Carrier Bryant Payne 325878-751 Control Circuit Board

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Product Description

Carrier Bryant Payne Main control circuit board P/N 325878-751.
Bryant Models: 359MA-F, 340MAV, 376CE, 350MG
Carrier Models: 58MX0-5, 58MCA0-658ZAV, 58MX6.

This board replaces part numbers HK42FZ007 HK42FZ008 HK42FZ009 HK42FZ011 HK42FZ016.

If you are unsure if this is the proper board then email me with Model Number, Serial Number. If there is a Series Number or Product Number please include it also. I will be happy to identify the board your furnace requires and quote you a price
This replacement board comes with an instruction booklet that details any changes that need to be made for installation. It also includes a wiring harness for making the changes.

Carrier Circuit Board Module Is Used In 1318 Furnace Models:
58RAV07013112 58RAV070-1312 481BAV060135AEJA 383KAB048091 GB1AAV036065AFJA PG8UAA024065ABJA 58MSA06010116 58MXA080F15112 345MAV036080AAKA 481BAV024050AFJA GB1AAV036070AFJA 345MAV036080ABKA 481BAV024070AFJA GB1AAV036111AFJA PG8UAA036045AAJA 58MSA06011108 58MXA080F15116 481BAV036050AFJA GB1AAV042091AFJA PG8UAA036045ABJA 345MAV048060AAKA 481BAV036070AFJA GB1AAV048091AFJA PG8UAA036065AAJA 58MXA060-11112 58MXA06011112 58MSA06011112 58MXA080F15120 481BAV036095AFJA GB1AAV048111AFJA PG8UAA036065ABJA 58MSA06011116 345MAV048060ABKA GB1AAV048135AFJA PG8UAA036111AAJA 58MXA100F15116 58MXA060-12 58MXA040-13108 345MAV048080AAKA 481BAV048095AFJA GB1AAV060111AFJA PG8UAA036111ABJA 58MSA08010112