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Beyond our world lies that of the Elemental beings, the Arcana. These mighty spirits offer their abilities to the Maidens, those rare humans who are able to communicate with them. Long ago, our worlds were connected. However, the two worlds unexpectedly split apart, and a dimensional boundary was formed between them, separating our world from the Arcana. Seeking to harness their energy, the mysterious Mildred Avalon is trying to form a rift in the boundary and merge the worlds once more. Should her plan succeed, life on our world will never be the same again. Only the Maidens, with the help of their Arcana, can prevent her from bringing an end to all humanity.

Beyond our world lies that of the Elemental beings, the Arcana. These mighty spirits offer their abilities to the Maidens, those rare humans who are able to communicate with them. Long ago, our worlds were connected. However, the two worlds unexpectedly split apart, and a dimensional boundary was formed between them, separating our world from the Arcana. Seeking to harness their energy, the mysterious Mildred Avalon is trying to form a rift in the boundary and merge the worlds once more. Should her plan succeed, life on our world will never be the same again. Only the Maidens, with the help of their Arcana, can prevent her from bringing an end to all humanity.


  • An all‐girl fighting spectacular - Battles heat up with 11 beautiful female fighters to choose from.
  • Customize your fighter's skills - Arcana add new attack and defense skills. Build your combat strategy by selecting from 11 different Arcana to pair with your fighter.
  • Supreme vertical action - Take your fighting skyward! Huge battle maps let you rain down punishment on your opponent with air dashes and homing techniques to create devastating aerial combos.
  • Exceptional replay value - Includes the original Arcana Heart and the remixed Arcana Heart FULL, and offers four different modes: arcade, story, versus, and training, as well as a gallery mode filled with unlockable extras.
  • Gorgeous anime‐style 2D fighting with cute characters and smooth animations.
  • Deep fighting engine with significant fighter customization options.
  • Very popular arcade and console fighter in Japan comes to North America.

Customer Reviews:

  • Complexity and depth
    This fighting game has a lot of complexity and depth to it. Your main character has a set of abilities and then you tack on another set of abilities based upon your choice of arcana. While this in itself might be manageable for the casual player the game toss in a load of playing dynamics that remind me of the more recent capcom fighting games. You have special move cancels, aerial combos, ground combos, juggle combos and a load of other dynamics that goes over my play ability.

    Artistically, it's an anime fighter and everything appears well animated. Character moves and interactions are fairly unique and interesting. I especially like the artistic concept for Kira Daidohji with the water bubble.

    I'm not so sure this is a good fighting game for a home system while having no internet support. The game requires a high level of dedication to really enjoy the game fully. If you can find multiple people to play the game with who are dedicated to the game, then it can be enjoyable....more info
  • A.K.A. Loli Wars
    If there's one thing I learned about the Japanese gaming scene while visiting Japan, and it's something I expected all along, it's that fighters and shooters - two genres more or less completely dead in the States - are thriving there. One of the most popular new games in the game centers overseas was a lolita-infested cutesy fighter called "Arcana Heart 2", which contained the most complicated battle system I'd EVER SEEN to this date in a 2D 1 on 1 fighting game. Every time I even attempted to play this game, I got my butt kicked -- HARD -- and I consider myself to be at least competent when it comes to fighting games. The precursor to that game, Arcana Heart, was released a year before on the PS2 in Japan. It came out this week here in the States courtesy of Atlus (thanks guys), and of course I couldn't pass on the opportunity to pick up the domestic version and actually spend some time digging in and learning how to play without getting my gaijin butt kicked by loli maids wielding buster swords controlled by gothy 17-ish Japanese otaku in the game centers... but I digress...

    Like its sequel, Arcana Heart's looks can be very, very deceiving. It's an incredibly balanced, incredibly deep fighter with a lot of options and little room for mistakes.

    But what's going to turn most "stereotypical" hardcore gamers off, is undoubtedly the look of the game. The box art alone pretty much guarantees about 5 copies of this game are going to be sold. All 11 fighters in the game are girls, and all are age 17 or under. Each one is an anime "moe" stereotype: you have the "demon girl", the "schoolgirl", the "maid", the "shrine maiden", the "ancient samurai chick", the "annoying brainy girl", the "annoying half-animal-half girl ninja", etc... Pretty much every stereotype from Chobits to Love Hina is accounted for in this game, so if those kinds of characters and graphics are your thing, you'll like what the game has to offer. The story itself is rather thin, and doesn't provide a lot of substance. Sound is in its original Japanese, so if you like cutesy JPop and anime voiceovers, you'll like what there is on display here. The graphics themselves are decently drawn and rendered to a quality that's near Guilty Gear in presentation, but lack of a 480p option hurts for those who don't have access to a PS3. However, it's still one of the prettier 2D games on the system. Graphics and sound are 100% arcade authentic, so it's hard to complain unless you don't like the style.

    The complexity of the fighting system when compared to something like Guilty Gear (which is complex enough on its own) comes from two different elements: the Homing button and character duality - both of which are explained below. The Homing button is the cornerstone of chaining combos together in Arcana Heart, and allows the player to quickly zero in on an opponent from across the arena with a quick dash. The use of the Homing button also allows a player to perform Guard Cancels, Homing Cancels (think Roman Cancels in Guilty Gear) and special moves related to which Arcana is selected for a given character.

    Which reminds me...the Arcana. The Arcana is the extra layer of complexity, the "character duality" I spoke about above. Although there are only 11 main fighters in the game, you are required to pick 1 of 11 different Arcana (elemental beasts) to link with your main fighter. Each Arcana, in turn, has its own set of special moves and super moves that can be performed with joystick motions in combination with the Homing button. Pressing all the attack buttons together will put your character into a special state that gives them special powers (such as boosted attack, defense, health regeneration, super meter regeneration, etc. depending on which arcana is selected) for a limited period of time. During that time, a super-special Arcana summon attack can be performed called an Arcana Break that can inflict MASSIVE damage on an opponent if it hits (this is similar to a Guilty Gear instant kill move). This combination of techniques pretty much makes up the core gameplay of Arcana Heart. It tends to be more difficult than most fighters, since you have to memorize two movelists: one for a fighter, and one for an Arcana.

    (I told you it was complex)!

    The PS2 version has very few extras, and contains a bare-bones story mode, versus mode, arcade mode, gallery, and options menu. A nice feature is the balancing added to the Japanese arcade release of Arcana Heart FULL! (released a few months after the original) is included on the disc and users are free to choose which version of each character they'd like to use. The only unlocks available are in the gallery, and after seeing the additional fighters and Arcana available in the currently Japanese arcade-only sequel Arcana Heart 2, this game feels a bit...lacking. However, that being said, it's still the most complex fighter on the market, despite its cute exterior, and will develop a larger hardcore tournament following in the States now that it has an official domestic release.

    Rating System: Who needs stars and numbers? I'm all about the otaku emoticons!

    *-* = Amazing
    ^-^ = Good
    -_- = Fair
    T_T = Poor

    Graphics: ^-^
    Do you like loli? Do you like fighting games? Do you like loli in fighting games? Seriously though, the graphics are pretty much on par with Guilty Gear, minus the 480p option. The only thing that I have to warn about is if you don't like the cutesy art style...well, you probably won't be buying this anyway. For the rest of you - the game looks like an interactive anime. There you go.

    Sound: -_-
    Cutesy anime-ish fighting game voices and sugary soundtrack. Pretty much par for the course here. But the singer of the main theme kind :( Bummer.
    Replayability: ^-^
    Not a lot to unlock, but the fighting system is VERY complex, so there's a lot to learn. Mastering a single character and Arcana combination will take a long time, mastering multiple will take even longer. This is not a game you can learn in a single sitting, and some fighting purists may be turned off by the peculiar pacing of the game. It isn't as smooth as something like Guilty Gear, in that the movements of the characters are more deliberate, slower, and easier to punish mistakes (I believe this was a purposeful design decision to force use of the Homing button).

    Downloadable Content: N/A
    PS2 game. No DLC planned.

    Fun Factor: -_-
    A complex 2D fighter. If you have the patience, you can have a lot of fun here. Lack of online play stings, but it's PS2, what do you expect. Now, EXAMU, put the sequel on PS3!

    Overall: ^-^
    BREAK DOWN! ...more info
  • I am absoliutely terrible at fighting games...
    Yes, I absolutely suck when it comes to fighting games. Anyone who can mash buttons can beat me, but that doesn't change the fact that I love playing them.

    Arcana Heart is an all-female fighting game, which I think was long past due to debut in a culture where in fighting games the token females were only about half as strong as any male. With 11 girls and 11 arcana to choose from, there are 121 possible choices to make for your fighter, pretty much meaning a fighting style for everyone.

    The animations are fluid, the storyline is fun, and each girl and arcana has a unique move-set that can keep your opponent guessing at what you'll do next. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys fighting games....more info
  • Fun, not for everyone
    This is a great game, for a niche audience. It's very fast paced as well as exciting. Very challenging at times too. The great thing about this game is it's great fro just pick up and play, or to pass the time, seeing which scores you can beat and unlocking all the art. The fighters are very diverse and when played right are very well balanced.

    The girls themselves are very interesting and, while not quite a story game, they have some unique personalities to be sure. The music isn't great for listening alone but with the fighting it just feels right, no complaints here anyway. The controls are smooth which allows for some very intense matches that you'd never see in Soul Calibur.

    Overall a fun game with a great cast and playability. If you like anime/2d fighters you owe it to yourself to pick this game up.
    ...more info
  • Game for only the anime fans
    This game doesn't really stand out in the sea of fighting games as far as game play. What make this stand out is that, and I hate to say it, its a novelty game for anime fans to have to play for a good 15 - 30 mins. I am not a hardcore gamer, and if I were, I would give this game a lower rating. Being the anime fan that I am, I love the all female cast in this game. Only pick up this game if you are just want to play this game, beat it and then trade it in, or buying it to be part of your anime collection of video games....more info
  • Surprisingly good 2-D fighter
    Atlus' Arcana Heart is for truly devoted fans of the 2-D fighter and it shows. Featuring an all female fighting roster, Arcana Heart features a surprisingly deep fighting system and an interesting, obviosuly anime-inspired art design to boot. The animation is fluid and looks very good, the storyline and characters are quirky, and the Japanese flair overall is ever-present as well, although there are some issues to be found the deeper you get in the game. For starters, some may find the loading time to be a little on the long side, while others may have a hard time getting into Arcana Heart's play style and unique fighting mechanics. Make no mistake that Arcana Heart is not meant for the mainstream fighting gamer, but for hardcore fans of the 2-D fighting genre that don't mind an anime flavor. If that sounds like your thing, you'll have a blast with Arcana Heart, and the budget price tag certainly doesn't hurt things either....more info
  • the fighter for non figher fans
    people not into fighting games looking for something laid back and just fun to play should give this one a shot. not hard to get into just pick up and play. Good graphics and sound effects make arcana heart that much better. Cute characters and great voice acting are some of the highlights....more info
  • good game, not for everyone
    Arcana Hearts is a good fighting game. Superficially, it may seem weird with the all girl cast but do not let that fool you into thinking it has little value.
    Graphics - 8/10 A bright and colorful game, solid framerate and smooth character motions. Character design is not the best I have seen in a fighting game, but graphically, its as good looking as a guilty gear game, which means it looks way better than any streetfighter game.

    Audio - 6.5/10 Don't know what you were expecting in this category, music is forgettable, sound effects are well done, I think very few fighting games have good music.

    Gameplay - 7/10 The speed of the game is a little slower than I expected it to be, I suppose much like Guilty Gear, but the battles themselves are a lot of fun. The character moves vary from limited to expansive for various characters and depending on who you choose to play with the gameplay can get repetitive or remain dynamic. Definitely a lot of innovative features that set it apart from other games, or at least copied from really good ones.

    Overall - 7/10 Not for everyone, but if you like fighting games with features not found in other games, give this a try....more info
  • Fun Game
    Arcana Hearts is a little more than another old-school 2d fighter. Button mashing will get you killed (quickly), and the learning curve can be a little sharp. Overall, this is a fun game, and recommended for any one familiar with the Guilty Gear series, though it's not quite as frantic or fast paced. Good starter/warmup, though....more info
  • Very Suprising! 2-D PS2 Fighters Still Have Life!!
    I'm glad I bought Arcana Heart for PS2. Cute anime intro, all-girl cast of fighters (11 in all), an interesting combo system (a little of Marvel vs Capcom and King of Fighters.) Atlus brought this to the US thankfully. Original game by EXAMU Inc./AQI.

    Highly recommended if you love 2-D fighting games with fluid "hand-drawn" animation....more info
  • Pretty darn entertaining
    In an era where you really don't -see- many 2D fighting games, it's great to see a well put together package like this getting localized.

    While it's not a member of a well known franchise, Arcana Heart is a well balanced, well put together game with a wide variety of characters - even if they -are- all funny looking teenage moe-stereotype girls. The gameplay is fast paced and agressive without being spazzy, and the depth of options is significant without being overwhelming.

    The single player mode is good for some fun (Though the final boss is SNK-style cheap) but like all fighting games, it really shines in two player play.

    Still, if you're a fan of 2D fighters, this one competes favorably even against the more famous entries in the genre....more info
  • A nice fighting game with an all-female cast for those who like catfights
    I would've scored this higher if I were more than a casual fan of fighting games. As such, I don't know much about the complexities of canceling one move into another to extend a chain of hits or chasing an opponent into the air for an air combo or what moves work best in building an infinite combo. I just like to have fun. Fair warning, this game WILL give your thumbs a workout (I got blisters and my thumb was sore for a few days) and the last boss is the definition of cheap, so be ready for a lot of do-overs, cursing and urges to throw your controller at the TV.

    The cast of characters is fairly standard with a starting lineup of 11 playable characters, plus the choice of Arcanas, or guardian spirits, before the match can allow for different play styles and new moves. I've only played with 2 characters so far, and only managed to beat it with one after a lot of frustration, so if you really like fighting games or are a fan of the Guilty Gear series and want something else to play in the meanwhile you'll probably get a kick out of this game. Anyone else, I'd advise a rental first to see if this is your speed....more info
  • You'll love this Heart
    To keep things from spiraling out of control word count wise, I'll just say that this is a great fighter with a very mature combat engine and wonderful art. The control scheme is not simple, but it is tweaked to make most of the fireball and uppercut type moves easier on the thumbs. You are entering the same kind of movements ie: | \ - + A , but they come off easier and with little frustration. This said any fighter fan worth his salt will be throwing out combos from the impressive move list in no time at all. Also, the stiff AI will draw you into epic back and forth fights that will really grab you. Top this off with a boss that hearkens back to the days of KOF94' and Art of Fighting... tough as nails. Real fighter fans will appreciate that.

    The other part of the game naturally is the art. The ladies are essentially a review of every anime/moe female stereotype possible. There are maids, animal-girls, serious girls, free-sprited girls, younger girls, gothic girls, demon girls and robot girls. I for one love it. Sure it's exploitative of the male psyche, but I happen to have a male psyche so I don't mind. (mind... get it? HAR!)

    Put these two together and you have a great package for good money. It's not a Soul Calibur with tons of unlockables, it's for people who like to brawl basically. Also it should be said the story is fun if not terribly good, so if you want great fiction try the library. Even with these small flaws, it's an easy five star production. Why don't you thank Atlus for having the good sense to bring the game to the States and BUY it!
    ...more info
  • A cute, interesting fighter, great for anime lovers.
    I am so extremely pleased that Atlus picked up Arcana Heart for US release. I wanted to play it so much that earlier this year I was looking at prices for import PS2s. Imagine my excitement to see it sitting on a shelf at a game store a week ago. I really did NOT think this type of game would be a candidate for localization, but it's great that it was.

    Why didn't I think it would be? Well, the game's very obviously aimed at anime fans, chiefly male. It's funny that people have alleged that a male would be "gay" for playing this game, because the cute female characters are meant to attract a male audience. All the girls have popular "moe" characteristics. "Moe" basically means a huge interest, love, or fetish for a thing or a particular characteristic- there are, for example, people who are very, very interested trains, and for those people, trains would be moe. But chiefly the word is used to describe anime and video game characters. You can consider anything moe, but some of the larger ones are things like glasses-wearing girl (meganekko), maid, catgirl (nekomimi), tsundere (someone with a distant or argumentative personality but who is actually loving), and so forth. All of these and many more are represented in Arcana Heart. You'll see everything represented from swimsuits to priestesses to gothic lolita.

    There is, of course, a LOT of fanservice, but for the most part it's nothing very racy. A lot of the "sex appeal" comes from these moe characteristics being present rather than nudity. Even if you're not interested in any sexual aspect, you can appreciate the characters for being what they are- REALLY cute and lovable. When I play it, I'm exclaming, "Awwww!" every few minutes, because the girls are so darn adorable.

    The graphics are great, both the 2D battles and the anime-style cutscene illustrations. This game is super pleasing on the eye in every aspect. The battle graphics are fluid and have a fresh, bright quality and the stages have lots of life and detail. The music is pretty nice, too, and the girls have the cutest voices.

    There is a story mode, and each character has her own little storyline comprised of dialogs with the other characters. The stories I've played through so far have been nothing earthshaking and they don't have much plot, but they are very cute, amusing, and full of pretty pictures, so I'm not complaining. They also demonstrate the relationships between various characters, which is always nice.

    As for gameplay, it's pretty good- not revolutionary, but fun. There are 11 playable girls and 11 usable arcanas. Each girl, of course, has her own "Maiden" moves. Lieselotte, for example, fights with a possessed doll which she can keep inside her briefcase for stronger physical hits, or whom she can release to move around and fight on its own. The priestess Maori can call in her sisters during battle for attacks. The different arcanas each have a specific element and grant you some moves and various special powers- one allows you to use lightning strikes, another enables you to poison your foe, and so forth. Aerial combat is a prominent feature of this game. You can go EXTREMELY high into the air, higher than any fighter I've ever played, and many attacks still work in the air.

    Like most fighting games, you have a Super Meter in order to store up a "Super" and use special attacks. You can save up to 9 Supers, and using a Maiden or Arcana special attack will drain 1 Super. You also have a Homing Meter, which looks like three smaller meters. Certain abilities allow you to home in upon your opponent, and using one of these will take away one bar from the Homing Meter. They refill over the course of the battle.

    Another thing you can do is call upon your Arcana, called the Arcana Force. This will refill your Homing Meter instantly but it will also drain your Super Meter constantly. The more Supers you have saved up, the longer an Arcana Force will last. While an Arcana Force is active, you'll get different abilities based upon the Arcana you are using. If you use Dieu Mort, for example, the Arcana of Poison, your physical attacks will poison the enemy during an Arcana Force. Finally, there is one special attack called the Arcana Blaze you can only do during an Arcana Force, and it is very powerful, but it will drain your Super Meter back to zero.

    This is not a game that leads itself to button mashing, and you do have to strategize. It's slower paced than other fighting games, but you REALLY have to make use of that time. You have to become familiar with a character's moves and come up with tactics. It's a process of trial and error and it can be frustrating but as you become familiar with a character it isn't so hard. My biggest complaint is probably that, to me at least, combos don't feel very fluid and can be tough to pull off. I love combos, so this is sort of a bummer for me. It's not so bad, though, and I still get tons of enjoyment out of the game.

    Based on my minor gameplay gripes, lack of revolutionary content, and the fact that it's just not a game that's for everyone, I give it a 4 rather than a 5. But if you enjoy 2D fighters and love the anime aesthetic as much as I do, it's definitely a worthy addition to your collection. The characters are cute, quirky, varied, and engaging; they really make the game an experience. So for fun, I give it a 5/5....more info
    Beautyful graphics wonderfull game play. something to forget a litle about SF and KOF new faces . new combos.beautiful chicks chun li and cammy have nothing against HEART. MY ADVICE TO YOU BUY IT TODAY . PEACE...more info
  • Arcana Heart features beautifully rendered 2D graphics and a lot of personality.
    Arcana Heart won't revive the 2d fighter, but it is a nice addition to a market that hasn't seen any new faces in quite some time.

    The characters are beautifully rendered and have a lot of personality. Each player has unique fighting abilities. For instance, one character uses a ghoulish staff that she can put into the ground and resurface further in the fighting stage. Another character is surrounded by a mass of water that she can morph into various forms. Arcana Heart's odd style resembles the Dark Stalker and Guilty Gear series.

    Arcana Heart isn't completely innocent when it comes to exploitation, but it is nowhere near as bad as the Dead or Alive series.

    My biggest complaint would be the speed in which the characters fight. Arcana Heart is in serious need of a turbo mode. Speaking of modes, Arcana Heart is limited only to a story, arcade, and vs mode. A minor gripe would be hat the music is very generic.

    If you are a 2d fighting fan, I would say pick up Arcana Heart. Just don't expect a fresh experience....more info
  • Don't be a band wagon yokol. If you love 2D fighters purchase this game!
    This is a fighter that likely has caused more controversy than God Of War and San Andreas. You'd think an all girl 2D fighter with very few vulgarities would not be a big deal to our sensibilities. After all we watched boobies bounce in rumble roses and noone raised a stink. We watched panty shots and string thongs in DOA beach volley ball and like-wise everyone gave "yays!" across the board. Arcana Heart doesn't exploit its' characters as sex objects though admittedly Mildred and the android china doll Mei Fang have the usual voluptuous assets.

    To be honest Arcana Heart is no more controversial than what you'll see in a campy Saturday morning cartoon or on an episode of Sailor Moon/Inuyasha. You have 11 selectable cute girls who have all befriended elemental spirits called Arcana. When I say cute here I commonly mean "adorable" instead of sexy hawt. There is a difference between those distinctions. The goals of each heroine are somewhat unique but they all must face Mildred Avalon, a callous angel ice queen that is willing to bring about Armageddon just so she can become an Arch angel. As expected her goal to merge our world with the elemental world would result in billions of lost lives. Only you (Heart) and your entourage of friends can stop her. Sound like cutesy general audience anime fan fare? Well that's just it. For the most part it is. Yes there are suggestive themes but even Naruto and Pokemon have suggestive themes. Come to think of it He Man and Thunder Cats had suggestive themes too.

    Anyway back to that later. Though by story line each girl has an Arcana they specifically befriended you can equip each fighter with any of the 11 Arcana you want. This has limitless potential for a lot of possible power up combinations as each Arcana interacts with every girl a bit differently. Arcana do various things. Some can for example speed you up , slow time, entangle enemies in vines, drop boulders on the heads of your foes, rush at enemies for a brief cameo summon attack, or give you bonuses that will effect your jumping, falling, defense, and recovery time. These are very basic examples mind you. There's a lot more to it.

    The only critique I have is things feel slow and floaty. Yes you can dash forward in the air and double jump or even run across the ground, however when not doing these actions you are not fluid in the least bit. Also do not expect matches to end as quick as they do in King of fighters or Street fighter alpha 3 max. Arcana Heart heavily emphasizes patient games of cat and mouse. Button mashing will not get you that far even on the easiest possible difficulty. Picture Guilty Gear XX if it was not as cheap and running at half its' normal speed and you end up with this game.

    However before you lament remember some of these faults are a blessing in disguise. This is a fighter that encourages you to use your noggin. It is a fair fighter in which everyone stands on an equal playing field. In most brawlers corner trapping and knowing each fighter's special moves will get gamers by on cheapness alone. Not so with Arcana Heart.

    So what of the characters? Yes there are not many here. Only 12, and that is including Mildred who is the boss. However though these characters proudly wear cutesy anime cliches on their sleeves they all have more personality, more soul, and more originality than most of the fem fatale fighter girls already out there. Heart is the sweet innocent cheer leader girl that cares for both friends and enemies alike. Saki is a wealthy daughter to a businessman who regrets not saving her best friend Fiona. Kamui is the typical quick blade drawing samurai girl in a black uniform clich®¶ yet there is much more to her than that. Konaha is a cute part dog ninja girl. Lilica is a kind hearted yet trouble making part demon girl prankster on roller blades. There is also Yoriko a meek and shy witch whose polymorphed staff is actually a demon lord, and Lieselotte, a gothic lolita from Germany that carries the soul of her sister in a possessed doll. I'd go on but you get the point. These girls radiate with personality and on top of that their sprites are so life-like they out-shine Guilty Gear XX and even Street Fighter III third strike. Perhaps seeing the moving mouths and blinking expressive eyes of pixilated cuties will go unnoticed to some but if you ever loved and admired 2D sprite work you'll realize the artists and programmers working on Arcana Heart pulled off something incredible.

    As far as the sound goes this is a sore spot with many people that own the game. However I found the music for each stage matched up pretty well to create the intended mood. There are not many tracks but the ones that are here shine.

    With so much going for it you may still ask why many will log onto topic threads just to heckle it. The equation is simple.

    First you create a fighting game about young girls and elemental spirits . You add good characters, a decent plot, and great fighting physics.

    Secondly you release it to the masses. As you know individuals are smart but masses never are. Two camps of ignorant slack jawed yokols arise. The first camp chortles that this game is for pedophiles and the second camp of inbred idiots draws the conclusion if you like a fighter with only girls in it you must be gay. (Not that homosexuality IS necessarily a bad thing. But homophobic beer swilling frat boys feel threatened by anything that is different.) Though the game is a "fighter" and not a hentai sex game the yokols are convinced it must be the fusion of satanic energies with underage horny school girls. Yes, seems like they protest too much. After all they were the first people to throw accusations and see Arcana Heart from that twisted perspective. Another words these yokols were the first people to perceive the cute girls in Arcana heart in a sexual manner. The rest of us on the other hand were just excited we were getting another great 2D brawler from Atlus that had a deeper element to it through the Arcana system.

    Case and point. There have been cartoons and games using young girls as characters since the early 80's. Before that we had Alice in wonder land and Nancy drew. Just because said properties focus around young girl heroes and villains does that mean if you are a guy that enjoys them you're out surfing for underage jail bait? No. It doesn't.

    As with the above mentioned intellectual properties Arcana Heart is fun with a good story line and a likable cast. In any cohesive series THAT is what keeps people of any age hooked. I know a lot of adults for example that read Harry Potter and they're on average normal people that simply have their inner children still alive . Many adults like putting themselves in the roles of younger characters just because it makes them feel young again themselves.

    In closing my point is if you are a 2D fighter fan you should at least try Arcana Heart. Have a back-bone. Don't join the ignorant torch bearers on the fence just because you are afraid your masculinity or maturity will be questioned. If people are going to judge you over the fact you play this game they are in need of professional psychological help. You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
    ...more info