Remanufactured Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Redesigned new model! Dyson Level 3 Root Cyclone technology, Lifetime HEPA filtration, 12 amps, Easy empty dust cup, Motorized brushroll, 6 month Dyson warranty, Plus 1 year extended ABC warranty.. Plus: Mini turbo tool, Low Reach floor tool, Zorb cleaning powder, Dysolv cleaning spray.

  • All-floors upright vacuum cleaner with motorized brushbar
  • Level 3 Root Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction
  • Quick-draw Telescope reach; mini turbine head; low-reach floor tool
  • Hygienic 5/8-gallon dust bin; lifetime HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Measures 26-2/3 by 13-1/5 by 43-1/2 inches; 6-month warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Would have loved to give this five stars, but....
    This product looked great when I pulled it out of it's package; it looked brand new. However, when I went to use it, the handle came completley off. After calling customer service, I was reassured that all I needed was one simple plastic part, and they'd put it in the mail.

    A week later I received the part Dyson sent, only to find out it didn't repair the issue. An hour after waiting on hold with customer service, and speaking to a rep who couldn't care less, I was told that in addition to the plastic piece I was sent, a spring was needed to install the piece; and ever since 9/11 no one was allowed to mail springs in the mail so we needed to take our Dyson to a local repair shop. (Why weren't we told this before and saved a week of our time!?)

    I took this to the local repair shop whom the Dyson rep swore he had called, only to find out that Dyson never called the shop. In fact, the owner of the store said that Dyson was infamous for horrible customer service and vacuums that broke constantly. Looking around at all the vacuums waiting to be serviced, I counted 25 (yes, 25) out of the 27 vacuums that were broken, were Dysons.

    It's been three weeks since I first pulled the Dyson out of it's packaging, and it still hasn't been fixed yet. I love the performance of the Dyson and how well it picks up my dog's hair from the carpet; but if this experience has taught me anything it's that next time, I'm probably going to skip the good deal on a Dyson and go with something more relaible and with better customer service....more info
  • Most effective home vac
    I've always had long-hair dogs and have never seen a vacuum as effective as this one. The huge amount of dirt and hair that came up in the first pass showed me exactly why other vacuums didn't work. It pulled up what would have been ten bags of dirt and hair from less than 40 square feet of rug. My Miele's whole system would be gunked up far before I could change the bags the 10 times that would have been required to get all the hair. My remanufactured (i buy good deals) Dyson DC17 made the carpet look like new...scratch that, there are still other stains. I bet a Dyson steam cleaner would sterilize the universe.

    Excellent product. Remanufactured unit arrived with no problems. or blemishes. ...more info
    I wanted to get a Dyson for a couple years. One day I ran across this remanufactured Dyson DC17 Animal at a very substantial amount less than new. I wounldn't have purchased something that was remanufactured from any place other than Amazon. I purchased it and it was as good as new. This vacuum is the best that I have ever used. The brush really digs down in the carpet and get everything that my old vacuum never got. It has hepa filtration and the filter is washable so you never have to buy a new one. That is great and saves you about 30-40 bucks a year. Plus this vacuum comes all the extra tools. This is the best value I have found and highly recommend you give it a try!...more info
  • So far, so good.
    The Dyson DC17 is an amazing vacuum cleaner. It thoroughly cleans floors, and picks up the tiniest of particles. We have 3 cats and this cleaner does the trick. However, we are extremely disappointed with the warranty. (Please read the fine print!) Although we are big fans of remanufactured products, and buy them quite regularly, I've never seen one with a warranty reduced by 90 percent (from 5 years to 6 months). We did end up buying the extended warranty that you can get through Amazon. We're hoping that a vacuum cleaner of this quality never needs one. Cleaner great; warranty terrible....more info
  • Nice Vacuum Cleaner
    The remanufactured DC17 Animal we purchased was indistinguishable from a new one. Our previous vacuum cleaner was a Hoover that we purchased about eight years ago. It seemed to be doing a reasonably good job, but the self-propelled feature was giving us problems. We have a large white dog that sheds a lot, and we had to replace the bag on the Hoover after vacuuming the house about four times.

    We received the Dyson the day after we had vacuumed with the Hoover. I unboxed the Dyson and tried it out in the living room and was shocked by how much dog hair and dust it picked up. The Hoover obviously needed replacing. Some reviews say the Dyson could be easier to handle. I found this to be completely untrue. Our Hoover was self propelled and the Dyson is just as easy to use. The Dyson is also helping to fluff up our carpet which is about five years old. The carpet is looking newer each time we vacuum.

    Downsides are the part that actually vacuums the floor (don't know what it's called) is higher than most other uprights so it doesn't fit under low furniture and low beds. The vacuum comes with an attachment that can get under very low furniture. Also, not all the attachments can be carried on the vacuum. Only the crevice tool, brush, and one other tool can be carried on the vacuum. It would be nice if the power brush or the low furniture tool could also be carried.

    We like the vacuum very much and it does an outstanding job getting up pet hair, dust, and dirt. It also does a great job brushing the carpet to keep it looking new. The remanufactured model is definitely worth every penny. Don't know if I would pay full retail even though it performs so well. ...more info
  • OH Nooo! A lemon of a Dyson.
    Well I just recieved my refurbished Dyson. I was apprenhsive in buying a refurb but after other reviews thought it would be safe. I was very wrong. Multiple problems, missing pieces and broken buttons. I didn't find Dyson Customer Service helpful at all. The guy I spoke to could care less about my problems. I need to travel to a service center to have it repaired but not quaranteed that it will be fixed properly and all parts will be available at no charge....more info
  • Omgosh That's Nasty!
    What was so incredibly NASTY was the junk my prior vacuum was leaving behind. First of all before I rave on my new purchase I just want to say how awesome amazon was. I qualified for free shipping and I received my vacuum in less than 24 hours! That is awesome. Now on to the vac. Wow! I have a cat, a dog, 2 kids and a husband who tracks in all kinds of crap on his work boots and this sucker, sucked it all up. I vacuum on a daily basis (most of the time) and I plug this refurbished vac in that I was wary of buying, but for no reason. It came perfect condition, all the bells and whistles a package that included 2 cleaning products, snapped right together and there you have it. I tried it out and it lifted my over walked on carpet up, filled the canister immediately with dust, dirt and dog hair and that is gross to me. Called my hubby and raved about it. We had tossed around buying one for the price, but at the special price of 299.00 it ran yesterday we couldn't pass it up and I'm so glad that we didn't. My animals hair was really starting to get on my nerves and was so displeased with my current vacs lack of sucking power, but I didn't want to waste another [...] on a vac that wouldn't do it's job and 'd have to replace in a year or so. If this one lasts and holds out it's performance I'll be a Dyson fan for life. ...more info
  • worth the money!
    I had a few people recommend the Dyson DC17 Animal Vacuum, then I borrowed my brothers. Boy was I impressed! I bought my own, but purchased the remanufactured version from Amazon. The suction was strong enough to pull cat and dog fur off of my impossible to clean sofas. The suction is great, but I do not have any trouble pushing the vacuum around. The waste bin is easy to empty and the cord is extra long! If you have random items laying around, such as socks, watch out, they will disappear into the vacuum. But, it is easy enough to cut the power and retrieve your belongings. No complaints here and so far, I cannot tell that my vacuum was remanufactured....more info
  • So far, it is what it purports to be.
    Count me as another enthusiastic Dyson owner! I had seen my daughter's machine picking up pet hair, but it took a while for me to spend the dough. Watching my dirt accumulate in a canister has never been entertaining to me; in fact, it was a turnoff till now. The amount of dirt picked up by the Dyson on two recently vacuumed area rugs (a canister FULL of dirt and dog hair) stopped me in my tracks. We live in the country with four shedding dogs, a cat, and plenty of outdoor crud coming in the door. I had no idea that so much of that "treasure" had remained in my rugs until Dyson came along.

    I've owned Kirby, Eureka, Hoover and Oreck machines in the past. They are feeble compared to the Dyson. If the machine has staying power, I'll be a Dyson fan for life....more info
  • Outstanding Value, Great Product
    Was a bit skeptical buying a re-furb but it showed up (on-time) completely factory packaged with all the bells and whistles and in brand-new-like condition without a single scratch or blemish. As for the performance...well it is my first Dyson and I'm sold on the entire Dyson concept. It really sucks...but that is a really good thing for a vacuum. Well built, solid, not too big and clunky, easy to use attachments and not a bad looking vacuum either. I love it and will continue to buy Dyson vacuums from this day forward. Well worth the dollars and saving on a rebuilt was even better. ...more info
  • Love It!
    Awesome product. Before buying this vacuum I was using a Kirby which I paid a lot of money for but this vacuum I think is much better. It is evident buy the dirt and dog hair that it is picking up. I am still amazed at how much it gets out of the carpet. It is very easy to use. I like how quickly you can switch from a traditional vacuum to using the wand to get things....more info
  • Why pay full price??
    I purchased the Dyson Absolute Animal (DC17) vacuum with a little hesitation being that it was a remanufactured product. It arrived in a plain cardboard box with no pictures and was lacking instructions on how to assemble and use it, however, the vacuum appeared to be in brand new condition. I found the Dyson website very helpful for the less intuitive aspects of assembly and use. I currently share an apartment with 4 cats and my old vacuum left a lot of pet hair behind. I was looking for a superior product and I found it in the Dyson Animal! I was shocked at how quickly the clear bin filled up with hair. It is easy to use and very well designed. It is a bit cumbersome to use on stairs, but the attachment tools work well. This vacuum picked up so much dirt and hair from my beige carpets, it looks like I just had them shampooed! I actually enjoy vacuuming now! Why pay full price?? I saved over 200$ on my remanufactured Dyson and couldn't be happier with my purchase! I can't help but smile smugly when I walk past the same model listed at full price in my local stores!...more info
  • Great vacuum, a bit bulky
    After having the Kirby lady over at our house we were convinced that our current vacuum was not doing the job it should have been. We obviously did not want to spend $1000 on a dirt sucker, so we started looking around. The remanufactured Dysons at Amazon seemed to be a good deal, and since we have a dog we picked the DC17 Animal model.

    The setup of the unit is very straightforward and tool storage seems to function well. The suction on this thing is what they advertise, and what really works. This vacuum certainly picks up dirt and dog hair very well. The only complaint that I have is that it is a bit bulky, and as others have mentioned, doesn't fit well under furniture.

    Overall I give the product four stars. The fifth would have come if it were a bit lower profile and actually fit under my furniture....more info
    I love this vacuum! It works just as advertised and would recommend to any pet owner. I have 2 dogs in the house (black lab and boxer) and it makes my carpet look so clean! I love it and it is definitely worth the money. I had already went through 3 vacuums in less than a year and I am sure that this one will be around for years to come. It is definitely worth the money though, no complaints!...more info
  • dyson
    you will never buy another vacuum cleaner...Dyson is the best on the market. I love mine, almost as much as I love my Audi A4!!!...more info
  • Dyson Animal is DA BEAST!!!!
    This is the king of vacuums! I challenged my brother with his Hoover cannister and picked up all kinds of nasty stuff out of his carpet, even after he vacuumed with his. It is loud, and a little tricky to get the hang of the attachments and operation, but once you's awesome! You'd never know it was remanufactured either. I saved $200 over new. BUY IT!!...more info
  • Like brand new
    wonderful product. i have 2 cats and a dog that stay inside and this really gets all the hair. very easy to use....more info
  • I never thought I would love a vacuum...
    So maybe I'm turning into my mother, but I LOVE this vacuum. It came out of the box looking like a brand new vacuum and I haven't had any problems with it (I've had it a couple months). It picks up so much more stuff than my old vacuum (a Rainbow). My only complaint would be that the head of the vacuum is so tall that it doesn't fit underneath things well. There is plenty of attachments to take care of the problem but sometimes you know you just want to get the job done. However, I don't think you will be disappointed at all if you buy this product....more info
  • Outstanding...
    Ok, I never expected this vacuum to leave the little suction marks that you would see in longer carpeting on my tight burbur carpet! You can actually FEEL the difference in socks when you walk in a spot you've just vac'd compared to a spot that you did not! AMAZING and highly recommended!! Just make sure if you buy a remanufactured one that it comes with at least 6 months warranty. If you buy the extended service plan from amazon, it is only valid if the product has some sort of warranty of it's own. ...more info
  • Do not buy!
    This vacuum cleaner ruined my hardwood floors! After calling Dyson they told me to turn off the bare floor mode which is the brushbar (it does not explain this in the owners manual) so I did and vacuumed my floor again and the vacuum still scratched my floors all OVER! It also ate part of my rug and the turbine head ( which is used to vacuum couches) pulled threads off of my couch. You need to wear a mask when you empty the canister because dust gets everywhere. I have called Dyson and they take zero responsibility for my rug, floors and couch being messed up. They told me to take my complaint to the store which I have purchased their product. ...more info
  • Not Hype - Lives up to expectations
    Three years ago, I researched vacuum's and followed consumer reports suggestions of Dyson's are overrated and too pricey for the results. I went and purchased a Hoover Bagless WindTunnel, which was one of the number one vacuum's which picked up more dirt than any other tested vacuum.

    The vacuum never really impressed me but got the job done so i thought. After about 2.5 years, the suction in the Hoover was next to none coming from the base. I would run over a thread and it wouldn't pick it up. I used the hose and within inches it would pick it up. With 2 big dogs in the house, this was a problem.

    Back to the drawing board for a new vacuum. Decided to pursue the Animal versions of the Dyson. Read and found that this particular model is the better one for American houses, allergies, and pets. The DC17 has the American beater bar which is tougher for American carpets vs the European beater bar on all the other models. It was the best one in keeping the air clean. I couldn't at this point justify purchasing a brand new one, so I went the refurbished route because my experience with refurbished electronics has been successful.

    I got the dyson very quickly from amazon with every part you could think of and the full cleaning kit. Hooking it up was very easy despite reviews saying that the instructions were hard to figure out and that they couldn't put their vacuum cleaner together.

    So far so good! Now to see what this baby can do... After three buckets of dog hair/dirt and the carpets looking the best they have looked in 3 years... I wanted to get on and write this review right then... Hands down, Dyson is not just hype - it lives up to what it they say they came to do "make a better vacuum"!

    ...more info
  • Love the Animal!
    The Dyson Animal DC17 does a great job, much better than my previous vacuum, picking up pet hair. It is also much easier to empty. I love it!!...more info
  • Got all the cat hair--Black shirt test
    This vacuum is just as advertised. We have two cats and it sucks up all the cat hair on the carpet. I can roll on the floor with a black shirt after vacuuming and be cat hair free. Amazing!

    It's also great to hear that Dyson himself looks out for the little guy. Unlike other vacuums companies, there are no expensive filters or bags to buy--where other companies make their money. All you do is take out the filter after 4-6 months, wash it and dry it. Then you are back to good.

    Highly recommend to anyone looking for a vacuum. Money well spent! ...more info
  • great product at great price
    After reading the reviews here on Amazon about this product I took the plunge and bought a Remanufactured Dyson DC17 Animal. This vacuum does everything the positive reviews say it does. The vacuum arrived in new looking condition and arrived in a timely fashion. This is a great product. Please don't let the remaufactured title frighten you off. I have less problems with my allergies than I've ever had. I can honestly say, "I'll never own any other vacuum other than a Dyson now". Thank-you Amazon for making this product available price-wise by offering a remaufactured option. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    This remanufactured Dyson is great! Shipping was very fast and it arrived in good condition -- very easy to assemble (basically just attach the handle). The very first time I used it, I couldn't believe all the cat hair it picked up -- I thought my house was clean! I had been looking at Dyson vacs for a long time, but wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money. I'm very happy with the remanufactured product -- great product for a great price!...more info
  • it SUCKS in more than one way
    The first way it SUCKS is on carpet - it can suck anything out of your carpet. Really pulls out all the dirt and picks up all the dog hair. You have plenty of cord but I've had my vacuum for 2 months and my cord is still so kinked it's a constant hassle the entire time I'm using the vacuum. I still don't understand, either, why the release is on the front of the vacuum. So you have to turn on the vacuum and then walk around to the front to release it so you can get to work. Nothing wrong with the way every other vacuum releases from the back of the vacuum!
    Unfortunately, the second way it SUCKS is in the attachments. It is so poorly designed and so difficult to use the attachments. Everytime I use the vacuum I wind up cussing because of the attachments (I just finished using the vacuum so I'm ready to write a blistering review!). The pull out wand is cumbersome and hard for me to pull out since I have a bad shoulder. Plus it's not an adjustable length wand so the only way to dust tables is to just use the hose by pulling it out. Again because I have a bad shoulder I suffer a lot of pain trying to pull the hose and keep it out to dust. The hose is not long enough to dust with so you have to pull it out quite a bit and it is under a lot of tension. Then there are 3 other attachments which I havne't even figured out how to use or what they're for since there is no instruction manual, only a diagram.
    I think the British? inventor should have studied American vacuums a little closer so that he could have incorporated better attachments. Newer is not always better if it's not backed up with common sense and good research. He should have had his mother give it a test drive!
    Definitely not recommended for seniors or anyone with a disability except for carpet cleaning only.
    I'm on my way to Walmart to buy another vacuum that I can use for dusting,upholestory cleaning, and everyday carpet cleaning. I think this vacuum will wind up in the back of the closet and only get used a few times a year for deep carpet cleaning. ...more info
  • Remanufactured Dyson DC17
    Great product - works as described - this is a remanufactured machine but we couldnt tell when it came out of the package. Looks/functions brand new. Also came with a pile of attachments/ carpet cleaner / carpet refresher. Great purchase...more info
  • Great vacuum
    Something that does what it says it will do. I vacuumed with our old vacuum and then with our Dyson 17 Animal and could not believe how much dirt and hair our other vacuum left behind. My dyson sucks, I mean really sucks (up the dirt) and I wouldn't trade it for any other vacuum....more info
  • DONT BUY!!!
    If i could give this zero stars i would. This vacuum BURNT a HOLE in my rug. I contacted Dyson repeatedly and experienced THE WORST customer service in my LIFE. They asked me to take pictures of the rug and send it to them which I did. It then took them 2 more moths to get back to me (after repeated phone calls) Finally they asked me to send them the vacuum. I asked for a new one and for them to replace my area rug. I specifically said I did not want the same vacuum back as i was afraid it would burn MORE holes in my rugs. WELL they sent me back the SAME vacuum and on top of it they didnt even send back the whole vacuum it was minus the handle part!!! so basically they sent me back half of my old vacuum AND it was broken due to poor packing. when we just called them they said they couldnt find anything wrong with it so they just sent it back.... are you kidding me? We just contacted our Lawyer, this is negligence. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Dyson and their rotten customer service!...more info
  • A Vacuum Technology Revolution 100 Years in the Making
    Barley uttering jumbled words and not yet two years old, a "vacuum cleaner" was my first request from Santa. Growing up in a house where clean was priority #1, Kirby Vacuums were the backbone of the institution; there was simply no substitute.

    Naturally, when Dyson came along, I shrugged off the notion that they were superior, as Kirby would always be king. Recently, while in Best Buy, I tried out a display model and was in shock at the monstrous suction and "form-following function" design mentality Sir Richard Dyson employed while engineering the benchmark for vacuums of the 21st century.

    Because of this amazingly low price, I bought one from Amazon the same day. The unit arrived looking brand new, without a scratch.

    Needless to say, I cleaned the brushroll and put a new belt on my $1500 Kirby Sentria and went to work vacuuming my entire house, very slowly, over and over and as thoroughly as I thought possible. I followed over my "clean" floors with the DC17, not believing how much PURE DIRT, dust and HAIR HAIR HAIR!!! I do not have any pets and I'm a single guy! That crud had probably been embedded in my carpet for years!

    The true test of the DC17's suction power, is to attach the pet hair tool to your current vacuum when this Dyson arrives. Since the tool's brushroll is turbine powered it requires powerful suction to activate the brush. My Kirby would not even make the brush budge. Attaching it to the Dyson, it sounds like a 747 taking flight.

    Bottom line, if you truly care about the cleanliness of your home's air, floors and ridding all other surfaces of the scum that accumulates in your living environment, you can not call your home clean until you own the DC17. This $300 will be the most value-filled purchase of your lifetime; guaranteed....more info
  • Remanufactured Dyson DC17 Vaccum is the best
    I love this vacuum cleaner. We have two labs & a cat and the vaccumm gets up a ton of hair every week. I thought that once I cleaned the floor the first time I would not get that much stuff out each week. But really everytime I vacuum, it really seems to easily take up everything in the carpet. Even the carpet now looks almost new again.

    The vaccum is on the heavy side and the instructions are not very complete especially regarding the attachments. But I was aware of this before I bought the vaccumm. I am very satisfied. I love not having to buy HEPA filters & bags like I needed with my Hoover Wind Tunnel. Even my husband was impressed with this machine.

    ...more info
  • Dysson vac is a superlative product!!
    The Dysson animal vac really sucks! And that is meant to be a most positive assessment. I've never had anything do the remarkable job on my carpet that this product does. You get what you pay for. The only negative thing about it is the manual. Someone really needs to overhaul it. It's really hard to follow, despite the pictorial images. Just not enough instructive info in it. I had to call Dysson direct to get some answers. Otherwise, it's thumbs up on the product itself!!...more info
  • Awesome Vac.
    Well I was a bit sceptical on this prduct as most of the other vacuums I
    have used in the past cant hold up to my shedding mutt. I was also concerned that it might be a nightmare to assemble etc.

    I had this put together in 5 minutes and up and running in under 10. There are not any assembly instructions so you need to have some limited mechanical aptitude, but really it's a snap.

    This thing is simply great. Talk about cleaning! One of the best features is how easily you can empty the unit and break it down for a good cleaning.

    Best vac I have ever owned period. Well worth the money....more info
  • Great Vacuum-One of my best purchases ever
    After researching the hell out of a number of vacuums, I decided to go with the Dyson DC 17 Animal. I will admit, if I wouldn't have been able to get it on Amazon for $319 I probably wouldn't have purchased it at all. I received the vacuum within a few days of ordering it, even though shipping was estimated to be over a week. (positive)

    The vacuum was packaged extremely well. Even though this vacuum was listed as "refurbished" I'd be willing to bet the vacuum couldn't have been used more than half a dozen times prior to being repaired. The appliances were brand new, not even a single scratch on them. Oh yeah, this thing comes with a bunch of tools, I'm pretty sure I won't even be able to use all of them anyway! (positive)

    The directions were a little hard to figure out-I'm a man, I don't read directions, therefore I rely heavily on pictures! Maybe that's how they do things in Germany, but here in America it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to figure out how to put a vacuum together. I guess you have to be smarter than the piece of equipment you are trying to assemble. (negative-probably mostly my fault though)

    Now about the vacuum's performance.....this vacuum is f'ing awesome! I wish I would have purchased one a long time ago. Prior to this I had a Dirt Devil and never really felt like the carpet was "clean." Different story with this thing! Here's an example for you...I'm a fireman, so I took this thing to the station. After spending numerouse hours vacuuming throughout the course of the day, and filling up the canister 5 times, one of the night shift guys came in and said he noticed somthing was different about the carpet. I hadn't even mentioned anything to him! That's pretty impressive for a guy to notice the carpet being clean! The only real complaint I have is that this thing does not have a light on the front, but then again, it's not like I'm vacuuming in the dark! (positive)

    To sum it up, this vacuum is all it is hyped up to be!...more info
  • "Never loses suction?" HA! HA! HA!
    "Never loses suction" is an advertising gimmick. It lost suction within a short period, constantly declining now, too. Clean the little ($17.00) sponge "filter" and get a little improvement, but not much. It is practically impossible to clean out the tank, parts are locked down with star bits. Finally, cheap plastic parts break easily, so don't expect to be able to keep the cord in any neat condition....more info
  • Dyson DC-17 Remanufactured
    We purchased this vacuum remanufactured from ABC Vacuum Warehouse - free shipping arrived quickly and as described.
    We read consumer reports and rely on their ratings for many items.. and this vacuum does not top Consumer Reports list. However, the ratings on Amazon and Epinions seem to be overwhelmingly positive... so we bought one.
    I can't compare it to the top rated machines on consumer reports ratings since we don't have them side by side.. however, we were very impressed with the results. We replaced a 4 year old Bissell that was rated as a best buy by consumer reports.. and when we first bought the Bissell we were very happy with it. There is NO comparison between the Dyson and the Bissell... We have a shedding black lab. After we were through vacuuming the carpets - it literally looked as though they had been steamcleaned - they even felt completely different under our bare feet. It's pricey... but the difference is remarkable.. If it holds up over time.. worth the price.
    ...more info
  • Everything everybody says
    The Dyson Animal is extremely powerful and gets up dirt left behind from our old vacuum. The beater bar has totally fluffed up and revived our carpet....more info
  • Excellent!!!!
    Very happy with the product. We have tried several vaccums and this is the best one, very easy to use....more info
  • This Vacuum is Awesome!
    It was a little difficult to figure out how the arm was placed into the vacuum. The instructions were no help. We could not believe what it pulled out of the carpet. We have a small dog with white hair and we got tons of big black fur in our first canister. Gross!

    It is easy to use and easy to store. We are very happy so far....more info
  • Dyson DC17 Animal Cylcone Remanufactured
    My husband and I were wanting to purchase the Dyson DC17 and we were looking on-line for the best price when we came across Amazon's remanufactured vacuum at much lower price than we could purchase a new one. We were hesitant at purchasing a remanufactured vacuum, but because of the low price decided to give it a try. When the vacuum arrived and we opened it, it looked brand new. There was absolutely no indication that this vacuum had been remanufactured. We have not been disappointed with our purchase. This is by far the best vacuum we have owned. We recently moved from a home with berber carpeting, on which the Dyson required little effort to push, to a home with more of a shag style carpet and it is more difficult to push on this style of carpeting; however I would not let this deter you from purchasing one. We are very pleased with our purchase, especially with the amount of money we saved by purchasing the remanufactered one. We would highly recommend purchasing a remanufactured Dyson DC17 for anyone who is the market to purchase this vacuum model....more info
  • Great Vacuum, lousy instructions
    This vacuum will make you feel like you're living in a pig sty. We bought this vacuum to replace an older Kenmore product whose wheels weren't rolling so well and the parts added up to $100+. So why not buy a new vacuum? Just for fun I vacuumed a 12' x 24' carpeted area with the Kenmore. Right after, I used the Dyson. You know those quart sized Ziploc bags? That's how much more fur and dirt I got with the Dyson. I am now a believer.
    Now the bad part. Their vacuum isn't the only thing that sucks. I still have attachments I haven't figured out to use yet. The man in the commercials spouts off about how they went through 5000 trials to get the vacuum right. It would be nice if they would have tried more then once on getting the directions to be as awesome as the vacuum. They are the annoying picture directions with very little supporting documentation. I would venture a guess that future generations will find a copy of these directions and liken them to cave drawings. ...more info
  • Dyson Animal
    Bought this vacuum after hearing lots of positive things from a group of moms that I associate with. Searched for the best price and decided "why not" on purchasing a fully warranted re-manufactured cleaner. It has been an awesome purchase. I live down a dirt road, and own 2 large dogs (St. Bernard). The dirt and hair I get in my house can be unbearable at times. The Dyson sucks it right up. The previous vacuum I had seemed to stir the air up in the house and at times caused allergy problems with my husband. That hasn't been happening with the Dyson. The reconditioned Dyson has worked just like a brand new one. I've not noticed any problems as of yet. I highly recommend saving $150 and buying it....more info
  • A Great Purchase!
    This vacuum is awesome. It's powerful and cleans you house like nothing else. My husband is in awe of what it brings up from deep down in the carpet. It comes with all the attachments and after a 5-minute assembly it's ready for use.
    I would highly recommend to anyone. ...more info
  • A good purchase
    I couldn't imagine paying upwards of $450 for a vacuum, so I really appreciated the remanufactured option which saved me more than a hundred bucks. I was also able to get the best deal for the best product through amazon.
    Before making an online purchase, I shopped around at local stores carrying this same appliance for remanufactured sales, and none could compare in price or quality. (Best Buy tried to sell me their floor model, which they already broke and remanufactured, and were STILL continuing to use after they got it back... they were completely unwilling to drop their price below $350!)
    When I received my shipment from amazon, it looked good as new and works like a champ. It was really easy to put together and learn to use. I like it more than any other vacuum just for the great amount of capabilities it has (especially the part about how it doesn't lose suction, which I experienced with a bagless Hoover I had previously which also burned through three belts in the 20 times I used it!) Its nice to have something I can actually rely on this time....more info
  • Love it!
    I can not beleive how much dog hair it picks up everytime. My dogs are small dogs that don't even shed that much, and still!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    Excellent vacuum; would never know it is remanufactured. Picks up animal hair like no other....more info
  • Dyson DC17 Animal
    This vacuum works great. When shipped it was missing a bracket for the brush holder. Since it is refurbished, it only comes with a 6 month warranty. I would highly recommend buying new since it comes with a 5 year warranty. I found one locally for $399 and I paid $319 for this one. Has a lot of attachments that I will probably never use. It has a lot of suction. ...more info
  • WOW
    This vacuum sucks! Literally, the carpet looks great, the first couple of times we used it we had to empty the container 3 times. I have owned every make of vacuum you can name, and nothing comes close to this....more info
  • dyson
    this is a great vacuum and would recommend it for everybody.It picks up animal hair from the carpet along with all the dirt deep in the carpet.It's nice not having to mess with any bag to empty.Dyson couldn't have made it any easier to empty the canister.I love the looks and the performace of this vacuum....more info
  • Amazing product
    We searched many web sites before finding the best price on Amazon. I was reluctant to spend so much money for a vacuum, but it is well worth the price, especially if you have pets. Even factory refurbished, it is in perfect condition. Purchasing was easy and shipping was quick. Thank you Amazon. ...more info
  • remanufactured is a good deal
    I took a chance on buying the remanufactured DC17, and I am very pleased with it. It looked completely new when I unboxed it- I wasnt sure what I would see after reading some of the reviews, but I had no problem assembling it, I found the directions easy to understand, even though they are pretty funny little pictures- no writing! I didnt need any tools to assemble it. It took me about 5 minutes or less to put it together. it vacuums much better than my previous vacuum - a Hoover windtunnel or something which I paid about 300 dollars for - which is now long gone- took it to the dump! I have not had any problems with clogging and we are remodeling our house- dry wall dust, chunks of dirt, you name it- Im vacuuming it up with this thing. I especially like the filter- it really does filter the dust. I think it was definitely worth the money, especially being a rebuilt model. ...more info
  • Dyson DC17 Animal
    This Vacuum is amazing! I have 2 dogs that shed constantly. This vacuum will get 100% of the dog hair out of the carpet....more info
  • Dyson Animal DC17 - Makes Vacuuming Easy!
    I settled on this vacuum after reading a number of reviews. I am not disappointed!

    I used the Amazon 2 day free shipping to a US address (I live in Canada)then brought it across (cost an additional $35 to get across for gst, pst and duty as item is made in Malaysia).

    The vacuum came in a brown box and was very well packaged. It was amazing pulling all those attachments and extras out (never seemed to end!). The instructions booklet was well written and in multiple languages.

    Did some vacuuming (of course!) and was impressed. Loved the pull out hose. That is a great feature for me. I actually only have 3 area rugs, but the vacuum also did very well on bare floors. The mini beater bar attachment worked fantastic for the couch. We have a cat and a dog and the hair sometimes make it's way to the couch (cat is allowed, but dog isn't - since when does a dog listen anyway?). Then went over to my mother's and vacuumed her house (wall to wall carpet). She was very impressed. She admitted that she vacummed the day before and I pulled all the carpet up and collected a container full of debris. Then I brought it to a commercial property that we own. Cleaning was a breeze. The pull out handle worked like a dream on the stairs and in tight spaces. People that we hire to clean also loved the vacuum. Yes it is heavier than most vacuums, but to me is didn't matter as the other features more than made up for the weight.

    So far really impressed.

    One of the marks of a good company is its customer service. The only problem that I have encountered is that one of the attachments was missing a small wheel. I called the 1-800 number in the booklet and the person on the line was professional and courteous. He directed me to the Canadian 1-800 number. I then called that number and the female on the other line was upbeat and sounded like she truly enjoyed being a customer service agent. I explained that I was missing a part and she took my number and said that a technician would call me back. The technician did call me back in about an hour (customer service agent said within 15 min) and informed me that the vacuum I purchased was made for the US. Apparently they are made or packaged differently for Canada, Europe and the United States. Nevertheless, he was professional and understood which part I was speaking about. He said it would be shipped, at no charge to me, via Purolater and would arrive in a couple days. The part is now here as promised.

    I recommend this vacuum because it is very versatile. It has fantastic suction and does the job whether you are doing carpets, floors or cleaning up those cobwebs in the ceiling corners. The reconditioned description didn't worry me and it also came with a 6 month warranty (as opposed to a 5 year for a non-reconditioned vacuum). The vacuum that I purchased was in brand new condition.

    The cons so far are few. Be careful vacumming around stringy items (mother's bedspread had a fringe which the vacuum quickly wrapped around the beater bar). Also although the vacuum comes with an appreciated long cord, it would have been nice if it retracted. Vacuum is a little on the noisier side as well, but I suppose that is to be expected for the power it generates. The debris container does fill fast with the heavier items (dirt, sand) falling to the bottom and the hair sometimes congregating between the cyclone and the plastic container. Most times it does come out when using the very simple push button to open the bottom hatch (I give it a gentle twist back and forth and it dislodges). Otherwise you can separate the canister from the cyclone and clean it out there.

    5 out of 5 stars for this Dyson DC17....more info
  • LOVE IT ! ! ! !
    I love this vacuum. I have been looking at it for over 2 years. I had a working vacuum so I could not justify the price. My Hoover (which I had for over 11 years) started to die occassionaly. That was my chance to start seriously looking at the Dyson. I found the remanufactured one on Amazon and thought it was a great deal. I bought it and received it in about 4 days - it looked absolutely brand new. I have also used the spray cleaner that came with it and it worked really well on the stain that I had.

    There were a couple of issues - one has been mentioned in other reviews - the lack of instructions. This vacuum does so much and has so many attachments but there are no directions on what to do with them. I have them stashed in the closet and maybe someday (when I retire) I will try t o figure them out. In the meantime, I just use the attachments that I know. The other issue is that because the vacuum has so much suction it really makes the hose hard to manage. It seems to get sucked back up into the vacuum because it is so powerful. It works really well, but you have to fight with it alot.

    One other concern that I had when I looked at it in stores was the weight of it. This turned out not to be an issue at all - this thing rolls smoothly and with very little effort. If you can get your kids to vacuum - this is a very lightweight machine while it is on the ground.

    Overall, I love it and hope to have it for at least as long as I had my Hoover Windtunnel....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    My wife and I bought this vacuum thinking that the full price for a new one was just too much to spend on a vacuum, but the refurbished price seemed more resonable to me. I don't know how anyone could ever be disappointed using this machine. Seriously, I was shocked, if it worked half as well as I've heard that the Dysons work I thought Id be happy, it's better, the amount of stuff this thing picks up is nothing short of amazing. We have a very tall carpet and I read a review that said it doesn't work on high carpet...NOT TRUE. It works great our carpet even looks cleaner after using, so I guess I'd say I like it......alot....more info
  • Exactly what I needed!
    I needed a new vacuum and decided to go with the best. This vacuum picked up an enormous amount of stuff even after vacuuming with my old one. When the first one was shipped it had a defected cord, but amazon was very quick in exchanging it. They shipped my new one before they even received the old one back. The new one works like a champ. I have always been impressed with Amazons customer service. Whenever I've needed to return or exchange something its been a very easy process.

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a good quality vacuum....more info
  • 2 Reviews in 1!
    I finally put together my "new" Dyson Animal last night. I liked it and am impressed - but not blown away.

    I feel like I should be writing 2 reviews - one for the product I received and one for Dyson in general.

    I got this remanufactured one and it came in really good condition. I was a little concerned about buying a "used" vacuum, but it came completely repacked and cleaned and you couldn't even tell, except for a few small scratches on the clear dirt canister - which is totally worth the $200 I saved. All the attachements where there and they look brand-new.

    I did do the whole "vaccuum with my old vaccum, and then with the Dyson" thing - and it did fill the canister pretty full of really fine dirt (ew). The Dyson is really heavy and awkward to move when it's not running, but it's quieter than my old Dirt Devil.

    I have a cat and one heavily shedding, long-haired dog and I am impressed with all the hair it picked up without losing suction (as long as I didn't let the canister get too full). But it's still a bagless so the dirt has to go somewhere. When you empty the dirt canister (which opens at the bottom - very nice), the dirt you've just sucked up flies everywhere... and a couple of times I had to reach in there and grab a chunk that wouldn't shake out. I don't know why I expected the Dyson to magically solve that problem (which I have had worse with my other Bissell bagless), but I was hopefully.

    Time will tell if it holds up to the promises.
    So I'm giving it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.
    Pluses: Very suction-y. Long hose. Quiet (for a vaccum). Lots of attachments. Self-propelled (with brush on). Purple. Space-age design.
    Minuses: $$$. Heavy. Awkward. Lots of attachements to keep track of and figure out how to attach. Dirt storm when emptying. Having to vaccum at all. Vague instructions....more info
  • Great for dog & cat owners
    This vac really takes up the hair and there is no way near the noise of my old vac. The only down of this vac is the instructions are inadequate. I am still not sure how to use some of the attachments....more info
    WOW, this vacuum claner sucks(HA)!!! I have two cats and a golden. We did the test - vacuum the carpets with your current vaccum cleaner and then the DYSON. All I can say is WOW!. This machine picked up so much "hidden" hair it was ridiculous. My wife & kid's allergies are already doing better. The only con is the upholstery attachnment. I wish it was motor driven instead of air driven. Otherwise, this is a thumbs up machine!...more info
  • Dyson Vaccum Cleaner
    I am very satisfied with the Dyson 17 Vaccuum Cleaner. My Hoover, which I like too, just does not take fully care of my German Shephards dog hair on the carpet. The first time I used the Dyson I could not believe the additional hair I got out of the carpet. I truly can recommend it to everyone.
    Christa Rittel ...more info
  • Animal hair
    I have been through several cheap and moderate vacuum cleaners over the years. We have several cats and dogs and I found it impossible to really clean my carpets and upholstery. I adore this Dyson. It really does what it says it does. I could not believe how many times I had to empty the cup the first time I used it. My son and my husband were astonished.
    It is heavy to use, but well worth the cleaning value. I would highly recommend, and in fact, was so impressed that a friend ordered it as well....more info
  • Great Vacuum.
    Bought my wife a clone of the vacuum last year, it started to go down hill. So found a recondition Dyson DC 17 and ordered it. Works great, my wife is very pleased with it. ...more info
  • Heavy but good
    We have been using the vacuum for a few weeks now and we are impressed with how good our carpets look. It brought the heavy traffic areas back to life and I no longer think we need to replace the carpet. However, be warned that this is a heavy vacuum. Much heavier than I thought it would be. We have three stories total in our home which means a lot of stairs and using this vacuum on them is a workout. I also agree with another review that the hose is stiff and hard to stretch. Also, the dirt/hair gets clogged in the filter long before the dirt bin has reached its capacity. I dislike having to reach up to unclog it. Overall it is a good product with a lot of power and we have been impressed with the remanufactured version. We were looking at the new ones and we are glad we saved money by going with this option. ...more info
  • Totally Sucks! (in a good way)
    Very user friendly and idiot-proof vacuum. First time I used this, I was absolutely stunned at all the junk in my carpets. I was a skeptic, now I am a true believer. With two kids, three cats, a dog, and the dusty Arizona climate - this vacuum actually manages to keep up with it.

    Dyson - believe the hype!!...more info
  • Worth The Money!
    The vacuum is amazing. It has rejuvenated my carpet completely. My only real complaint is that the instructions for use and the accessories are like Ikea instructions, pictures but no words. I'm sure I'll figure them out eventually!...more info
  • Dyson DC17 is a REAL Animal
    This is possibly the very best purchase that I have ever made on (And, I've made quite a few purchases.) It lives up to all the hype and does even better than I expected.

    I have two dogs in my house that shed like crazy. It has been an impossible task to keep the dog hair off of the carpets and furniture in my home. It was embarrassing to have company come over and set on the furniture or just see the dog hair on the carpet.

    But... no more! As soon as I took my new Dyson out of the box, I tested it on a small hallway where my dogs like to lay when inside my home. It's probably 15 feet long and about 4-5 feet wide. It FILLED the canister with dog hair when I cleaned it for the first time with my Dyson. And, while that was terrible to think about, I was thrilled to know that this dog hair was no longer in my carpet nor my home.

    The rest of the house is now throughly cleaned!...more info
  • Dyson Animal
    We had about four other couples who all own pets and tell us how great this vacuum is. We read the reviews as well then placed our order. We have a person who cleans our house every other week and had just been there the day the new vacuum arrived. I pulled it out and thought I would see if did what they said it would. We have a Golden Retriever and a cat so we have our fair amount of fur in our area rugs and carpet. Well much to our surprise it filled the entire chamber with pet hair that was down deep in the carpet. The beater bar did exactly what it said it would. Got all of the dirt and fur trapped down in the carpet fibers. We have tried the other attachments to clean the couch and chairs and we never loose any power from the vacuum. The wand is a handy feature to get under and behind places where you don't want to move the funiture. We have already told others at work about the vacuums power and they are looking to get one now.

    ...more info
  • Great Product!
    We love our new Dyson! The only disappointment was when we received it the belt was broken so we had to order some from a company we found online. Dyson customer service is not very good either. However, now that we have the new belts this thing is kicking butt on our carpet!...more info
  • Dyson worth the hype?
    I work at a dyson service center as part of our W-C services. Lots of people like these things and its all marketing. Filters clog, cyclones clog and are always internally filled with dust. Hepa exhaust goes bad and u don't even realize Your spewing dust. Pre-motor filter clogs all the time. Brushroll is cheap plastic, connected to clutch nearly impossible to change two belts wich are flat not cogged and dont last. Says on box not for delicate carpets, wont work on any shag. I don't recommend this vacuum to anyone with pets or allergys, don't recommend to anyone....more info
  • Great Buy
    This vacuum was a great purchase. We had been looking at a Dyson Animal for a while (we have a golden retriever who sheds constantly) and we very happy to find a great value like this. The vacuum arrived in a plain brown box, no retail packaging, but all of the attachments expected were included. The vacuum looks and works like a brand new machine. No issues at all about it being remanufactured....more info
  • A good deal for the money
    I was a little hesitant about buying a remanufactured Dyson. It was a lot of money for something that wasn't even new. I'm glad to say I had no need to worry. The vacuum looks brand new and works like a champ. I couldn't believe how much crap it pulled out of my carpets. The attachments are excellent and come in handy. This vacuum makes cleaning around the house almost fun!...more info
  • Awesome Vacuum
    This Vacuum does exactly what it is advertised to do. It doesn't loose suction, it is easy to use and all the accessories are perfect for a home with animals....more info
  • two words....Awe Some!
    as a mechanical engineer, i like everything to work well too. my girlfriend got me a 100 vac from home depot. it sucked. well, actually it didn't and that was the problem. so i got the most expensive vacuum i could get...refurbished at 3 and change. IT IS AWESOME! also, it is not loud. i don't know what people are talking about. actually, the pitch of the noise is much less annoying than most vacuums i've heard...i haven't heard too many. in short, it is an awesome thing to have....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I bought this product (refurbished) from Amazon for $319 with free shipping. That's a huge savings over the $540 standard price tag. The vacuum works great if you have cats and dogs that shed. I think it came with 6 different attachments. It does an exceptionally good job on the dog and cat hair. My couch collects hair like crazy, and just a few minutes with my Dyson clears it all up. I even used it in the back seat of my car where my dogs sit on road trips. It's a great value and a great vacuum....more info
  • Remanufactured Dyson DC17
    Remanufactured Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner-- I am dissastisfied. I am calling the manufacturer for assistance. No suction from hose. Floor pickup inadequate. Instructions inadequate. Hose extension for use on stairs is so stiff and awkward that it is almost impossible to use. On the Amazon side, I am not sure I have adequate bill of sale to verify purchase date....more info
  • Great price, great performance!
    This is the first remanufactured item we have purchased. It far exdeeds our expectations and is wonderful quality. The price is about half of what normal retail is for this vacumn. We will purchase remanufactured again. Joe...more info
    I Love My New Dyson! It works great. It actually sucked my curtains right off the wall when my husband got too close with it. The vacuum looked brand new even though it was re-certified and came with all the extra tools and solutions. Shipped faster than it was quoted. Very easy to assemble....more info
  • My house even smells cleaner
    I have been wanting a Dyson for a couple of years, especially since we got our big dog. I finally got this refurbished animal model and it is wonderful.
    The mini-turbine head really works great at getting the dog hair off of the furniture. It only takes a couple of passes to get all the dog hair, where with my old vac I would go over and over it and still have some clinging to the furniture.
    This vacuum is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.
    With my previous vacuum, the doggy smell would go away for about a day after vacuuming and then come right back. With the Dyson, the house actually stays smelling dog free until I vacuum again next week!! That is the biggest plus for me. I could not stand the dog smell when I walked into the house and now I don't have it anymore.
    This is totally worth the money and I wish I would've go it earlier.
    Oh, and I love how easy the canister is to dump, just pull up on the tab and the bottom opens to dump all of the dirt out, no taking apart the canister to clean it out. Love it....more info
  • I'm In Love
    I repeatedly bought inexpensive vacuum cleaners & tried to keep up with the hair of 2 dogs & 3 cats, very unsuccessfully. They would clog up every time I would vacuum. Vacuum, clog, unplug, unclog, plug in & repeat. I hated vacuuming. Then I decided to throw caution to the wind & buy this Dyson. I am in love! This machine is a God send. I will never buy another vacuum cleaner & hopefully I won't have to. My rugs don't remember ever being this clean & I don't mind sitting on the floor again! I highly recommend this vacuum to anyone with pets that is looking for an EXCELLENT vacuum cleaner. The attachments are helpful & very easy to use. I just can't get over the suction, it never stops! It is also great on bare floors with the brush disengaged, I've NEVER had that before. I could go on & on but all I can say is you are crazy if you DON'T buy this cleaner....more info
  • My new vac
    I bought a remanufactured Dyson vac from Amazon. Delivery was great. When I received the vacuum, it came broken. I realized it was remanufactured, but normally they fix it before they re-sell it. I called Dyson, and they led me to a repair facility 7 or 8 miles from my house. One month later, I am still waiting for my new parts. The repair facility told me they don't get paid to order me a part for my vac, only when they rebuild. So far, not a good story....more info
  • One mans junk is another mans treasure
    I say one mans junk is another mans treasure because I recently bought a REFURBISHED Dyson DC-17 Animal. I have an 1800 square foot home with 2 cats and I thought my carpets were clean till I used the Dyson. I cleaned one 12' x 12' room with my old vacuum and then immediately re-cleaned it with the Dyson and it picked up about half a bin full of hair and debris that the other vacuum left behind. It is an excellent vacuum I have 5 rooms with Berber carpet and the dyson does well on that but one room has a real tight looped carpet and when you sweep it with the Dyson you can smell the belt getting hot. So I dont recomend this vacuum on a real tight carpet. Other than that it is an excellent vacuum and I would recomend getting a refurbished one I paid $300.00 and the new one is like $550.00. ...more info
  • Great Performance
    My Dyson DC17 performs like a winner. I'm constantly surprised at the amount of cat hair and dirt it pulls off the floor. With eight inside cats, shedding hair can be a real problem this time of year. My DC17 sucks it up in no time flat. I used to spend hours trying to get all the cat hair off cushions, couches, and chairs, but the turbo tool cleans it off in a matter of minutes. I've also been impressed with the ease of emptying the dust collection canister. Out to the trash can, then no fuss, little muss, and I'm ready to head back inside and get back to work. I think this purchase was money well invested....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This by far is the best vacuum I have ever purchased. It cleans twice the pet hair as my old vacuum and I can tell a difference in air quality too. My allergies aren't nearly as bad and you really can't price of this re manufactured vacuum....more info
  • Excellent Bargain
    This was my first Dyson purchase after hearing all the praises. The remanufactured cost was more than 200$ less than the retail price. When I got the vaccum cleaner, I could tell that it had been used significantly before since there was plenty of scratches on one of the extension tubes . But the dust container looked new, so they must have replaced that part. It performs very well, and the dust-free air throw from the vaccum is a blessing. I was worried if this vaccum would be useful in my house since it only has hard wood/vinyl floors, but it works beautifully on these floors and ok on the suede couch with tons of cat hair.

    On the whole well worth it. I purchased this vaccum using a visa card and extended the warranty to 5 years through Visa Warranty for another 70$. Still much cheaper that retail dyson. I gave this product 4 stars for the scratches and poor 6 month warranty on an expensive product.

    When I bought the vaccum it was 319.99$, and now the price dropped to 299.99$. Amazon refunded me the 20$ for the 30-day post-price guarantee they offer! Excellent!...more info
  • Remanufactured Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright
    I absolutely love this vaccuum. It does a great job of picking up all of the dog and cat hair on our carpet. It is fairly quiet and is very easy to use. I didn't know what to think of it being remanufactured, but is came in excellent condition and works fabulously! I think the only that I would have been nice is a larger container to hold all of the dirt. It seems like I am having to empty the container more frequently. Still I don't know that it would deter me from purchasing this product again in the future. The pros outway the cons. If you are thinking about purchasing this vaccuum, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Works Great!
    I can't believe I waited so long to buy a Dyson. This vacuum has amazing suction power, and you'd never know it was remanufactured....more info
  • Wow! this vaccuum really sucks...
    I have never seen my carpets so hair free since I got my dogs five years ago. It is amazing the dander and hair that it pulls out of my carpet everyweek. You can see the results instantly through the clear compartment (which is very easy and quick to dump by the way). I am almost considering going to hardwood floors because of it. Overall great product, great design....more info
  • Multiple cats? This is the one.
    I hemmed and hawed about getting one of these for months, then finally went for it. I just finished vacuuming the house with the Dyson D17 Animal, and I love it. I got the remanufactured one for $319.99, and shoot, I just saw that it went down to $299.99. (EDIT: Due to the post-price guarantee I should be able to get my $20 back) That's the best price I can find anywhere, (especially with super saver shipping and no tax). I ordered it using super saver shipping and it arrived in 5 days. First, the remanufactured item: I was a little concerned, but found that I needn't have been. The box was a little weird, turned inside out so the pictures were on the inside. The box was also a little damaged, but everything was inside, all sealed and packaged like new, not a scratch, and it works perfectly.
    Next, getting used to the thing: it took me a while to figure out you just stomp on the front end to make it go (what I get for not looking closely at the diagram). My old vac had a thing on the back end to release the front. And using the wand takes a little getting used to, but once you've got it, it's actually easier than my old vac (which was a Dirt Devil upright). The Dyson is quieter, lighter, and stronger than the Dirt Devil, and so much easier to dump the dirt, which is good because it picks up more, so you might have to dump it out more often. If you're used to losing suction as a signal to dump the dirt, you won't get that signal here - it really does keep suction power constant all the time, and you'll have to check to see that it's full.
    I have three indoor cats that shed a lot, and two tall cat-condo things with platforms. Anyone with those knows how furry they get. This definitely does the job.

    ATTACHMENTS: There are three attachments that don't fit on the machine, so you'll have to keep them somewhere else. The low-reach floor tool is kinda weird, not sure I'll ever use that. The mini-turbine head is cool, and works great on carpeted stairs. Then there's another brush suction thing - another one I probably won't use. The rest of the attachments fit on the machine and work great - crevice, brush, and stair tools.

    HOT TIP: Use what they call the Stair Tool on almost anything, with the little attachment put right on the hose. The red lint-brush strips on the bottom are fantastic, and it works great for de-furring cloth covered furniture sooo much better than brushes.

    ANOTHER TIP: Sometimes I need to use just the hose with an attachment and clean 'by hand'. The wand needs to be removed to use just the hose. I thought, where am I going to put this wand? Answer: Right back on the machine where it usually goes. I can pull the machine around if I need to and then quickly reassemble it for floor cleaning.

    BOTTOM LINE: Since the price just went down some more, if you've been thinking about getting one of these, go ahead because you'll be glad you did. You get the extra year warranty as part of the deal, so why not?...more info
  • Don't even think about not buying one of these
    We've watched the Dyson commercials for years, we've listened to how fabulous Mr. Dyson thinks he is and we just didn't believe it all until we unpacked our DC17 Absolute Animal vacuum and made one pass over our living room carpet. It performed unbelievably fantastic. We are a pair of clean freaks and this machine shocked us at how much grime it retrieve out of the carpet. After vacuuming the entire house I then ran to the broom closet, grabbed our old vacuum by the neck and literally threw it out the front door. Thank you Mr. Dyson, you're a genius.
    ...more info
  • Simply Amazing!!!!
    Since reading pretty much every review out there on the Dyson, I must say that I was expecting it to be the best vacuum out there and to perform great. After it's first use I must say, it easily surpasses my already high expectations. This thing is for real! A day after vacumming the living room, hallway, and 2 bedrooms with an Oreck XL, I ran across the same area with the Dyson. Amazingly so, it filled up nearly 2 canisters of filth that the Oreck left behind. It;s crazy and kind of gross seeing what this thing can pick up. There were 2 witnesses to this feat and they will both be placing their orders for one soon. I've had experience with Kirby's, Hoover's Windtunnel, Electrolux and the Oreck XL and they all sadly pale in comparison to the Dyson. If your on the fence about buying one of these, don't hesitate. This thing is amazing!...more info
  • Wondeful vacuum for pets
    After searching and searching for a vacuum that can handle pet hair, I decided on a Dyson. I bought a remanufactured one to keep the costs down. It has turned out to be the BEST vacuum ever for pet hair. I've got four dogs that shed year round, so the hair is always present. This is the only vacuum that removes all of the hair. I've gone through three other brands in the past two years. The attachments are great for the stairs and furniture. Although I was leary of the price of these vacuums, I am so glad that I bought one. It is well worth it and finally feel like my house is clean!...more info
  • Dyson- is it worth the hype?
    I bought this remanufactured Dyson two days ago and received it yesterday thanks to a free trial of amazon prime. The vacuum looks as good as new. The question is, is it worth the hype? I'd say it's a good vacuum, but I'm not as ecstatic about it as some people seem to be!

    I decided to put it to the test by vacuuming with my Hoover Bagless Wind Tunnel first. The biggest complaint I have with the Hoover is that it loses suction after the bin gets about a quarter or half full. I wasn't able to compare this with the Dyson because the Dyson only picked up a couple inches worth of dust and dog hair since I had just vacuumed with the other unit. I guess I was expecting that the Dyson would be *so* much better that it would immediately pick up tons of dog hair and tons of dust. It definitely picked up some stuff that the Hoover missed but it wasn't "amazing."

    The pros: self propelled-very easy to push around! The purple color is pretty (not that that really matters). It has a lifetime HEPA that can be cleaned and reused (nice considering the Hoovers HEPA is 30 bucks a shot). It is bagless-some people don't like this, but I do. I don't like having to buy new bags all the time-with a dog, bags fill up quickly. It comes with some spot cleaning powder and spray. It also comes with extra attachments.

    The cons: it's a little heavy. I found it to be a lot more noisy than the Hoover. It doesn't have a light and doesn't seem to have edge cleaning. The owners manual is useless. It took me a long time to figure out how to put it together and where the attachments went. Instead of making normal carpet marks, it leaves marks that look like rakes.

    Overall, I'd say it's a good vacuum. I'm certainly glad I didn't pay the full price of $550 because I don't think it's worth that. I still think the $319 that I paid is a lot, but hopefully, even though it is reconditioned, it will still last for a long time....more info
  • Great Vac, Great Value
    Vac works great. It looked brand new, all new attachments and accessories - not a scuff or mark on it anywhere. I can't believe it was used/remanufactured except for the low price. It pulled so much dust and dirt out of my carpet I was amazed. My old vac got up the pet hair but not the stuff that was deep down....more info
  • awesome vacuum
    What a great product. We love this vacuum cleaner, we were amazed at how much dog hair it picks up. Easy to use as well. We got a great price on Amazon through this seller as well. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Carpet looks NEW
    I'm impressed with the results. My apt. carpet is 2 1/2 yrs old. Only had an electric broom, so the carpet had not been DEEP vacuumed ever. The nap is back up and it takes several days for footprints to show. My only complaint, so far, is that I don't have a clue as to how to use all the attachments that came with it. Manual is lacking. Took a while to even figure out how to put it together after arrival. Directions are lacking. Wish that instead of a booklet telling how great Mr. Dyson is, they had used that paper to better instruct as to the use of the product.

    Don't see a difference between remanufactured and new except the $150. I saved! I don't have a pet, but do have allergies. This appreared to be the same machine as the allergy model. If I decide that I want the matress cleaning attachment, I'll order it. Bet it won't be $150....more info
  • Great Vacumm
    Love the dyson. Couldn't be happier with it. Does a great job picking up pet hair. Didn't know my carpet was so dirty until I used this vacuum. Glad I got it and great price. Received it in about five days after order using the super saver shipper so was very pleased....more info
  • Simply AMAZING.. worth every penny!!
    I have a large German Shepherd who sheds alot at various times of the year. She broke my last vacuum, so I needed a new one. I was hesitant about Dyson because they are so expensive, well all I can say is it is the most amazing appliance I've ever bought. It made my carpet look new. The add on is great also. I am amazed every time I use this vacuum at how it makes my carpet look new and gets every little bit of dust hair and whatever. ...more info
  • Life changing vacuum- can't recommend enough!
    I am an allergy and asthma sufferer and I am so glad that I bought this vacuum. Despite being allergic to dogs, I have a dalmatian and a chihuahua. The dalmatian sheds all year long and this vacuum removes so much pet hair it is amazing. I have never owned a vacuum that cost over 100 dollars, so I was hesitant to pay this much, but I tell you it is worth every single penny. The vacuum works like a dream and the attachments actually make cleaning fun. I agree with a previous poster who said their carpets smell so much cleaner. I find myself wanting to vacuum way more than I used to. I have never liked vacuuming, but the amount of dirt and pet hair this vacuum picks up and how clean the vacuum gets my tile floors and carpet make it time well spent. I absolutely love this vacuum and am glad that I coughed up the cash for it.

    I was nervous about getting a factory reconditioned model, but it arrived a few weeks ago, works great, and had no blemishes. I chose between buying the DC 07 model new or this DC17 reconditioned. I am so glad that I chose the DC 17. I love all the features, such as the extendable wand, and think it is designed so well. If you purchase this, you will understand why they are able to charge 550 dollars for the new model. I highly recommend this product and am so happy that I own it! It is a must for all allergy and asthma sufferers who are also animal lovers!...more info
  • Buy it - you won't be disappointed!
    I have been considering a Dyson vacuum for over a year - the high price was always a concern, along with wondering if the performance was really THAT GOOD. I was hoping a friend would get one so I could borrow it, but my friends haven't cooperated! We just got a dog about a month ago, and she's started shedding, so I thought that it was the perfect time to take the plunge into the Dyson pool of satisfied customers. I was a little conflicted about the re-manufactured Dysons, but until I see how the brand performs, spending over $500 was beyond my budget. I bought from Amazon because an extra one-year warranty is included.

    I ordered the vacuum YESTERDAY and it arrived today (thanks to Amazon Prime free shipping!). Assembly took about 5 minutes after unpacking all the accessories. The manual is a little strange, but you can figure it out yourself by just looking at the unit. All you have to do is put the handle with the telescoping rod into the main body. My vacuum seems to be in new condition and still has that new-plastic smell. It's actually quite pretty with its purple highlights.

    Now, to the test...I had just vacuumed (previous vacuum is a Eureka) the strip of carpeting from our kitchen into the living room, which is the main high-traffic area in our house. The berber carpet is beaten down, even though it's only about 5 years old, because we walk over this area many times a day. The nap is pretty shot, so I wasn't expecting a great result. But I was surprised and pleased to see that the carpet looks cleaner after using the Dyson.

    When you first turn on the vacuum, it seems quiet compared to other vacs - I have a Eureka Boss SmartVac, and the Dyson is much quieter in comparison. But it does have a high-pitched whine in operation that might bother some people, so ear plugs or a set of headphones might be a good thing. I usually listen to the radio on a Walkman (remember those??) while I vacuum, so it won't bother me. The dog doesn't seem to enjoy it, though.

    I got a LOT more dust, dirt and hair up from the carpet. In fact, I wonder if all that hair is from the dog we just got, because she hasn't been here that long! OK, well, so far, so good. I emptied the bin of the Dyson, which is easy and quick, just one button and done. I changed the bag on the Eureka and vacuumed the hallway from the living room to the bedrooms. The Eureka really sucks down onto the carpet *hard* when the bag is changed, but I'm not sure it is still getting ALL the dirt. It's hard to push and feels as if I am almost pulling the carpet up as I go.

    The Dyson is much easier to push and as I vacuum, I wonder if it's really even doing anything, yet once again, when I go over the same area and check the dust bin, sure enough, there is another pile of dirt, dust, and hair. I wondered as I read other reviews whether people were just not used to seeing the stuff their vacuums picked up, because of the bags, so they merely *thought* the Dyson was getting more, but my two little tests have convinced me.

    I also read Consumer Reports and they do not give the Dyson a very good score, not compared to other vacuums. That gave me pause, because I do take their reviews into consideration. But this time, I'm glad I didn't let their reviews keep me from buying this machine. Everywhere I went on the 'net, it was people absolutely RAVING over their Dyson. Now I'm one of them!!...more info
  • absolutely amazed and well worth it
    I got my Dyson in the mail right on time and immediately put it to use. I live in a duplex and I have to say I heald my reservations but my whole house smells more fresh, the carpet looks and feels brand new, and the amount of dirt and grim it got was astounding, I was made an instant believer and will never go to any other brand, this machine is amazing...more info
  • Awesome!
    I'm so glad I bought this vacuum! I wouldn't be able to tell that it was refurbushed if I didn't know better. It's kind of gross but seeing how much dirt gets picked up makes vacuuming fun! It's not a light vacuum but I expected it to be much heavier after reading the reviews. Seriously it's awesome and I wish I would have bought one much sooner....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    You wont be disappointed in this product...It cleaned the carpeted bedrooms and 700 sq feet of tile effortlessly...I had considered a Dsyon for years and am glad I spent the money. I can throw away my broom and come into this century! This vacumm goes into the corners, over the floors missing nothing. My floors are finally clean enough to eat off of!...more info
  • lives up to the hype!!!
    arrived in perfect condition!!! all parts accounted for, and working properly... i was amazed at the amount of dirt, pet hair, and other debris that my old machine missed! would definately recommend!!!...more info
  • Worth every penny
    The Dyson Animal vacuum is great! The first time I used it, I was amazed (and a little horrified) at the amount of dog fur and dirt that it collected. As I vacuum more, my beige wall-to-wall carpet gets cleaner and cleaner. And the air doesn't have that musty dusty "vacuum cleaner" smell when I vacuum. It seems as if the air is cleaner too.

    The unit came with the standard attachments and also an special attachment for getting under low furniture and a mini "beater" attachment for stairs. It also came with two types of rug cleaner.

    My only regret is not getting one sooner!...more info