Hot Tools Helix Ionic ? Tourmaline Ceramic Ti? 1875 Watt Lightweight Hair Dryer # 2200

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Product Description

Tourmaline CeramicTi surface Produces negative ions and far-infrared heat to add shine, reduce frizz and improve hydration. Titanium additive improves strength Direct ION TECHNOLOGY? - An active system using an electronic component to create hundreds of millions of negative ions. They separate water into smaller droplets that are easier for the dryer to evaporate and for hair to absorb, increasing its moisture content and reducing frizz. Tourmaline is also a natural source of ions NanoSilver Housing is infused with silver (Ag), an agent known to be a natural bacteriostat

  • Dries up to 50% faster than normal dryers
  • Tourmaline-lined nozzle increases shine, reduces frizz
  • Direct ION TECHNOLOGY with high-volume ion output
  • Lightweight (only 13 oz.) and easy to handle
  • Storage / travel pouch (a $9.95 value)

 Customer Reviews:

  • Greatest Hair Dryer
    This is a great hair dryer and I would recommend this product to anyone. It is lightweight and really blows the air. There are three heat settings which is great and the cold shot botton works fantastic. The ability to turn the Ion on and off is an added bonus although I don't know why someone would want to. I have cut my hair time in the morning down to almost minutes compared to 30 to 40 minutes with a cheap dryer. This dryer handles well, dryes quick and gives great volume. Let me tell you to get volume on my fine hair and a smooth shiny hair salon look was worth every penny I paid for the dryer. I was told this dryer compared to Hot Shot... no way. I tried Hot Shot and took it back. This dryer is 100% better! Spend the extra money you won't be disappointed. ...more info