Finding the Dream

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The third book in the Dream trilogy concludes the saga of three best friends raised together in a wealthy California home. Laura Templeton is the daughter of a well-to-do hotelier. At 18 she believes her dreams are simple and easily fulfilled: she wants a good marriage and a healthy family. When Peter proposes, she believes her life will be perfect. But her dreams are short-lived. Peter doesn't prove to be the kind of husband or father material Laura has dreamed of, and when she finds that he is a lying, philandering thief she divorces him. Like her two best friends, Laura discovers that she must look beyond her obvious talents to discover who she is--before she will find success and happiness.

The first book of this trilogy: Laura Templeton's dreams of a fairy-tale marriage have been shattered and now she struggles to build a new life focused on her two closest friends, Margo and Kate, in a boutique called Pretenses.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Steamy Bodice-Ripper With a Happy Ending
    Two years after her loveless 10-year marriage to Peter Ridgeway has ended, Laura Templeton is immersed in working two part-time jobs, raising her two daughters, and running the Templeton estate in Monterey. Peter managed to wipe out most of Laura's considerable assets, but she still has the home and a job working in one of the Templeton hotels. Her life is hectic and overscheduled, but basically lonely.

    Enter the dark, mysterious, brooding Michael Fury. Raised nearby but on the "wrong side of the tracks", Michael had been a good friend of Laura's brother, Josh, but had left the area right after high school to live a life of danger and adventure. Michael is back in the area, raising and breeding horses, but his stables and home were destroyed in a mudslide and Josh convinces Laura to let Michael rent her unused stables until he can rebuild.

    Having married Peter at 18, Laura has little experience with dating or flirtation, and has compartmentalized and organized her life, leaving no room for dating or passion. When Michael strikes her a spark in her, she is confused and in denial, but he pursues her relentlessly. He is charming, sexy, good with animals and wonderful with her two daughters.

    The usual misunderstandings, protective family, meddling friends, and circumstances attempt to thwart their romance, but after all this is a romance novel, so you know the guy gets the girl in the end. I didn't realize that the book was part of a trilogy, but the characters and scene are so captivating that the book stands alone and is a quick, entertaining, satisfying read....more info

  • Sensational
    I must have read almost every Roberts and each one is more captivating than the next. In this concluding trilogy, Laura teaches you a lot about being a good daughter, friend, mother and of course a Woman. The last is taught to her by Micheal, who is a wonderful, worldly man but yet from the inside, insecure. He has had so many letdowns in life and Laura teaches him to love. A meeting of two desperate souls looking for an everlasting love. All in all A MUST READ....more info
  • Wealth Does Not Mean Happiness
    Finding the Dream is the third and final book in what has become known as the Dream Trilogy. This series follows the lives of three childhood friends, each very different from the others - different ideals and different backgrounds. The common tie is that they were all raised in the same mansion near Monterey, California.

    Finding the Dream focuses on Laura Templeton, daughter of a wealthy hotel magnate. Laura has grown up in a life of luxury, having any and all amenities available to her. Her dreams have always been simple - she wants a happy marriage and happy, healthy children. When she turns 18, she thinks her dreams are soon to be fulfilled when Peter, an assistant manager at one of her father's hotels, proposes. The bliss is short-lived when Peter's true colors emerge - all he wants is a boost in his career. He doesn't really want a wife and children and feels they're only something that must be endured to reach his ultimate goal of taking over the Templeton empire.

    Laura struggles to make things work until she finds out that Peter is lying, cheating on her and stealing from her father's company.

    Finding herself divorced and having the sole responsibility of raising her two children, life is far from the dreams Laura once envisioned. She refuses to be taken care of by her parents and insists on supporting herself and trying to survive the struggles of a single parent.

    Enter Michel Fury, a friend of Josh, Laura's brother and husband to Margo, Laura's friend. Michael rents a home with stables on the Templeton estate and meets Laura. Ahh ... romance ensues, but if you think it will be a typical romantic story line, you're mistaken. Nora Roberts throws several other aspects into the mix. She shows Michael's struggles to win over and have a loving relationship with Laura's daughters. She shows Peter trying to wheedle his way back into Laura's life through the girls, but only for the purpose of blackmail. Roberts continues with the side mystery of the golden "magical" coins we've seen in the first two books in this trilogy. The story of the coins states that true love and happiness will be in the finder's future and lore has them lost on the cliffs near Templeton House. The story behind these coins is wonderful itself!

    I have to say that one of my favorite parts of this book is when Michael decks Peter. Nora Roberts shows her sense of humor in letting Peter get what's truly coming to him.

    This trilogy was the first Nora Roberts books I read and they made me a die-hard fan. One reviewer summed everything up by saying, "Nora Roberts's writing is the dream!" I can't argue with that!
    ...more info
  • Great way to end the "Dream" Trilogy
    Nora Roberts really knows how to captivate a reader. Laura finding her true love could not have ended this particular trilogy any better. I enjoyed the way she had both Laura and Michael struggling to understand their feelings for each other. This book also gives you a chance to keep up with Margo and Kate's life as well. When you are through with "Finding the Dream" you feel as though these three women are now your best friends. Excellent work Ms. Roberts! Thank you...more info
  • Marvelous!
    Nora Roberts offers us the third book in the Templeton trilogy. A master of the written word, Ms. Roberts weaves an accomplished tale both sensitive and insightful. Characters, fully fleshed with depth and charisma, come to life with vivid portrayal. Smooth transitions move the plot from one high point to another. The sexual tension between Laura and Michael sweeps us into a tale incredibly sensuous and romantic. Gifted with a marvelous talent, Ms. Roberts generously shares it with her readers. Her name on the cover guarantees excellence. Kathee S. Car...more info
  • Very Very GOOD!!!!!!!!!
    This was such a good trilogy. To get the most from reading this book you have to start at the beginning and it was hard waiting!!!!!...more info
  • Absolutely Fantastic!!!!
    Many of Nora Robert's books are wonderful but a few stand out from others. This is one such book. Michael was such a cool character, every thing he did was cool. His relationship with Laura's children was priceless. Laura was lovely as well. This story was MUCH better than the other two in this series....more info
  • A wonderful end to a wonderful series. A true favorite
    This whole series is wonderful. It is about strong women doing what they have to do to make their place in the world. It is about three strong women who are basically starting over.

    This book in particularly is about Laura Templeton. She is a divorced mother of two children. She is proud and strong. She won't cash in on her family name and instead works hard to make time for her children, take care of herself and make a living. Gradually, she gets to know Michael Fury, an old friend of her brother. As they get to know each other, true love blossoms. This is not just true love in an easy sence, but a love based on respect and common interests and strong wills. Wonderful.

    This is a great series. Although each book can stand alone, why not start with the first book in this series and read all three in order. I find that the characters build on themselves and grow as you read the books in order....more info

  • A fitting end to a wonderful series
    Finding the Dream is the final book in the Dream trilogy. It tells the story of Laura Templeton, who lives a life of luxury being the daughter of the owners of the Templeton hotel chain, and Michael Fury, the man from the "wrong side of the tracks."

    Laura grows up following the rules. As kids, Margo grows up stating she will never tie herself down to one man, and Kate grows up stating she doesn't have time for any man. But Laura dreams of meeting Mr. Right, settling down, and taking care of her own family.

    When Laura is 18, she thinks she's found the perfect man in Peter Ridgeway. He's older than she is, but it doesn't matter to her. She marries him thinking her life couldn't get any better. Fast forward 10 years, she has two daughters, Ali and Kayla, and Peter is in charge of Templeton Monterey. Her marriage is in trouble, but she believes everything can be worked out. One night, she catches him with his secretary and realizes that he's been cheating on her for a long time and that her marriage is over.

    Laura begins divorce proceedings and decides to help Margo buy the building she needs to start Pretenses. When she goes to the bank to get the money needed, she finds out that Peter has taken everything from her, including the money in their daughter's college funds. She realizes that she needs to learn to take care of herself and her daughters, so rather than depend on the Templeton fortune, she takes on two jobs, one at Templeton Monterey and one at Pretenses.

    Michael Fury is an old friend of Laura's brother Josh who has recently returned to town and is starting a business raising and selling horses. His home and stables are destroyed in a mud slide so Josh asks Laura if she would rent him the Templeton stables until he can build a new place. Michael has a very interesting past that includes having been a merchant marine and a mercenary. He looks at Laura as the proper, well-bred daughter of the Templetons that spends her days at the spa and having luncheons. He slowly learns about her marriage, how it fell apart and how she isn't the pampered little rich girl he assumed. With Michael, Laura learns to be more carefree and not worry so much about what is proper and what is expected of her.

    Michael believes Laura could never be interested in him because of his upbringing. He spends a lot of time with her daughters teaching them how to care for and ride a horse. They, naturally, love him because he shows an interest in them that they never received from their father.

    Ali, her oldest daughter, has blamed her for the divorce. She believes her father would have stayed if her mother hadn't told him to leave. One day, she is rude to her mother in front of Michael and he disciplines her and refuses to let her ride the horses until she apologizes. Ali finds her mother at the cliffs and apologizes. While talking, Ali puts the pieces of what Laura doesn't say together and realizes what her father did to them and what her mother has been doing to keep things together. It gives her a new respect for Laura.

    One day, Peter comes to Pretenses to inform her that he wants his daughters to attend his upcoming wedding. When asked why he wants them there since he never spends time with them, he admits that it wouldn't look right if they didn't attend and people would talk. He admits to not being father material and that he never loved Laura, he only loved the fact that she was a Templeton.

    Things keep moving along with Laura and Michael, with both realizing that they love each other, but afraid to say it. Michael still doesn't believe that Laura would ever think of a having a future with him, so he breaks things off. Extremely angry, Laura throws a few things at him and runs off to the cliffs. While there, there's an earthquake and she falls down the cliffs. Michael realizes where she went and goes to find her. He sees her not moving and rushes down the cliffs to get to her. She's hurt, but not seriously, and he goes to get help. While waiting for him to come back, she sees an entrance to a cave that was uncovered when the rocks shifted from the earthquake. Inside the cave is the box with Seraphina's treasure in it that the girls have been looking for since they were kids. Michael comes back, gets her up the cliffs on her own and goes back down for the treasure.

    That's when he realizes that she could have died and what she means to him. They both finally admit that they want a future together. Laura, Margo and Kate decide to put Seraphina's treasure in a special display case in Pretenses, not to sell, but to represent the importance of dreams.

    It was enjoyable following the stories of these three terrific women and the men they decide to share their life with. I'm just sorry it had to end....more info
  • I hated to see the trilogy end
    "Finding The Dream", the final installment of the Monterey, California-based "Dream" trilogy, lives up to the promise of the first two books and makes it nearly impossible to select a favorite. These three novels about "sisters of the heart" beautifully captured the essence of friendship and family.

    This novel tells the story of Laura Templeton, the daughter of the proprieters of the Templeton Hotel chain and "heiress" of sorts to that fortune. In reality the story is about Laura Templeton, divorced single mother of 2 girls, who won't cash in on her family's name (or money) and faces the very common problems of not enough time, not enough money, and not enough self-esteem after her crushing divorce.

    Enter Michael Fury, certified bad-boy and close childhood friend of Laura's brother. Michael takes up residence in the unused stables on Templeton property and Laura is forced to deal with a man she's always made a point to stay away from. Both find that they have a lot of misconceptions about the other, and they slowly discover that they like and admire each other after all. This is a romance novel, after all!

    I loved the "Dream" trilogy, and would be hard-pressed to recommend one book over another. For perhaps the first time in one of NR's trilogies, no clear-cut favorite emerges. They are equally wonderful....more info

  • book luver
    As a die-hard book luver and Nora Roberts fan, I can't say enough about this book-I loved it and so will you!...more info
  • Warm...
    I like this book. It is a story of a woman finding love again after a broken marriage. Michael's easy bond with Laura's children has win them over, even though it was pretty difficult with the younger daughter. Laura has to struggle over the chioces of whether to accept Michael. Overall, an enjoyable story with a hint of humour here and there....more info
  • The best one out of the three in this series!
    You can usually predict that the third one is the best but this one was especially wonderful because there are a lot of single moms out there that the dads just don't do what you expected of them as fathers...I'm one of them. Although like in my story this story has a knight in shining armor to take charge with Laura and her darling daughters!!! Perfect ending to this series!...more info
  • That's it?
    As always, Nora crafts some of the best dialogue between her characters. It's always witty and refreshing. However, this was not quite the conclusion I was expecting.

    I really thought Laura would break out of her mold a bit more, especially in her conversations with her ex-husband. She almost seemed (dare I say it?) wimpy in her dealings with him, particularly the scene at the dance with Candy. And why did Candy never get her "just desserts?" She was such a venomous character, I thought for sure she'd be taken down a peg or two more from her last "locker stuffing."

    Overall, a predictable conclusion, based on hints given in the other two stories. A bit of closure for the whole trilogy would have been great. I know Nora's not big on epilogues, but I would have appreciated one this time....more info

  • Loved it!
    I absolutely loved all three books of the Dream Trilogy! All in all, I was sorry when the last book came to an end. I felt like Margo, Kate, and Laura were my friends and I hated to leave them. I would have liked to have read a fourth book incorporating Laura and Michael's marriage and the arrival of their children; Tommy and Susie's story; and more of Annie's story.

    When an author writes a story that makes you want more, you can say that he/she is a great success. Needless to say, Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors....more info
  • Money ain't everything
    This book was amazing Laura Templeton finding true love at the age of thirty. She's a divorced mother of two daughters whom she has been raising all alone for the past two years.
    At the age of eighteen she thought she had found the perfect man but that ended all tragically.Despondent about the way the course of love has been flowing lately she doesn't believe in true love or soulmates she has been left with a bruised and battered heart.
    As her brother Josh T askes her for a favour concerning his old friend Micheal Fury the rugged handsome 'trouble maker'.
    Who's house was ruined in a mudslide.Coming from the wrong kinda family he always wanted to belong to mean something. Having been all over doing all kinds of jobs he finally ends up owning horses and looking after them his only passion. He may look all dangerous but beneath that veneer there's a lost boy whom only wants to find his way home.
    Catching Laura as she is scrubbing his bath he is her tenant as her husband took all her money and her childrens funds she could use the money sho she agreed to let him stay above the stables.
    From way back Laura always felt uneasy at the way he looked at her. Making polite conversations with him he shows a soft spot and asks her about her kids whom he seems to fall in love with the misguided Alison adorable 8 year old Kayla.
    I don't wanna ruin the whole story so in short Serphina's dowry is what's keeping Laura T focused hopefull as sexy Micheal Fury awakens her body from a long slumber. She will keep going on. Micheal Fury though still believes she's a spoilt and snobbish woman from money & power but she soon proves him wrong she doesn't live of her families money she makes her own wages. Afraid of getting hurt because he fell in love with her, he doesn't believe that someone like her could want someone like him so he hurts her not knowing that she has also fallen in love with him. Read the book to find out the rest!!!!!!!!!*******

    Nora Roberts is a genius at Romance this book should definetly be read i loved it finished within hours. I'm fourteen years old and appreciate the way she has endes her books but the seem to go on forever. There is true love out there for everyone....more info
  • A great end to a great series
    This series wasn't as good as either the Born In trilogy or the Maryland Eastern Shore trilogy, but it was great in its own right. (Which tells you just how wonderful the other trilogies are as well.)

    I loved this book because it really developed not just the romance between Laura and Michael but also the family. Over the course of the novels, we've seen Laura face adultery, divorce, and the heartbreak of her children. In this novel, Ms. Roberts brings it all together and shows not only Laura learning to love again, but Michael forging father/daughter relationships with Laura's children.

    Wonderful, Ms. Roberts. Simply marvelous. I can hardly wait for the next trilogy (which I hear will return us to Ireland!). No one does trilogies -- especially about families -- like Nora Roberts....more info

  • Good Book
    This book was very good and I enjoyed reading it. Michael and Laura were perfect for each other. I liked how Michal interacted with her children and how he handled Laura's older and more difficult daughter who gave her an attitude sometimes....more info
  • Trilogy of Dreams....
    I can't seem to find the right words to express my love for the "Dream" trilogy, so I'll just say if you don't read it you're doing yourself a great injustice. I never thought I would find another series like Nora's "Born In" trilogy, but I did, and I have to say that I enjoyed this one more. I'm once again so very sad that I will never be able to read these books again for the very first time. Keep dreaming!!!...more info
  • Loved it!!!!!
    Nora Roberts has outdone herself with the dream triology. Finding the Dream was worth the wait. Not having sisters of my own, reading this work made me feel as though I was their sister. The relationships were so honest and genuine I would be hard pressed not to love each character for their own value. Laura was the only one of the "sisters" that you really wanted to protect from all of harshness of life. Her daughters, what can you say. Loved them. Ali especially. The Templetons (mom & dad) wish they were mine. And Michael, he is the type of man a women could love, not easily, but with honestly and much understanding. The only reason this book did not receive a "10" from me, is the ending. I would like to have closure for Laura and Michael. They deserve it. Bravo, Ms. Roberts!!!...more info
  • A bad ending to a great trilogy.
    Nora Roberts deviated from what made the first two great. It was like Roberts just wanted to get the trilogy over. The theme that was carried out through all three wasn't summed up in the third. It just left you hanging. The character wasn't developed as well as the others...more info
  • Outstanding!
    I have read several of Nora Roberts' books, and have always enjoyed them. This one is the best one I've read so far from her! (Although the "Born in . . " series was really great!) It was great! Someone like Laura and someone like Michael . . . whew! and we have all run across a Michael in our lives . . . :)

    It was very well written, as her books always are, with me feeling the emotions all along the way with Laura. A good writer makes you feel that. :)

    If you haven't bought it yet, buy it!!!...more info

  • Favorite of the Series
    I enjoyed these series, although Nora can sometimes rehash the same characters at times...her stories are what keep me coming back. I enjoyed Daring to Dream, I didn't like Holding the Dream as much but I loved this one! I really wanted something good to happen to Laura and I liked Michael's character and how he was so crazy about Laura and so nice to the girls.

    Another reviewer mentioned Michael hitting Peter, I don't know how I missed that part because I would have loved to read that one.

    Check this one out!!!...more info
  • loved every minute of the book
    liked laura's story the best. the tension and the passion that laura and michael shared makes every woman wants to be in laura's shoes. i liked it almost as i liked HONEST ILLUSIONS which was my favorite romance. THIS STORY WILL STOLE YOUR HEARTS!! GOOD JOB MS.ROBERTS!...more info


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