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Get SERIOUS with your Sinuses! The Grossan Hydro Pulse Sinus System is the first pulsating system specifically for nasal & sinus irrigation. Not just a cleanse or rinse, the pulsating action is clinically proven to make your sinus cilia - the body's first line of defense against contagions, pollen, and foreign matter - work better. Invented by MD specialist Murray Grossan, this is the serious but pleasant way to good sinus health in a medically recognized (covered in dozens of medical journal articles) but drug-free way. Featured in TimeTM Magazine's Best Inventions Report. Elevated pollen got you down? The Hydro Pulse? restores sinus cilia to good health so they can rapidly eliminate pollen from the body - without expensive drugs & their side effects. This is a pleasant treatment done at home, designed to be super-gentle, especially when used with our Breathe-ease? solution. Over a quarter of a million users, as young as six years old. Pots, bulbs, other methods might "clean" your nose, sort of - but they're messy, difficult to use, and do not pulsate. Pulsatile irrigation is DIFFERENT; it actually restores your own body's health maintenance system, the sinus cilia. The Hydro Pulse is also convenient - never messy - always gentle and pleasant. The unit does all the work for you, our convenient thumb switch makes it easy. BONUS: Fresher Breath. The Hydro Pulse? System includes a three-way advanced breath freshening system. Research shows that breath problems come from the nose & throat (not the stomach as is commonly thought). Our system inlcudes a special tip for complete breath control. System Includes:Base unit, 2 Sinus tips, 2 Throat tips/integral tongue cleaners (for breath control), Breathe-ease irrigation solution samples, and complete instructions.

  • Gentle, pleasant, and effective relief - machine does the work!
  • Takes only 3 minutes to use and you FEEL GREAT right away.
  • The only system purpose-built for *pulsatile* sinus irrigation.
  • Proven to make your sinus cilia work better - without drugs.
  • Three-way breath control with throat and tongue cleanser (included).

Customer Reviews:

  • awesome results, but machine malfunctions in less than 1 year
    I first ordered this item approximately 2 years ago and I'm now on my SECOND machine and looking for yet another replacement. The first one started malfunctioning before the 1 year warranty ended; it started just by leaking slightly after use and then progressed to the pump flat out dying if I hit the Open/Close switch on the handle.

    My first unit was replaced free of charge (because I called & complained before the warranty expired); however, my second is now on the fritz and I'm going to have to pay full price for a 3rd unit in less than 3 years.

    That said, this machine works wonders for my allergies; I've used the irrigation system a few times a week year-round since it arrived on my doorstep. My usage of prescription allergy meds dropped by more than half within the first few months of being able to irrigate my sinuses. I have much less sinus pain and pressure and my overall quality of life with allergies has vastly improved.

    Overall, I'm completely devoted to my irrigator; it goes EVERYWHERE with me and I tell anyone I know who has sinus problems about it.

    However, I'm going to see if using a WaterPik with the Grossan attachment has any longer of a life span. I'm not willing to completely forgo using this system, but I'm really disappointed in the quality of the pump inside the unit....more info
  • Lacks Longevity
    I am a convert to the idea of nasal irrigation, having previously used a waterpik with a nasal adapter for several years. There is no question that nasal irrigation can alleviate sinus problems. I decided to try the Grossan Nasal Irrigation System and found the pulsation an improvement over the waterpik. The Grossan provides more control over the strength of the stream of water. HOWEVER, my Grossan began to link around the 8th month of use and completely failed 29 days after the one year warranty. Considering that the Grossan is close to $100, I can't recommend it. It is too expensive when it fails in so short a time. Another reviewer mentioned that he had gone through two Grossans in a relatively short period of time. I took the Grossan apart after it failed to see if there was any way I could fix it. The motor is not well protected from any water seepage which suggests to me that once it begins to leak through the bottom, its days are limited....more info
  • Is this really any better? Dont thnk so...
    I was considering buying one of these, but read the post by M.Erb Hydro Pulse Reviews that mentions a cheap looking irrigator product identical to the Hydropulse with just a different name for half the price. I also saw a sanvic irrigator that is also identical to this. Anybody familiar with these other irrigators? What makes the Grossan unit better when really only the name is different?

    I cant really rate it but based on these other irrigators that are identical this seems like just a name change and not so special. Better off getting just a water pik in that case

    Postscript: I almost ended up buying the Hydropulse by mistake because the company that makes it is running an add on Amazon calling their product the original sinus pulse which I clicked on wanting to buy the SinuPulse. I can only assume this is to try and confuse customers looking to buy the SinuPulse. Misleading customers so you can sell your product is not cool, so buyer beware. I finally started using SinuPulse and it works great. I have sleep apnea and use the CPAP with a nasal attachment. so it is important for me to have my sinuses as clear as possible to get the maximum benefit from the CPAP. On the nights that I use the SinuPulse before bed, I can really feel the difference. I am getting more air, and sleeping better....more info
  • Great Product
    Thanks for all the reviews. I was getting one sinus infection after the other. I also have bad allergies. My mother-in-law saw this on Regis and Kelly and told me about it. I read all your reviews and descided to give it a try. I love it. I haven't had a sinus headache or infection. And my allergies have been much better since I started to use the irrigation system. I have recomended it to everyone at work and my family. Great product. ...more info
  • Great system
    This has saved me from surgery. I highly recommend it. I've had it over a year now and it's still going strong.
    Love it....more info
  • Effective alternative method to deal with chronic sinusitis
    Grossan Hydro Pulse? Pulsatile Nasal & Sinus Irrigation System is an effective way to deal with chronic sinusitis. The Health Ease-XL packets that come with it are easier on the nasal passages than OTC saline packets. Now having compared both products, I would recommend that you order the health-ease XL while ordering this sinus irrigation system.

    For traveler's it is compact, easy to use, and clean up is simple as it requires only the use of tap water after daily use, and diluted vinegar once a week. The result of using this system is no more infections and this product was recommened by my ENT physician.
    ...more info
  • Effectiveness Trumps Less-Than-Ideal Product Quality
    I find vastly superior to Neti pot -- invaluable aid in sinus care and general health. Only use in very low pressure setting with Breath-ease solution and Alkalol. Machine is quite loud and doesn't have a solid feel, yet it works and works wonderfully. Given it's vastly superior effectiveness and ease of use relative to Neti pot -- I'll be fine replacing it even if it has a much shorter life span than electronic gizmos should have (if and when it breaks down)....more info
  • Save Yourself A Boat-load on Antibiotics
    Some things are valuable not for what they are, but for what they do. The Hydro Pulse is one of those things. I have had chronic sinusitis for years and just had nasal surgery last year. Even afterwards, I still suffered with infections. Antibiotics would work for a short time, but never seemed to completely kill out the colony for me. I now use the Hydro-Pulse regulary (every day or two) and I am the clearest I have been in 20+ years. You'll be able to see and feel it work to relieve congestion within the first day or two. $97 is a little pricey, but it has been worth every dime for the improved health I have obtained and it has certainly paid for iteself several times when I consider the amount that it has saved me on doctor's visits, medicines, etc. This is a homeopathic remedy that works. ...more info
  • sinus headache relief
    Much more efficient than Neti pot. Pulsing action is gentle but effective. It's neater so I use it more often....more info
  • Say Goodbye to Nasal Headaches
    I spent 5 years trying to determine what was causing my headaches when I was riding my bicycle training my wife for marathons. At 47 my doctor said "maybe you're too old to ride a bike". I threw away all the drugs he had prescribed (they didn't do anything anyway) and got busy researching on the net. The Dec, 2000 Time magazine had an article about this homeopathic method for flushing your nasal passageways using the Nasal Irrigator with just warm water and salt.

    Well, I'm 58 now, I know why I had nasal issues, I know how to clean my nasal passages, I don't need to use drugs, I fly without any problems, and I've never felt better. This is my second nasal irrigator. I bought the first one so long ago, Amazon didn't handle them back then. You know what they say about being better than sliced bread? This tool definately is it! BTW, This is the best health product I've ever owne.
    I even bought one for my mother in law and now she even thinks I'm not so bad. I have a new doctor also! (One that doesn't throw drugs at every little problem)...more info
  • My sinuses are thanking me
    It all started with Oprah and Dr. Oz. I've been plagued with sinus issues all my life .. Dealing it with medication. Then about a month ago, bought a Neti Pot .. Well .. It was messy and didn't quite create a good seal with my nostril .. so, I upgraded to the stainless steel Neti Pot .. Much better, but It would only trickle out my left nostril, so I would be there for 10 minutes Neti Potting. I was searching for something else and it led me the the Grossan's Hydro Pulse .. Just came 3 days ago. I'm very pleased .. I've read other comments on Amazon, where people thought it was made cheaply and it leaked. I have not, nor do I have those concerns. I believe the unit is nicely manufactured and it's a pleasure to use (with no mess). I use only distilled water (There is a warning that using Hard water would void the warranty) and I run through a cycle of fresh water once I'm finished (There is a warning that long term salt exposure would void the warranty). I doubt I would order their saline powder .. A lot cheaper just using a no additive salt .. 1 tsp for the 500ml tank .. which I use per session. ...more info
  • Junk, junk, junk buy a waterpik...
    I had sinus surgery 10 years ago and bought the waterpick and sinus irrigation head. It worked great. Ten years later, I'm in the same situation and decided to buy this product instead of the sinus surgery....IT is totally junk.....I can't even believe it's being sold on Amazon or even any other legitimate place. It's made of cheap plastic ande the second time I tried to use it, it failed......JUNK.....I'm going back to the waterpik.....I read the reviews here on Amazon and thought I knew better...I was wrong...Do not is totally useless junk and a waste of money!!!...more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I have used this product for about 3 years now and it cuts down the time you have a cold dramatically. As soon as you start to feel a cold come on you use this twice a day and while it does not prevent it - the cold usually does not settle in and get so awful that you cannot function.

    I have found the best results from it come if you use it when you are not completely stopped up. If I do get completely stopped up I take a decongestant first and then use this to flush out. Works like a charm!

    Considering what this does for me I would pay even more for it!...more info
  • Fabulous product!!!
    I have had the same one for 4 years and it's still working as good as ever (knock on wood). I love this thing and honestly don't know what I'd do without it. I only use it when I'm battling with allergies or getting a cold but it works like a gem. It will stop a cold in it's tracks and it will get rid of that annoying itchy sticky feeling you get in your nose and sinuses. It helped me tremendously during very cold MA winters while working around children who were always sick and it has helped me deal with AZ dryness and allergies. It is so worth the money!!...more info
  • Our son sleeps at night!
    Our son has serious allergy problems that make it hard for him to breath at night especially. He just couldn't sleep, and was getting so tired we ended up keeping him out of school for several days. We tried all sorts of medication, and ended up at the emergency room in sheer despair. Doctors suggested nasal irrigation, and we ordered the Grossan system immediately. First couple of days, water was getting in our son's mouth and wasn't getting out the other nostril as it was supposed to. But, it seemed to help a bit, so we persisted, twice a day. It is now over two weeks, and we have all been sleeping through the night for the last 10 days or so, the irrigation goes very smoothly (have to remember to keep the head down and tilted to the side). A miracle!! The product works perfectly for now, but if it breaks, we will order it asap. ...more info
  • Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal & Sinus Irrigation System
    This product performs as advertized; I am pleased with this purchase. I still have some breathing problems , but I believe it is due to allergies, which is a different issue....more info
  • Works, but is the cheapest, worst made piece of junk I have ever owned.
    This thing works great. It clears out the stuff in your sinuses and has been the only thing that brings me relief from sinus congestion.

    That being said, it is, without a doubt, the cheapest piece of junk I have ever owned. And I've owned FOUR of these puppies. I've never had one last more than a year, and yes I follow all the instructions, using distilled water and flushing the system out after use. At $100 a pop, that gets expensive.

    They inevitably start leaking all over the place, and once that happens, the motor burn-out will occur shortly after. I never would have bought more than 2 if I wasn't so desparate for it.

    There appear to be other nasal irrigators on the market now. I have not tried them, but after throwing $400 at the Grossan over the last 4 years, I am going to try something different.

    So to sum it, it works well, but is almost guaranteed to fail on you with any kind of regular use. Be prepared....more info
  • Works great but doesn't last long
    I have had two of these machines. When I first used it, I was impressed by how much more I liked it than using a bulb syringe. It is much easier to get my 13 yr old son to use it than the syringe as well. I can really tell a difference when I use the machine and when I don't. I also think that it has helped me limit my sinus infections - before I got more of them and they were much more painful. Now, if I happen to get an infection (usually stemming from a cold I caught from one of my kids), at least its not as painful. I really like this machine when its working.

    The machine can be a bit tempermental though. The first one I got was good for about a month & a half, then it seemed to struggle with pumping the water (only at the beginning, once it got going it was fine). It seemed to deteriorate as time went on until it would not work at all. In all fairness, I did not do the vinegar flush every week as in the instructions (although I flush it with tap water after every use). I also mix my own solution of simple salt and baking soda becaue the solution they recommend is way too expensive and my solution seems just as good. But the company was good enough to replace it free of charge under the warranty when it failed completely after about 4 months.

    The second machine seemed to work much better, although it could also be that we figured out some of its secrets (I never add salt or baking soda to the compartment while the reservoir is sitting in the machine - I'm guessing it may just leak into the machine even before you fill it with water). Unfortunately, this machine has now "burned out" after about 14 months fo daily use.

    A little unscientific, but I think that this machine is not really built to last much longer than that. I have sort of reconciled myself to the cost of the machine and compare it to the costs of feeling a bit better and having less sinus problems. Its a bit on the costly side, and I wonder why anyone can't make a little more durable machine (another post happens to mention that the motor is not well insulated from the solution that is pumped through the machine, leading to corrosion - which makes perfect sense to me). It's just that right now, this seems to be the best alternative for me and my family.

    Great machine if you are willing to pay for the lack of durability.
    ...more info
  • It really works!
    I've been using this for almost a year now and I definitely recommend it. I get horrible sinus headaches throughout winter, and when I use this Grossan right as I think I'm getting it and continue using it for the next few days, it takes care of it. Normal meds would help take care of the headache for a few hours, but it would always come back. After I use the nasal irrigation system, I can feel my sinuses draining for the next hour or so. It may sound disgusting, but this means its working....more info
  • 4 stars for the concept and results, less for this product
    I wavered whether to give 2 stars or 5. I decided on four to encourage ANYone to use sinus irrigation using this method vs anything else out there I know about (and I have used them, all, neti pot, sinus surgeries, squeeze bottles, etc)

    I would give THIS product 2 stars because there is some serious price gouging going on here. Save yourself about $65 and get a water pik, which is what this thing is. Seriously. Nothing more, and in fact I noticed that the water pik company has started adding sinus adaptors with some of their kits.

    BUT, considering what this unit has saved me from, I am compelled to give a high score here.

    I know for a fact that using this thing multiple times a day EVEN IN THE START/MIDDLE of a sinus infection, can get rid of it. You have to be dilligent though and do it EVERY day, several times a day (at least twice probably), for several days though. And that is a pain, but it's either that or the inevitable antibiotics which I try to avoid. And with this bad boy, I can avoid that more than half the time I feel an infection coming on.

    Also, here's a tip to save further money. Don't pay for the little pre mixed packets...mix your own and save a lot of money. The ingredients are literally salt and baking soda. The "higher end" packets come with Xylitol (which I swear by for sinuses, and highly recommend you use it when you rinse), which is so easy to just buy these days. You can buy a big packet of Xlitol sweetener for about $6 I think and add it to your rinse.

    Anyway, back to topic:

    Beyond 5 stars for this type of sinus irrigation (there really is NOTHING else that compares), but no need to pay the premium for this unit when a regular water pic does the same thing (with the proper tip on it)

    1. This thing is loud, messy and pretty cheaply made.
    2. The water container leaks when you shake/swirl it (recommended to mix the solution with the warm water)
    3. The tongue "tool" is a gimmick imo.
    4. The switch on the unit's wand is very uncomfortable to use, and when it's wet, I find it's hard to turn on and off.

    My unit is still running after...1.5 years of pretty heavy use and I have yet to do the vinegar cleaning they recommend you do every once in a while.

    BUT I faithfully rinse the thing well after every use, so there is no salt residue in the system when I'm done. I think the people complaining about these not lasting might not be doing the proper cleanup after using.

    Having said all that I HIGHLY recommend this or any similar unit for anyone with sinus trouble OR anyone that appreciates the feeling of a clean sinus. It really feels great to me for several hours after I do this.

    Hope that helps some people.

    ...more info
  • Good alternative to neti pot
    I like the pulsating action of this product but I don't think the $100 price tag is worth it when you can use a much cheaper neti pot and get simular results. I will say though that if the neti pot doesn't work for you that the Hydro Pulse would be a great product to to use. I use the neti pot every day and the Hydro Pulse twice weekly. The Hydro Pulse may clean alittle deeper than the neti pot. I've got bad sinuses (two surgerys and 20 years of chronic sinus pain) so I use the two methods. So far both work good. And just a note for my fellow sinus sufferers if you use the neti pot there are "advanced" neti pot techniques. Look under yoga or neti pot nasal irrigation techniques on the internet. ...more info
  • The best!
    We have been using this for four years. The best for sinus prevention and it also help with allergies. It is very easy to use and is very gentle on you. My whole family uses it!

    My 6 year old (four years ago) has seasonal allergies. Living in Texas, she often suffers from pollen "attacks". Her pediatrician put her on allergies medication year round. However, ever since we had this irrigator, when it is allergy season, we would let her use it once in the morning after she gets up, and once at night before bed. Her symptoms (running nose, sniffling, sneezing, etc.) have decreased significantly. She (now at age 10) has not needed medication at all since she started using the irrigator. We are totally sold on this!...more info
  • It Feels So Good!
    I don't know if this is any better than the other pulse irrigators on the market, though it's much better than a neti pot. I can't say how long it will continue to work--I've only had it a couple months. I wasn't at all sure that this would live up to the company's claims. So far it does, and I am VERY pleased. I have one sinus that for years has frequently gotten stopped up, leading to discomfort. Dry winter air often makes breathing difficult at night, leading to poor sleep quality. I've been using the Hydro Pulse for a couple months now, and I LOVE it. I use it morning and evening, and honestly, it's a high point of the day. It feels so good, so relaxing, so pleasant! It also opens up my stopped up sinus and cleans it out and pretty much solves the dry air problem. It generally lets me get by without any medications. I hope mine lasts a long time, because if it breaks, I'll definitely get another one. The throat sprayer is also great if one's throat feels like a cold might be coming on. I think it can restore the Ph value in the throat, which lets the throat fight off infection. I concur with those who say to not buy the packaged salt envelopes. I keep salt and a measuring teaspoon in the medicine cupboard. Cheap fun! Well, not cheap, but how much would you be willing to spend to get rid of a sinus headache if you have one?...more info
  • Easy to use, works great.
    I was super skeptical about this purchase at first. It's pretty expensive for something I've never heard of, never seen advertised, and don't know anyone who has. My allergist even warned me against it, in case the strength of the water was too strong.

    Well I bought it regardless and I don't regret it. I have horrible grass allergies and I work in a metal shop with lots of outside access... so I go home with a lot of pollen and dirt all over. I use this at least once daily, after work. Sometimes I'll use it in the morning, but not often.

    I find that it's very easy to use, and once you figure out the strength of the pump and temperature of the water, it's not uncomfortable at all. The first time I did it I heated the water way too hot... so make sure you're careful.

    I use a mix of fine salt and baking soda with luke warm water, and make sure it's dissolved. The instructions tell you a few different things you can use.

    I can tell a huge difference with my sinuses, as I no longer go to bed with all of the allergens in my nasal cavities. I wake up feeling much fresher, and I've had a lot less sinus headaches as a result.

    There are tons of warnings in the instructions on maintaining your product by cleaning it and priming the pump. Please pay attention to the instructions on how to clean it especially, as it's incredibly easy and only takes an extra minute.

    I highly recommend taking the risk and trying this product....more info
  • Great product - Highly impressed
    I recently had sinus surgery. Doc gave me a "squirt bottle" cleaning system for sinus. What a joke, what a mess. Friend at work told me about these kind of machines. I was a little wary. Went out to Amazon looking.
    Actually did not intend to order it. I clicked "one click order" without realizing it. Next day I checked my e-mail and realized what I had done. Decided to give it a shot. Glad I did.

    I use it once in morning and once at night. It is scary what comes out. Even when I feel that I am clear, it washes out some nasty looking stuff. I can not see a down size of using this item. The idea of getting all that stuff out daily can only be beneficial.

    I live in SC. Pollen is terrible right now. This machine is helping deal with the problem. Easy to use. Easy to clean. No complaints. You can find instructions on internet to make your own solution at home. Very cheap. Two parts pickling salt, one part baking soda. Then you can save the expensive "pre-made" packets that come with it to take on trips and stuff.

    Worth every penny (so far). I have used it at least twice a day now for 60 days. Not a minutes problem. Good luck....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I had been reading the reviews for months after my doctor recommended this to help with my allergies. I am highly allergic to plants in my area and the cats I live with. I have been on 3 prescriptions daily for the past 5 years, but had reached the point that the medications were no longer working. Instead of increasing the dosages, I opted to try this machine. It's amazing. This is my first review on Amazon, so it had to take something good for me to take the time to do this.

    I was the type of person that sneezed many times a day, always had a runny nose and never went without tissue in my pocket...despite my prescription medication for allergies. The relief I have experienced in just a few days is amazing. I am clear, sneeze-free and it lasts all day. I would really recommend this to someone who has seasonal allergies or needs extra help beyond medication....more info
  • I Had One of These
    I had one of these and it worked alright, but it eventually clogged or something. I managed to get it unclogged once but it happened again. Maybe the salt was too course? I don't know. It's at a landfill now and has been replaced with a NeilMed bottle.Neilmed Sinus Rinse Bottle Kit 8 Oz I found using the bottle and the neti pot (I have both) were both more convenient and quiet than screwing around with this machine and if they break you're only out $5-10. I'm not buying the thing about the "biofilm" either, but then I would sniff gently while the water is pouring through. This seemed to help clear out air passages better. ...more info


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