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Scientists have developed a way to do what nature does, even better, in a compact, tabletop machine. It's called the Fresh Air Machine. It is designed to simulate natural photosynthesis in the home. And, in addition, it's fully equipped with... Advanced Air Blanket Technology, Particle screening, Gas/vapor reduction, Titanium Photocatalyst, Clinical grade UV, True HEPA and Ozone Shield Technologies.

  • MSRP: $349.00 Seven Air Purifiers in One; Plateless and Gridless
  • Concetrated HEPA Purification, Exclusive Air Blanket Technology
  • Clinical Grade UV, New Ozone Sheild, Advanced Titanium Photocatalyst Simulates Photosynthesis
  • UL Approved, Easy to Use, Affordable for Every Room
  • Deluxe Wireless Remote, Multiples Speed and Program Settings; Whisper Qiet

 Customer Reviews:

  • Not Worth It
    I have severe allergies. I purchased 3 of these machines 2 and a half years ago. Two have burned out. I just purchased 2 more. In less than 3 months one of them is now emiting a bad odor. I called to see if I could get a replacement. They will only repair it and that takes about 2 months. The units do clean dust and are easy to clean. The filters are reasonable. These are better than Orek, but I don't think it's worth it. They wear out too quickley and a 2 month wait for a repair after 30 days sucks. ...more info