Hoover U5753980 WindTunnel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Bonus Slider Rechargeable Broom

List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $149.99

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  • 12 amp, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner with WindTunnel technology and innovative Dirt Finder
  • HEPA allergen filtration; 15-inch-wide cleaning path; several on-board cleaning tools
  • Bonus lightweight, cordless, ultra-thin, rechargeable broom with rotating nozzle and powered brush roll
  • Quickstart handle; bagless dirt cup and washable filter; battery and charger included
  • Vacuum measures 13 by 16 by 44 inches; broom measures 5-3/4 by 11-1/4 by 40 inches; 1-year warranty

 Customer Reviews:

  • Great Vacuum Cleaner
    The slider is great for quick pickups. The Windtunnel itself is quite heavy and it is painful to lug it around if you have a multi-storied house, but it cleans like a dream. When I acually saw the amount of dirt that my Oreck had obviously been missing, I was appalled! A very efficient vacuum cleaner, no bags to buy, and a very affordable price ---- whats not to love. Would highly recommend....more info
  • Expect to spend around $20/month to use this vacuum.
    Unsure why Hoover went with this design.
    My old Fantom used its 'cyclonic' technology to get most dirt and small particles. The HEPA filter was only used for residual dirt; of which there was virtually none. In other words, the technology employed by the vacuum meant that the HEPA filter would not clog for years. It took over 8 years or so before the HEPA filter needed to be replaced.
    That being said, this Hoover uses the HEPA filter as a primary filter. It has *great* suction when new, but by the time I had to empty the canister for the first time, the HEPA filter was clogged! Now there isn't enough suction to spin the 'turbo/pet brush.'
    Point is, the HEPA filter should have been used only for *very* small particles, not as a primary filter. Anyone who has used HEPA filters knows that once the filter is clogged, cleaning it does not make it like new again.
    To get back to the way the vacuum worked new and out of the box, it appears that you need to replace the HEPA filter each time the canister becomes full. I have found the filters for sale at $10-20 each (add shipping/tax,) not a bad price, but consider that you will need to buy one at least once a month; probably more often.
    Some people have said they use cans of compressed air, and other methods to clean the HEPA filter. Not good enough, and it will not suck like new until you replace the filter.
    The stick vac on the other hand works great! Only use on hard surfaces, it's not meant for anytype of carpet....more info
  • Great buy forr the money
    Great vaccuum cleaner! Picks up everything! A bit heavy but not a problem for me although might be for some, would give it 4 stars...more info
  • Wife loves it - our 2nd one
    This is our 2nd vacuum of this model. Large capacity for dirt and pet hair (2 dogs, 3 cats), great power. She doesn't have to empty it all the time like other vacuums we've had. And the bagless is a real convenience - pain trying to find the right bags in our town, few stores in a small town.
    Our original one lasted about 10 years. Wear and tear, the belt drive finally gave out due to plastic parts wearing out. But, this vacuum lasted longer than other types/styles of vacuums we've owned in the past. The new one is definitely quieter than the old one (a sign of the drive wearing out?), but it does make noise. But hey, what do you expect when vacuuming?
    The wife was thrilled that I found one identical to the old one.

    And the Slider Broom was a nice bonus as part of the deal. Kind of like a Dustbuster with a handle. Not great for heavy stuff, but for a quick, light duty vacuum, it seems adequate.

    Thanks Amazon for a great price and quick delivery!
    ...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    Works good. More noisy than my previous Windtunnel. Suction power is superb. They have improved the design overall and placed the electrical cord attachment higher up on the vacuum. The bagless design is nice but is more messy than a bagged typed as you have to empty it more often. The hose length is adequate. Hoover has an extended length hose that can be purchased separately. Overall a decent vacuum for the money.
    The "Slider" also works pretty well. It does not do great if vacuuming up hair. It has good power and for hardwood floors or low pile carpets it should work fine for most small dirt on the floor. It is also easy to empty and has decent suction power. Have not tried it with heavier dirt types like maybe spilled potting soil, etc......more info
  • Excellent for dog hair
    This Hoover vacuum cleaner works great! It cleans well, has a good "sucking" power and picks up a lot of dog hair that my old vacuum cleaner could not get. It works well on hard floors, too. The price is right and the performance is excellent....more info
  • Great Value
    Received the vacuum cleaner with rechargeable slider as promised. we really enjoy using it and it is a great value....more info
  • Nothing good is ever free
    The main unit works well - the cordless unit that comes free with the package - stinks. It can not pick up anything, my small dustbuster is better.
    ...more info
  • Heavy and uninsprired.
    I bought this to replace a bagless Kenmore. The Kenmore worked great for just over a year. Guess how long the warranty was good for? That's right, one year.
    The Hoover is large heavy and noisy compared to the Kenmore. I don't think Hoover has done anything to the Wind Tunnel since it came out. Was that the eighties?
    The cover for the accessories won't stay closed so when your done vacuuming and set it upright the cover flies open. This should be covered under warranty but I have to take it to the nearest repair center. My life doesn't center around repairing new products so I haven't had a chance to take it in yet. I will update this if it ends up that this is not covered under warranty.
    The best part of the vacuum is not the vacuum at all, it's the power broom that came with it. My son (three) thinks it's fun to run it on the kitchen floor. He is playing and the floor is clean. Could life be any better I ask you?
    To sum up, buy the power broom if you have young children and buy a Kenmore with an extended warranty....more info
  • Great Deal on Two Great Vacuums
    Both the vacuum cleaner and the slider are excellent. The vacuum cleaner was excellent at picking up pet hair. We thought our carpets were pretty clean until we used this vacuum cleaner. We filled up the bin almost to the top with pet hair and dirt the first time we used it. It is slightly messy emptying the bin, but if you are careful it isn't a problem. The slider is very flexible getting around furniture and is a must for hard wood and tiled floors. The slider has good suction and being cordless makes this a winner. ...more info
  • wonderful!
    Dont know if I would pay the retail price for it but its the best vacuum I could possibly get under $100. With the bonus slider broom it was not even a questionon if I should get it or not. Cleans up pet hair and kids messes with ease! ...more info
  • Hoover U5753980 Bagless Upright Vacuum
    Good product has good suction and picks up things pretty well with the bonus slider broom I got a great deal from Amazon....more info
  • Vacuum is great
    Vacuum is quite good although I don't like the function of lights telling me whether carpet is clean or not. No matter how hard I tried, it did not turn green to indicate that my carpet was clean. I tried using Rechargeable broom for quick job on the carpet because it is lightweight and easy to use even for kids but it does not have much suction power. However, it is OK for its intended use as a broom for the bare floors. Overall, a great buy when it is below $100....more info