Infiniti by Conair SS9 1 1/2" Nano Silver Steam Straightner, Red
Infiniti by Conair SS9 1 1/2" Nano Silver Steam Straightner, Red

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Product Description

Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair creates its own niche in the premium hair care appliance category. With the introduction of deep conditioning ionic steam, this straightener surpasses everything else out there in performance and style. Micro-particles of nano silver coat the straightener's surface. The fusion of ceramic and tourmaline gives the plates optimal resistance to the highest temperatures and guarantees the integrity of the surface. Your hair glides through the plates effortlessly, without friction. The integrity of your hair is preserved. Removable water reservoir with variable steam settings Up to 20 minutes of continuous steam Tension control settings 360-degree professional swivel cord Heat resistant pouch/mat protects counter, folds and snaps closed; stores hot iron safely Conair Limited five year warranty

Introducing the Infiniti Nano Silver Steam Straightener by Conair. Like electronics manufacturers who use state-of-the-art laboratories to develop new technologies, Conair?? develops products for salon professionals before offering them to the public. A long tradition of innovation and technology testifies to our expertise. Case in point: the state-of-the-art ionic steam straightener. This outstanding straightener features unparalleled heat steam technology. This unique technology uses steam and ions to straighten the hair while eliminating frizz and flyaways. The result is sleek, shiny, and beautiful hair. Ultimate efficiency - even on resistant or fragile hair. Micro-particles of nano silver coat the straightener's surface. The fusion of ceramic and tourmaline gives the plate's optimal resistance to highest temperatures and guarantees the integrity of the surface. Your hair glides through the plates effortlessly, without friction. The integrity of your hair is preserved.

The Infiniti 1-1/2-Inch Nano Silver Steam Straightner offers:
  • 2-step straightening system that keeps your hair healthy.
  • Combs gently detangle hair.
  • Three tension settings and automatic shut-off.

The Infiniti straightens your hair with a single stroke. View larger.

Built-in comb detangles your hair while straightening. View larger.

2-Stage styling and advanced technology
You'll love what our new high-tech 2-stage styling system can do for your hair. As nano silver makes plates glide smoothly through hair, Tourmaline Ceramica? smoothes hair's cuticle layer to protect it from heat damage. The 2-step styling system first infuses hair with conditioning steam, and then locks in all that healthy moisture with heated plates. The results are sensational: silky, shinier, pin-straight styles that last! The advanced Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramica? technology and our 2-stage styling system lets you achieve longer lasting salon-straight looks, every time you style!

Retractable Detangling Combs
The retractable detangling combs separate tangles and tame even the most unruly frizz! The detangling comb spread the hair strands evenly between the plates to detangle while straightening, providing uniform results from roots to ends. Three different comb heights, high, low and off, make this the perfect straightener for any hair type, even thick and coarse textures. Three settings let you choose from low to maximum tension control. Set the comb height that is best for your hair type. Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramica? coating on the combs provides smooth glide and shiny, healthy looking results.

Steam Benefits
Automatic multi-level steam function steams hair straight while smoothing the cuticle layer and helping to lock in style. Conditioning steam helps add moisture and shine to hair, so you get salon results at home. Simply fill the removable water reservoir and pop into place for up to 20 minutes of hair-conditioning steam. The steam feature may be turned on or off, and you can choose high or low steam settings depending on your hair type for perfectly smooth and straight results. For coarse hair, select the high steam setting.

Ionic Benefits
Ionic properties neutralize positive charges in the air, reducing the static electricity that dulls hair and causes flyaway's and frizzes. Hair instantly becomes more manageable and shiny. The ionic steam straightener is equipped with a true ion generator that releases 2 million ions / cm3. Steam and ions create increased softness and brilliant shine for flawless results.

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramica? Coated Plates
Micro-particles of nano silver coat the straightener's surface. The fusion of ceramic and tourmaline gives the plate's optimal resistance to the highest temperatures and guarantees the integrity of the surface. Your hair glides through the plates effortlessly, without friction. The integrity of your hair is preserved. Keeping your straightener's easy glide plates clean is effortless, because of its nonstick surface. Simply wipe plates with a damp cloth after each use to remove any product buildup.

Electronic Temperature Control
The new ionic steam straightener with electronic temperature control generates ultra-high heat that is capable of straightening hair in only one stroke, without damaging it. Four ceramic heaters ensure fast heat-up to 202?C/395?F and keep the temperature constant and uniform while straightening the hair. Five temperature settings allow you to choose from low, for fine or processed hair, to high, for coarse, thick hair.

Professional Pouch
The ionic steam straightener comes with a high-quality, multi-layered, heat resistant professional mat and pouch. The 2-in-1 storage pouch and counter mat folds and snaps closed to store your hot styling iron safely. When straightening, rest your steam straightener on the open mat to protect your countertops from heat.

Professional 9' Swivel Cord
The ionic steam straightener is equipped with a professional 9-foot swivel cord that rotates 360? to prevent tangling and to make straightening your hair easy from any angle.


Q: How is the Infiniti by Conair's Steam Straightener different from other straighteners?
A: This is the only steam straightener with nano silver tourmaline ceramic technology that also features conditioning ionic steam and adjustable straightening combs. Our steam feature has off/low/high settings. A generator built into the product helps eliminate frizz by producing millions of ions.
Q: What are the plates made of?
A: The aluminum plates are coated with Nano Silver, and Tourmaline Ceramica? Technology. This helps to eliminate frizz and protect hair from damage.
Q: How do I clean the plates?
A: Simply wipe plates with a damp cloth after each use to remove any product.
Q: Will the Steam Straightener work on all types of hair?
A: Yes. It's designed for the most delicate, thin hair to the coarsest, hard-to-straighten hair. (Instructions for use on each type of hair are in the package)
Q: What temperature does the Steam Straightener reach?
A: There are 5 ultra-high heat settings from 285 degrees Fahrenheit to 395 degrees Fahrenheit.
Q: How quick does the Steam Straightener heat up?
A: It takes only 30 seconds.
Q: Is the water compartment only for water?
A: Yes. We recommend that you only use distilled water.
Q: Does the Steam Straightener help hair not frizz in humid temperatures?
A: Yes. The advanced Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramica? technology and our 2-stage styling system lets you achieve longer lasting salon-straight looks, every time you style in every weather condition.
Q: Is it safe to use the Steam Straightener everyday?
A: Yes. Our 2 stage styling system first infuses hair with conditioning ionic steam, and then locks in all that healthy moisture with the heated plates. The results are sensational, silky, shinier, pin-straight styles that last.
Q: How does the detangling comb work?
A: The retractable detangling combs separate tangles and tame even the most unruly frizz. The three different comb heights, high, low and off, make this the perfect straightener for any hair type, even thick and coarse texture. You can set the comb height that best fits your hair type.
Q: Will the Steam Straightener turn off automatically?
A: Yes. It will automatically turn off after 60 minutes.
Q: What should I do if the Steam Straightener won't turn on?
A: Check the on/off button to ensure product is turned on. Also, make sure that the water reservoir is full. Steam slide switch on side of handle should be turned on to either low or high steam setting.

  • Voted "Best Performer Overall" by Consumer Reports
  • Gently detangles
  • Automatic on demand steam
  • Infuses hair with moisture
  • Retractable Nano silver tourmaline ceramic coated detangling combs

Customer Reviews:

  • Loved it~
    I'm really surprised at all the negative feedback for this iron! I have a combination of African American, and thick Dutch/ French hair..I didn't have a chance. Not only is my hair thick, it's curly, frizzy, and basically an Afro if I let it air dry, and better yet, shoulder length(when it's not standing on end). My hair is even dyed.

    This iron gets it done. It makes my hair softer than non-steam irons, and it is humidity resistant. Don't be disillusioned though..if you have hair like mine, it's ALWAYS going to take 30+ minutes to do your hair. Get over yourself if you think you can whip out shiny straight flat hair in 10 minutes. This makes my hair soft, polished, straight, and even movable(I can wear pony tails again and not look like a broom end!).

    I've used Chi irons. They burn my hair and dry it out. This iron is FAR better than my 100+ dollar Chi iron, when I bought this one on sale for $40.

    Bottom line. Get one~...more info
  • Best straightener ever
    I first saw this product on an ad on television. I thought it would never work on my hair. But as I continued to watch the ad i started to like it more and more.
    My point is, I ordered this flat iron and I have been in love with it ever since. Being a woman of African American descent I love the fact that it works on my frizzy, curly, thick hair. I also love that you can set it on different tempratures to adjust to any kind of hair. And its so quick and easy to use....more info
  • Great hair tool
    The Infinity Nano Silver steam straightener was a requested Christmas present. I read all the reviews and went ahead with the purchase for my daughter. She raves about it, she finds it exactly as promised. It is light, effective,and easy to use. The results on her long hair are as desired. I was delighted with the price and her satisfaction made it worthwhile. ...more info
  • Not so hot
    I fell victim to an infomercial I caught one afternoon a few months ago, so I saw this on amazon and placed an order. It really doesn't work as well as I expected. I have another conair typical flat iron that I got at a chain retailer that cost only about $29.95 and works way better than this one. The steam reservoir lasted only about 20 minutes on the lowest setting, and even on the highest heat setting, I didn't feel that it did a good job of straightening my hair. I have very curly, but manageable non-coarse hair and this bad boy just didn't cut it. I gave it 2 stars because aesthetically its a nice straightener, I liked the 9 foot cord, and I liked the included carrying case that also functions as a counter top protecter....more info
  • Christmas gift
    This item was purchased as a gift for my 15 year old granddaughter who listed it as her #1 request this year. It came intact but shipping took longer than promised. ...more info
  • Best Iron flat ever
    It took me a few tries to get the hang of this thing, but once I did, I have to say the investment was worth it. Just make sure your hair is completely dry before using the product, and get distilled water, works better than using tap water. ...more info
  • This Product Is Garbage!
    This Product, Like All Other Conair Electric Hair Appliences Is Expensive, Cheap Garbage. Its Not Worth The Money, And Doesnt Straighten Very Well At All!...more info
  • Simply amazing.
    I bought this for myself at Christmas, and LOVE it. I have curly/frizzy hair - my kids joke about my 3 inch ponytail, which (straightened) is now about 10 inches long! Some other reviewers have complained about the steam reservoir not being big enough - I have long hair (middle of my back) and I have only run out of steam once or twice in 2 months. I go over each section of hair twice, and it comes out great. If I'm outside in the wind on a humid day, my hair starts to get bigger, or if it gets wet (sweat, mist, rain) then there is a bit of frizz or curl. But, I can go over it (5 min.) with my Conair straightener, and it looks great again!

    The only "bad" thing about this product is that from the first use, the red paint near the steam plates (corners) has been coming off. This doesn't really affect its performance, but it just looks like I've had it for a few years instead of months....more info
  • What a difference on my hair!!
    I have tried so many different hair straighteners, from Paul Brown, Chi, Fhi, Zoe, and recently Kiyosaki. I always end up taking them back because I don't like the results it gives me on my hair. My hair ends up looking really dry. And cost has never been a factor. I have bought flat irons as low as $25 and and much as $125. Nothing has seemed to do justice on my hair. I did recently purchase the Infiniti Steam Straightener. After using it, my hair felt so soft. I couldn't stop touching it. Even the ends of my hair didn't look dry. I figured before that my hair needed to be cut because my ends were so dry, but with this straightener, my ends looks great. I even had a friend talking to me the other night and I wasn't listening to her because I kept feeling my hair and thinking about how soft it felt. The water does run out fast, but I simply turn it off and fill it back up. In the mean time, I do my makeup or something productive. ...more info
  • Steam Straightener
    Product is pretty good with thick and course hair. it heats up within 0 seconds and straightens easily. The most important thing is that it doesnt leave hair smelling burnt and looking ironed. The only frustrating thing is to keep refilling it with water and that you have to try different angles to get down to the roots. Overall, a very convenient product....more info
  • Disappointed
    I returned this item, because I was very disappointed...particularly for the price and the hype. The steam function was minimal and it's heavy compared to other hair straighteners. ...more info
  • Not impressed
    I purchased this flat iron because it was rated #1 by Consumer Reports.
    I was hesitant about purchasing a Conair flat iron being that I didnt even know they made them but I figured Consumer Reports was a reliable source. I had the flat iron for 2 weeks and the steam feature stopped working. Without the steam the flat iron was horrible. It did not get hot enough and was on the heavier side which made it difficult to hold and hard to handle. I purchased a Solia flat iron since then and love it! ...more info
  • Don't buy this!
    I was really disappointed when I bought this product! I agree with the reviewer below who mentioned that the steam resevoir doesn't last very long (it will run out of water in 10 mins) and the quality of the ceramic plates isn't very good. It felt rough when I ran it through my hair. I tried my friend's CHI hair straightener I wish I bought that one instead. Boo....more info
  • Amazing Straightener
    I had an old Conair steam straightener from about 10 years ago with stainless steel plates. It did a decent job on my hair to get the minimal waves out I have after blow drying. But I always felt like it didn't leave my hair soft and shiny. So I was using a ceramic Revlon flat iron with it to achieve the best results. So basically I was straightening twice in the morning to get the look I wanted. I purchased this iron and used it for the first time on a very rainy day (which would usually cause my hair to frizz) and it was wonderful. I had been interested in this iron for some time because it seemed like a great combination between my old Conair steam straightener and my ceramic one. It cuts my straightening time in half, plus my counter is now less cluttered. The steam chamber is much nicer than my old Conair and works every time (which was an issue with my old conair). Definitely worth the investment. I would buy this again in a heart beat! Love it!...more info
  • Works on Coarse and Relaxed Hair
    I just love this produce. I am a African American with coarse thick relaxed hair. I must say after using this product I will not use another kind of straightner or flat iron. I love the combs, and the adjustable heat settings. It made my hair soft and silky. I also used it on my neice who has long really thick hair. It usually takes forever to finish, however I was done much quicker. She just loved how it felt when I finished, as it was shiny and silky.

    Great!!!!...more info
  • This flat iron works real well.
    The Infinit by Conair works really well. I'm African-American woman with about medium thinkness hair with no relaxer. It straightened my hair easily. I also tried it on my sister and mom. My sister has really thick, coarse and long hair that does have relaxer in it (although you can't tell). That flat iron easily straighten her hair out. My mom's hair isn't as thick as it use to be and she also has an relaxer. I used it on her hair it and easily straightened her hair also. Her hair is still a bit thicker then mine. So, there you have it 3 different textures of hair that the Infiniti has worked on. I would highly recommend this to any of my friends or strangers. It is easier to use then the Maxi Glide because it isn't as bulky. Now I haven't tried the steam fuction yet but I can only imagine it would only improve how the hair looks.Infiniti by Conair SS9 1 1/2" Nano Silver Steam Straightner, Red...more info
  • Not worth the money
    Definitely not worth the money. It works OK, but still leaves my hair a little frizzy....more info
  • Not worth the money...
    This is the first straightener i've ever used.I'm disappointed.I've a very high expectation from this Conair Infiniti but it's not that great. It doesn't steam as much as I would like it and the water goes away really fast.Only thing i like is the color and heat-resistant bag....more info
  • Love it
    I owe the ceramic pro which works very well, however, this product works really well on my daughters long curly hair. I can flat iron her hair whether its wet or dry and it takes me only half the time. I love the product...more info
  • Silver Nano Review
    Well, I have used this item for over 2 months and decided now it is a good time to write a review. I think the product is pretty good for the amount I paid for it. It comes with a heat-resistant bag and a warrenty! The only down side is that you have keep the steam holes clean so the steam actually comes out. The result lasts longer than regular straighteners. I give it a 4/5 :] ...more info
  • Not for Short Hair
    Wife purchased item, worked well, she would have liked it if she had longer hair. She has short hair and the iron is wider than most, 1.5", and she could not get the iron close enough to her head. Giving it 3 stars because it is a fairly neutral rating, product worked, was just a bad fit between item and user.

    BTW, we made the mistake of NOT buying this on Amazon. AmericaRx would not take the item back because it was 30 days past invoice date. I bought the item November 14 for Christmas, so how were we supposed to return in 30 days? Oh well, they got me I guess.

    ...more info
  • Conair Steam Straightener
    I gave this to my daughter for Christmas. She loves it. It comes with a very nice heat resistant storage case. It is easy to use and not damaging to hair like the old style straighteners.
    I highly recommend this product as an essential beauty item....more info
  • conair infinitit
    Wonderful product. Really straigtens hair without burning. Steam works great. Can't live without it!...more info
  • Great steam iron
    As an owner of two Chi flat irons, I have to say that I am impressed with this steam iron from Conair. My hair type is thick and wavy in spots. It was extrememly fast and easy. The iron does not pull on my hair. I don't have to have the heat as high as I normally would because the steam helps straighten the hair as well. The only think I would suggest it to work fast because the water runs out quickly. ...more info
  • Just love it !!
    I had my hair straightened (Japanese Straightening) and have about 4 inches growth since. My hair is naturally wavy, so the difference was getting too noticeable so I bought this one after a lot of research.

    And I would have to say ... this one works like magic. After fixing my hair I can not tell the difference between my natural hair and chemically straightened hair. It gives a nice shine to hair and softness.

    After a few trials, the thing that I found was that this thing works best for my hair when .... the hair is completely DRY!!! ...more info
  • Very nice straightener, well worth the price
    Conair SS9 Infiniti Nano Silver High Temperature Ionic Steam Straightener
    My daughter loved the straightener. She said it does not pull her hair like some straighteners do. The steam feature makes her hair super shiny. Her hair looks very healthy. Amazon has done it again - a great product for a super price....more info
    Watch Video Here: Here's my video review. It basically shows one side of my hair straightened, and one that hasn't. I forgot to mention in my video review that I only filled the water chamber 1/2 way full (I couldn't get more in) and it ran out pretty quickly. The directions say not to take off the water chamber when the iron is still hot, so that is pretty much the only con I found with this. Otherwise, it left my hair incredibly straight and soft!...more info
  • I'd save your money
    I was enthralled by the infomercial on this product. I debated ordering it for so long because of the cost, but decided to go for it. I actually ordered from Conair direct, and the product was on back order for a month. In fact, they lost my internet order and had me place it over the phone, and low and behold, I received two straighteners and was charged twice....
    Anyways, I was still excited to try the product. I have hair that falls past my shoulders that is very thick, and naturally wavy. I filled the reservoir and turned the heat to the second highest setting. I had to further turn it up to the highest setting to get better results. I had to go over each section more than once, saving NO time! I was still left with fly-aways.
    I really don't see anything wonderful about this product, except that it looks nice. I took advantage of their offer and returned it, so I lost like $23 with shipping and handling. I'd go with a better quality salon straightener, or use one of Conair's other products that are less expensive and work a lot better.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    I've had my eye on this product for quite some time and finally purchased it. It straightens my hair quickly and easily. The style holds until you wash your hair. I've received compliments on how straight and shiny my hair is(it looked professional). The water storage compartment opening is very small and difficult to fill. But, overall I really enjoy this product. It's heats quickly, straightens hair fast and the style holds....more info
  • flat iron
    I like it. Right size, quick heat up and it does the job. Ok value....more info
  • The Best Ever!
    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it! I started using her old straightner myself and then borrowed her new Infiniti one. What a big differnce! The Infinity by Conair Nano Silver Steam Straightner is the best ever! I threw away the old straightner and bought myself the Infinity also - now we each have one and both love it!...more info
  • It gets hot
    I got this as a christmas, because I would never spend this kind of money on a straightener. I've been using a straightener for 15 years and I have to say this one isn't any better then a $30 staightener. You have to refill the "water chamber" for the steam everyday (just another step in getting ready in the morning. It gets just as hot as all the other ones. You can pick the temp if you like that. The steam doesn't make your hair any staighter or more shiny than other straightners. In my opinion save your money and buy a $30 straightener....more info
  • Yes, even I could straighten my hair!
    After a lifetime of dealing with high maintenance hair that never really looks good, I am impressed! Truly the only time my hair looks good is when some else does it. I have thick frizzy, curly hair that I don't usually have the time or patience to deal with. I have gone years with just air drying my hair and leaving it curly. Trying multitudes of hair products to limit the frizz. Honestly I couldn't style my hair if my life depended on it. I was not born with the natural ability to be create beautiful hair. With that said, I've been walking around for a week now looking like I went to the hair stylist everyday! My hair looks so soft, shiny and straight that my friends and family are skeptical that I myself accomplished this. My hair feels and looks healthier. And did I mention soft! My hair has never been soft! I would recommend this product to any woman that has suffered as I have through the years. It is actually easy to use. If it only takes me 20-25 min. to use, I would imagine that some one that knows what they are doing could do it in less time....more info
  • Don't even think about it!
    Avoid this contraption at all costs. Not only is it too heavy, it won't even sit upright when you sit it down; it just falls over to potentially burn your counter. The tiny, little steam resevoir lasts about 20 minutes which means you have to refill it at least every day with distilled water (I just love having a gallon of distilled water on my counter hogging up space). The little tiny hole you have to pour the water in is a joke as well. The small water resevoir pops out often and also constantly snags my hair and pulls it out when I'm straigtening it. The steam coming out of the thing has burned my hand several times too. Don't waste your money on this one. I'm returning mine ASAP!...more info
  • not as good as advertised
    My hair is a little wavy, and it takes a llllooooonnnngggg time to straighten it with this straightner. I have to go over my waves, like 3 or 4 times. and it is still wavy....more info
  • I love this steam straightener!!!!!
    I purchased the Conair Infiniti Steam Straightener a couple days ago. The main reason is because of the steam. The one I currently own, a Virtuo, which I paid about $100.00 for 3 years ago at the mall, does not have steam. With my hair totally dry, I have to go over one piece of hair two to three times, so I wanted to cut my time in half. I have long hair that is medium in thickness. Let me tell you, this does work. It took me about 10 minutes to totally straighten my hair. It would take me 20 to 25, on a good day. I only had to go over each piece ONCE. The steam really does make a difference. It also made my hair very shiny, whereas the one I currently own does not. On the bottom plate, there are detangling "combs" that are retractable. Other straighteners have actual combs, which when straightening your hair, actually cut it! Ouch! These combs are not pointy, they are round. So, it doesn't cut your hair. I like also because it has an automatic shut-off. That is really great for me because I have left my other one on all day!!!! I was hesitant to purchase this because I read a lot of different opinions about it, and a lot of them were not good. But, like anything else, you have to try things for yourself. Everyone has different hair types, so some products might not work as well as others. I give this straightener an A+++++. ...more info
  • Fine, Not Great
    I agree that the compartment for the water is too small. It straightened my hair acceptably.

    I'm still looking for the "holy grail" of flat irons that will straighten, add shine and somehow heal a weird patch of my hair (underneath the bulk of my hair in the back). This product isn't it, and I don't want to do Brazilian straightening because I like to wear my hair curly, too. I will keep looking......more info


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