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The ERGO is the way to go when it comes to baby carriers. It's the best all around choice for carrying a baby anywhere from around the house to public places. The ERGO baby carrier is conveniently compact, comfortable to wear and provides sturdy support for your baby. The ergonomic design of the carrier ensures that your baby is in the correct sitting position to encourage proper hip, pelvis and spine growth. It does this by distributing most of the baby's weight between its hips and thighs. The design also considers the health and comfort of parents. The carrier balances the baby's weight to the parents' hips and shoulders, reducing physical stress. The padded waist belt supports the lumbar area plus 1" thick padding in the shoulder straps. It can be worn on front, back or hip and can easily be changed from one to the other. Ergo is perfect for when baby is too heavy for a sling or for when you plan on carrying your baby for extended periods of time, especially for hiking and walking. Unlike other frame back packs, with the ERGO the baby is right against your back so their weight seems less. When carrying a traditional hard frame back pack, your baby's center of gravity is further from your body and can be awkward and feel heavier. For comfortably carrying your infant, try the ERGO Infant Insert (sold separately). It supports your newborn like a baby sling while having both hands free to work. This lightweight carrier lets you carry your baby comfortably for long periods with your hands free and it looks great too. Features: Recommended use from newborn (with additional Infant Insert sold separately) up to 40 lbs Adjusts for most sizes, waist circumference extends from 25" up to 43" Attached Sleeping Hood supports sleeping baby's head and expands with the growth of your child Convenient pocket on back of carrier with side zipper for easy acce

  • Fits from 5' to 6.5' body height with adjustable shoulder and chest straps
  • Waist belt circumference from 25" to 43"
  • Durability/strength tested up to 90 pounds
  • Sleeping hood adjusts in length to growth of baby
  • machine washable, gentle cycle

Customer Reviews:

  • The one item I'd bring to a deserted island for my baby
    Perfect for errands, hiking, or traveling, the Ergo Baby carrier is soft, lightweight and extremely comfortable for mom and baby, especially after they hit 20 lbs. I wish I had known about the Ergo carrier sooner. I would have saved me so much money!

    * Your baby can be carried in front facing you or in back, and will be in a sitting position, unlike other carriers.
    * There's a sleeping hood included that allows your child to nap comfortably.
    * You can nurse in public and no one will know.
    * Machine washable
    * It's easy to adjust the shoulder and waist straps so it fits both mom and dad.
    * There's an Ergo insert (sold separately) that lets you use it with infants.
    * Strength tested to hold up to 90 lbs
    * Available in many colors

    I used the Ergo since my child was a year old, sometimes for several hours at a time, with no difficulty. I used it more than the stroller.

    Before this, I had the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier. It's more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn original because it distributes weight better. However, when our baby hit 20 lbs or so, my shoulders and back started to hurt. The padding also made the Baby Bjorn too warm for baby in the summer.

    For warmer weather I bought the BabyBj?rn Baby Carrier Air - Gray/White (it comes in blue as well). The mesh cover is cooler for baby but I had even more difficulty using it after my baby hit 20 lbs, because it lacks the back support. It's a very expensive product for the short time I used it.

    I also tried the Infantino Sling Rider Baby Carrier in Black Toile but returned it. It didn't support my baby well and was very uncomfortable. There was a recall of this Sling Rider in 2007, so if you have a hand me down, don't use it.

    In short, I wish I had known about the Ergo carrier sooner. I would have saved me so much money!...more info
  • Couldn't use it, FAR too hard to do back-carry
    My husband and I had high hopes for this carrier after reading reviews on here and talking with others who had it and love it, but we both found it impossible to put our son in the back carry position by ourselves. Our son was terrified when trying to transition him from our hips to our backs and we both felt it was unsafe, complicated and therefore, this carrier a no-go for us. We sold it on ebay and bought a Beco Butterfly, as with the Beco you strap them into the carrier and THEN put them on your back.

    Additionally, I have a larger chest which made front carry uncomfortable. Also, I am a size 14 and I needed the waist extender....more info
  • GREAT baby carrier
    I really like this carrier! It's very comfortable for me and hopefully comfy for my 7 month old son, too. It can't be too bad for him because he usually passes out and naps while I've got him on my back doing housework. Only negative thing I have to say about it is that it's difficult to get my son into the carrier on my back without help. Difficult, but not impossible. ...more info
  • GREAT carrier, with one small flaw
    I own the ERGO and the Baby Bjorn Active and a sling, and have used a Snugli. The ERGO is by far the best baby carrier out there. All of the others hurt my shoulders/neck after 15-30 minutes. The ERGO is comfortable, and distributes most of the weight to my hips/legs. I've been on many hikes (20+) with Kai in the ERGO, the longest being 7 miles (almost 4 hours), with no problems. He loves it, and falls asleep in it every time we go hiking. The only problem is that you can't have the baby face out. For the first 3 months, that didn't matter- Kai was perfectly happy to face me and snuggle in- I used the head cover for shade and he slept happily... At 4 months, he wanted to see what was going on, but he couldn't hold up his head well enough to sit in the ERGO 'backpack' fashion, so I bought the Baby Bjorn Active. Kai liked it, Lars(dad) liked it, I tolerated it for up to 45 minutes, but just couldn't bear any hike longer than that. Also, Kai's legs hang down in front so that they hit your legs when you walk uphill- irritating to Lars. Kai also can't really sleep in the Baby Bjorn. (I'm sure he would have when he was little and facing inward, but with him facing outward, there isn't a comfortable sleep position for his head.) We use the Baby Bjorn for short trips, like in stores and around the house, and its great for that, but we started using the ERGO as a backpack for long hikes again when Kai turned 6 months. He loves looking around, and when he falls asleep, I just put the head cover on to help hold his head next to me. I haven't figured out how to get him in the ERGO backpack fashion by myself yet, so I have to get help for that. Also noteworthy: the Baby Bjorn has absolutely NO storage- not even a little zipper pocket. The ERGO has enough room for 3 diapers, a small pack of wipes, an extra bib and onesie, my car keys cell phone and small snack. This makes a big difference for hiking- all I have to carry in my hands is my water bottle(s), and I use a carabiner to clip the bottle to the waistbelt so I am hands-free. We recently bought a Sherpani Rumba and Kai and Lars love that, too. It's a bit heavy for me, but I'm getting used to it. It gives Kai wonderful views, a comfortable seat, and provides LOADS of storage. ...more info
  • Ergo Go Go Go!
    I was looking for a carrier for my little one that was sturdy and last for a while, while allowing my little one to grow. This was recommended by a friend and so I decided to take the leap and buy it. Currently my little one is 5 months old and I have only just started putting him in the back position. I as of yet can't get him there on my own but I think that may be due to me being a little nervous and him still being little. However once there he is as happy as can be. I love being around horses and so this carrier allows me to run around the barn, feeding and grooming without my little one getting underfoot. Also I have found that he doesn't feel as heavy and I can do a lot more. I am a little on the small size and so the straps are on the bulky side as the other reviewer pointed out, however since this carrier takes up to 40lbs I think, I would rather have bulky to spread out the weight than thin and not as useful. If want attractive and pretty then this isn't the thing for you however if you want a sturdy carrier that gets the job done. BUY BUY BUY...more info
  • Comfortable but a little bit more complicated
    I was ready to purchase a Bjorn but then a friend of mine registered this for herself so I checked it out and found all the positive reviews. I ended up getting one for her baby shower and one for myself. My baby is now 3 months old and weights 16 lbs. And this is definitely great for me to use, I use it when I take her groceries shopping; since she's a winter baby the materials on the carrier keeps her warm & cozy without needing much else (other carriers out there don't seem to have as good of a coverage in blocking freezing wind) plus she is snug against me so my body temperture keeps her warm. She loves it and falls asleep in it. When she was a newborn in the middle of winter I would sit her low in the carrier so that her head doesn't poke out, on top of it I would use the hat to block the wind from blowing into the carrier.

    Since this product was built/design with much more considerations than other carriers, it is a bit more complicated and much more materials were used. My brother-in-law who is single & without kids says it seems too much trouble to put on and that when he has kids he'd prefer the Bjorn for its simplicity. However, both him and my husband are tall strong guys (6'1'' & 190 lbs); this carrier is great for me (5'3'' & 120 lbs) since I'm not strong enough to carry all of the baby's weight on my shoulders. The only down side is that this does not allow forward facing. For this reason along, my husband purchased a Bjorn so that he can carry the baby forward facing so that she can look out when we walk around the mall...however we limit the use of that to short length of time since we do have concern about the impact the Bjorn has on her developing spine.

    I have heard good things about the Belle Baby Carrier but are not sure if it's the exact same thing as the Bjorn- carrying the weight on the baby's crotch, if so then the Ergo is the best bet in ensuring your baby's weight is evenly distributed on his/her button instead of being suspended in the air by fabric across his/her crotch....more info
  • OK carrier, not flattering on heavier mothers
    I am a bit of a carrier product junkie. I have almost tried them all. I purchased the Ergo and was disappointed. Like you see on the product packaging, if you are a normal sized male or a thin flat-chested female you won't have the same issues as I did. But I am a curvy post-partum mommy! First, the padded shoulderstraps! Yuck! They are so thick and bulky (remember your school backpack? Thicker than that) -- they make me look like I am wearing ugly shoulder pads. They also cut across the side of my breast and that is uncomfortable. Second, that front buckle! It connects one shoulder pad to the other -- for extra stability, according to the package. But when I do that, not only does the baby still not feel secure but my breasts feel even more squished. It snaps rather awkardly right at your decolletage area. Uncomfortable and highly unflattering. Third, that waist belt it just, ugh! It goes across your waist and it is also thick and padded. The last thing I want is to add bulk to my waist, of all places. One part of that belt is a thick black nylon piece that goes across your front if you are back-carrying. Once that is buckled, with the weight of the baby and all, it digs into my squishy belly and it is very uncomfortable, not to mention gross-looking. It creates this weird "muffin-top" look to my belly, as if I am wearing too-tight low-rise jeans. Looks aside, and more importanlty, I feel my size keeps the Ergo from sitting properly on my body. For a baby that cannot hold onto me yet, that is an issue. Therefore, I feel like the Ergo is not secure for a 5 month old or younger. I constantly lean forward or backward because I sense that he is falling away from me. I am guessing it can be appropriate for an older child who can grasp onto you. Still, the overall look of the Ergo it what bugs me the most. I think it is just not made for bigger bodies. 4/09: Hello, for those of you still reading this, I would like to say that I wrote this review a year ago and my son is now 19 months old, and I feel differently. Yes, I am still overweight and the same problems I had before I have now. But I have to say that my Ergo is currently that one carrier that I STILL use -- all the others he refuses to sit in because he is apparently uncomfortable in them. Now that baby can hold on to me, the ergo is actually very easy to use. My son seems very comfortable and I even use it to help lull him to sleep. I must say though that it is highly unflattering for some heavier women to use, and for that reason I don;t dare to leave the house with it on unless I am doing something mundane like picking up the paper. The big difference for me is that my baby can hold on to me while I am placing him in it, and he will naturally lean forward or backward as I move. ...more info
  • I could not love this thing more!
    I have used a ring sling, pouch sling (which I liked just fine for hip carry until my son got too heavy), and a wrap carrier (which was great...again, until he got too heavy), and this is BY FAR the best carrier I have ever tried. I just wish I hadn't waited until my son was 17 months old to buy it!

    I bought it to bring on vacation instead of a stroller, and it was an absolute lifesaver when our connecting flight was delayed six hours. DS napped peacefully in the Ergo for most of it! I have used it for hikes and it is much more comfortable than the metal-frame style backpack carrier. I have also used my Ergo while teaching parent/child music classes, where it kept a sleepy and grumpy toddler content and cuddled without my having to take my attention off of the class.

    I have to admit that it is tough to get it on in the back carry position without help. It takes a lot of practice. Hip carry is easier (although you have to reposition the straps first) and front carry is super, super easy.

    Of course you're still going to get tired if you carry your baby for hours and hours - like I always say, a 30 pound toddler is still a 30 pound toddler, no matter how good the carrier is - but compared to a Bjorn, which puts all of the weight in your shoulders, or a sling, which puts all of the weight on ONE shoulder, this thing rocks. The weight is nicely balanced on your hips. Compared to holding my toddler on my hip (where he tends to lean all of his weight back into my arm), I can hardly tell that he's on my back at all when I'm wearing him in the Ergo. And not only is the Ergo better for YOUR back than a bjorn-style carrier, it is better for the BABY'S spine as well - they are sitting with their knees higher than their bottom, rather than dangling by their crotch, which compresses the spine and is bad for their development.

    By far the best $92 I've ever spent.

    ETA (6/27/08): I've now been using this carrier for two and a half months with my second baby, and it's still my favorite! I bought the infant insert for it, which did its job well, although it made it a little hot and sweaty for my baby in the tropical Hawaii climate. I used it a little differently than you're "supposed" to, though; I would put him in a tummy-to-tummy position with both legs tucked into the carrier - he didn't like the cradle position much - although it was necessary to switch him to a kind of diagonal position (with both legs out the same side) in order to nurse. The infant insert was awesome for nursing in the carrier, it gave a great amount of support and coverage - I could nurse my hungry baby while pushing a shopping cart, and you couldn't even tell! Now that he's outgrown the infant insert (big baby!), it's so so super easy to get him into the front-carry position that I don't even use my wrap carrier (even though he's still light enough for it)....more info
  • Awesome carrier
    We bought this carrier because we were looking for something that would hold our bigger-than-average baby boy while we went hiking and more specifically because we were doing some travelling to Europe and wanted a hands-free option at the airport. We had previously had a Baby-Bjorn but my son outgrew it by the time he was 3/4 months old. Enter Ergo Baby. This carrier did exactly what we hoped it would do. It supported his body beautifully and mine/my husbands! We swapped between us without too many problems: the carrier adjusts to both our sizes. We took it to Europe and it proved invaluable. My son would nap in it every day, even when we came home, I'd pop him in it if he was fussy or tired and he always calmed right down. When he got a little bigger, his will and wriggliness sometimes made it awkward to carry him in it initially, but after 10-15mins of walking he'd usually fall asleep!
    We rarely use it now my son is 19 months old, and wants to run everywhere, but we could as it holds kids up to 40lbs!
    All in all, a great buy. I would definitely recommend it. The only problem I could foresee is with larger bodied adults: My father-in-law is 6'4" and couldn't get himself AND the baby in the carrier at the same time!...more info
  • Good, but not great...let me explain
    This carrier was bought for me when my now 11 month old was born. I tried to use it with the infant insert and all she would do was cry! She hated to be in it. I didn't understand, so I went to many different people and places that sold this product and had them explain how to put it on with baby and what not. I was doing it right, this thing was just not comfortable for my daughter. She wasn't big either! She weighed 6lbs and was 18.5 in other words, TINY! I then bought a Baby Bjorn and love, as does my daughter! She still loves going in it and she is 11 months old! My back doesn't hurt using it, so maybe it's because my daughter is smaller than most people's kids. This carrier was also incredibly big! I guess your supposed to be able to use it when your children are toddlers, but I personally don't want to be carring my kids on my back, when they an walk...also that is what strollers are for. Another thing I didn't like was that the child was never outward facing. They are either inward facing your chest our inward facing your back. They can't see over your shoulder much adn if they are in front, they can only see your chest! For how expensive it is, you would think that they would do something so that the child could have some sort of vision of the world around them. To those who like it, great, but to those who want a great carrier that your child will enjoy as well, try the Baby Bjorn...and for those of you who have "heavy" children, get the Baby Bjorn with the back support, still much cheaper than this carrier!...more info
  • great carrier
    I bought this for my daughter and my 6 month old granddaughter........they LOVE IT!!!! It makes life a lot easier when the baby just wants her Mommy! Sits nice on the waist...doesn't strain the back. 5 STARS!!!!...more info
  • The *best* carrier on the market I have used so far
    We have tried carrier upon carrier... and the Ergo is the way to go!

    Sure, it is kind of ugly.. not the prettiest carrier out there, but who cares? Daddy can use it without feeling like he's carrying the cutesy diaper bag, which is a plus.

    We can carry our 22 pounder (5 months) with relative ease, our backs don't hurt *as* much and baby is happy happy in the Ergo. If he isn't, it's because he is hungry or tired or wet!

    Up till 20lbs we used the bjorn. Oh, how we should have saved our money and bought this from Day One.

    Looking for a shower gift????? GET THIS! Though you may not have ANY idea what this is, believe me... mommy will appreciate this. Get together with friends and buy this if you need to. It's totally worth it....more info
  • This carrier saved our lives! Buy it and you will not regret it!
    This is absolutely the best baby carrier ever created and is worth every penny! I had a baby that literally wanted to be held 24 hours a day for the first year of his life--the first 6 month were exhausting and really unenjoyable. I also have a bad back and had tried other 3 carriers that just made my back ache even worse. The Ergo gave me and my husband back a life---I could wash dishes, brush my teeth, do things that required 2 hands that I had been unable to do for months. And my baby loved being strapped on my back as well! And it never caused my back to hurt--even after hours (and I mean hours) of carrying my son around. My husband and I joke that even if the Ergo cost $5,000.00 we would have been glad to pay it for the sevice it has given and continues to give us. But thank goodness it's only around $100. It really is a steal for what you get!...more info
  • Great Purchase
    We just bought this carrier 2 weeks ago for our 5 month old son. We previously had the baby bjorn but he would cry every time we put him in it. I don' think he was very comfortable hanging in the front of us. He does not hang in this carrier...he sits in it. It seems much more comfortable for him. I also love that this carrier works on the hip and back as well....more info
  • Ergo's Rock!
    I am still using mine for my 24 month old!
    I recommend this to all my friends with babies....more info
  • Love It
    I got this carrier for my third child who is 6 years younger than my first. With my first two children I used the Bjorn because it was the best carrier out there at the time. It worked great until my boys reached 20lbs at 6 months old and then the strain was too much on my back and shoulders. This time around I had heard about the Ergo carriers from friends and decided to try it since I knew my baby would be big. I used it with the infant insert until my baby was 3 1/2 months and that worked great once I got the hang of getting her in. Now that she is 4 months I am using it in the front position and it is wonderful. She is very comfortable and often falls asleep. I wear it to volunteer at my son't school for over an hour and my back and shoulders never bother me. I can't wait until she gets a little older and I can try the side and back positions because I end up carrying her on my hip all the time if I am going out quickly like to the bus stop.

    I would highly recommend this to everyone-I love that you only need to buy one carrier to use from birth to 2 or 3 years. I had the Bjorn and then a Kelty bakcpack for my boys and neither one was as good as the Ergo.

    The one thing that is a little annoying is that the instructions only come on a DVD. I had a quick question one day and had to watch several sections of the DVD before I found the answer. It would be nice to have a basic printed instructional manual that includes information about what age/weight a child should be when you switch from the infant insert to the front position and what age/weight a child should be for the side and back positions....more info
  • BEST carrier out there
    I tried many, and so did a lot of my mom friends...and all agree, this thing is a back saver! I have using it with my daughter since she was 5 months, and still use it with her at 2.5 years/35 pounds comfortably. It is compact, comfy, and even lets us hike for miles with her on our back ((we last longer then she does!)...more info
  • I really like it.
    I had been using a moby wrap until my child got to be about 19 lbs. and then I needed something that supported him differently. We are going to Yellowstone in a few days and I wanted to do some hiking. He is not sitting up on his own otherwise I would have bought the Kelty Child Carrier (III, I think). He is 5 months and falls asleep in it everytime. I have seen moms carrying their toddlers in them. It seems more comfortable for him than the Moby, though that was PERFECT when he was a newborn. Seems definitely more comfortable than the Bjorn since the hips and shoulders share the weight. Still not as comfortable as an external frame backpack....more info
  • worth it!
    This carrier paid for itself the first weekend we used it. I was able to carry my daughter all day without feeling it in my back. For lunch I switched her from the front to the back, and she even fell asleep on me during nap time, all i had to do was put the hood up. I was skeptical at first as she does not like a lot of carriers and to face inward- but she loves this carrier. I love the many ways you can wear it and how portable it is....more info
  • Best Baby Carrier Ever
    I bought this baby carrier when my daughter was about 13 months old. I have tried both the baby bjorn and a sling.

    I bought a baby bjorn when my son was born 4 years ago and he pretty much lived in it for the first six months of his life. Unfortunately, both my husband and I suffered from back pain the entire time. In addition, even though my son is little, he outgrew the baby bjorn pretty early on.

    I bought a sling when my daughter was born almost two years ago and that worked okay for a while, but she grew uncomfortable and my husband absolutely refused to wear the thing.

    So back to the ERGO. A friend of mine owned one and I thought it looked great and her 6 month old son was riding on her back very comfortable. So I immediately bought one. I will list the fantastic things about this carrier.

    1) Versatility: My daughter can ride on the front, side, or back for hours without complaining.

    2) My daughter is almost two and she can still ride in it. Traveling through airports and busy streets is a breeze because I don't have to worry about her squirming to get out.

    3) Price: This is less expensive than a lot of baby carriers that don't last nearly as long.

    4) And of course Back Issues: I've stated before that this carrier has not caused any additional back pain. I'm not saying that your back won't hurt if you're carrying your child all day, but it certainly minimizes the issue.

    5) My husband will wear it.

    There is one area that is a bit of a problem:

    It takes A LOT of practice to get the sucker onto your back with your child in it. It can be done, so please just keep trying. The rest of the package is well worth it.

    I would recommend this carrier to anyone and everyone....more info
    Just got in the mail and had to try it out. Took my 13 month old, 26lbs. boy to the beach for a walk. We walked for a distance and I didn't even notice him on my back. He also really enjoyed himself on my back, being able to look around at the people and the water. I suffer from minor hip and back problems every once in awhile and this carrier didn't effect that at all, it felt like he wasn't on my back at all. I absolutely recommend this carrier and can see that I will go nowhere in the future without it! AWESOME!...more info
  • Ergo, Bjorn, or Sling
    When our daughter was born we were given a sling as a gift, bought an Ergo, and were later handed-down a BabyBjorn. While each has its virtues, if you are deciding which to buy - get the Ergo.
    *Is the most comfortable of the 3, like a good backpack distributing the baby's weight down to your hips
    *It is also the most versatile, allowing you to use the carrier as the baby moves into the todler stage
    *It is hard to get on and it took us a week until we realized that the back clasp needed to be moved up the arm straps. Be sure to watch the video or ask a friend who has one for instruction
    *Don't waste your money on the infant insert, just use a blanket or towel
    *Is perfect for the baby's first 2 months - when she weighs less than 12 lbs and sleeps frequently and irregularly
    *The simple design allows you to easily put the baby down to sleep when you get home or transfer her to the other parent's shoulder without waking the baby
    *Once she is a bit larger the sling will put too much stress on your shoulder and back
    *Once your baby has good head control and she can ride "face out" - she has the most fun and can interact with the world
    *You can also put her face in when she's tired or overstimulated
    *It is easy to put her in/out by yourself
    *Your back will start to hurt when your baby is about 15 lbs (or at least ours did)...more info
  • Nice Product, not for everyone
    I have many friends that have this carrier, and they love it. I don't. it's bulky and cumbersome. half the time I feel like the arm straps are going to fall off (like my bra straps do). I also kind of think that the ergo company is a little fru fru about their products... my friends that own them are too. it's a great thing to wear your child, and to feed them while your wearing them. unfortunately God did not build me to be able to do both things at the same time, and I think that there are many women out there who are as unlucky as I am. I just wish they would not sell this product as if it's the answer to every mother's prayer. it doesn't straighten my spine, my daughter cries when she's in it, and I don't feel like I can get anything done when I am wearing her in it. And it was the same way with my son a year and a half ago. I am finally trying to sell it, which I am sure won't be difficult, and hope that I can at least get my moola back that I spent - It's pretty expensive!!! I like the Bjorn sport with the back support.... ooh and the hip hammock is awsome!...more info


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