Coby MP305-2G MP3 Player with 2 GB Flash Memory FM Radio, USB Drive and LCD - Black

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Product Description

The Coby MP-305 is the size of a USB memory stick that you can just attach to your keychain. An easy to read backlit LCD display informs you with song titles and artists. When you're in the mood to listen to new songs or just want to hear the latest news, you can with the built-in FM Tuner. Since it is the shape of a USB stick all you would have to do to transfer songs into the player is by plugging it into the computer, no USB cables needed. For the price this makes a perfect gift for everyone you know. Built-in FM Tuner Audio Output - 3.5mm Headphone USB connection Power - 1 x AAA Battery Battery Life - 8hr Approximate Unit Dimensions - 5.5(W) x 8(H) x 1.75(D)

  • MP3 player 2 GB flash memory FM radio and USB drive with LCD display
  • high-contrast LCD display with 7-color backlight
  • plays MP3 and WMA digital music files, plays digital music from most online stores and subscription services
  • integrated FM radio, mobile data storage function, convenient integrated USB plug( no cables required)
  • USB 2.0 hi-speed for fast file transfers

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product For The Money
    I have several MP3 players and for the money this rocks. It has great controls and is very easy to use. I would absolutely recommend for purchase....more info
    Bought for my daughter she loves it, it came fast and her screen is purple....more info
  • OK enough
    Overall, it is an okay product. It's not the most user friendly but it plays music and 2GB is a decent amount. For the price (I think I paid $20) it's been worth it. It plays music and has a built in FM tuner.

    I wasn't expecting lightening fast transitions or effortless functioning. There are times that it takes much longer than I think it should to transition. The menu of music is difficult to understand on the player itself. I find that I have to scroll through all the songs to find what I want to listen to. Listening to books has been a challenge - the player will stop randomly, sometimes it skips. Music has not been a problem, perhaps it is the shorter length.

    ...more info
  • Good MP3, fast shipping!!
    Coby MP305-2G MP3 Player with 2 GB Flash Memory FM Radio, USB Drive and LCD - Black
    I think is a good MP3 and the price is excellent, I recommend this
    device....more info
  • Great for what I was looking for
    I primarily use this to go for my morning walk / jog. I have a 512mb Sansa m230, but wanted something that could hold more songs.

    Functionally, I like the Colby better. One frustration with the Sansa is that when I go from my mp3 playlist to the FM radio, the next time I go to the playlist it starts back at the beginning. With the Colby, it remembers where I left off and continues the playlist. Very important when you have 100+ songs you want to listen to.

    With the Sansa, I would go through 1 AA battery per week. I'll admit that I bought a 28 pack of off-brand batteries from Amazon, so the batteries were not the best, but one thing I am finding is that when a battery will no longer play in the Sansa I can put it in the Colby and the Colby will continue to work for another couple of days.

    A third improvement over the Sansa is that the Colby has FM pre-sets. This particular model of the Sansa does not appear to. That's a very convenient feature, especially when I want to switch from mp3 to FM while running.

    All in all, a good upgrade of what I had, considering I only paid $20.

    I will say this, and maybe it's because I am used to the Sansa, the music on the Sansa sounds slightly better to me, but not enough to compensate for the better features that the Colby has.

    I didn't even open the Colby headphones as I have a nice pair that I already use, but I can tell that the ones that come with the player are pretty useless....more info
  • Works Fine!
    I think for the price this is a good product. It is easy to use and works fine for me. For this price and 2gb you can't go work in my opinion!...more info
  • Coby MP305
    I bought this for a friend of mine for Christmas and they are really happy with it. ...more info
  • review mp3 and rearphones
    CB...more info
  • Good idea, bad performance
    While looking around for a flash drive with a good amount of memory, I came across this one, with 2GB and a MP# player and all that good stuff. Sounded like a good idea. I got it and started using immediately trying to load information to it. This product did not live up to the hype at all.

    1. When transfering files and data to and from it, it takes forever. It said it would take like 64 minutes for a file to load. I used my buddies flash drive and it took only like 45 seconds. I was astonished!!!!

    2. It is just too bulky

    3. For the MP3 player part, the functionability of the buttons just aren't satisfying. Plus when you turn it on and want to listen to music it takes a good 6-8 seconds for it to finally get to the menu for the music, then you have to select MUSIC and then you have to select what you want and guess what, that takes another 6-8 seconds. Then if you hit the back button to restart the song it automatically skips to the previous song.

    I dunno I just was not pleased with this at all....more info
  • Barato y muy bueno
    Es un equipo de precio moderado y funciona de maravilla. En mi caso lo compre para escuchar el radio fm, que funciona excelentemente y funciona muy bien el mp3 player tambien.

    Ahora mi unica queja es que si se da un lijero golpe se apaga, entonces tienes que volver a encenderlo, pero es lo unico, realmente fue lo que me hizo no ponerle un 5....more info
  • neat and easy to use - i love the flash concept
    cool device - all mp3s should be like this - so easy to add music. I have not created playlists just yet but it is pretty neat and fits perfectly in your hand....more info
  • Coby MP3052G
    Coby MP305-2G MP3 Player with 2 GB Flash Memory FM Radio, USB Drive and LCD - Black

    Mas specifications on the aptitude to tune issuers of radiuses, since few ones are tuned very...more info
  • Nice price and works for me
    I have this and it was a great price and works fast for me. Easy to use too....more info
  • Very Nice
    First let me say I am a 57 Year old man who has some health problems and was told by my Doctor to start walking... I was walking with my CD player and that was a Pain (big and bulkie) So someone told me to get a MP3 player, I know nothing about them but thought what the hell, Well Let me tell you After I got it and learned how to put songs in I am Thrilled! This item was around $20.00 and worth every penny, It was easy to learn how to use, And I just Love it! I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of a cd player in hand, This goes right in your pocket and the sound is Great! I didn't care too much for the headphones that came with the player so I went to Best Buy and bought a pair for $10.00 and they sound beautiful!...more info
  • Worth the money
    For the price this is a great MP3 player. It came with everything including a gift card for free music downloads. I gave it as a Christmas gift to my 9 yr old nephew and he loved it....more info
  • It plays MP3s.
    This is not a bad mp3 player. It's small, it takes a single AAA battery, and it plays MP3s. THe single huge drawback that I've found, is that you can't do an album-level (as defined by directories containing MP3s, or by tags) search (at least not that I've discovered). Everything is at the file level. This might be ok for a CD with 10 tracks, but when you put two audiobooks on here with 200-odd files each, getting to the beginning of the second audiobook is an exercise in frustration. Also, it doesn't always seem to play the files in order....more info


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