Remanufactured Dyson DC07 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pink

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Product Description

Designed by engineering guru James Dyson, inventor of the cyclonic vacuum, the 12-amp Dyson DC07 upright is an inspired combination of power and structural smarts. At the center of the machine's innovation is the Cyclone air path design, an eight-section chamber that creates powerful, consistent suction. The conical chambers generate 100,000 g of centrifugal force, pushing dust and dirt out of the airflow into the vacuum's 1-gallon collection cup. With no bag to clog, the vacuum's 270 air watts of suction remain steady. The large, transparent collection cup is easy to check and empties tidily--pop it off, hold it over a trash bin, and pull the trigger to release dirt without having to touch it. The DC07 also comes equipped with a multipart filtration system to improve overall air quality in the home. The HEPA filter, measuring 412 square inches in surface area, traps microscopic particulates and allergens. Expertly built, the filter is designed to last the lifetime of the machine. Furthermore, Dyson upright vacuums are the first and only vacuums certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

Suitable for bare floors and carpets, the Dyson upright features a 14-inch cleaning path and edge-cleaning bristles. A simple foot pedal switches off the brush roll for bare floors, and the nozzle automatically adjusts for changes in carpet height. The vacuum is equipped for above-floor cleaning with a cleverly stowed, quick-release 17-foot hose with a reversible, extension-wand handle. Onboard accessories include a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery attachment, all designed to function without "sticking" to surfaces. Made from the same material used in crash helmets, the vacuum is unquestionably durable. Plus, the design only puts 4 pounds of weight on the handle, so pushing and turning is easy. This model comes with a 35-foot power cord and a six-month warranty. --Emily Bedard

Editor's note: This is a remanufactured appliance. Remanufactured generally means that the appliance has been returned to the manufacturer, who returns the appliance to like-new condition. Some appliances may contain cosmetic blemishes.

  • Vacuum cleaner with cyclonic design ensures powerful, consistent suction
  • Bag-free dirt collection provides hygienic emptying trigger
  • Long-lasting filtration system with HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Includes 17-foot hose, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery attachment
  • Measures 14 by 13-1/2 by 46 inches; 6-month warranty
Customer Reviews:
    I bought this for my fiancee because she wanted a pink vacuum. Interestingly enough, I'm the one that ends up vacuuming our place. This vacuum is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! It has great suction and just seeing all of the dirt that the vacuum picks up makes me feel so clean. Everything about it is just so easy and you don't need any vacuum bags or anything! Just pull a trigger and out comes all of the dirt! Even though it's pink, this vacuum is *the* best vacuum I have ever used. I *HIGHLY* recommend it!...more info
  • Meh.
    I'm not as amazed as most folks are by this vacuum. As it begins to approach the fill line, I find that I have to dump it to retain suction. It's a good vacuum for a good price....more info
  • Remanufactured but one discomforting flaw.
    The product arrived looking like a new machine except for one flaw. The electric cord had a slice of the plastic cover missing and the electric wires were exposed. I am glad I spotted it before my toddler.
    I requested an exchange, but amazon had no more remanufactured models in stock. I taped it up with electric tape. The item functions perfectly and the price was great....more info
  • Works great / Small Noise
    It does a great job on the carpet, easy to use & easy to empty. The only negative (very small negative) is the small but high pitch noise. For $199, it is worth every dollar - I would buy it again without hesitation....more info
  • Would not own another type of vacuum!!
    This is a great vacuum! Very pleased with it! I could do without the pink color, but who cares, its a vacuum and was a great deal! It's great that refurbished dysons are available so those of us who can't afford a brand new dyson can still own one! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great Vacuum, and it's pink!
    I love this Vacuum. After our $90 Dirt Devil bagless vacuum quit on us that we'd had for about four years, we decided to spend a bit more this time to try to get a longer lasting better quality one. Of course we wanted a Dyson, and who can beet this price?
    The only reason I didn't give it a five star rating is this;
    sometimes when pushing the vacuum forward the front piece that goes along the floor seems to get jammed up (this only happens on our Persian area rug?) and makes this awful loud buzzing sound. It quickly stops as soon as you pull it back. I think it has to do with the height or the thickness of the carpet. We've since then seemed to get the hang of using our new vacuum, and I don't know what we're doing different, but we haven't had that happen in a while. Also using the hose and attachments is kind of a pain, you almost have to disasemble the thing to use the hose.
    The features I do love are this; emptying the contents of the canister is super easy, it dumps out the bottom and all you have to do is pull a trigger. It is fairly quiet and it really does clean the carpets very well.
    All in all we are happy with our purchase, and like I said, who can beet this price for a higher quality vacuum!?...more info
  • Refurb Dyson DC07 - what a steal!!
    Unit arrived before it was expected, even using free shipping. Was well packaged, included all parts and has been running flawlessly since the day we first plugged it in. Exceeds expectations!...more info
  • A vacuum I can have faith in
    Most vacuums seem to rearrange the dust. This one actually makes things clean. It is truly a quality product. Worth every cent....more info
  • Dyson reman vacumm does pick up better
    I bought this vacuum because I have a golden who sheds ALOT. I did use my old vacuum to clean a rug,then I used the new Dyson and was in awe how much more the Dyson was able to get up from the carpet right after I had already done it. I am sold. The only draw back I have found is that the vacuum is bulky and not as comfortable as I hoped to lug around....more info
  • fabulous Dyson!!
    I ordered a Pink Dyson vacumn cleaner on the recommendation of other Dyson owners. It is fabulous! I have 2 dogs, a Lab-Chow and a Border collie and they shed a lot! This cleaner picked up so much hair even after I had used my Hoover first. It was delivered very quickly and I didn't even have to put it together much. It's reconditioned but you'd never know it. This cleaner is everything they said it would be....more info
  • Pleased
    I am satisfied in the product. I did have a few minor things wrong with it when it got here the wheel was wobbling and we thought it was the wheel. It turned out to be the rod which went in between both wheels was bent, I called Dyson, and they were more than happy to fix them. It is very light, and easy to push, I do have a dog with long hair though, and the hair gets trapped very often in the beater bar keeping it from working properly, so I must after every use remove the hair. Other than that it seems so far to be a good product....more info
  • I love it.
    I had heard how great Dyson vacuums are, which is why I ordered this one. I love it!! My carpet looks better than it ever has. I love the long cord, I just plug it into one outlet, and it reaches everywhere on each floor. The flexible hose with the stair attachment is so easy to use and does a great job. I highly recommend a Dyson vacuum!...more info
  • works well
    Not too loud and picks up pet hair better than any vacuum that I have had. Big and bulky, though....more info
  • super cute!
    This works very sucked up dust that was probably there for years. Unfortunately, it does NOT work well on my area rug in my kitchen. It has a suction problem on this carpet and makes a horrible noise. I can compensate by using the bare floor setting, but this makes it VERY hard to push and it doesn't pick up things as well. Also, this vacuum is not self propelled...even on the carpet setting. But is a great picker-upper and it empties very easily not to mention how cute it looks. Also, the attachment is a bit difficult to have to press this button and pull this part out and it turns into quite a lengthy process....much more complicated than other vacuums we have had. You really do pay for the quality of this vacuum and I will keep it for years and years. It gives me great peace of mind with my soon to be twins playing on the ground and not breathing in the dust and crap that was sitting in the carpet. ...more info
  • Dyson - Hold on to your carpets or they'll be sucked up!
    Best Vacuum I have ever owned. I was mortified the first time I used it because there was so much dog hair and sand in my carpet that my Oreck left behind. We have two labradors that live in the house with us and with our Dyson you would never know it. We live at the beach and the sand that was lurking under the carpet really shocked us. We use the Dyson on tile, carpet and one large loose rug. It will literally suck up the loose rug if you try to vacuum it on the carpet setting. You must put it on the hard floor setting and it still does a great job. We bought a re-furbished one and I cannot find any mark on it or problem with it. The extension handle is a little clumsy to use, but works fine. ...more info
  • Great Deal
    I love this vacum, such a great deal. I saved over $100.00 buying it on here versus in a store. The refurb was perfect, it was as good as brand new! This vacum is the only one that can stand up to all the cat fur and litter from my two cats! It never loses suction and picks up everything. I also like how convenient the attachment it. This is the best vacum I have ever owned and well worth the money spent....more info
  • Absolutely Awesome!!!!!
    I was a little hesitant to buy a remanufactured product. I've been so pleasently surprised. It looked brand new when I took it out of the box. Boy does this thing do the job too. I had just went over my carpets with my old dirt devil. Then went over them with the Dyson. You would not believe the stuff that came out of my carpets. It was amazing. Oh and I LOVE the pink. Thanks Amazon and Dyson. I'm one happy vacuuming fool!...more info
  • Amazing deal!
    I was so excited to find this refurbished model - I have been wanting a Dyson for years, but could not spend $400-500 on one - so this was a perfect find! Mine is perfect - looks absolutely brand new and works even better. And it is pink - I love my new Dyson!...more info
  • Great vacuum for the typical home
    What a great deal... half price for a factory refurb. I called Dyson before I ordered and they told me that the refurbs are sold as new with a full 6-month warranty. I decided to purchase the extra 3-yr warranty that Amazon offers just in case (only 30 bucks). The Dyson arrived in less than a week (free shipping) and it looked brand new out of the box (not a scratch). It took 10 minutes to put together and figure out and I vacuumed 3 rooms that were done less than a week ago. You could not imagine how much crap and fine particles the Dyson picked up that was missed by my old Kenmore (that we paid $200 for 5 yrs ago). This is definitely an awesome vacuum for anyone with kids or pets.

    The only negatives that I have found so far are that the Dyson is louder than any vacuum I have ever used and it also generates alot of heat while vacuuming. I don't see this as a reason not to buy the Dyson and it is the reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. The awesome cleaning far outweighs the noise and heat. A great investment--especially if you can get a refurb for 1/2 price....more info
  • Pink appliance lover
    I love this product not only is it pink it has great suction and is very quiet. Doesnt bother my cat or neighbors. Looks and acts brand new. Not even a scratch. And its PINK....more info
  • Perfect, even with it's slight imperfections!
    I'm not very vacuum saavy, I was in search of a basic machine to suck crap off the floor, lol. I bought a [...] Bissell vac [...] and while reading the manual, I realized it had lead in the cord! I had no idea that it was a common occurrence! I have a 6 month old daughter and the idea of lead just scared me to death. Add to that, the fact that the vacuum wouldn't pick up debris, it would just move it around. I quickly returned it.

    I am so very in love with my Dyson! There is a small crack in the handle, other than that, my machine is perfect! It's got great suction, with just one swipe over a littered area, it sucks everything right up! It's such a pleasant change! My last vacuum was a cheap hunk of junk [...].

    I would buy another remanufactured Dyson in a heartbeat!

    ...more info
  • I love it!!
    I bought this vaccumm and I just love it. It works so well, I wonder where the dirt comes from that it sucks up.I have berber and it makes my carpet so soft and looking like new. I have recommened this to 3 people in my neighborhood so far.
    ...more info
  • Awesme and worth the money.
    It is expensive, but totally worth it. I talked to my sister about how she liked her dyson, and she said she loved it! She also paid well over $400 for the same thing. Im really happy with the pink, and really happy with the performance. Great purchase for my new apartment, where im sure i sucked up dust and dirt from many renters past. ...more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!
  • Nothing Left on the Floor...
    This is the best vacuum I've ever used and the ease of emptying it is a huge bonus! No bags, no belts, no mess!!! I have two shelties and one cat so the hair can take over but this vacuum doesn't mess around and it cleans my rugs so their spotless! I also love that I can use it on my furniture as well. You'll love this vacuum and the pink is so girly!...more info
    I received this vacuum yesterday and am absolutely amazed by it. I went over all the carpeting in my house and was in awe over how much stuff it picked up. The carpet looked brand new! I even ran it over our kitchen floor and it picked up so much. I would not trade this vacuum for anything, and I 100% recommend it. Totally worth it....more info
  • What I expected
    A sister in law whose vacuum had died admired my Dyson Animal so much ( i have ten dogs and two cats)that I got this one for her.My ten year old neice has always hated the noise of vacuums but she loves to use the Dyson (BONUS) and finds it quieter than any vacuum she has encountered.This vacuum is good value for the money and my sister in law is thrilled with it and says she would have gotten one long ago if she had known how well they work but after one seeing survive working in my house that it must be tough. As my vacuums fell by the wayside one by one people suggested that I should test vacuums because any flaws are quickly apparent because I have to vacuum on a daily basis. But my own testing has found Dyson products to be the best....more info
    This is my second Dyson - the first one was used HEAVILY (twice daily) for 4 years and although it is starting to show signs of wear, it is FAR from the end of its life. It is now the kids room vacuum and they're responsible for keeping their own rooms clean with it now. We are very hard on vacuums, and the cheaply made crap from Dirt Devil, Hoover, Bissell and Eureka we'd tried before would break on us within DAYS or WEEKS. Not so the Dyson! I hate sounding like a Dyson fanboy but the DC-07 works with equal aplomb on our tile and carpet. The only complaint I would give is that this DC-07 sounds a bit louder than our old DC-07 when it was new; we're not sure if it is due to a design change or not, but the suction does seem to be a bit better on the newer one so we'll forgive the extra decibel or two for now....more info
  • great price
    i have an identical one before and paid twice as much. this remanufactured vaccum serves as my second and works just great....more info
  • This is awesome !!!!!
    I ordered the re-manufactured pink dyson on wed. and got it on mon. It is SOOOOO cute, i LOVE the pink, it has NO blemishes at all, and looks brand new! I absolutely LOVE this vacuum, it is AWESOME, sucks everything right up, I have never had a vacuum that actually cleaned my carpet so well, i have a furry dog, who sheds A LOT, and it cleans all the hair and dirt deep down in my carpet, and makes it look brand new! AMAZING!!!!! It also came with a 5 year warranty from dyson. What a great deal, i am in LOVE with this vacuum, and it makes me love to vacuum!!!!! With my old crappy vacuum it would take me 4 times as long to vacuum the same amount of carpet, with this vacuum you don't have to go over everything 5 times! Just once, and its clean as can be!!!!!...more info
  • Everything good
    Ordered this on sunday ,got it on wednesday.......Came in a regular box seemed to be brand new and it works great. its pink but for the price i can deal with that. its still a dc07 and is a good model with everything you need and nothing you dont..............Only has a 2 year warranty though...more info