All-Stim 4 channel combination stimulator

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Product Description

Conventional Muscle Stimulation: Conventional muscle stimulation uses low frequencies to stimulate muscles (passive exercise). The electrical current is similar to the electrical impulses produced by the brain to stimulate muscle tissue (active exercise). Rhythmical contraction and relaxation of the muscles effectively relaxes muscle spasms, increases local blood circulation, maintains or increases range of motion, prevents or retards disuse atrophy, is used for muscle re-education, and immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis. Russian Stimulation: Russian stimulation uses medium frequencies to provide electrical stimulation to muscle groups and is used to reduce muscle spasms as well as for muscle strengthening. Interferential Stimulation: Interferential Stimulation uses two independent high frequencies, which when combined together produces a third stronger frequency that penetrates deeper into the soft tissue and bone of the affected area. This provides for greater pain relief and is used to effectively provide symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and/or as an adjunctive treatment for the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: TENS stimulation uses low frequencies to provide electrical stimulation to sensory nerves to block pain signals and increase the release of endorphins in the body. TENS is used to provide symptomatic relief and management of chronic and acute pain, but the lower frequencies allow the patient to benefit from longer sustained periods of stimulation to control the pain throughout the day.

  • 4 output channels (8 Electrodes)
  • Treatment lockout
  • 4 AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Safety Power Switch, LCD Display
  • Compliance Monitor, Micor-Processor Controlled