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Webkinz features the exciting online experience where your plush pet comes to life! It all begins when you bring your Webkinz plush toy home, and you pick the name and determine whether it's a boy or a girl. After adoption, you are shown your pet's room, and can use your 2,000 in KinzCash to decorate, buy furniture, clothes and food from the W Shop. Your pet relies on you to take care of it by monitoring the Happy, Health and Hunger meters. Webkinz received the 2006 iParenting Media Award and 2007 Toy of the Year (TOTY). Measures 10". Not recommended for children under 3.

Minimum Supported Browsers: Windows - Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0, AOL Explorer 1.5. McIntosh - Safari 1.2.3, Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Fire Fox 1.5, High-speed Internet Required, Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768. Requirements may change; check www.webkinz.com for latest revisions.

  • The virtual version of the plush animal comes alive online in webkinz world when activated with the special given code
  • When you register your pet you can care for it as if it were a real pet
  • The bugberry pies at the W shop puts a big smile on the turtle?s face
  • It is unique as there is something different that appeals to everyone
  • Webkinz World is updated every two weeks so be sure to visit frequently to see what is new and exciting for you to explore

Customer Reviews:

  • Grandson loves webkinz turtle
    My grandson was really happy with this gift but soon wanted the owl to go with it!...more info
  • Just what my son wanted!
    My son specifically wanted a Webkinz Turtle for Christmas and it was impossible to find locally. I think the turtle must be an older model. Thankfully, Amazon came through and my son is thrilled. It looks exactly like the photo....more info
  • Cute Toy!
    I purchased this for my Grandson as a Valentine's gift. He just loves it. He carries it with him and sleeps with him too. Webkinz makes such nice stuffed animals, not to mention the interactive games on the web that the children can also play....more info
  • Webinz are great for 5-9 year olds!
    I love webkinz and I am 27! These are great toys that are interactive online. They can become addictive, so watch out. The turtle is adorable! My son adores his! This seller shipped really fast and had an awesome price. ...more info
  • Great webkinz and fun site but pitiful responses
    I like webkinz but my favorite is the turtle. It's a great and safe website but it isn't very educational. About the only thing that really is sort of educational is the Question Corner. You answer questions in different catigories like Math and Social Studies. The Ganz site is very alike to Tamagotchis, Club Penguin, ect. The website claims that they have a "fun educational site for kids" which is true, but not so "educationl". As a typical 10 year old, I do not play with the plush toy. Many young children do though.

    The games are pretty fun but if you are a pretty experienced gameplayer, you can tell that they are very alike but the names are different and story. Not to brag, but I am a very experienced game player for a 10-year-old boy. I have seen a lot of games on webkinz that are alike from other game sites.

    The typical webkinz is at a ridculous price around 13.00. I am being raised by a froogle mother, so that's just me. Lot's of people would agree with that statement though. Amazon is weird because some are more than others, but the game is really the same. The only difference is the little animal and the "pet exclusive item" and the "pet food". These animated items HARDLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    My cousin and his friend also wrote a review saying basicly the same thing. The responses are terrible saying things like " We will do what we can to fix your problem." . They said something like that to my cousin and was angry.

    You can learn more about the site at www.webkinz.com and find the tab which says "Take a tour"....more info


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