Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes, 0.7-Ounce Wrappers

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  • Delicious and nutritious snack for kids or adults...
    These are packed with flavor and with vitamins. I recommend them as a healthy snack for kids or adults. Oh, and of course the organic aspect of them just rocks!...more info
  • Clif Kid Twisted Fruit, Sour Apple, .7-Ounce Wrappers (Pack of 18)
    The fruit twists in the first package received were stale as compared to twists we have bought in a health food store. This months' automatic shipment was better, but two of the individually wrapped sticks were torn and/or open, so we had to discard them.

    We plan to keep the auotmatic shipment for one more month and see if the condition of the product is better. The product itself is good, but if we find it fresher in the store we won't continue to buy it here....more info
  • WOW These are Yummy!
    I decided to try these based on all the glowing reviews. You folks were sure right! These are delicious! We got the variety pack and every flavor is good! ...more info
  • Great Snack for the whole family!!
    Everyone in my family loves these. The are a cross between a twizzler and a fruit snack. They come individually wrapped so they are easy to take on the go or throw into lunches. There are 70 calories per package. Which isn't to bad since they are pretty chewy and fun to eat. I would recommend these to friends and family. They are a treat you can feel good about eating....more info
  • Tastes like candy all ages will enjoy these
    My whole family seemed to eat these like they were candy I know they are better than candy but, I don't think they are an actual health food....more info
  • Two reviews in one! ... from a mom & her son
    Fruit rope doesn't sound all that appealing. Twisted fruit sounds a little better. It really doesn't matter what these little twists of fruit are called because they are YUMMY! Upon opening the package, I found a dark dark red twisty fruit rope. It looks as if you took good fruit leather, and rolled them up and twisted them. They don't LOOK delicious which maybe makes that first bite taste even better. It has this sweet, tart, pure strawberry taste and a texture that reminds me a bit of al dente firmness of pasta but these are much thicker, of course.

    I like that there are less calories than a can of pop/soda or even orange juice, and has a full serving of fruit. It's low in sugar, too. Now, REAL strawberries are much better for you but on the go, or in a backpack, these are a pretty good choice.

    They have an awesome taste. I would recommend these to everyone. The texture of them kinda isn't that appealing to me but once I took a bite I was hooked. I think they could have been made a little bigger but could be a great snack for football games, soccer games, tennis meets, etc. That's all....more info
  • Tangy, Convenient, AND It's Healthy
    I got these Clif Kid Twisted Fruit snacks because I'm a fan of other Clif brand products (Clif Bars, Luna Bars, Luna Minis) and I'm always looking for healthy food that's easy to eat on the go. Even though I'm not a kid, I do enjoy having convenient, go anywhere fruit that I can eat. I have tried various dried fruits and fruit leathers, but they are always either too dry and tough or too overly sugared. Clif Twisted Fruit is a nice compromise, while still being all natural.

    Each twisted fruit is about 70 calories and has the "nutritional value" of a piece of fruit (so says the label). I'm not sure how they really transfer the nutritional value of actual fruit into a processed product, so I wouldn't recommend this as a fruit substitute, but it does taste good. The Strawberry flavor I tried is tangy and not overly sugared like most processed strawberry flavors. The twist is brownish red, like natural strawberry preserves, not bright red. It is sort of gummy like fruit snacks, but the texture is not dry and tough.

    Overall, I enjoyed these fruit snacks. My husband did too. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good lunch/snack food for either kids or adults--both sometimes need to be tricked into healthy eating! ...more info
  • Delicious!
    These strawberry fruit sticks are great! Organic ingredients, the equivalent of one serving of fruit, 70 calories, and very tasty. They remind me of Twizzler twists in the way that they look.

    These are not a really sweet snack. They are actually a little tart. One grandmother used to make homemade strawberry fruit roll-ups from dried strawberries (no sugar added, I don't think), and these snacks remind me very much of those. I really like them, but if you are buying them for someone with a big sweet tooth, then they might not be as big of a hit....more info
  • Mikey Likes It!!!!
    I have yet to find a kid that does not LOVE these fruit twists!!! Even the pickiest of kids seems to love them. They are healthy, delicious and made with really awesome ingredients! Also, they are great for diabetic kids to keep in their backpacks for when their blood glucose levels get low. The only flavor I did not care for was the pineapple... but it was still leagues better than the any of the fruit roll-ups brand....more info
  • Sour Apple... YUCK!!!!!!
    Sour apple tastes toxic. Yuck. No wonder my kids wont eat it. However, they love all the other flavors in the variety pack. ...more info
  • finding the items we can't live without
    Thank you Amazon. When my local Natual Foods COOP failed financially last year I was lost in this rural community without many of the foods that had become a part of our daily life. Twisted fruit is family favorite and Amazon is my favorite suppler. This is a healthy pocket food for my teenager and a stuffer for my elementry son's lunches. ...more info
  • Tasty, like Kelis' album
    Finally, a great tasting fruit snack without added Sugar and/or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Clif has released something tasty that I can eat without being the equivalent of a Snickers Bar. It makes a great late night and on the go snack. While it's strawberry flavored (Yes, The review is based on the strawberry flavor), it doesn't taste a thing like strawberries. It tastes as artificial Skittles but it isn't artificial and that's a beautiful thing. And While non-strawberry tasting strawberry flavor (At least I didn't think it tasted like strawberry) may be a minus for some people, for me, a person who doesn't like the taste of real strawberry, that's a plus. The shape of the rope is just like Red Vines and if you've had the strawberry red vines, the taste isn't that much different. And for kids, if you remove the individual wrappers and place them in a Ziploc Bag, I doubt a child would be able to tell the difference to this and a piece of licorice. I placed a few in an empty Red Vines bag, my 9 year old nephew got into them, didn't know the difference.

    1. Great for kids lunches or a late night snack
    2. 70 calories
    3. No Extra sugar and/or High Fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetner
    4. Organic And All Natural
    5. 100 percent fruit with great taste

    1. Not so big on the strawberry flavor.

    To sum it all up, If you're looking for a nutritious snack for your kids, This is perfect...more info
  • Taste So Good
    I like Strawberry the best!
    Tastes to good I eat one every day, can't help it, and sometimes even two.
    Can be an addictive habbit, good luck!...more info
  • not as good as expected
    Being a big clif bar fan, I thought these would be great. However, they were very bland. Thankfully they were not sickeningly sweet like a fruit roll up and the ingredients were healthy. When I think of the taste of these snacks, mediocre is the word that comes to mind.

    Since this is more something I would get for the kids, I had them taste the snacks. They didn't like them at all and refused to even put them in their lunchboxes.

    These fruit snacks are healthy, but not tasty....more info
  • Awesome for something sweet!
    These are a great snack. However, I purchased mine for $3 cheaper at Sam's Club....more info
  • Good and Good for You!
    Love the fruit ropes. Easy to pack around and easy to chew for little ones with few teeth....more info
  • So Yummy!
    These are so yummy, you would swear they are candy. But they're not...they're wholesome organic fruit with no sugar or other bad stuff added. It's amazing...I've finally found a delicious snack that's 100% healthy, too!...more info
  • Great Snack
    My four year old loves these for a snack. They taste great. We keep them as a special treat. He doesn't even as for regular fruit snacks from the grocery store anymore because he likes these so much better....more info
  • Very good!
    My nieces and nephews loved these and kept asking for more. I enjoyed more than a few of these myself. They seem healthier than candy... I'll probably purchase more in the future....more info
  • Tastes bad, smell weird.
    Well, I was sad when all of my kids thought these were nasty. They LOVE the Clif Z-Bars, so I thought these would be kid friendly also. Not so much.
    I have the big variety box, and we've tried all of the flavors...none of them was a hit.
    ...more info
  • Really great tasting snack
    With a delicious strawberry flavor, these fruit twists have a great texture, easy to chew and they are organic! I liked them a lot better than the fruit strip type products, which tend to be sticky and a bit tough to bite or chew....more info
  • Not just for kids!
    This is a great item to keep in a desk drawer, brief case, glove box or purse to hold you over until the next meal. Not only is it organic, but each stick is the equivalent of a serving of fruit. (Another bonus: no artificial colors or preservatives.)

    I don't even LIKE strawberry flavored items...I prefer fresh strawberries. That's why this product came as a real surprise. The taste is tart and sweet and fresh. Excellent!

    Also, the twisted stick form is easier to eat than the flat fruit "leathers" I tried. Therefore it would be less messy in the hands of little ones. (The wrapper can be slid down or pulled back like a banana peel, preventing sticky little fingers...a very helpful feature for snacking in the car.)

    ...more info
  • Great tasting!
    These are awesome tasting! My daughter was even sharing with her friend who requested I order some for her next time. My teenager turns her nose up at anything "healthy" and these fruit ropes are a great way for her to increase her fruit consumption....more info
  • My kids love them
    My kids are skeptical of some of the "healthy" snacks I buy but these are a huge hit....more info
  • The kids LOVE them (and so does Mom!)
    In the spirit of helping my children learn that healthier eating DOES NOT necessarily mean no more treats, we got a couple of these on a Buy 1, Get 1 deal at a local store. We packed them for lunches on a few different days as a treat, and they have been requested ever since. They taste delicious, according to the kids.

    As for Mom, I like them because they are much more healthy than the standard high-fructose corn syrup laden "fruit" treats that are typically marketed for kids. We tried the Clif Z-bars first (rave reviews) and then moved on to these. It says a lot to me that these children's treats were among the first to comply with California's more strict school-lunch laws. I have no problem keeping these stocked in the pantry for an occasional treat, and the kids have no problem eating them!...more info
  • Kids voted this a delicious snack
    I put these in my kids' school lunches as a treat. Being organic I can feel good about letting them have this treat and they love it when they open their lunch box and see one of these in there, as they are delicious. ...more info
  • Reasons to buy this bar
    1-Wonderful taste. I like this tropical flavor, it has a little sour to it, but not too much. My 4 year old loves them.
    2-Only good ingredients: all organic .
    3-Gluten, dairy, peanut, soy, cashew free.
    4-Each bar equals one serving of fruit.
    5-Very convenient.
    6-Clif is a good reputable company with a good track record and that gives back and also sustains the environment....more info
  • Really tasty for a price I can eat
    These are really good. A little on the sour side but my kids and I love them. They are quite a bit in the grocery store so I was happy to find them on here. I like the variety pack too because we all like a different flavor. ...more info
  • Surprisingly good!
    Feeling jaded after having tried many so-called "health foods", I opened this product without much expectation. However, as I read the information on the package, noticing that the ingredients are few and natural (this product is labeled "USDA Organic") my hope rose again. After the first bite, I was hooked! The texture of this fruit snack is firmer than that of string cheese, and the taste is intensely fruity - almost reminding me of fruit wines. A closer inspection on the Nutrition Facts reveals that this snack is also rich with vitamins and minerals! I find it hard not to gobble down more than one of these fruit "ropes" at a time. In any case, I highly recommend this snack for children and adults alike....more info
  • Tasty, but doesn't leave you full; high calories, expensive.
    The Clif bar organic fruit comes in a plastic wrapper that is easy to open so kids (or adults with frail hands) wont have any trouble opening it. The actual piece of nourishment is only a few inches long as is very sticky so you don't want to get your hands on it

    There's a slightly spicy, fruity taste to the strawberry flavor I consumed. I was able to chomp down on the stick in a matter of seconds and I was left not feeling full either. I could easily eat several of these in one sitting -- but you wouldn't want to do that as these have 70 calories a piece. If children are consuming these you really need to watch out that they don't have access to too many as they too could easily eat several of these in front of a TV (will make them FAT).

    Overall, I am not happy about the high calorie count versus feeling of fullness. Even a granola bar leaves me far more satisfied, but these fruit sticks do no such thing. The prices is also high, being about 90 cents a piece when bought in the bulk pack. I would like to see the price decrease to 50 cents a piece at least. As such, I am awarding only 3 stars to this product.
    ...more info
  • Yuck!
    These were the sweetest tasting, icky, sticky fruit twisters. My son is addicted to candies and I thought these would remind him of fruit roll ups. Instead they are like thick twizzlers that are very sticky and sweet. In fact, even my son said they were too sweet and he won't even taste the other flavors!...more info
  • Chewy Goodness
    This Twisted Fruit is billed as a healthier alternative to other snacks targeted at kids. This snack boasts one serving of fruit, a good source of vitamins C and B, and tastes almost as good as a less healthy alternative although the strawberry has almost a more grape taste than strawberry. It also says it is fun it untwist and eat but it really isn't that easy to untwist and the snack itself is a little greasy to hold and you will be reaching to wipe your hands after eating. Plus the snack does get caught in your teeth like other snacks of its ilk. But the organic make up and the fact it does leave kids fairly full, adults may want two or more to be satisfied, makes this a much better alternative to the sugar snacks that currently flood the market....more info
  • Strawberry Twisted Fruit Review
    What an awesome yummy taste this twisted fruit has! You take a bite and the sweet and tangy taste explodes in your mouth. I love it, my kids love them and that it has a whole serving of fruit per piece is wonderful! It's organic to boot and has 18 pieces per pack allowing for a special treat for lunches or a healthy snack for after school. Our family will look forward to ordering and eating more! :)...more info
  • Great for my kids
    This is a really great snack for kids. The fact that they are organic is a big plus and it takes no arm-twisting at all for the kids to eat them. Only complaint I have is that they are a bit expensive....more info
  • Full of Pucker Power!!! Kids love them.
    My kids could not wait to try these, and they were not dissapointed. They love the taste and I love that they are a nice healthy snack for after school or on the go.
    I must say though that both myself and my mom thought they had very strong "pucker power". Too sour of a taste for us. I guess it just depends if you like sour flavors....more info
  • Great Fruit Bar
    Organic Fruit. No Sugar. Great taste. What's not to like? Everyone in the family loved these dried fruit twists. With no added sugar or artificial ingredients, it makes a great snack for those that desire to eat for their health - and that like great taste too....more info
  • Delicious and healthy!
    I'm an adult and got these for myself for a yummy mid-day snack without turning to candy. These hit the spot and don't have all the sugar and unhealthiness, plus no gelatin so they are vegetarian-friendly! And each is a serving of fruit, so what's not to love?...more info
  • Healthy Snacks
    This is a nice healthy alternative to fruit snacks. My 2 year old loves them. The variety of flavors is great. And they aren't to messy....more info
  • fruit candy great idea
    I personally like the flavor of these twisted fruit sticks and more importantly my kids enjoy them also. (two and four years old). Basically these are like fruit roll ups with a heavy concentration of fruit juice that gives him a strong tart flavor. Their texture is similar to soft licorice in addition they throw in a few vitamins but not so many that you have to worry about toxicity. I also tried their mixed berry flavor and would definitely recommend strawberry.

    I feel adults can use these as a healthier candy or my kids can eat these with a lower probability of creating a mess that sometimes occurs with fruit roll up treats....more info
  • Yummy
    These are great in every way. They taste like real fruit, because that's what they are made from, with no artificial anything. The serving size is just right for a lunchbox or after-sport snack. Not just for kids either - since they have no added sugar, they are not too sweet for adults to enjoy. ...more info
    My daughter loves these and they're good for you too....Even I've become addicted to them....more info
  • Just Okay
    Each variety is really tart. I think we would like them better if they were sweeter. They are good but I'm not sure I would spend the money again....more info


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