taken it with no height bar at all anyway....more info
  • Finally a scale that tells it like it is!
    For years, my home scales have not been always honest with me, in fact, rarely so. They have always, or so it seems, claim that I a weigh less then my phsycians' scales reveal. Well, this product finally tells it like it is. Get serious about losing weight!...more info
  • Nice scale, but confusing instructions
    This is a nice scale. The reason I gave it only 3 stars is because the instructions and diagrams for assembly were not good at all. There were also pieces scattered in the box instead of packaged separately. Putting it together was just a headache....more info
  • Accuracy counts!
    When you are trying to watch your weight, accuracy counts! Losing 1/4 or 1/2 pound is a big difference from gaining the same amount. This scale lets you keep track of even the smallest of advances in your weight loss progress. I keep mine in the bathroom on a solid surface and it tells no lies! Great product!...more info
  • Impossible to assembe - no help from tech support
    Don't buy it. there was a problem with assembling it. I called the Tech support number in the instruction manual and was told I had to call another number because Healthometer Professional no longer owns the comsumer product division -- Sunbeam does. Called Sunbeam and after a very tiresome wait on hold, followed by a long process of giving my name (spelling each part several times, etc) and giving an address, e-mail and phone number, then describing the problem, I was told -- since you ordered it through Amazon, we won't help you. You have to go through Amazon. Tried the return center at Amazon and learned that this was classified as "Hazardous" and so not returnable!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. there's nothing hazardous about this mechanical scale -- except for the stress induced by this entire transaction. Run, don't walk away....more info
  • Precise balance scale
    After using strain gage digital scales that gave different values depending on where you stood, it was wonderful to have a consistant accurate scale. My only complaint is that my weight of 200 lbs often requires weight adjustment as my weight varies. A BEST BUY!...more info
  • Good quality, great price
    Bought this for the office that I work in. We use it in the fitness room. Very accurate and very good quality for the price that we paid. I would definitely recommend this product to others....more info
  • Extra Loose Pieces - No Help from Manufacturer
    The product itself appears to be of good quality. Unfortunately, it arrived with some loose pieces, mostly from the height measuring apparatus. A call to the manufacturer to find out how to put the loose pieces back in their correct places offered no help. They could only send us the non-detailed diagrams that came in the box for assembling the scale. The instructions and diagrams tell you exactly what you need to know, if everything arrives intact. We spent a couple of hours trying to put the pieces in place and ended up securing one piece with a paper clip....more info
  • scales
    scales were shipped appropriately, and has good instructions.
    Easy to put together and accurate....more info
  • Missing part
    My Health O Meter scale arrived quickly. I am very disappointed with the scale because it is missing the height measurement part. I contacted the vendor and was told the missing part would be sent on or about 10/15/07. Other than that, I am very happy with my purchase and Amazon's services....more info
  • Health o Meater 402KL Balance Beam Scale
    This scale takes up just about the same amount of space as my old bathroom scale but is so much more accurate. Also, as my eyes are getting older, this scale is easier to read because the markings are right at eye level. It operates exactly the same as my doctor's scale and is very easy to use.
    Hooking the spring into position when I first set it up was a bit awkward but still only took a few moments. I'm very pleased with the product and the price. ...more info
  • Disappointed with Condition after shipping
    Regarding the product itself, it is all that I expected it to be. It works fine (Except that it indicates that Im too short for my weight! LOL)

    However, on a serious note, I was disappointed with the condition of it when it arrived. The shipping box had no visible signs of damage, and the packing material inside the box that forms around the product was intact and undamaged. Regardless, there was a dent in the column half way up and one of the mounting bolts that attach the column to the base was bent in such a fashion that I could not attach it.

    For practical purposes, I simply repaired the displaced bolt with a pair of plyers. The dent half way up the column is a cosmetic thing I will have to live with. It is annoying to purchase something new and have it arrive blemished.
    ...more info
  • Seems to provide an accurate weight.
    We have tried several other bathroom scales and the displayed weight would vary up to 5 pounds, each time you stepped on. This is stable on the hard floor and seems fairly accurate for a wide range of weights, from our 4 year old grandson to our weight. Matched up very closely with the scale at the doctor's office yesterday....more info
  • Well worth the Weight
    Although it took a awhile to get here with standard shipping I was very pleased with the product. It was easy to set up and very accurate. If you want something more consistent than the typical bathroom scale, this is the prodfuct for you....more info
  • Accurate, Sturdy, Reliable
    I purchased this scale after a series of run-ins with digital scales. My experience shows in my review's title:

    Accurate: the scale gives readings down to 1/5 (.2) of a pound, enough resolution for my needs. It weighs 50 pound bags of horse feed at 50 pounds. It weighs me at the same value if I step on and off and on again: none of the variable readings of my digital scale, and so no averaging. Finally, it is identical to the reading of the scale at my doctor's office.

    Sturdy: all parts are well made of durable materials. When assembled, it is solid and quiet. It sits stable on the floor with no wobble.

    Reliable: I've used it regularly since I bought it and it operates without a hitch. As a mechanical scale, I don't need to worry about batteries or power. As a non-digital scale, I don't need to worry about the software going haywire, or about the system being affected by the moisture in a bathroom.

    Some nifty features:

    -- easy to switch between lbs and kg measurements: just flip the two bars with the markings on them.

    -- easy to calibrate with a screwdriver.

    -- easy to assemble with a screwdriver and a wrench.

    Overall a great product for an important use. Buy it!...more info
  • Everything you'd expect...
    Since this scale is mechanical, it's not subject to the vagaries of temperature and humidity as are other scales. Digital scales we tried in the past varied a few pounds either way depending on the day. Not bad for me, I'm 220#, but monitoring a 20# kid for health reasons on such a scale is... difficult. This scale is guaranteed to be accurate to within 1/4#. The kids like it, and will measure themselves or each other, an added bonus. Footprint is slightly larger than the compact digitals, and of course there's the post & balance. It's awkward to move, so I'd recommend a permanent location....more info
  • Works as billed
    Works as billed. Am so glad it was not too expensive and I trust it a lot more than the "normal" spring type (so called) scales which change maybe five pounds depending on which side of your mouth you stick your tounge out of....more info
  • Junk this scale
    This is one of the worst products I have ever purchased. We received the product and the scale was 3 lbs off. We called the company and told them the problem. the person on the phone basically insinuated that we were the problem. After much haggling they agreed to send us another base. Lo and behold when the new base came the scale still did not work. We tried everything. Being such a large and cumbersome item there is really no practical way to send this back so we are stuck with this product that does not work. it is ridiculous in this day and age where a company cannot get their act together and ship something that is going to work. you would do well to scratch this vendor from your list. I will not use amazon again. at least if I buy a piece of junk from a local store I can bring it back and get a refund. in odering through amazon I have none....more info
  • Health o Meter Physician Balance Beam Scale Review
    Health o Meter Physician Balance Beam ScaleGreat product, easy assembly. Much more accurate then compression model I have....more info
  • mad
    This scale is the best scale for accuracy. It was the easiest to put together. It sure has helped my brother on his diet who is a huge man and could not be weighed on conventional scales to see how he is doing in weight loss challenge. In 4 weeks he has lost 30 pounds and is very glad to be able to see it on the scale so he won't get so discouraged as he goes along. The scale is great and there are only a few pieces to put together. Thank you...more info
  • We ain't got no stinking boxes!
    I wanted this product, I needed this product, I never got satisfactory delivery of this product. Three(3) times a product was shipped and three(3) times the product was returned because the flimsy shipping box was so damaged in transit that parts were or could have been missing. My request to have the box shrink-wrapped to protect the product was ignored. Alas, my dream for an accurate weight scale goes unfulfilled. ...more info
  • Great Scales
    After ordering from Amazon, the scales were promptly deliveded on time at no charge.

    The Scales were easy to assemble and provide very accurate weight measures for their intended use.

    They are hardy and very well made....more info
  • Health O Meter
    The scale works very well but it was broken when I received it. The height
    measuring device was broken when I unpacked the scale. This is the
    second item I have received from that didn't work properly upon
    receipt. The other item was a VCR/DVD recorder-player. I sent the VCR/DVD
    recorder back and promptly received another one which didn't work properly
    either....more info
  • Health O Meter
    This is an excellent product. The packaging was very good.
    It came in two pieces. The assembly was minimum, but
    slightly cumbersome because of the weight. The scale is
    accurate and it looks like it is made to last. The reason I
    gave it only 4 stars is that the height measurement rod felt too
    cheap and breakable. Lastly, it should be understood that this
    scale is not for everybody. It is either for a doctor's office or
    for a large bath or exercise room. I was not able to find anything of
    comparable value for less price. ...more info
  • Finally, a scale that is consistently accurate.
    I put off purchasing such a relatively expensive bathroom scale until my last digital scale went on the fritz. Would the expense be worth it? well after a month of owning the healthometer, the answer is h*ll yes! It is not only accurate regadless of the room temp or humidity ( I hated my digital scale for this reason) it is 'precise'. That means it weighs you to within 4 ounces. Drink a half cup of liquid and it will weigh you 4 ounces more. My last scale was only precise to the pound. Weigh yourself over and over in a row and you get the same measurement...try that with a cheap scale or heck even some expensive digital scales. I wish I had bought one sooner....more info
  • The litte weight machine that can!
    It might not be so little but this weight machine is the best on the market and more accurate than any I have found. You can even weigh small packages for the post office or however you will be shipping if it weighs more that 1/4 pound. The post office tells me I an right on when it is weighed there. Great product and built so well that I won't have to buy another hopefully. ...more info
  • Very consistent scale
    Very easy to set up & very consistent in weights. With my old digital scale I could get right back on it & it would vary by 3 pounds, not this new one. Wish I had bought one years ago. Highly recommend.....more info
  • Health-O-Meter Balance beam Scale 402 XL
    The 402XL balance scale is excellent. However there are two things in the instructions that should be mentioned: 1) There is a cable tie holding thesteel rod ( pull ring system) that must be removed before you can put a nut on the stud;2) the wrench they send you is difficult to use so if you have other tools the nuts are metric 10mm;The 402XL for $179 shipped is truly a bargin....more info
  • Health O Meter 402L
    This scale arrived quickly and is great. I have it in my kitchen and it takes up little room. Everyone is glad to see it! It measures accurately and easily. So glad I received it as a birthday gift!...more info
  • Health O Meter
    The prodct was just what I wanted. It was delivered on time. Thank you for the good service.
    Dave...more info


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