Remanufactured Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Twice the suction of other handheld vacuums, Bagless/Cyclonic, Cordless, Root Cyclone Technology, 3.3 lbs., 21.6 volt lithium ion battery, Charges 3 times faster than regular batteries, Lifetime washable filters, Durable tough construction, Attachments included, 6 month Dyson warranty, Plus 1 year extended ABC warranty.

  • Bagless handheld vacuum cleaner with Root Cyclone technology
  • Twice the suction of other handhelds; recharges 3 times faster
  • Cordless; picks up large debris; 1-touch cup-emptying system
  • Battery charger, crevice tool, and combination accessory tool included
  • Measures 4-2/7 by 18-2/7 by 8-8/9 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Mostly good, but some flaws
    I love the design of this product. I can see it in a modern art museum one day, so kudos to Tyson for incorporating interesting and different design elements into their products.

    I purchased this as a refurbished item, but you could not have determined that it was not new, as the item arrived in perfect condition with no visible signs of prior use.

    As a cordless vacuum, it is good to very good. Battery life is a touch on the short side, but I suppose one expects that from a rechargable hand vac with a powerful motor.

    I've mostly dinged the score a bit due to a lack of quality materials used in the construction of certain parts of this item. For example, the dust collector is made of very thin and flimsy plastic and I would liked to have seen Tyson use a heavier grade material instead. Also, the switch that opens the dust collector is kind of funky, clunky and not precise. I've dumped dust on my floor a few times trying to figire the thing out.

    It's also a bit on the large side, so it might not fit in a tight space when wall-mounted in the same way that a Dustbuster-type vac might.

    Finally, this is not an inexpensive item, so whether it is worth the price is subject to some debate. Obviously, if you are going to buy one, Amazon's price is often amongst the lowest, if not the lowest, that you are going to find.

    So I do recommend this item, but there are some drawbacks to be sure. ...more info
  • Best $100 I've ever spent on something for the house.
    Not a day goes by when I don't find something to suck up with my mini Dyson. I wish I'd bought one years ago....more info
  • Everything it should be!
    I am more than thrilled with my DC16. Because I have dogs, I have wood floors and use the DC16 everyday to clean something up. The boyz track in dead leaves, spill their kibble, tear the stuffing out of their toys, and one sheds horribly at certain times of the year.

    The cat isn't any better. She occassionally launches herself from under a potted plant and scatters dirt everywhere. And like most cats, she kicks a little kitty litter out when using the box.

    The DC16 is what it is... a powerful hand vac that saves time by being convenient, portable, and fast. It's not a full size vacuum and shouldn't be expected to clean like one. What it's best at is picking up cat hair off the couch, cleaning crumbs off the car floor, and sucking up the little messes that are part of my everyday life.

    I absolutely love it!

    ...more info
  • Acceptable
    Very convenient product for usage and storage. Once charged, the power seems to last for an acceptable timeframe. Emptying out should happen frequently. Price I paid was decent and within $10 off the lowest price I saw on the internet....more info
  • Good Little Vacuum
    My refurb unit did not include an instruction manual, and there does not seem to be a place to download one on the Dyson site. That said, it's not exactly rocket science to run the thing.

    Be aware that at full charge, the unit runs continuously (at full power) for only 6 minutes or so, and according to the Dyson site, takes 3 hours to recharge if you use all the power. So, its really more of a dustbuster than anything else - however I was able to "dustbust" my 2,000 sq ft home with all the corners and even stairs included without a problem - it did a great job at handling pet hair.

    You need to put the whole unit into the charging bracket - you can't just take out the battery, which means it sticks out a pretty good amount in your closet or whatever if you mount the bracket to the wall. I took off a star for this.

    I wouldn't pay full price for this, but at $70 it was a really good deal and a good performer. I was concerned about buying a refurb cleaning product because it might still have someone else's dirt in there, but the unit was spanking clean....more info
  • Powerful HandVac. Great Customer Service
    I haven't owned a handvac since the early 1990's dustbuster days. When this remanuf unit came up for sale, I thought I'd try the Dyson despite the mixed reviews (my boss loves Dyson products). My expectations were somewhat low due to the reviews on this site, but the unit has been quite functional for us. We mainly use it to pick up dust bunny fur (lots of it) and to get in the corners and under the sofa. Yes, the battery does run out fairly quickly, so we compensate by doing sort bursts of suction. That seems to work. Recharging time is good.

    We did have to call customer service because the dirt bin cover wouldn't release properly. A new cover was sent out quickly & the bin cover pops open like it should. The customer service people were very friendly and helpful....more info
  • Some problems, but great customer service
    I bought the remanufactured DC16 about a month ago. It worked fine - once. When it was time to recharge the battery, all I got were flashing red lights and it no longer worked. I called customer service, and they thought it might have been a problem with the battery charger. So they mailed a replacement. It arrived in about a week. That didn't work. I called up customer service again, and this time they sent a replacement battery and a new rear assembly. I think it was the battery that was causing the problems, but I replaced the rear assembly anyway. Now it works fine.

    So it was off to a slow start, but in the end everything is working fine. Customer service is fast, friendly, and hassle-free.
    ...more info
  • Love my Dyson!
    I guess it's all personal. I love my Dyson. From the way it feels in hand to the color! (a pleasant bright orange) Very well made and very easy to use. The battery lasts about 6-8 minutes and it's spelled out in the user manual clearly. So it's all about expectations!

    This hand vaccum is so powerful and it picks up all sorts of things. The best part is it can pick up hair so easily while my other cleaning tools (upright vacuum, cordless sweep and roomba)will need my help to clean hair out of the roller.

    It comes with three heads for different purposes. I wish they give you more instructions on when and how to use them, but I guess we are all smart enough to figure that out.

    Overall, worth the money. ...more info
    This product works as advertised, but is incredibly UGLY.
    plastic is kinda cheap and the proportions are ALL wrong.
    its a really strange piece of equipment....more info
  • Satisfied despite run time and other negative reviews
    I got the DC16 Root 6 as a refurb and we've been pretty satisfied with it. It's great for sweeping the stairs, the cat food, and cat litter in the kitchen nook. It's pretty powerful and empties easily. The battery is a good LiIon battery with a nice charging system. True, it only lasts 6 minutes but you aren't vacuuming the whole house with this thing. The one frustrating thing is that once it runs out, the motor won't start at all again until it's apparently fully charged, some hours later.

    Nice charging/storage bracket. And the LiIon charging means that it won't be roasted sitting on the charger like the crappy NiCd batteries and burnout-chargers supplied with most other cordless vaccuums. THIS IS "WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD!"

    My wrist and arm do get worn out vacuuming the stairs. I think I'll wire in a constant-on switch so I don't have the added strain of pulling the trigger, though it's not much of an addition. Also, the nozzle and brushes are of limited help in collecting debris; you really have to target what you're sweeping....more info
  • extremely dissatisfied
    My first complaint about this vacuum was how short the charged, usable time was, only about 5 or 6 minutes. I just had enough time to do my two sets of stairs and that's it. After a few days, it konked out completely. I returned it for a refund. It was a refurbished model and must have been a lemon. I recently bought a black and decker corded hand vac for a third the price, which works great. Even if it had continued to function properly, 5 minutes is a ridiculously short amount of time for it to remain charged....more info
  • Get's the job done, weird design is a conversation piece
    Works great and picks up better than I imagined.
    Criticism about 5-6 minute per charge running time is not a factor for us.

    Figured out that the mystery adaptor in the box is for a flexible hose nozzle available as an accessory. Would'nt it make more sense to include it when you buy the accessory hose.

    There's a little lint pickup pad on the end of the nozzle which fell off.
    A quick call to the responsive Dyson help-line and a replacement is on it's way....more info
  • Dyson DC16 Root handheld vacuum
    The vacuum came quickly and has been working just like it was brand new, which indeed it looks and acts like it were.
    This style only has a 6 minute battery life which I wish were longer, but I knew that when I ordered it and new ones have the same.]
    I love the power it has and the ease of emptying.
    I felt like this was a money saving way to get the vacuum I researched and decided I wanted....more info
  • Best hand vac EVER.... you cannot beat quality!
    I use this more than I should. I cannot wait to get a Dyson vacuum now. The suction is better than my Hoover stand up. Awesome....more info
  • Great product
    Another fine product from Dyson. Great suction, easy to use, the battery could last longer though...more info
  • Wow, it just keeps going.
    Now you can clean all the stairs.
    I can't believe I've been using those underpowered dustbusters that run out of juice all this time.
    Finally a hand held vac that can keep up with the dirt.
    Thanks Dyson....more info
  • Dyson Hand Vacuum
    I have looked for a hand vac for quite a long time. I've read lots of reviews about different brands and none of these reviews were very good. (I won't mention any names)
    I used the Dyson hand vac at a friends house and when I got home, I ordered one. It is the greatest! It will run about six minutes on a full charge. It comes with a charge cradle you mount on the wall and you just drop the vac into the cradle and it charges up.
    Our home vac is the Dyson full size model and it is the BEST vac we have ever owned. Dyson makes the BEST.
    Thank you....more info
  • Works great - no complaints
    We got a great price on the Dyson DC16. Very powerful and perfect for everyday use. Excellent for the car. Of course, the only problem is the short battery life (6 minutes). But because it is so powerful, its not really that big of a deal......more info
  • Remanufactured Garbage. Not worth the Money. My Dyson DC16 was defective.
    As an owner of several Dyson uprights, I was excited about the Root 6. Finally, a portable vac for quick pick ups around the house. However, as it turns out, this vacuum poorly performed from the time it was out of the box: it has horrible battery life; a charger that doesn't charge; a main unit that will work, if you are lucky, around six months.
    After contacting Dyson customer service I was told Dyson was having supplier issues. I was promptly sent a remanufactured unit (I was told I was getting a new unit) which failed to work after less than 10 days. I've also been sent two new batteries and two chargers. Today, the unit hasn't been used more than 10 minutes and is no longer functioning.

    The reason for all the defects? It doesn't matter which customer service agent you ask, all of them wil tell you Dyson is currently having "supplier issues" in regard to the Root 6. Manufactured in China, it appears Dyson root 6 has more than a few dissatisfied customers and more than a few poorly performing hand held vacuums. This vacuum is a real disappointment. It looks great but performs poorly. I was recently told to send the unit back and Dyson will determine the cause of the problem. Without sending it in, I can tell you this vacuum is pure junk. I've never owned a piece of equipment with which I've had so much trouble. The Dyson Root 6 is the biggest piece of garbage I've ever owned. Don't believe the Dyson hype on this vacuum. Stay away from the Dyson root 6 at all costs. It is a complete waste of money and you will most certainly be disappointed. ...more info