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Product Description

KoolerAire is a brand New Product that was developed by an outdoorsman who enjoys Camping, Fishing, and Boating. Like you, he searched the web looking for an inexpensive, portable, 12 volt cooling unit with less than favorable results. Frustrated but determined, he made the very first KoolerAire Unit and used it regularly on his boat. Word of this wonderful device began to spread quickly throughout the Marina and soon people were lining up to find out how they could get one themselves!

Without question, KoolerAire is the most portable cooling device you can buy! Unlike other models on the market KoolerAire requires

  • No messy hoses
  • No water supply
  • No bulky package or Additional gear!

    KoolerAire can be used in any location, under "any" circumstances! Just fill your Igloo 25 quart or Coleman 28 Quart Cooler with ice, insert KoolerAire just inside the top, plug in the 12V adapter plug and enjoy cool, crisp, refreshing air for hours without altering your cooler's capacity! The powerful, whisper quiet, 100 cfm, brush-less fan works effortlessly while providing you with the cooling comfort of "Ice Cold Air!" Why sweat another night on your boat, in your tent or RV? Why spend hundreds of dollars on one of those other brands only to have messy hoses, cords, or water supply to contend with? Bring KoolerAire along and not only enjoy a cold beverage, but relax in comfort while KoolerAire cools YOU!

  • Customer Reviews:
    • May not work for cars in the sun
      I've tried this to stave off the heat for pets who have to be in the car during driver potty-breaks. So far it has fended off complete melt-down but I don't think it can overcome the challenge (even with tinted windows and windshield shades). I will see how well it does when I am further north....more info
    • Don't Buy Kooleraire
      I bought this item because my a/c was out on my car and it was going to cost $1200 to fix. I was under the impression it could cool a small car, Honda Civic. It is a joke. Yes, it blows cold air, but through a circle about the size of an orange. If you purchase ice, you'll have paid for a real a/c in no time. If you freeze ice, you need a separate freezer to accomodate the large quantities of ice needed.
      Most importantly, if you want to return it and don't have all of the original packaging, tags, etc. they will not refund your money.
    • I'd give it a ZERO!
      This doesn't work at all!
      It was a waste of money.

      UPDATE: August 20, 2007

      It's collecting dust in the toolshed!

      Update: July 2008 --- It's STILL collecting dust in the toolshed!...more info
    • This product does not work!!
      I bought this product with the hope that it may be a good camping companion on warm nights. I tested it.. first I set my tent up in my attic, about 83 degrees, I filled my cooler, colman 28 qt (the webpage recommends this one or the igloo) with frozen bottles of water, let the fan run for two hours, temp. dropped a wrooping 3 degrees, than my attic cool down and the temp. in the tent was warmer than in my attic.

      I also set my tent up in my back yard on a hot day, about 90, filled the cooler with ice and frozen bottles of water, let run for a hour, no noticeable change in temp and furthermore since the air temp was quite warm and the fan was blowing this air over the ice, the ice was melting quickly.

      buyer beware. If any one out there really, I mean really has had some good experience with this think I would be curious to hear from you...more info
    • Does not work save your money
      KoolerAire is NOT the most portable air conditioner you could buy. this thing just does not work as advertised so do not waste your money on this. I had it on for 4 hours and it was the same temperature inside my camper as the outside air, even at night is was the samething. I got a 12 volt portable swamp cooler that does work great but it also cost me over $500. This $40 cooler will not work as advertised, the old saying is ture you get what you pay for. Even if it just cooled 5 degrees I would have given it 2 stars but this thing is more like minus 5 stars....more info
    • Negative 5 stars
      Does not work, tested it in our vehicle. it was warmer inside the truck than outside!

      Don't waste your money!...more info
    • Does not perform as advertised.
      You might as well put a tray of ice in front of a fan before wasting your money on this. ...more info
    • All Marketing, No Performance
      My experience with this unit is as follows: Purchased this unit and an Igloo cooler. Filled the ice chest approximately 3/4-full with ice. Placed in a pickup truck cab (Ford F-250 SuperDuty with SuperCab) that was pre-cooled with the air conditioner for ~30 minutes on an 80 degree day. Parked the truck in the shade and connected the unit to the aux power source in the cab. Allowed the unit 30 minutes run time. At the end of that time the temperature in the cab was equal to outside ambient conditions. There was no cooling, nor maintaining temperature inside the cab. Granted I opened the door to exit the truck, but the unit was unable to provide ANY appreciable cooling to the truck interior in 30 minutes. I've since returned the unit. I recommend you not buy this item. I can provide no insight as to why the unit worked for "Geri and Family," but potentially a very limited amount of positive feedback (1 review in this cases) can be placed by the manufacturer or proxy....more info
    • Useless
      This product will generate cool air but will NOT cool any area. Purchasing this product would be a waste of your money and time. Unless you are going to have your face within 3 inches of the output, you will be sorely disappointed with its performance. I initially purchased this item for cooling a tent and it failed terribly. Seek a portable air conditioner if you want to cool a given area....more info
    • KoolerAire Portable Air Conditioner
      We've used our KoolerAire for the 2nd camping season and let me say it is fantastic! It cools our tent in the evening while we sleep, it's very quiet and uses very little power. KoolerAire has paid for itself simply by making our trips more comfortable...Air Conditioning for $39.95...you better believe it!

      Thank you so much KoolerAire!

      Geri and Family...more info