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  • One 2.91-pound jar of strawberry flavored protein powder
  • Made with six proteins and digestive enzymes
  • Rich in alpha-lactalbumin and whey isolate peptide fractions
  • One scoop per serving
  • Dietary supplement intended for reaching nutritional and physique goals

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Protein
    This mixes well, which as you protein takers will know, takes out the annoyance out of the whole thing. Great taste, which they are known for. Works well as a protein as well. I would have this as my #2 behind Oryx Goat Whey....more info
  • Builds muscle!!!
    Never been much into this protein powder thing...I always thought it was a bunch of "hoop-la". A nutrionist turned me on to this and what a difference! I gained 10 pounds of muscle, and I have not increased my waist size.
    Guys (and gals) please do your cardio and your stomach crunches. Other wise, you will get a gut.
    I was told this is a meal replacement shake. and it fills me up with no problem....more info
  • There are better choice out there
    This protein powder (choc. milkshake) does taste good, but there are much better choices available. The serving size is one (large) scoop mixed in 4.5 oz. of water or milk. That's 200 calories and 22 g of protein. Most other powders are mixed in 8+ oz. of water or milk. Of course this is going to taste good mixed with that small amount of water. The scoop is so big, you could just use any other protein powder and cut the water in half (2 scoops of Isopure in 5 oz. of water will taste better too). This is nothing special given the calorie/protein content. I probably wouldn't buy this again based solely on that. For someone just trying to get more protein without worrying about calories, this does taste pretty good....more info
  • Solid protein with great taste
    I've been choking down protein drinks for 11 years now. This BSN protein mixes easy in a shaker cup or my magic bullet and tastes great. I only have the Mocachino flavor, but ordered Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry because I was so impressed. It has a great protein blend for longer benefits, along with a little good fat and fiber. I use it before bed and upon awaking and HIGHLY recommend it!...more info
  • Great Taste!
    This is a great tasting protein supplement. It has none of that cruddy aftertaste that most proteins do. ...more info
  • Mono and Diglycerides- Trans fat nickname
    Great taste, but the reason is that they convenietly hide trans fat in this particular product. Look up mono and/or diglycerides and see for yourself. Along with Tru-Mass, they are masters of manipulation about putting really bad fats in their products. This is totally unecessary and I will never buy it again. BSN has dropped the ball lately, with their made up "CEM3" lawsuit going on and now this......more info
  • NOT the best flavor, in my opinion
    Not as good as banana or chocolate, it just tastes too chemically. Banana does as well, but I kind of like the flavor, whereas this is a bit over powering of vanilla. Chocolate didn't taste anywhere near as artificial, but I think I'll be sticking with Banana cause thats one of my favorite flavors in general. A lot of reviews liked this vanilla one, so give it a shot and see how you feel about it! I personally wouldn't get it again!...more info
  • Can't beat it.
    I've tried quite a few different brands of protein powder over the years, but this is by far the smoothest and best tasting. I have an Amazon subscription which also makes it cheaper than most other brands....more info
  • Syntha-6 chocolate: Incredible flavor!!
    I wont comment on the protein quality. I think that has been said and proven so many times. Besides, I have only taken it for several days so I dont have any real elements for judgement.

    I am going to say only that those 5 stars are for the unreal excellent flavor. This is serious. I dont know how certain people can say the double rich chocolate from Optimum Nutrition is excellent. I mean, with milk one can consider it drinkable, maybe good, but not close to excellent.

    This one is. Even with water it has a great flavor. I think the kit is that it has milk powder on it, and one serving (much bigger than the usual whey scoop) has 200calories. I recently bought a optimum nutrition's vanilla Ice cream 10.37pounds bag of whey and now i dont even want to drink it, and i rated it 5 stars but that was only before i tried this one.

    All that comes at a price because a serving of syntha-6 is more than twice the price of most whey proteins on the market, but in my opinion it is worth every penny. I dont think I will be ordering any other protein powder anymore.

    Also, sustained released protein like Syntha-6 (casein among others) is the way to go if you are in a caloric deficit regime (dieting to lose fat) as it is better preventing muscle catabolism than whey, as it keeps the body with a proper nitrogen balance for a longer time). Be careful who you take nutrition advice from, take what i say with a grain of salt. Google casein protein and confirm it.
    ...more info
  • response to post workout
    I dont know what your talking about but this is not optimal for post workout... Hence it is slow digesting. 100% whey products are way more effective for post workout for fast absorption. This is good for protein and at night time. Casein protein can take from 4-7 hours to digest....more info
  • Taste Great
    You'll never find a better tasting protein shake. BSN is known widely for their N.O. Xplode but they kind of dropped the ball on this one. Syntha-6, although with a cool name, has only 28 grams of protein but costs the same as the other name brands. I don't know about you but I'd rather go for a bottle of Isopure with nearly twice the protein and zero carbs....more info
  • Tastes better then hersheys!
    Wow, I just got this and I was expecting a so-so tasting shake from the reviews (they said no xplode was great but it wasnt my thing) so i decided to buy it. Ive tried it for two days so far and it tastes so good! I'd say its best with milk though I havent tried it with water 5/5! great product...more info
  • Super Tasty!
    This stuff tastes fantastic! From the research I did, I believe it to be very high quality, and the ingredients list has all the right stuff on it. I do wish, though, that it didn't have so many carbs. There are almost as many grams of carbs as there are of protein. That is okay after a workout, but this powder isn't really a workout protein since there is a lot more than whey in it. So I use it somewhat sparingly, but it is right up there with Muscle Milk for flavor. ...more info
  • Great taste and works!
    I take this product 3 times a day: 1 scoop for breakfast, 2 scoops after a workout, and 1 scoop before going to bed. I noticed results after a 2 months and my friends also noticed I was gaining lean mass as well. Best part of all, it tastes GREAT! I sometimes crave for this shake, which I can't really say with other protein shakes I have tried. I rotate between Strawberry and Vanilla....more info
  • Very good
    I have used it for around 6 months. Tasts great, relatively easy to mix (through blender is recommended) results are there as far as effectiveness goes. Definitely better than cheap protein mixes. Could be cheaper, could be easier to mix and could taste just a tad better....more info
  • A novel idea for protein powder
    How far we've come from the protein powder of our grandparent's age. Back then, it was essentially chalk-powder that mixed like water and motor oil that probably had the consistency of rotten eggs and horse-bile. It didn't taste good, either.

    This is the best protein powder I've ever had. Slightly sweet, but not sacheriney or overpowering. The texture is not rough, not oily feeling; just smooth.

    And the best feature: it tastes like coffee. What a concept. The taste is not too dry, either.

    The only ding is the price, which can vary considerably. In the stores it can be too much (4 cents a gram). Fortunately it's not so bad here. As of this writing it seems to be 1.8 cents per gram....more info
  • Who knew?
    Who knew a protein powder shake could taste so good? I am trying to drop some weight and tone up, so I needed to find a protein powder. This is by far the tastiest powder I've tried. I was very pleasantly surprised. I used a Zyliss shaker for 1 min and poured it in a glass and drank it rather leisurely. It didn't turn out clumpy and kept its consistency for several minutes after preparing. I highly recommend this for people who don't want to hold their noses as they drink their protein shakes. The mochaccino was a winner for me!...more info
  • great supplement powder
    This is my second container of this supplement. I enjoy the tast and the texture of this powder drink. I add a banana or ice cream when I make the drink. The price is very economical for all the vitamins and protein that are in this product....more info
  • Great Taste
    protein tastes great...goes down of the best reasons to get this...not like others where you feel like throwin up after drinkin. Runs out fast stock up!...more info
  • Great price for great product
    I saved $15 by purchasing from Amazon. The protein powder makes a glass of milk taste like a delicious vanilla milkshake....more info
  • Tastes Great
    I'm not sure how well this worked, but it definitely tasted great, It dissolved better than any other protein I've used. Worth the money for that reason alone....more info
  • Great Protein Shake!!! Best I've had!!! Great Taste
    It's an awesome way to get protein without too much fat and too much work. Will work good with water and shaking/stirring up, but works Amazing with milk and a blender. ...more info
  • Great cold cereal replacement in a cool container.
    I started trying to reel in my hypoglycemia and was looking for a cold cereal replacement for breakfast. After trying 3 or 4 protein powders from the supermarket and health food store, I used an online nutritional screener to zero in on exactly what I was looking for and wound up with this. It tastes better than anything else I tried. I almost always make it in the blender with skim milk + 7 ice cubes + a banana or peanut butter. Sometimes I switch it up and eat an egg/toast for breakfast and on those days, I take a shake to work for lunch. Amazon is cheaper, more convenient, and less hassle for me than the local dealer (GNC) so I buy it here.

    When I'm done with a container, I use it in the garage for storage. I use a black magic marker to write on the top what's inside. I've got a place where they stack like cordwood. The container is large enough to hold quite a bit of stuff and I've got one each for nut's & bolts, ac/dc adaptors, plant fertilizer, etc. etc....more info
    This is great stuff, I've been using it a week and already see size changes. Just the protein to gain weight. I can feel the shake working as I gulp down some sips and let it kick in. Taste AMAZING. Milk with this in a cup sized blender you can take with you. Makes great drink and a joy to drink!...more info
  • Yum
    This is an awesome protein powder. It tastes great and seems to have have the right components....more info
  • Tastes good because it is full of fat. Might as well have a milkshake!
    Beware! Yes, it tastes delicious-because it is high calorie and full of fat! Each serving contains 200 cals verses the regular 140-150 of other whey proteins, has twice as much fat as some of it's competitors, and hides the fact that is has transfats. If you compare it to similar products, you'll notice BNS has the highest amount of calories, fats, actually contains transfats, but tastes good. If you consume this several times a day, you could be adding hundreds of calories to your intake just to get a better taste and a cool bottle....more info
  • Blends well and tastes excellent
    I've tried several protein shakes and BSN did an excellent job. It's a great deal with the Subscribe and Save....more info
  • Great product
    Ive used this product for 3 weeks and ive noticed an increase in lean muscle mass significantly while the low carbs help me rid of my belly fat. Friends have notice the change and i can attribute this to syntha-6 as it is the only supplement i take, other than an ordinary multivitamin. It tastes great too. Highly recommended....more info
  • GREAT!!
    The Syntha-6 taste like a chocolate shake and it does not have a funny after taste either. Got our shipment quick and on on time ...Thanks...more info
  • delicious
    this has to be the best protein powder i have ever tasted. very smooth and not too sweet. no artificial sweetners which is sometimes hard to find. great with organic or hormone free milk in morning or after workout. i plan on purchasing the chocolate next. warning the jar is huge so get a basic flavor to start with, so you can mix it up with other things. i use an immersion blender to mix it, easier to clean than a conventional blender and takes 5 seconds!...more info
  • Syntha 6 chocolate milkshake
    Tastes great with cold milk and does not clump as much as other protein powders. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Thank Goodness
    I've heard about this one from other people, and I've been using different products for the past 15 years, from Met-Rx to Muscle Milk. Everything here and there has been mediocre, and some tasted good. I was looking for something with both fast proteins - whey, and slow for evening use and staying satiated - casein.

    I actually bought an older brand protein right before this, something that i actually liked. But they changed the forumula, took out the aspartame (which is a good thing taking it out finally) - but it tasted like cr*p! A sort of buttered chalk dough with some chocolate mixed in.

    That was it. I took the recommendations of many, that this and muscle milk, and ON are some of the better tasting proteins. I returned that other protein, and got this one in chocolate milkshake. And it tastes good - a sort of smooth neutral tasting chocolate, and I don't regret it....more info
  • Best Tasting Protein Shake Yet
    I have desperately been searching for a protein shake that I could mix with water and that would still taste great. Well I have found it. BSN's shake is the best tasting water mixed protein shake I've ever tasted. It tastes just like chocolate milk. For the first time ever I actually have to force myself to not drink too many of these shakes. It does have 200 calories so I limit myself to 3 in a given day max but that is still 66 grams of high quality slow release protein. The shakes consist of a blend of 6 different types of protein including Ultrafiltered whey protein, Microfiltered whey protein, calcium caseinate, micellar alpha and beta caseins, milk protein isolate, and egg albumen. The faster absorbing whey and the other slower absorbing proteins ensure the shakes can be used either post workout or throughout the day for maximum benefit. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Good product
    Taste is good, even better with skim milk. Has a good amount of protein for post-workout but probably could use more (22 grams seems too little, should aim for at least 35, so I would recommend two scoops to compensate). Has carbs but not too much and not too little--just right....more info
  • Best Tasting Protein Powder I've Tried
    Well, I'm not a professional body builder, but I've done my homework. BSN's Syntha-6 stacks up. I haven't tried nearly every protein powder out there - I've probably barely scratched the surface - but Syntha-6 is my favorite so far. I've tried MuscleMilk - it's ok.. Syntha has less fat - I'm a fan of VPX's Redline and ZeroImpact Bars and have tried VPX's ZeroImpact Graham Cracker and Chocolate powder (which ended up more like ZeroTaste.. it was awful. Thanks VPX.) - and I bought Syntha-6 based on the sole reviews of this site. I have to say I am an extremely happy customer. I chose this over MuscleTech's MuscleNitrous because so many people were raving about the taste of Syntha - and they're right. Let me say this again - the flavor of Syntha-6 is OUTSTANDING. I would say it tastes a lot like instant cocoa, or reduced fat chocolate milk, which is leaps and bounds over VPX's failed attempt at "chocolate". I'm going to be looking forward to my morning protein shake before I head off to the gym from now on, instead of feeling nausiated and holding my nose and I choke down another chalky drink. BSN, thank you for this wonderful protein mix. :)...more info
  • Best protein on the market
    This protein is very good, having tried many other brands i always get this one now. also all of the BSN protein flavors are extremely good. i have not tried a BSN protein that i did not enjoy!! Highly recommend!!...more info
    MMMMMM the taste is mind blowing...i feel hyped up whenever i drink this...its got like a steroid effect in it without actually having it...VERY NICE!...more info
  • good, but expensive powder
    I purchased Syntha-6 after a recommendation from a friend. It is probably one of the best tasting protein powders I have purchased (I got the chocolate, but I've also tried the mocha one, which is good also). The good flavor is due to the fats, sugars, etc... (just in case you really didnt know), which makes this powder a little less healthy than others. Also, it has a bigger requirement of powder per serving than my past brands, it is a smaller container than my last brands, and it cost a little more than my last brands. Because of this, and because I am stingy, the next time I purchase a powder I will probably go back to my GNC 100% Whey. However, the time-release protein idea is good for protein intake throughout the day, but I am not that hardcore....more info
    Great product, i fell in love with this BSN brand, im about to buy their stack pack on amazon! Great taste and doesnt take like chalk or horrible other brands. Way better than Cytosport. Dont miss out....more info
  • Great protein powder and wont leave you with bad breath
    Ok, there I said it. But anyone who takes protein powders knows exactly what I am talking about. This doesn't leave you with any after-taste and is extremely tasty and the ingredients are top notch. Much better then "Designers Whey". I had to hide this from my wife because the chocolate tastes like a chocolate brownie. ...more info


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