16x30x1 Electrostatic Washable Permanent Air Furnace Filter

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Product Description

Tired of having to remember to buy that furnace filter every 3 months? Tired of your house being dusty? Replace your disposable air filter with a washable electrostatic filter. It traps more dust and allergens, has a durable metal frame and comes with a lifetime warranty. Just hose off, allow to dry for 15 minutes and reinstall. As per industry standards, this 16x30x1 filter measures EXACTLY 15-5/8 X 29-5/8 X 7/8.

  • Traps 95% of airborne dust and allergens
  • Permanent & Washable - Just hose off and reinstall
  • Compare to Allergy Gold filter - Lifetime warranty
  • Self-charging electrostatic filter media - does not require electricity
  • Replaces disposable furnace filters