Venta LW24 Air Humidifier and Purifier All-in-one

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Product Description

Air that feels good must be properly humidified. Heated air dries out the mucous membranes (weakening your resistance to viral infections). Overheated dry air makes you feel tired and listless. Your skin dries out, your plants suffer and your wooden furniture starts to show cracks. The Venta-Airwasher is ideal to reduce chapped lips, stuffed up noses, sore throats, and dried out eyes. Protect your valuable wood furniture and floors as well as musical instruments from drying out. Dry indoor air is difficult to clean; every movement causes millions of particles to be stirred up and become airborne. However, humidification keeps a large number of airborne particles down on the floor; making the ?two-in-one humidifier/purifier? more effective than air purifiers alone. The Venta Airwasher humidifies the air while simultaneously drawing in and removing dust, pollen and other contaminating particles down to 10 microns ( 10/1000 mm ) in size from the air. Easy maintenance. No filters to change or clean or cumbersome containers to fill. The simple design and convenient access to the tank allow for easy cleaning. 10 Year Limited Warranty Made in Germany

  • Uses no filter pads
  • Water is the filter. Fresh every day. Cleans with a consistently high level of effectiveness, as water doesn't clog the way filter pads do.
  • Extremely quiet. Ideal for use in bedrooms.
  • Visible purifying performance. Pure water evaporates, leaving dirt trapped in the tank like salt in the sea.
  • Odorless. No smell of moldy filters or stagnant water.
Customer Reviews:
  • Cleans and Humidifies The Air Nicely, But a Little Difficult to Clean
    My family owns two Venta Airwashers: this one and the Venta #5014436 LW14 Grey Airwasher. I am writing this after having used them for about two years. We live in a dry apartment, and we are also musicians with wood instruments, so it is important for us to keep our apartment well humidified. We are also sensitive to sound, so we need to make sure that whatever machines we purchase work quietly.

    Before we purchased these, we measured our apartment to make sure we were purchasing the appropriate models for the space we live in. I think this is crucial, as you cannot expect a model that is too small to properly humidify a space that is too large, and vice-versa. This seems obvious, but I think a lot of people overlook this and purchase the wrong model.

    I think people are missing the point when they complain about the level of humidity and whether it reaches an optimum level or not. Ventas humidify and purify at the same time, and once a room has a certain level of moisture, it will essentially stay that way if you leave it set to a certain level. It's not like it ill keep ramping up the moisture until you are living in a rainforest. It can only humidify so much, unless you use the largest model in a closet-sized space.

    Regarding the noise issue with the fan, I found that when it starts making that subtle clicking noise that some reviewers mention, it is because the fan mechanism has lost lubrication. A few drops of light oil (such as lemon oil) clears up the noise immediately.

    As long as you follow their directions--and we all know how much Germans love accuracy and directions--these will last a long time and provide and work excellently.

    The reason I am giving this four stars is because I am convinced that they could have designed these with less hard-to-clean crevices. There are many hard-to-clean spots, and a few spaces that are almost impossible to clean. Granted, you won't see them as they are deep inside, but I like to know that I can clean every bit of gunk that I see. You really need to thoroughly clean the Venta every month or so, which should only take a few minutes, but there are an awful lot of crevices.

    Another tip: the way to clean the rotating disc assembly inside the Venta is to use a soft brush, and scrub in-between the discs, and it can also be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher. They offer a special substance that also cleans gunk from inside and off the bottom half of the Venta, but vinegar works just as well.

    Also, as mentioned by others, you need to use their additive in order to allow the water to sheet off the rotating plastic disc assembly. Some folks mention using a few drops of dish washing soap instead, but I haven't tried that yet. When you consider that other models by other companies require you to purchase filters and the like, I think buying a few bottles of this additive is not so bad. Each bottle lasts ca. 3-4 months.

    Now the crucial information: does it really clean the air and humidify well? Although we have not tested our air with any gauges to see if there is a marked difference, I can assuredly say that the air in our apartment is cleaner and definitely moister. The air even seems to smell cleaner. Our wooden floors creak when we don't run the Ventas, and after a day of running them, they are silent. The truth is in the water: when we clean the Ventas and replace the additive every two weeks, the water is definitely filthy. The Ventas must be doing something right.

    All in all, we have no regrets. These are simple, yet well-built humidifiers, albeit a little pricey. They are a little difficult to clean, but if you are even somewhat attentive and can follow directions, they should serve you well....more info
  • Not exactly what I wanted, but OK...
    I had a fantastic Sears Kenmore with a rotating belt evaporator that had to be replaced only three times in 15 years. An Emerson replacement required new filters frequently that turned into mush after a month or two. For some reason the humidifying method that Kenmore used and which worked beautifully is no longer available. The problem with this unit is it's low capacity and high price. I have to keep it next to my bed; the Kenmore effectively humidified the whole house.

    If the thing didn't have a little annoying rattle, it would very quiet and it does have a quality appearance. It's clear to me that a good humidifier is still hard to find. Remember how the Japanese came in and replaced all the old clunky American table fans 40 or so years ago? It's time someone came out with a decent humidifier for not a whole lot of money.

    Venta may have a good idea, but this isn't IT yet. This isn't rocket science....more info
  • Expensive yes but it lasts a long time
    I have had this humidifier for going on three years. I agree it is expensive but considering I was buying a new humidifier 1-2 time a year it has more then been worth it.
    My main problem with other humidifiers was the cleaning. If you forget to clean it you will never get the mold out of it. I am just one of those people who forget things and with this humidifier that works fine since it only needs to be cleaned every 2 - 2.5 months.
    The humidifier works well enough so my family's noses and throats from drying out. If you are looking for a sick room humidifier that turns your bedroom into the subtropics then this is not for you but if you wanr something that is low maintenance and works as a humidifier and freshens the room, then this is for you.
    I do recommend using the additive it keeps the water fresher and makes cleaning necessary less frequently. You fill the bottom up and pour in the additive. For the next two weeks you just top off the container. At the end of two weeks you empty it and rinse it out and start again. Once a year (before I store it for the summer) I clean it really well. Thats it. No other humidifier can claim that....more info
  • Incredibly overpriced and ineffective
    I just wish I had had access to these reviews before I plunked down the money for this product. Exasperated with buying and replacing filters, smelling mold, listening to noisy contraptions, I figured what the heck - I've tried everything else. Running full blast this thing couldn't even get the humidity in my small music studio up to 30% on a cold day here in a suburb of Philadelphia. As other reviewers have pointed out, you get no water level indicator, no shut-off when the water dries out, no humidistat to turn it on and off automatically. I could go on.
    I see that they're selling them used starting at $280. I'll give you mine for $25 with my undying thanks....more info
  • Works but is noisier then advertised
    A very simple design that works humidifying a room but I am not so sure about the air cleaning properties. The special soapy mixture you use seems to collect an amount of dirt when it's time to replace the liquid but what does that mean? Replacing the fluid and cleaning the unit is more work then throwing out a filter but that's not a real problem.

    The unit is not bedroom quiet, at least for me. I eventually banished it to another room until I gave the unit away to someone with a two floor house. They are are very happy with it as it helps keep their musical instruments from drying out in winter. The aromatherapy option is very nice and works well.

    The price prevents me from recommending it. I have some $50 ultrasonic humidifiers that work just as well....more info