Aprilaire / Space-Gard replacement 201 media for model 2200 and 2250 air cleaners

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This is Genuine Aprilaire / Space-Gard replacement filter media for their Model 2200 and 2250 media air cleaners. The Aprilaire brand of replacement media is the best to use for both Aprilaire and Space-Gard Media Air Cleaners. For many years, Aprilaire sold their media air cleaners under the Space-Gard brand name. Now they use the Aprilaire brand name. The filter media used in the Model 201 is made of bonded glass micro-fibers. These filters have a MERV rating of 10 at 1200 cubic feet per minute. The air cleaner media in the Models 2200 and 2250 can last up to 2 years. If installed on a 5-ton system, in the presence of high concentration of particulate, or if the furnace fan is on continuously, it may be necessary to change the media more frequently. In any application, the life of the media is dependant upon the total volume of air being moved through it as well as the amount of particulate it is filtering. Get the Performance You Deserve. Only by using Genuine Aprilaire Replacement parts can you be assured that the equipment will continue to deliver the performance that you expect and deserve. Keep Your Aprilaire Equipment in Top Condition. Avoid potential problems that might result from ill-fitting or non-performing off-brand replacement parts. Use Genuine Aprilaire replacement parts that are designed by Aprilaire for Aprilaire. Guaranteed to Fit Your Aprilaire Equipment. Only genuine Aprilaire replacement parts provide the perfect fit for easy installation.

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  • Genuine Aprilaire / Space-Gard replacement filter media for Model 2200 and 2250 media air cleaners.
  • Rated MERV 10 efficiency. Never less than 99% efficient on pollen and spores, with 60% average efficiency on all particles. Filter media should last from one to two years depending on household conditions.
  • Helps reduce common airborne allergens.
  • Helps protect heating and cooling equipment.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Easier than I'd expected
    I had been led to believe that putting this filter in was tricky, and that I might want to consider getting the complete unit including the plastic frame. It was actually quite simple, and while getting the first comb aligned took a little bit of patience, the whole project took less than 15 minutes, and will be easier still next time. Good product....more info