NEW! Miele S516 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner w/ STB 101 Handheld Turbo Brush

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Product Description

A vacuum cleaner designed to make life with pets more comfortable. You would never give up sharing your home with your pet. You could never get along without the love and joy that comes along with a beloved cat or dog. They're simply a part of the family. Unfortunately, one of the downsides is having to live with persistent odors and thousands of loose hairs on your furniture and flooring. It's a problem most of us are willing to accept. To solve this problem, Miele introduces the Cat & Dog: A special machine with a powerful motor and powerbrush to remove pet hairs and a unique, active charcoal filter system that efficiently removes odors from the exhaust air. Here's how: Airflow is the secret to removing all those pet hairs and odors. It helps lift them from smooth surfaces, pulls them off furniture and clears them from the corners and nooks. The secret behind the airflow is a powerful, 1200-watt motor. Despite its incredible power, it's also exceptionally quiet; so quiet, you'll even be able to hear the phone or doorbell ring. The unique rib cage design allows air to circulate around the entire dustbag, preventing clogs and maximizing airflow, even as the dustbag fills. The completely sealed system reduces suction loss and ensures the thorough removal of all particles and odors from the exhaust air. The Miele Active Air Clean filter combines two incredible mediums into one, superb design. One technology filters the air of microscopic particles; the other removes odors. Sandwiched in a plastic casing between two layers of electrostatic filters is a dense layer of Generally Activated Charcoal (GAC). GAC is designed to remove all types of odors; pet odors, smokeeven perfumes. Once these particles come in contact with the charcoal, they are locked in place permanently. The electrostatic filters use static electricity to capture airborne particles and remove them from the airflow. Perfect with homes with Pet Hair.

  • Included is the Active Air Clean (Charcoal) filter for Pet Odors
  • Includes the STB101 Hand-held turbo brush for pet hair on upholstery and stairs
  • Powerful 1200 Watt German motor
  • Ideal for Medium to low piled carpets, and bare floors.
  • Suction: 111-inch, column waterlift (25 kPa)

 Customer Reviews:

  • Best Vacuum Cleaner I've owned
    The price is high but I was really sick of vacuum cleaners that didn't last. I have kids & pets & this makes cleaning a breeze. I am delighted with this machine & think it is worth every penny! ...more info
  • Not too bad
    This is my 6th vacuum in 23 years of marriage. For the price, I expected a little more....It's pretty much like my old Kenmore, lots of plastic. I wish the cord were a bit longer and would stay in the socket. It comes out pretty easily and I have to go back and keep replugging it in. I have cats, and it does a good job with picking up the fur. Both the power head and the hard floor nozzle are too wide for getting behing places my Kenmore, hard floor attachment could easily get behind. I can get under some furniture I couldn't get under with the power head on the Kenny..
    The vacuum itself is compact and light weight. It maneuvers throughout the house easily moving from tile, to laminate to plush carpet.
    I bought it because I've heard it lives a long other units including the sanitaire, which cost about the same as the Meile, died very young...I've heard the Miele lives sometimes 20 years...which is like my mother's vacuum, which lived about 50 years!
    So, if the Miele people are reading...please make the cord a foot or so longer, with a three prong, plug and the hard floor tool a little more narrow.
    ...more info
  • Mercedes Benz of Vacuum Cleaners!
    After the frustration of going through several vacuum cleaners, I decided to stop spending $100 every 6 months for junkers and spend 8 times as much for the German Mercedes. I am not disappointed.

    I've had this vacuum for several months now in a high traffic kid and pet environment and it purrs along with suction as good as ever and never a clogged hose yet. The size is handy and lightweight in the canister vac configuration which I personally vastly prefer over uprights.

    The bags are small and cost about $3/each but the vacuum does not spew out dust and $3/week to maintain the Mercedes which has transformed vacuuming from a nightmare into pleasure is worth it. :)
    ...more info