Tiny Tornado II Fan-Charcoal/Titanum
Tiny Tornado II Fan-Charcoal/Titanum

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This personal, handheld fan will keep you cool wherever you go! Its suction cup base allows it to be secured to any surface throughout the boat. The belt clip allows it to be taken ashore easily. An adjustable, tilting head allows airflow to be directed wherever it is needed. It will work continuously for 24 hours with just one "D" cell battery.

Customer Reviews:

  • Strong and safe
    Exactly what I needed! Very powerful and expect to keep me cool during my visits to Hawaii in the summer. I love how I can stop it with my finger! I have lots of young nephews and nieces, so I wanted to make sure it was safe to use around them....more info
  • Best portable fan for the money
    This little fan really moves a lot of air to the point that I wish that it had two speed settings. It is also whisper quite and the blades are safe to touch. Don't be fooled by cheaper "mini fans" that don't work well and are usually of poor quality. This fan has an excellent quality build to it and felt very sturdy in the hand.

    It is larger than due to the use of a D cell battery but the outside sleeve and clip is removeable which makes it much slimmer to hold. I haven't tested how long it will last on one D cell battery but with rechargeables, that shouldn't matter too much.

    The fan part is adjustable and can be set at various angles with 7 "click" points.

    The suction cup at the bottom is strong but I would not recommend it on vertical surfaces unless it is smooth like glass. Even there, it would stick for about 15 minutes before falling off.

    I think you would be pleased with this fan....more info
  • Not what I expected
    I recently bought this Tiny Tornado II and I was a little bit disappointed. It lacks power but then again I shouldn't expect too much from a handheld fan, it IS powered only with a single D battery. On the plus side, it's very portable especially when the rubber sleeve with the clip is removed, fits perfectly in your pocket since the blade is also removable. It's also whisper quiet. Overall, I would recommend it if you're looking for an ultra portable personal fan and a decent power output....more info
  • Great Fan
    It works great. It's a bit larger than your usually hand held fan but it's worth the money. I've only had this fan for about a month now so I can't say it'll last a long time. I'll be taking this fan with me on those hot summer days in line at the Amusement Park. It's worth the money. I'll definetly purchase another one. ...more info
  • It blows
    I didn't have near the results I read about in other reviews. In fact I would have thought I received a defective unit when I saw that it moved very little air. But I ordered two at the same time and they both functioned the same. Very ineffective in my opinion. ...more info
  • Living without it would be difficult!
    I bought one and loved it so much, I bought a second one just in case something happened to the first. I agree -- it's a must for those hot flashes and having recently quit smoking, the last thing I want is someone else's smoke curling up in my face while out for the evening. After months of extensive use and carrying one of them in my purse, a portion of the blade broke. I glued it back together and it's still purring along. It's quiet, easy to carry, sits well on any table and is adjustable to just the right angle. I'm ordering 2 more right now. ...more info
  • Great Fan, a few flaws that blew by me
    I got this fan to replace a small camping tent fan I was using. This fan seemed perfect after looking around at others. The fan arrived to a very excited customer, me, and I put it together.

    The outer shell is removable, and had a belt clip on it which is handy for carrying outdoors activities. Once removed, the fan is just a slim plastic cylinder with a screw off bottom lid for the battery insertion spot. It does seem a little...cheap once the cover is removed. If you dropped it without the shell, I wouldn't be surprised if it cracked.

    Once turned on, the fan has a low hum, not real annoying. It has only on and off setting no speed setting. The fan itself is rubbery, and doesn't hurt to touch, I've had a 3 year old touch the fan wings while it was running on fresh batteries and simply giggle, then made a game out of it.

    The neck glides a full half circle ALMOST. So you can turn the fan to point directly at you at 90degrees, and without turning the actual fan, you can make the fan point in the opposite direction to almost 90 degrees also, behind hindered a little by the belt clip in that direction.

    The suction cup is...well...I havn't really noticed it working at all. I guess if I wetted it or really worked at having it suction it'd be okay. Though, I have no use for the suction cup as of yet.

    In my estimation, the battery seems to last 3 - 4 hours, slowly dwindling in speed as time ticks. My biggest complaint is sometimes the fan needs whacked or the wings manually started if the battery is getting a little low. As if the motor needs a little jump start, it's either cause mine is defective or just how it is. It is a small motor after all so somewhat expected. Either way, I use this fan often and love it. Took it to the state fair recently, it was used the entire time and kept me cool. People were jealous!

    Update: 4-19-09
    The fan that needed whacking or turned to start was defective. That is not normal. I have had to replace this fan a couple times because I wore the motor out accidentally etc, but I still use the fan often and am still a fan of it after many many months...more info
  • Great little fan
    I love this fan. It's small, portable, and I use it a lot.

    It's whisper quiet and can be used to create a little circulation all night: I've hung it in a tent on a cross-country tour. I've used in a sailboat in Hawaii. Alkalines go forever and rechargeables go most of the night.

    On a weekly basis, I use it to dry out my dry suit, and I stick it to the tile wall to keep my glasses clear of steam when reading in the tub. I've found that by wetting the suction cup slightly and pushing the cup in pace until the fan bottoms out, the suction cup will hold for hours.
    ...more info
  • excellent during labor and childbirth
    this little fan helped keep my wife cooled down when she would get hot flashes during pregnancy. it really helped when she went into labor and went from freezing to boiling and needed cool air on her. for such a good air moving fan, it is remarkably safe. our two year old likes to grab it while it's moving and the soft blades come to a complete stop in a gentle way so as not even cause one bit of owie! excellent product except the on/off switch gets hung up on the jacket it comes in. ...more info
    I was so very pleased with this fan. Its quite powerful for something so small and is completely quiet. About 8 inches tall including the blade and 2 inches across at the bottom. I sat it on the table in front of me and was cool and comfortable for the entire wedding reception. One D battery has lasted 11 hours so far with no change in output. My fingers have danced with the blades a couple of times but they are very soft and they don't hurt. As I said at the beginning...PERFECT....more info
  • I love this fan!
    This is a great little fan! It's extremely portable, is very powerful, and very safe. The blades do not hurt if you touch them while the fan is on. I would highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Not so TIny Fan
    The fan is great, heavy duty and doesn't break (like other miniture fans). It's a bit heavy and after awhile the suction cup doesn't work any longer. But for use in close quarters (boats, planes, doctors' offices) it's very effective....more info
  • This fan is tops!
    I bought the fan for my wife. Hot flashes & summer heat are tough. She really didn't know how much she appreciated it until she used it. She loves that fan. Takes it everywhere she goes. Fits in her purse and can be used at the store, doctors office, in the car or at home....more info
  • Works Great
    My wife and I just attended a rodeo in 85 - 90 degree heat - we brought two of these fans, as well as a spray bottle to help keep us and our two year old cool. The fans work great. Our daughter got her finger into the blades, and didn't even cry when they hit her. The fans generate more than enough air flow to help keep cool, and the quoted battery life is 24 hours per set of batteries, so how can you go wrong? We were pleased with the size and power, and people around us commented on our portable air conditioning system. . . ...more info
  • Tornado Fan
    Great product. Easy and convenient to use. Arrived quickly and my wife has used it every day without a problem. It is lightweight and reliable....more info
  • Great little fan
    I love this fan. It has been a life-saver for me on our recent trip to the Caribbean - those smaller planes b/w islands can be pretty hot. I suffer from rosacea and it has become my constant companion. The battery lasts for about 3-4 days and the fan fits into my purse, albeit adding weight to it. I found it to be very effective and reasonably powerful for enclosed warm spaces. I am buying another one, just in case this one breaks down! ...more info
  • Strong and Dependable
    I have purchased and used Tiny Tornadoes for years. They are sturdy and produce a strong flow of air. Great for calming hot flashes! I suggested one to a relative who was to visit the Grand Canyon. She claimed it saved her life....more info
  • Great Air...
    I'll admit...I got this for flying as I hate it when I am sitting on a plane that is waiting for passengers or cargo or clearance and there is little to no air being emitted from the passenger vents.
    I used this unit just recently in May 2008 on a trip to and from Duluth, MN.
    I found it to be most useful and beneficial....ALTHOUGH, I would like to see a speed adjustment for this unit - both FASTER and slower.
    It is nice that the fan blade easily comes off (not TOO easily) for storing and that it has a GREAT battery life, thanks to the 'D' cell battery. That adds a little heft but it is great for long use without changing the battery.
    It is nice that the 'head' swivels up and down for positioning as well as side to side. The suction cup on the base is mediocre at best and should not be relied on for stability.
    But, all in all, it is a great unit for the price and very well made....more info
  • Great
    I had one of these fans for years and it was wonderful. I carried it everywhere. Eventually I lost the blades and wasn't able to find another until now. It's a little larger than I would like but is pretty powerful. The fact that you can set it down while it's running is nice and you can't do that with most handheld fans. Personaly I think it's worth the extra money for a handheld fan that will last for years as opposed to a really inexpensive one that will break after a couple of weeks (if it lasts that long)....more info
  • Very happy
    This was a great product. We took this on vacation with us to keep ourselves and our 4 month old daughter cool. The fan put out good cool air...and the blades do not hurt little fingers....more info
  • my tiny tornado
    This has got to be the best thing since sliced bread. I am able to take this fan into a restuarant with no trouble and cool myself off or blow smoke away from my table if necessary. I love it....more info
  • crappy, cheaply made fan...
    Sorry, I am suprised by the positive reviews on this fan. Its poorly made, constructed of low grade plastic. For its size and weight, the fan output power is really low. ...more info
  • Fan-tastic
    This fan is fantastic. My wife has very strong hot flashes that are especially bothersome in social situations. We bought this little fan and it significantly increased my wife's comfort. It is quiet, inconspicuous (the black and grey version) and does the job. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Good fan, NOT tiny!
    This should not be called tiny! The size of the battery base is about the size of a redbull can. It works well, but if you are buying for small size -- be aware it is not a toss-in-your-purse sized fan. This is great for having positioned on your desk to get a good breeze going, or having on summer hikes if you don't mind the size. Even though it works well, I gave it three stars because of the misleading title of the item. Should be called the Can Fan to let you know its real size, LOL. :) ...more info


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