Dirt Devil M0924 AccuCharge 15-3/5-Volt Energy-Star-Approved Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Dirt Devil M0924 takes the super-convenient hand vacuum cleaner and makes it more power efficient. That means you've got extra energy to handle those everyday messes in the kitchen and home-entertainment areas of your home. Yet it doesn't require long charges in between. AccuCharge technology gives you longer battery life, charges 2 times faster and it utilizes 60% less energy. The AccuCharge adaptor more efficiently converts the AC power to the DC batteries and the circuitry constantly monitors the unit until the charge voltage is reached. It then reduces power to a trickle for a complete charge and maintenance. Cordless and Rechargeable, this portable cleaner offers exceptional convenience for practical use. The convenient Quick Flip Crevice tool on board which lets you to get in corners, near baseboards and other tight places where dust can accumulate. It also comes with a retractable bristle strip for cleaning floors. For small living areas, this may just be the vacuum cleaner to meet your needs.

  • Rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner with cordless easy-to-maneuver design
  • AccuCharge technology provides longer battery life, faster charging, and increased efficiency
  • Energy Star approved; retractable bristle strip; on-board quick-flip crevice tool
  • Great for dry spills and everyday messes; dirt cup removes for simple emptying
  • Measures approximately 14 by 4 by 5 inches

 Customer Reviews:

  • Powerful & noisy
    There are two things that make handheld vacs great: a strong battery that will last until the job is done and take a charge for more than a couple of years, and great suction. This one does both. The Accu-charge is working fine so far and I'm hoping that I'll feel the same about it in a couple of years (the only reason I replaced the last hand vac was because of a dead $60 battery). It sucks well and the flip-out wand is convenient for tight places. As one would expect, the great suction comes with a high level of noise. Noise is not a big factor in a hand-held since it is not in use for very long, but don't expect to hear the TV while someone is using it. ...more info
  • Great handheld vac
    Excellent suction power, and the build-in quick-flip crevice design is nice so you don't need to look for the attachment or try to find a place to store it.

    The AccuCharge feature works as advertised so I don't have to worry about the battery being charge all the time.

    I think the only design flaw is the charging stand/cradle. When it is mounted vertically (on a wall), you must make sure the hand vac is seated completely by pushing it all the way in. Otherwise is a free fall to the ground. But not a problem if it is placed on the countertop.

    All in all, I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great value!
    I recently bought this item and have used it multiple times each day to clean up in my kitchen and family room. It's a great value, works well and recharges quickly. ...more info
  • Good value for the price
    I purchased this particular hand-held vacuum because of its Energy-Star rating. And whether I have no idea whether it is actually more energy-efficient than its counterparts, I am pretty satisfied with its performance. It is quiet, sleek, and effective. The suction is adequate, tho' not as strong as other models I have used (but these were neither Energy-Star approved nor cordless). Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase and would recommend it to those who are concerned about energy consumption but still want a well-performing product....more info
  • So far ,so good
    A nice item for the price. Appears to do a decent job, although I've only used it once in my cars. The biggest problem I had was disconnecting it from charger, since it fits very snugly in the cradle. It took a call to Dirt Devil to be sure I wouldn't break it on separation from the base charger to use it. After that, it was easy....more info
  • Pathetic cleaner
    This makes a great deal of noise when operating and doesn't seem to pick up as much dirt as the previous one we had....more info
  • Excellent
    This product works great. Makes cleaning your car so easy. It's really powerful and easy to clean/empty....more info