Wart Mole Vanish Award Winning, All Natural, Wart, Mole, Skin Tag, Syringoma & Genital Wart Remover Removal. Remove with only ONE 20 minute application! No daily application of creams, oils or aci

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Wart Mole Vanish is the world's ONLY, 20 minute, single application mole, wart, skintag and syringoma removal product. No daily application of creams, acids or oils! Wart Mole Vanish (WMV) is a safe, all natural, international multi-award winning, wart and mole removal product from Pristine Herbal Touch. Effectively removes warts, genital warts, mosaic warts, plantar foot warts, hand warts, human papilloma virus (hpv), moles on the skin and face, skin tags and syringoma. Unlike surgery or other costly solutions on the market today, our wart and mole remover cream is cost effective and easy to use at home. After many years of Research & Development and proven through extensive clinical studies in Asia, Wart Mole Vanish is clearly the #1 choice to remove warts, moles, skintags, syringoma and genital warts. Hundreds of thousands of people have already used this amazing product to safely and effectively remove their warts, moles, skin tags and syringoma. Pristine Herbal Touch has been a leading world-wide provider of Health and Beauty products for many years now. We stand firmly behind all our products and guarantee results or your money back! Quantity (0.05ml) is sufficient for 2-5 growths (1/4" or 5mm) or 5-25 smaller ones (1/16" or 2mm).

  • ONE 20 minute application is normal!
  • NO daily applications! Safe, 100% natural
  • 25+ years of Research & Development Thousands have used Wart Mole Vanish
  • This product does NOT contain Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) or Zinc butter (Zinc Chloride)!
  • Guaranteed to work, or your money back! (Quantity 0.05ml) sufficient for 2-5 growths (1/4" or 5mm) or 5-25 smaller ones (1/16" or 2mm)

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Stuff!!
    This Wart and Mole Vanish is Good Stuff!! I was reluctant to spend $80, but it was worth every penny.I am at the stage where there is just a pink circle/crater, and have been told to use Vitamin E oil to help in the healing of this.But the mole is Gone.Incredible!!...more info
  • Wart Mole Vanish Award Winning All Natural, Wart, Mole, Skin Tag Removal
    For $89 the amount of wart/mole remover was so small it barely covered three small moles. It did remove two moles, but wasn't enough for the removal of the third one. It seemed to work well, but I was very disappointed at the tiny amount of removal....more info
  • Amazing product!
    Wart Mole Vanish is an amazing product!!! I used it about 2 years ago to remove moles that were on my face, arms and head. I had lots of moles, but now those are all gone! People cannot tell I had moles before. I have more confidence and a smile on my face instead :) I really recommend this product to everybody. If you are thinking about removing moles by laser surgery, you should try this. This is natural and works!...more info
  • Works, sorta...
    Well first off it DOES do as advertised, for me anyway, but at a price. By DOES I mean it did remove my skin tag but the scar left behind was the price I paid. I followed the directions to the letter and still this dime sized scar remains. Also the pain caused when you put this stuff on was rather extreme. I mean I could have clipped the skin tag off with scissors or nail clippers and felt ALOT less pain.

    The last few skin tags I removed I have simply clipped them off (feels like a pinch)since it was much simpler and left no scars....more info
  • I love this stuff!!!
    I bought this stuff about 5 months ago...it worked great! I had 5 moles on my face and two of them were so big they needed a second application...I do have a slight scar/red mark where the mole was but nothing a little bit of cover up doesn't hide...I feel so much better and look so much better as well...if I could post before and after pics I would! The redness and scars go away with time...I wouldn't pick the scab though because it takes longer to heal and may leave a bigger mark...I actually put band-aids over the treated areas and the scabs fell off within 10 days, then I put neosporin on them until they fully healed and I feel and look GREAT!!!I am ordering more of this stuff for some moles on my back I want removed......more info
  • Works Great!
    This product does exactly what it says it does, it removes moles. I love this product. I removed about 6 moles, 2 of which were large. My moles have scabbed over and have fallen off and my skin is healing quite nicely. I have been putting vitamin e on it everyday. I highly recommend this product if you have moles you want to get rid of. I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Seems to work as promised, so far
    I just put it on a few days ago and it looks that of the moles I treated, they will be mostly gone. I have literally 80+ flat moles--I started counting then gave up--and maybe 5 slightly raised moles... I pretty much have all types of moles you can have... the only type of mole I haven't tried this on yet because I think it probably won't work well on it are my two "blue" moles... those ones that look like they're deep in your skin and look blue.

    But let me clarify something.

    A. If you look up the ingredients (I give them props for using their scientific names) which are basically ground up plants... 1 is caustic and 1 is toxic (and the third has some other properties, I dunno?).

    B. You really are BURNING these babies off. Strangely... the ones that hurt the most were the tiny ones... dunno why... the tiny ones that look deep anyway (by deep the color is pretty uniform and there is a disc of flesh visible... versus those moles that look like someone splotched paint on you and is very light)... those deep ones hurt like CRAZY. Like I mean REALLY bad (although I used the needle as the emery board wasn't doing too much). All of them sting pretty bad.

    C. You will look like an idiot for a while with bandaids all over you. XD

    D. They haven't healed yet but it looks like the ones that have a higher chance of scarring are the flat yet deeply rooted moles... may get a pock mark of some sort.

    E. There is actually quite a lot of paste given. I just did about 15 moles (10 of which were good sized, 5 tiny ones) and I still have paste left. I'm going to TRY to save it as I know the site says you're supposed to use it all at once cuz it dries out. I put a few droplets of water on top and screwed it tight... I'll update this later when I find out if it is salvageable. (I didn't want to continue though I still have more moles... My face and both arms feel awkward.)

    However, considering all this, it does as it says... and seemingly gives good value since going to the doc is way more expensive per mole.

    I am not going to use this on my giant scalp mole that looks bad (it has grown a bit and is irregular). That one seems too important to burn off and ignore. I'm gonna get the doc to do a biopsy on that one just to be safe....more info
  • So glad I found this product!!
    This product does EVERYTHING it said it would - I removed several small moles with one application, and one VERY large skin tag that took several applications, mainly because I couldn't get at the base of it like you're supposed to. One mole removal left a very small "dent" and is still a tiny bit red after 6 months, but all others have healed up nicely, and this one will, too. The "stinging" can be somewhat intense, but it only lasts about 10 minutes and it's well worth the results. My order arrived promptly, instructions were very detailed and complete. Just placed my second order online and the owner called me within 2 hours because there was a discrepency with address - he was very helpful/friendly/informative! I am sincerely thankful for this product!!
    T.Orcino...more info
  • Really works on plantar warts ! - but expensive and must follow directions EXACTLY for results.
    This is the only thing I have found that actually gets rid of plantar warts. It doesn't shrink, burn or flake off the top layers, it eliminates them for good and does it in one day.

    But it's time consuming, a pain to use and... expensive- one stubborn wart can use up an entire box.

    While the instructions on the box are accurate, what they don't tell you, is that you HAVE to have red/black pus coming out from under the white cream that you spread on top of the wart or the wart will NOT be destroyed. The more pus that comes out, the more the wart root is being pulled out, chemically burned and destroyed- so you want to see a lot of it and feel it slightly burn. If you don't see any small red/black pus balls ( I know this is gross) slowly pushing out from under the cream, or feel a burning sensation, then the cream hasn't penetrated into the wart root and your wart will NOT go away -and you have just spent $80 for the privilege of covering your wart with white goo.

    You have to scratch deeply into the wart and remove any dead skin from the top of the wart for this to work. The cream burn is mildly painful but I found it to be bearable -and worth it to be rid of the wart.

    Time wise- the whole process takes about two hours from start to finish. I don't know about moles, but for my plantar warts, it took at least one 20 minute applications before I saw any red pus coming out and another 20 minute application to get to the whole root- plus another 20 minutes just to be sure. So for me, the application process was a good hour. The second hour is waiting for the weird bulbous red/black pus ball to dry into a scab. You can't wipe off the pus ball because the scab that forms pulls out any remaining root left by the wart that wasn't burned by the cream. Sounds silly, but you have to do this and let it dry completely which takes a good hour of sitting, reading and not moving. IF YOU DON"T follow this step, your wart will come back- the one wart that I didn't allow to scab over- came back. And I had to get another box to get rid of it.

    The amount of cream that comes in the box is laughingly miniscule but it really is enough for 3-5 applications. You don't need much cream at all. The thinnest layer will do as long as you have scratched the wart really well and can see red pus starting to ooze out. No red/black pus after a few minutes...? Then scratch deeper and add a little more cream- but it doesn't take much.


    1. It works!
    2. It only takes about two hours instead of weeks and weeks of daily applications.
    3. Great for people with allergies to natural wart remedies with essential oils ( like me! )


    1. Expensive- tiny amount for the money. You will absolutely need two boxes if you have more than one wart.
    2. Frustrating to use- lots of little application tools and you need follow every little step as well as monitor the process constantly to see if it's working.
    3. Minor scaring. My warts were on the bottom of my feet, so the scaring doesn't bother me but it is there. That being said, I would be very hesitant to use this on my face.

    This is the ONLY thing I have found- after years of over the counter remedies- that got rid of my plantar warts for good. While it is a pain to use and expensive, I would buy it again because it really works.

    ...more info
  • This is an Amazing Product! It truly works. Highly recommend
    This is a product that does really work. I used this for 2 moles - one on my face and one on my neck. I also used it to remove several skin tags. I am estatic! They are all gone with no trace. The facial mole left a small red spot - but it is quickly disappearing with regular use of vitamin E oil. I have ordered more to remove one more from my face. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to remove any moles or skin tags.

    The vendor is wonderful to work with. I had some questions and all were answered very thoroughly and completely. I highly recommend WMV. I cannaot express how happy i am with the results. This is a company that offers not only an excellent product - but the compnay is very customer oriented and will do all possible to ensure each customer is satisfied. ...more info
  • Microscopic Supply
    I opened my order expecting to find a reasonable amount of medicine for $90. What I got in the box is an amount so miniscule I could barely see it. At nearly $90 a box this product is a complete rip-off in terms of quantity of medicine supplied. I strongly recommend against buying this product for that reason. Whether it works or not remains to be seen--that is if I can find enough material in the fancy bottle to treat one skin tag. I am thoroughly disgusted with this product....more info
  • The best thing that ever happened to me!!!
    I can't believe my mole is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This product has literally changed my life and would recommend it to anyone. I used this on a small, slightly raised mole on my forehead. Everything happened as the directions predicted, and it came off in 6 days...and it's completely GONE! I just can't believe it. It's still small pink indent, but I am confident it will heal nicely. I have been using vitamin E oil, as well as a product for scars both on the scar, and after the mole fell off....more info
  • Works like magic
    Product does what is claims and worked in 20 minuties after applying howerver you do need to scarch a lot before applying the cream and the amount of cream provided is small, otherwise I would give it five stars It does sting for the first couple minuties. Overall I am happpy with it for removing skin tags...more info
  • good but with a price
    this removed my moles completely but with a price of a circular scar like 2mm bigger than original mole and it cost alot but yeah it got rid of them the pain isnt that bad......more info
  • really good product
    wart mole vanish is a really good product ..im using it the last 2 years and the results are pretty much satisfing..the truth is that basically healing takes a bit more than 6 months but it depends on the healing factor of each one..the good news is that it leaves no red spots or scars like some other products in the market..Use some medicine like soft antibiotics usually the one they use for scraching and soft kind of accidents the first 5 days for faster healing and after the mole falls use some EVIOL on the skin ( vitamine e)i live in Greece and the weather is really hot over here...this summer i was the most confident person on the beach..with a really trained and clear skin..that all.
    ...more info
  • Works Perfectly!
    Hands down the best wart and mole remover on the market, nothing else works this well or this fast!

    The ordering process was super easy, their customer service is very friendly, application only took about 20 minutes and my warts and moles are TOTALLY gone!

    There was enough cream to remove a few different moles and a few warts as well! Wart Mole Vanish does EXACTLY what it says it does. If I could give it 10 stars I would. A++ THANKS!...more info
  • Awesome product, worked like a charm
    Hey, just wanted to tell you guys how great wart mole vanish is (as if you didn't know already). I used it on a few annoying moles on my face a few weeks ago. The scabs fell off and are healing up very nicely after putting on some vitamin e oil. I still have some leftover so I'm going to try some on my friend's warts. We'll see how that goes.

    Also, extremely fast shipping A++. Thanks a bunch!...more info
  • I love this product!!
    This wart mole vanish is an amazing product!! It removed my moles which I have hated for a long time. It worked perfectly! I applied the cream to a couple of moles on my face, I felt little burning sensation. After 10 days, both of my moles came off without notice!! Wow@_@ Thanks!! Smooth transaction and quick shipping! Recommend to all!...more info
  • Horrible scar
    It's been a year, since I got this horrible scar on my forehead by using Wart Mole Vanish. The owner told me "It'll fill" a while ago, but it's never happened. My scar was round and deep, a lot bigger than the mole I was trying to remove. I just went back to a doctor because he told me to wait a year. He finally gave me a filler to raise the depressed scar, the cost was $200. And I have to go back there once in a while because the filler won't stay there permanently. Be careful everyone. ...more info
  • It Worked!
    I expected to have a scar or crater when I used this. No crater, but I now have a small off-colored scar where the mole was, but it doesn't look so bad, and looks much better than the mole. I'm happy with the results. I'd recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • Product DOES Work!
    I bought this a while ago (Back in February or so) and just recently got a chance to use it (Last month). I took the tools and cream out of the package and I must say... this looks like it was made in someone's home, there are pieces of paper with instructions on them for what each tool does secured by a piece of tape! I was pretty let down, thinking I got scammed, but I thought... why not try it anyways, I already spent 80 bux on the thing.

    I also tried to find the cream by removing the lid to the "thimble sized" jar and found no cream inside and thought I got ripped! Than I realized that the cream was in the top. I applied the PEA SIZED amount of cream to my moles (After scratching them like crazy) and when I did... I was pretty shocked by how bad that stuff burns! It seriously felt like it was literally burning it off your face (exaggeration, but its close). It was a bearable pain for 20 minutes while I did my normal business.

    When I got done, I took some alcohol and Q-Tips and removed the dried cream and found that a scab had formed (In 20 minutes!). Once it was done, I put a band-aide over it so the scab wouldn't be scratched or damaged and a few weeks later the scabs started coming off. Now, the scabs take about 2 weeks to start coming off, but don't peel them off, let them come off on their own, I peeled them slightly earlier. 3 Weeks they should be gone. Mine is still healing up and it is a little red in the areas where the moles were...

    Point being, they are gone, they were removed, this product DOES work. It does as promised and does better than Dermatend (Dermatend slowly fades the moles and is a little less painful). If you want them removed fast, go with this product! If you want before-after, just ask, I can salvage some photos!

    JUST TO ADD IN! I am not fully healed, it takes a few weeks afterward for the redness to go away and I am still a little red. Once I am fully healed, I will fully back this product :)

    Happy mole-removal :)


    September 1st 2008 EDIT: The redness has faded and now there is only a slight discoloration that is fading. I will keep this review updated until it completely heals over. Recovery process takes a while and I did this for 3 moles ON MY FACE! So be aware of that.

    September 20th 2008 EDIT: It looks like this solution left a red scar on my face. It is fortunate that red scars are easily removed with laser surgery or even scar removal products. I would not recommend using this on your face and I would let it heal completely. I believe it was my own mistake to try to remove the scab before letting it fall off naturally. This still gets a 5 because it DOES WHAT IT SAYS!...more info
  • actually works, unbelievable
    i thought when i purchased this, i just threw $90 out the window. to my surprise it actually does what it says. they say a mild tingling sensation will occur, it's definitely not mild it hurts quite a bit. the only problem i had with this stuff is i couldn't remove the big mole on my back, it only made it smaller and flatter. what also sucks is that once you open the container of cream you have to use it all that day or the stuff becomes no good after that. i still have the scars from the skin tags and moles i removed and it's been a little over 2 months, i wouldn't wanna use this on my face. i still gave it 4 stars mainly because i removed 2 skin tags and 3 1/2 moles for $90 while a doctor visit would've cost much more....more info
  • Worked wonderfully!
    I bought this product a couple years ago and tried it. I was very worried that I had spent a lot of money on a tiny bit of product. I was able to remove 3 moles on my chest that had been there since I was little. I did exactly as the instructions said. I used the file, then tore it up a little with the sharp needle. I guess it helps the product absorb. It burned a little for about 15 seconds then that was it. About an hour later it turned black and got hard. It stayed that way for about 24 hours and then fell off. It removed the entire mole. It left a little bit of a scar but if you use the right cream, you wont be able to see it. I have since then bought it 2 other times for other people. My Mom has removed a few and 1 came back. It looks like you really have to make sure that you get the mole nice and scratched up before you put it on there. But all in all, what a great alternative to going in and getting them removed. The 3 on my chest never came back. Wonderful product. ...more info
  • very effective product - use carefully though
    This product effectively removed various skin lesions. Scarring varied. Most locations had little or no scarring and the lesion was completely removed. A few areas, especially on arms, scarred and left a noticable raised red mark where the lesion existed. The marks faded over several weeks/months. The use of Vitamin E oil to improve healing is questionable, but might work for some people. Important: Only a very small amount of the product needs to be applied to produce a result. Cover the lesion with an area slightly less than the lesion size itself. Scraping should be done beforehand. The emery board produces more uniform scraping, but the lesion must be squeezed up with fingers so the surrounding healthy skin is not damaged. The lesion should not be overscraped. Just scrape until the lesion is red but not bleeding. Scarring was worse where the product was overapplied or overscraping occurred. Facial lesions were successfully removed and produced little scarring by scraping gently and being very cautious with the application. Once the product is on for 20 minutes, the hardened white coating should be removed from the lesion. Repeated gentle wiping with a wet tissue may be necessary to remove the coating. The lesion should not be removed during this wiping. The lesion will naturally fall out over time. ...more info
  • left scars
    works amazing for smaller moles and warts. the larger ones left scars as big as the moles themselves...more info
  • Great product, works lke a charm!
    This stuff is great! I wanted to remove two ugly moles from my face and one from my upper arm. Just as the directions said, they stung and turned black. The black scabs have fallen off, and the holes are filling in. The pinkness is starting to fade. I am personally very happy with the results. Those moles on my face bothered me a lot and I would have had to have spent hundreds of dollars to have them removed at the dermatologist. I would recommend this to all of my friends & family. I already have people asking me how to get it since they have seen my results. Thanks so much for a fabulous product! ...more info
  • Product Does Work
    This product does remove moles. It was enough for about 10-11 small to medium size moles. Just be sure to confine it to the mole itself and not the surrounding skin. I still have redness, but it's just been a month. I felt quite a sting on the first mole, it made my breath catch in my throat, but I got used to it. ...more info


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