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Product Description

Keep your hands free to do other things! This tiny breakthrough design is one of the first hands-free double electric breast pumps on the market. It's so small it will fit in the palm of your hand so you can nurture your baby's needs while nursing quickly and painlessly. The Medela Freestyle Breast pump (SKU 67060) uses 2-phase expression technology intended to mimic baby's natural weaning ability. With a savvy LCD digital display memory button and rechargeable battery this convenient bag is just perfect for the new or expectant mother.

The Medela Freestyle is a true breakthrough in breast pumps. Efficient and easy-to-use, this unit is Medela's first hands-free, double-electric pump. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but full of innovative features that deliver powerful, dependable performance, the Freestyle is a must for moms on the go. It offers mobility, freedom and flexibility, so you can pump quickly and easily where and when it's convenient for you and your baby.

The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump offers:
  • Hands-free operation.
  • Two-phase expression pumping for maximum milk.
  • SoftFit breast shield provides exceptional comfort.
  • Included containers and lids for safe storage.

The LCD screen lights up for easy viewing at night. View larger.

The Freestyle features two-phase expression technology for maximum milk extraction. View larger.

The Freestyle makes it easy to pump milk hands-free. View larger.
Hands-Free Operation For True Pumping Mobility
The Freestyle is unique among breast pumps because it offers you the freedom to do other things while you're pumping. The hands-free operation is user-friendly and doesn't demand the use of complicated contraptions or accessories. And because it weighs less than one pound, it's a snap to take this pump to work or on trips--simply toss it into your purse or the cute included tote bag and you're ready to go.

Two-Phase Expression Technology
The Freestyle features two-phase expression technology, an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm. This system works in two modes: the simulation mode and the expression mode. The simulation mode simulates your baby's initial rapid sucking to start your milk flowing, while the expression mode simulates your baby's slower, deeper suckling to express your milk gently yet efficiently. These modes work together to make pumping a quick and painless process.

Comfortable and Convenient Operation
Convenient and easy to use, the Freestyle has a rechargeable battery that allows for three full hours of pumping time per charge. This battery also makes it a snap to pump in places--like airports or other public spaces--where outlets may be difficult to find.

The clear and easy-to-read LCD screen has a digital display that lights up, a feature that's particularly welcome during late-night feeding sessions. There's even a memory button so moms can save their favorite pumping patterns for use during future sessions. Finally, the valves and tubes are uncomplicated and simple and straightforward to use.

The Freestyle comes with four five-ounce containers and lids for safe and hygienic breast milk storage, another great on-the-go option. For added peace of mind, the Freestyle is backed by a 1-year limited on the motor, and a 90-day limited warranty on the other parts.

About Medela
Founded in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland by Olle Larsson, Medela is committed to supporting the WHO Code's depiction of breastfeeding and breast milk as the optimal nutrition for the growth, development and health of babies. The company believes it is their obligation to offer a complete solution, "from breast to belly," of high quality products that enable mothers to provide the optimum nutrition of breast milk to their babies. Today, Medela's primary focus remains to help moms successfully breast feed their babies as long as they wish. This goal lies at the heart of every product the company develops.

What's in the Box
Freestyle breast pump, one set of tubing, two SoftFit breast shields, breast shield spare parts kit, support belt and extension, two replacement adapters (two small yellow straps; two large gray straps), four replacement bra adapters (two for hook and eye and two universal), four five-ounce containers, power cord and charger, cooling element, four solid lids, one rechargeable battery and one tote bag.

  • Double Breast Pump
  • Includes 2 Breastshields
  • Perfect for Moms On-the-Go
  • Small and Lightweight, Memory Button, LCD Display
  • 2-Phase Expression Technology

Customer Reviews:

  • Works okay but is too loud and spills too often.
    I have to agree with some other reviewers that this unit is somewhat of a disappointment and I am not happy we spent $350 on it.


    * Small, convenient size.
    * Love love love the timer.


    * The thing I hate THE MOST is that if you tip the bottles AT ALL, milk comes out. I always try to pay close attention, yet at least 4-5 times a week I lose some milk (anywhere from a few drips to a stream) because it's just so fussy and I moved the wrong way or had to get up to check the baby...and I curse the thing to high heaven each time. (I was spoiled by the Symphony I originally rented from the hospital that was a closed unit--which is necessary for rentals, but also keeps the milk in.)

    * The hands-free system is a joke. Maybe it's because I have large breasts, but nothing I did allowed the pump to attach correctly to my bra/breasts. The clips didn't seem to be in the right position to keep the cone pressed against me; once I thought I had them clipped, the entire strap popped off. My husband actually had to step in and help me get it hooked up---and then once it was hooked, one side of the breastpiece/cone would tip away from me (breaking the suction) so I would end up just holding it there anyway. Friends suggested using a sports bra with a hole cut in it (to slip the cone through) but I really didn't want to change my clothes/shirt/bra each time I had to pump (every 3 hours).

    * The volume. It can't top the baby crying, LOL, but it's certainly not quiet. Again, I was used to the anything is going to be louder...but you would hope it would be quieter so it would be less noticeable to everyone else.

    * All the pieces! It's time-consuming to wash everything each time.

    Of course, buying any of these pumps is a crap shoot because people always have different opinions that you have to take with a grain of salt. That said, I wish the company would take these back if you don't like it.

    I still give it three stars because it does seem to work pretty well....more info
  • I love it!
    I love this pump. It's super fast to use, efficient to clean, it's very light and portable, and the hands free rocks. In response to another poster - I don't have any Medela bras and it works all of mine except the ones that snap. There are adapters to make it work with difference types of bras. My only complaint is that it's a bit loud. I used the Isis IQ Duo for 3 months and switched to this one. I couldn't be happier with the product....more info
  • does the job and does it well
    I have been using this pump at least twice a day for six months, and it works really well. Pumping is never a joy but this one makes it bearable. One review says that it's loud, but it is nowhere near as loud as the pump in style. We have a shared lactation room at work so I can directly compare the two. I borrowed the pump in style once, when I forgot to bring my own (the pump is so light, you don't even notice it's not in the bag when you run out the door as a sleep-deprived mom), and that one works really well, too. But it's a lot bigger and heavier. The only thing that I don't understand is why Medela thinks two 5-ounce bottles are enough for a full day at work. I pump between 12 and 16 ounces. So I bought 0.5 liter nalgene bottles for breast milk collection. Too bad these don't fit nicely in the cool-bag. I think medela should provide a large collection bottle. That, and the price is the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5.

    I once lost the small connectors that attach the hands-free thingy to the nursing bra. Medela sent me new ones at no charge....more info
  • I Love the Freestyle
    I previously used the Avent IS IQ duo and while the hospital grade pump was helpful in maintaining my supply I had a number of other complaints about it that left me very frustrated (you can see my review on this site for more details).

    I purchased the Freestyle immediately after it came out and have really enjoyed using it. There are very few negatives.

    * Small size- can even put it in my purse!
    * Battery power works great. I only charge it once a week, and pump off battery at work for the entire week. It is also handy for travel- no need for a manual pump when this one is so small.
    * Ready supply of accessories- we don't have a sink in our lactation room at work. It is quite easy to purchase additional parts (kits and horns) for this pump (compared to the Avent). I have 3 sets and wash them at night.
    * The Medela Quick Clean Wipes are great- I keep some in my bag and have come in handy a couple of times when I have forgetten pump parts at home. Likewise the Medela Pump & Save Storage Bags are nice as well. I have used them in a pinch when I didn't have enough bottles. Medela says that they are not recommended for the Freestyle, I haven't tried them with the pump- just pour the milk in there.
    * The hands free kit really works!!! I can't pump without it now. It really allows me to work on other things while I am pumping- reading, computer, surfing the net, etc.
    * The pump is so small, portable and lightweight and the bag is really discreet. No one ever knows that I am carrying a breast pump.
    * The envy of all the moms in the lactation room. Not that anyone looks at what any of us are doing, but everyone who has seen my pump (I often show it off before I pump) wants one.
    * All the parts that come into contact with the milk as well as the bottles are BPA free. This is NOT the case with the Avent Isis IQ Duo

    * The lining in the bag is a little flimsy- kind of like a lightweight silk. This make it hard to put the pump in the pump pocket- takes two hands. I usually just dump mine in any old place because of this.
    * The bag is a little small. It is a tight fit with 3 sets of parts, and other accessories. Even if I only put one set of parts, I cannot fit the cooler, which becomes one more thing that I have to carry. Would be nice if I could at least clip the cooler to the handles of the bag.
    * The pump isn't quite as strong as the Isis IQ Duo. My milk supply tends to drop off a little over the week, but it may partly be my fault due to getting lazy from time to time and only pumping twice. Don't get me wrong though, this is no wuss of a pump. On the highest setting you really feel the pull.
    * I wish that the automatic setting would let you save just the suctions for the let down and the regular phase rather than also the time for the let down phase. I am not consistent in how long it takes for let down.
    * I wish that I could control the length of the "suck" like I can with the ISIS- I like a slightly longer time than the Avent allows me.

    However, all of the cons are really minor, and I wouldn't trade this pump for any other. Thanks Medela for making a product that really takes into account the needs of us working moms....more info
  • Very problematic
    I "upgraded" from the Advanced Pump Instyle (API) and was very sorry. Despite getting the motor replaced by the company, it has nowhere near the suction that the API has. Furthermore, the strap that's supposed to attach to the bra only works with Medela bras and one other kind. I can't attach it to the majority of the nursing bras I have. ...more info
  • Worth Every Dollar Spent
    The Medela Freestyle was definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made! Prior to purchasing this pump about 2 months ago, I was using a Medela Symphony when at work (where I had to travel down 3 flights to a lactation room to use it) and an older model Medela Pump in Style when at home. I feel the Freestyle is as good if not better than the Symphony (because of the features) and definitely better than the Pump in Style. The best features I like are: 1)The THREE HOURS of RECHARGABLE battery! (10-12 15-20 minute pumping sessions before having to be plugged in to charge! and now I can stay on my floor's breakroom at work without needing a plug in.), 2)The timer feature on the display (no more searching for a watch or view of a clock and guestimating how long it's been), and 3) It's compact size (you can put it into any bag, although the bag it comes with is very discreet and handy). The hands free set up for nursing bras is fairly simple to set up, but personally, for me, it is a little bit more of a hassle because I have nursing bras that work just as well. But I LOVE being able to clip the lightweight (only about a pound or two) and compact pump on my pants pocket or belt and not be tied to one spot. It operates fairly quiet also. I use it in the break room at work and sometimes people don't even realize that I am pumping. I also like the lighted display. I have used my breastpump while traveling (as a passenger, never while driving) at night a few times, and the soft glow gives me just enough light undneath my drape to see what I need to see, but not give other motorists a show. :-) The only thing I didn't like and changed were the breast shields. It comes with the soft breast shields, but I couldn't get a good seal with them and prefer the hard plastic breast shields. However, I definitely recommend the Freestyle to anyone looking to purchase a breastpump. It is by far a great purchase that is worth every dollar spent. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner. ...more info
  • Great pump, but word of caution:
    This is my first baby & first pump. I just pump once a day for now getting prepared to go back to work part time. The hands free straps are a little tedious to attach, but allow you to do other tasks while you pump. Otherwish I am satisfied with the pump!

    Word of caution: although it says dishwasher safe in the manual, I ended up with warped breast shields after ONE time in the dishwasher. I put all the breast pump parts on the top rack and the soft plastic on the shields warped and the edges melted a little. They are still functional but funky shaped. Needless to say I have not put them in the dishwasher again!...more info
  • Not Worth the Money
    I have a love-hate relationship with this pump. Most of the time I hate it. Here are the reasons why I love it: its small, portable, has good suction (well, I have nothing to compare it to but it gets the milk out), it has a timer on the display.

    Here's why I hate it. It is so stinking loud. This pump was supposed to be designed for working women or busy women who need an extra hand around the house. Well, I have a hard time being able to make a business phone call when the all the person hears on the other end is "WAH-WAH-WAH" or as I affectionately put it, "MOO-MOO-MOO." Honestly, I didn't think it would bother me at first, but when you have to listen to it multiple times a day for 10-15 minutes at a time, it gets really, really annoying.

    Here's why I hate it even more. There are so many parts and pieces to this pump you need an extra 5-10 minutes for clean up. There are also a lot of nookes and crannies in all of these parts and pieces that need to be cleaned, and they better be cleaned or else it will grow mold. Isn't that a lovely thought to think of your pumped breastmilk (which we all know is worth GOLD) being centrifuged with mold. Disgusting.

    Like the off-key tune of Cher "If I Could Turn Back Time..." I would have bought the pump in style advance and waited for medela to perfect this product a little better....more info
  • Great for commuting and multitasking
    As someone who commutes on the subway every day with a laptop, I needed a small, lightweight breastpump, and this really fits that bill. I also love the hands-free straps so I can keep working on my computer while I pump.

    A few minor warnings - issues not hard to resolve:
    - The SoftFit breastshields that came with the system sometimes caused chafing. I got Medela's hard breastshields and had no problem.
    - Careful about doing too much with the hands free system - you have to keep your chest upright. If you bend over the milk will leak out.
    - Sometimes when I turn the unit on there is no suction. This means the pieces of the pumping mechanisms weren't snapped together properly. If you take it apart and reassemble it should work fine....more info
  • Very pleased!
    I've been using this pump 5-6x per day for the last 4mos and have had no problems whatsoever. The suction strength has been consistent; hasn't declined over time as mentioned in previous reviews. The SoftShields can rub you raw but any other shields can too; if you apply lanolin before pumping, problem solved. I like that the pump is small and lightweight, all the parts fit in the bag which is very nondescript, and the pump is fairly quiet. I pump in my office all the time and nobody walking by can hear it; neither can anyone on the phone (yes, I've asked to make sure). Also I find all the parts very easy to clean compared to other pumps on the market; just put them in a basket in the top rack. I would definitely buy this pump again....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I was one of the test moms for this pump before its release. Initially, I was leary because I have always needed a hospital grade pump. I was happily surprised that with the Freestyle, I was able to pump the same amount of milk as with my Medela Lactina Select hospital grade pump. Also, the hands free kit really works! I have tried several different types of hands free "contraptions" but none worked for me. It was great to be able to pump in my office at work, using the hands free kit, and still be able to work on my computer, etc. I strongly recommend this pump....more info
  • Skeptical mom turned true believer of non-hospital grade pumps
    I cannot say enough positive things about this pump. I researched quite a few electronic pumps to include reviews, functionalities, etc. When I came across this one, I thought too good to be true but I decided to give it a go.
    I was renting a symphony at the time I bought this one and had no intentions of returning my rental until I was sure this worked and wouldn't result in a loss of milk supply. I have now been using this for 4 weeks and eventually ended up using it exclusively despite still having the rental. Here are the pros and cons I have found:
    -super light and small
    -great hands free option
    -no need for an outlet
    -suction is plenty strong
    -love the timer option
    -quick recharge
    -set up easy enough to use that I have done this driving (set up done while stationary of course)
    -with bra adapters, the hands free fits all my bras (including non-medela ones)

    -at higher settings.. it really is louder than I would like.. esp for middle of the night pumpings
    -the set up isn't air tight.. so unless you squat down (i.e. not bend over) to pick something up you will spill milk ..which is frustrating but even the symphony had this problem

    I had read several people say the hands free set up was confusing, it really wasn't and has been a snap to use. I am exclusively pumping and have been able to build up my milk supply enough with this pump that I am now only pumping 5 times a day despite my son still on 6-7 feedings.

    two tips:
    -Make sure the parts are dry before use otherwise water droplets can get pulled up into the motor which I assume can cause issues.
    -Check with your lactation consultant for purchase. Since they often buy in bulk, they may have it at a lower price.

    Overall, well worth the money even if you stay at home(as I am right now) and if you are returning to work and continuing to pump, this will be a huge help....more info
  • This Tiny Pump is Awesome!
    I was using a hospital-issued Medela Lactina pump for 5 months. The hospital pump was HUGE, expensive to rent, and didn't work that great.I barely used it because I HATED pumping. When I had a little free time the last thing I wanted to do is sit in 1 spot for 15 minutes unable to do anything else. I had been hemming and hawing about buying another pump; I was just so unenthusiastic about the thought. Then I saw this online with excellent reviews & bought one immediately. I figured I would pump more & breastfeed my baby longer (soon I will be going back to work 2 days a week). That to me is priceless. I am not disappointed, This pump is unbelievably small & works REALLY well. I haven't actually attempted to figure out the "hand's-free" adapters yet (looks confusing but do-able), but I can flip through a magazine while holding both to chest with one hand (could not do this w/ other one). I am planning to buy a hands-free nursing bra as well as figure out the adapters. The pump comes with a great bag & 4 5 oz. bottles & a little cooler pack. Also the breastshields are much softer & more pliable & comfortable than the other hard ones. This new pump is so cool. I bet the old clunkers will be obsolete before we know it! ...more info
  • Milk Spills, Straps don't fit
    I am very disappointed and feel I wasted almost $400. The breastshields don't angle down so if you're sitting back at all the milk doesn't flow into the bottles (I had to go out and buy a different kind of shield that angles down). Second, there's a gap in the connecting parts so whenever I bend forward slightly the milk spills out all over the floor, which means you can't really do other things while you're pumping. Last, the hands free system doesn't fit lme--it presses my breasts flat and inhibits the milk flow. Last, the Freestyle isn't interchangeable with other Medela tubing, so when I rented a hospital-grade Medela I had to buy a whole separate kit to use it. I don't have anything to compare this to, but have been very unhappy with my pump and wish I could get my money back....more info
  • Simply the best for working moms
    After a few weeks of feeling like a pack mule dragging my Medela Pump in Style from my first child back & forth to the office and using the Avent hand pump when I traveled, I finally splurged and bought the Freestyle. It is so light and easy to use it was worth every penny. I have now used it at home, in the office, in the car, on airplanes, at airports...

    Why I love it:
    1) It's superlight...the entire Freestyle pump feels like it's about the same weight as the power brick from my Pump in Style.
    2) The fact that you can take the unit and put it in any bag you want is terrific.
    3) The valves and tubes are easier to deal with than the Pump in Style (esp. the valves).
    4) The digital display with timer is surprisingly useful.
    5) The rechargeable batteries make it easy to pump in places where there may not be outlets.

    The only negative: I think the hands-free mechanism is kind of convoluted, but I just use the Easy Expressions Bustier (which looks ridiculous but is nonetheless effective).
    ...more info
  • pricey but top of the line
    I have been using the freestyle pump for only 3 weeks but have been very happy thus far. Motor fits easily into one hand and weighs less than 1 lb. Everything is easy to assemble, even the bra clamps for the hands-free option (despite their initial appearance). Love the ability to choose between AC adapter, car adapter, and rechargeable batteries as the power sources. The soft-fit breast shields are comfortable and create a great seal. The zip-up double-strap black/taupe bag is stylish, completely lined, of great quality, contains lots of compartments, and is an added bonus. I was lucky and found this pump listed for a price similar to that of the other medela pump-in-style pumps and thus the decision was a no-brainer. Would have been hesitant to pay 30-50% more as is often listed....more info
  • Best Pump, Worth the Money
    This is a great pump. My husband and I did a ton of searching for pump that would be easy for me to use at home, and discrete enough for me to carry in my work bag, this is it. Although I never used a hospital grade pump I can tell you that this pump works great. It is small and you can move about if you use the hands free kit. Also, the pump and its parts are easy to clean, the membranes for this pump are a lot bigger than the other medela pumps which makes it much easier to clean and handle. I would say at this point the only downfall is that the parts can only be bought through the Medela store by calling their 1-800 number, if you can deal with that, I don't know why a parent on the go would invest in another pump. ...more info
  • Buy Pump is Style Advanced Instead
    I own both a freestyle and pump in style advanced (PISA) and PISA is far superior. Freestyle does not result in as much milk and over a few days my milk supply decreased. Also the large rubber valves and rubber cone cause uneven suction, resulting in uneven rubbing on the nipple and chaffing. The rubber cone is prone top chaffing whereas the old fashion plastic cones get wet and slippery. The rubber catches on your skin and rubs your skin off over time and frequent use.

    As a working mom a good pump is key to successful breastfeeding. The freestyle does have some advantages: 1. the digital face lets you know how long you have been pumping so you don't lose track of time and forget 2. It is super lightweight 3. It is tiny and cute. 4. You can tend to your crawling infant and wash dishes while pumping.

    The bells and whistles for this pump are wonderful, but it does not deliver well for comfort and its actual purpose, to express milk and stimulate more milk production. Buy the PISA instead.

    Medela would be wise to manufacture a PISA pump with a built in rechargeable battery. That would pretty much eliminate the need for the freestyle pump although the PISA is a bit heavier to tote around while washing dishes and tending to your crawling baby.

    One last thing, I would not dream of using any breast pump without:
    Easy Expression Hands Free Bustier Nursing Bra (Medium)
    This is completely necessary item and I would not buy pump without buying this too.
    ...more info
  • WOW!!!
    The medela freestyle is great!!! I use it with a hands free pumping bra instead of the hands free kit that is included and it works just fine. I can cook, do dishes, clean bottles, change the baby EVERYTHING while pumping.

    This is a must have for women who are on the go and can't commit to sitting down and holding contraptions to there breast for 20 minutes.

    If you are thinking about getting a freestyle don't think anymore just get one because they are WONDERFUL!!!...more info
  • A great pump
    I finally convinced myself that I deserved this pump, and I'm so glad I did. It is worlds better than the Pump In Style Advanced which I used for my first two kids.

    1. Super light and small
    2. Good, strong, adjustable pump
    3. Pump attaches to your belt/waist so you can walk around while pumping
    4. Helpful digital display of pump level and time
    5. BPA-free, and comes with 4 BPA-free Medela bottles
    6. Stylish, light tote bag

    1. Loud motor
    2. The hands-free setup is terrible (but you can pump hands-free really easily with this pump by getting the Easy Expressions Bustier)
    3. The price (though if you search around you can find it for as little as $270)

    Overall, I think this is a great pump and would highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Pump works and Medela's customer svc is very good
    My child is 6 months old and I've been using this pump with good results since she was one week old. I've been back at work full time for 3 months. Pump is nice and light, and the hands-free adapters work well. It's great to not need a wall/car outlet. Have no prev experience with pumps to compare to.

    More impressive than the pump has been Medela's customer service. I have called them twice, and both times was quickly able to speak to a courteous human who mailed out a replacement part that same day (today it's the power cord that has gotten unreliable; one month ago i asked them to send me the replacement vinyl-free cooler they now have available).

    So I would recommend this product and this company. This seller seems to be selling the pump for quite a lot; I think better prices can be found via other vendors....more info


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