Hoover U5180-900 Fusion Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $79.99

You Save: $50.00 (38%)


  • Bagless upright vacuum cleaner with 15-inch-wide cleaning path
  • Cyclonic technology for powerful cleaning with no loss of suction
  • Easy-empty dirt cup; permanent washable filter; adjustable-height handle
  • 2 extension wands, powered pet tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush included
  • Measures 11 by 15 by 43 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great for a small area!
    We just moved into a small 2 floor apartment and this is just as good as the $450 vacuum I bought for my parents. The suction is great and it's very easy to empty. I love it! My only issue with it is that the cord is small, so you have to keep moving where you plug it in. Other than that it's great....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I bought this vacuum when it was on sale at Amazon for $38 with free shipping. I wasn't expecting much for the price but its great. It doesn't use bags which I like since it gives it more suction power. The suction is very very strong and I can vacuum my whole house about 3 times before I have to empty out the trash. It has lots of little attachments and its not too heavy which is great for me since I have 2 floors. ...more info
  • A nice vacuum for the price
    This is our second Fusion. We bought the first one from W__Mart for $100. Had a few minor problems with it, but it did a nice job for two plus years. This is now an older model, so we bought it on Amazon for less than $60. No tax, free shipping - Definitely worth the money....more info
  • great cleaner
    i was really surprised at this vacum.i figured for the price i would stick it in the garage for cleaning out the cars. but i stuck my other one out there and kept the cyclone for inside.
    ...more info
  • Great vaccuum, especially for the price!
    I bought this when it was $38.25. At that price, I cannot say anything bad about it. My biggest worry was going to be how it would perform on pet hair. After getting it and testing it, it works great!

    Emptying the canister isn't too hard. You just have to take your time to figure it out the first time, then you are good to go....more info
    This vacuum has a lot of power. I like having all the on board attachments and the fact that it is bagless. I like it so much I ordered this one so I would have 2, one for the downstairs and one for the upstairs. I also have a cat and the uphostery attachment works great at getting the cat hair up. I highly recomend this product....more info
  • Powerful but durability is questionable
    This vacuum is supposedly based on patents of the dyson dc1 as dyson did not renew thier patent and a number of manufacturers jumped in to take advantage of this as evidenced in many lookalike products.

    The suction of this vacuum is great the 12 amp motor and the cyclonic action really does keep a constant powerful vacuum force. on the packaging that is outcleans dyson models dc07, dc14 and dc15 by 13% and is verified by a third party.
    It comes with a number of attachments to go onto the built in hose. there are extension tubes, a powered pet hair brush, a regular bristle brush with removable bristles to make it just a suction square thats angled, and a wand.
    It has adjustable carpet height settings, a light when you need to get under a bed or when vacuuming in a closet, and a long extendable handle.
    It runs at a decent volume, and you can see everything you suck up after each pass of the wide vacuum.

    The colors are a bit off, it looks kind of blue and red online but its actually a purple.
    The plastic seems to be a bit on the light side which might lead to cracks or breaks later on but this is purely speculation. areas or failure i would assume would be some of the button latches as well as the high adjustment knob and the foot pedal as these seem weak when using.
    their is no hepa filter on this unit, it does have 2 foam filters which are reusable and easily accessed though.
    The vacuum is really powerful and alot of dust is sucked up, when cleaning the bin do it outside as all this dust gets everywhere, try putting it in a bag before you dump the container.
    Hairs and dust collect on the upper chamber where exhaust is exited, a routine cleaning is necessary and is somewhat time consuming.

    Compared to the dyson vacuums these small shortfalls are greatly outweighed by the cost of this unit. you can get a number of these break them and still save money over they dyson vacuums which also breakdown over time also.

    Bottom line, it really picks up a lot of things get it for the power and price ratio, but if you need the hepa filtration for allergies you might want to skip this for the fusion5 model which has it....more info
  • Good suction, but OOOOH does it STINK!
    This is one of those products that has a lot going for it, yet a few shortcomings really knock it down. Furthermore the issues with this vacuum in many cases come to surface after you've used it for quite a while.

    Pros: Good overall suction, both at the brush roll and wand. Adjustable height handle. An upholstery turbo brush that works well. Relatively clean to empty vs. lower end bagless models. Overall solid feel. Large diameter clear hose makes finding a clog easy. Power switch on the handle is a nice plus.

    Cons: Poor cyclonic action - dirt tends to head right into the containter right to the top of the cone and stick there. This is especially bad when dealing with pet hair. Too much dirt/hair passes through the cyclonic canister and into the filters - which while washable, leads to the key shortcoming of this vacuum..... this vacuum *literally stinks!* With so much dirt held by the filters, the odor from the filters fills the air. The solution is to wash the filters often, but you learn the hard way that they need washed. For reference, a good old bag type upright from 30+ years ago lets less odor and dust back into the air.

    Conclusion: Hoover has improved upon their older bagless design that had a filter chamber next to the dirt chamber (had one - gave it away), and the washable permanent filters is a major plus. But they missed the boat with a poor cyclonic action design that sucks dust right up through the cone. I'd recommend this only for those who use it occasionally, have no pets or kids, or as a second vac....more info
  • Mrs Joy Bonnett
    I purchased the vacuum for my son. He was pleased with the product, but wishes the hose were longer....more info
  • Don't Buy This Vac!!!
    This is the worst vac I have ever owned. It started smoking within days of purchase. Thank goodness Amazon refuned the money, but I was without a vac until the credit came back on my account. It is just cheap and I would advise you not to buy it....more info
  • Well worth the price!
    I bought one of these a few years ago at Walmart for around $100. About a year ago, the hose assembly got separated from the base, and I glued it back on. A few days ago, roller pin assembly broke, just like in a few other reviews -- and that's pretty much the end of this vacuum.

    But at $100+tax, the price for this vacuum was a great deal, and now from Amazon, it is even less expensive.

    Yes, it is not a Dyson, but it is 1/5th the price.

    If you want a great vacuum that'll do a good job for a couple of years, the Hoover Fusion is a deal! ...more info
  • great suction, problems w/design
    I have had both the Fusion and the Mach 3 (same machine, different name). My dog ate my Fusion (literally!), so I'm now using the Mach 3. These are low priced, but surprisingly effective vacuums. It's NOT a Dyson, so don't think it will be. But it really does have some tremendous suction power. I have a siberian husky that leaves whole dogs behind her when she sheds. This is the first vacuum I have found that does not clog because of my dog's fur getting stuck in the mechanics. And it cleans my carpets better than any other vacuum I've used (and I've burned out many a vacuum!). So...great suction. And it has easy to clean components. The problems, however, may put some folks off. First, it has a small cannister, which means frequent trips to the trash can. Second, it is not designed to be emptied easily. The bottom of the cannister pops open, but that does not mean you'll get everything out. I have to use a hand brush to make sure to remove all the debris from the cyclonic action. Dust does everywhere when you empty the unit. Third, the machine is top heavy, and tips over easily, especially when using the hose and on board tools. Nothing like having your vacuum tip over when you're trying to clean the drapes. Fourth, the hose is just not long enough to be effective in getting higher up. Yes, the tools include expanding tubes, but the tight, short hose makes it a challenge to use them. Fifth, the power cord is just not long enough. I attached an extension cord to mine so I can work more than one room at a time. Finally, the power pet attachment gets clogged easily. It will stop working, and you will have to pull it apart, and clean it out (no, it's not broken, it's just clogged...trust me, I've had two of the vacuums!). I put up with this vacuum because of the terrific suction power, and the job it does on the dog hair. Were it not for that, I would not rate it highly at all, and would never have purchased a second machine....more info
  • I love mine!
    I've had my Fusion for two years, and it works great for me. I don't rough it up, and it hasn't broken. I clean the canister often, and it doesn't overheat and hasn't burned out.

    I'm sure bagless isn't for everyone, be aware that they do require emptying much more often. While not recommended, I wash my canister outside with a hose, which cleans all the small holes with ease and has had no harmful effects on my Hoover.

    I have a large, indoor dog, allergies, and asthma. I've very pleased with the performance and price of the Fusion. Can you buy a better machine? Sure you can. Will you find one for $79 with free shipping? I seriously doubt it.

    If you have several hundred dollars to spend, this may not be the right machine for you. If you'd rather sacrifice suction power for the convenience of a disposible bag, don't buy a bagless. If you're rough on your appliances, this one is just plastic.

    That being said, this is a great vacuum for the money....more info
  • Worked for less than 2 years!
    This vacuum was great the first year, then the spinning brush melted after less than 2 years. Save your money and get a different vacuum. ...more info
    I have had this vacuum about 8 months, I also bought it at Walmart for under $100.00. I guess you get what you pay for. This vacuum literally sucks!!!. Like others said, it was great at first, did an excellent job, for about 4 months. Then the problems began, the motor over heats and shuts down. It clogs constantly, blows dust as you vacuum. I have to take this vacuum apart to unclog it almost every other time I vacuum. I mean literally take it apart, unscrew the back, remove the hose etc... when it works it does pick up a lot of dirt, but getting to that point is just too much work. And, as others mentioned what a mess to empty the dirt cup, I take it outside to empty, because otherwise dirt gets all over. I am now shopping for another vacuum, You can bet it wont be another Hoover. the vacuum i had before, a Hoover elite, was a little better, but still broke after only a couple of years.It might be better to spend a little more on a vacuum that will last awhile. I am definitely checking reviews before my next purchase. ...more info
  • 2-year Update - Great Vac for Carpet - Extra Hose Needed for Floors
    We now have had our Hoover Fusion for about two years and we love it! It sucks up dirt from carpets better than anything we have used before. We tried the Oreck and had other vacuums. We vacuum a lot and it has held up well. I empty it after every room to maximize the cleaning - though that is a bit over the top. We noticed substantially less dust on shelves, tables, etc. after using this. This is great on carpet. The adjustable height handle is also useful for individual comfort and when doing stairs. The on-board tool storage keeps everything handy and not lost - though the dust brush seem to knocked-off it holster sometimes.

    Over the long term, we have found some short-comings. It is not great on floors - it often blows or throws small heavier items around, but does suck up dust. The handle on the front - used to hold the vac while cleaning stairs - is next to the exhaust, so it gets a bit warm/hot from the motor. The cord should have existed closer to the top rather than near the bottom - I usually just hold the cord with the handle to keep it out of the way.

    One good & bad is the extension hose. It is very easy to use and with all the tools on board I find myself cleaning more than needed. Also, the suction is strong. In fact, we moved into a large house with mostly hardwood floors and we now connect an extra long (25' hose) to the extension hose and sweep (thus also avoiding the blowing of particles mentioned above). The bad thing about the hose is that the vac is so powerful that when using the crevice tool, the whole vac often gets pulled and sometimes falls over.

    In terms of emptying the dust bin . . . it is not a big deal. I simply put the whole canister in a plastic shopping bag then open the bottom - no flying dust. That said, dust does get caught in the upper portion and in the holes. Separating the upper (red) chamber from the canister and shaking it into the canister (all while they are in the shopping bag) usually gets most of the dirt out.

    Additionally, its great that you can simply wash the canister and the filters - low operating cost and no inconvenience.

    Finally a word on comparisons with the dyson. I'm a huge dyson fan. Its a sounds like a great vacuum and we originally considered the dyson. But at $300 - $400 more than the Hoover, it did not make sense - we are not that dirty. Yes, I'm sure the dyson is better and at a substantially higher price it should be. Such comparisons seem to be like comparing a BMW to a Ferrari.

    This is a great vacuum and we would buy another one....more info
  • Terrible Vacuum!!
    Hoover Fusion Cyclonic Filtration System

    Absolutely The worst Vacuum cleaner I have ever used!! Sadly I can't find one positive thing to say about this vacuum cleaner!!

    I am a dog trainer/breeder/ and rescuer so there are always dogs in my home I searched the internet high and low to find a vacuum cleaner that didn't loose suction and that was tested with pet households for a reasonable price. The Hoover Fusion stated it NEVER clogs well I hate to be the one to bring the bad news but It always clogs!! I can normally make 3 or 4 swipes on the carpet before it clogs around the internal plastic filter and then it's clogged with dust and very little dog hair. Then you must take the canister out clean it and reassemble it so that you can make 3 or 4 more swipes before starting the process all over again I sweep everyday so there is very little dirt on the carpet. The 2nd time I used it the latch that keeps the dirt collection cup closed broke so now I have to be extra careful when removing the dirt collection cup to keep it in the canister and not all over the floor. The design is bad on the vacuum when you use the attachments you must be EXTRA careful that you have the vacuum forced up against something so that it doesn't fly down and smack you in the mouth or the back of the head. I have used many vacuum cleaners in my lifetime and this one is by far the WORST I have ever spent my money on!!

    If you live in a sterile environment with no dust, dog hair, or dirt then this vacuum Might work for you however, if you have any dust, any dirt, or god forbid pets that shed Don't Waste Your Money On This vacuum cleaner. For the price you pay for it you DON'T COME CLOSE TO GETTING YOUR MONIES WORTH!!
  • Builtin Obsolescense
    I also bought this at Wal-Mart for the approx $98 as mentioned in other reviews. However, I purchase quite a bit through Amazon and thus went looking for a replacement:

    The vacuum has been used about 12 - 15 times. The adjustable undercarriage roller/ wheel assembly broke. There are two plastic pins holding in place. These are on back order by other consumers in my region, thus the problem is obviously persistent and a considerable design flaw.

    With a fair amount of force exerted on these pins logic would dictate you make them substantial. Without this wheel assembly the vacuum drags across the carpet and thus is useless! It sits idle awaiting a back-ordered part.

    Shame on Hoover!
    ...more info
  • Hoover gone from bad to worst !
    When I first bought this vacuum it seemed to be a great product. Now I have bought a new vacuum, not a Hoover. Hoover has always had great products, NOT THIS ONE ! ! ! The suction at first is great, until it gets clogged and it gets clogged very quickly. If you have anything living in your house with fur or hair (ya, that includes your hair), this is not the one for you. The cyclonic action works for a few seconds (with the larger stuff only). Any heavy dust, hair or fir gets stuck in the upper part of the cyclonic canister. To clean it out you have to take it apart (that's a pain) and use another vacuum and a brush to suck out all of the stuck stuff. What's the sense of having this vacuum if you need another to clean it out?. Emptying the canister is a messy job, you might as well not have vacuumed at all; you have to bang it around to get all of the dirt out, what a mess (don't dust B 4 you vacuum)! Now, the motor, it is of poor quality. Mine burnt out, so I went to have it fixed; Hoover paid for the motor but not to have it taken out or the new one put back in, not a problem, "poof"-the cost of the vacuum, -$75.00 for the work, -$40.00 in gas and time, trying to find a service center, priceless (Hoover approved, Ha Ha, what a joke). Again the motor blew out for a second time, again went to have it fixed (more money down the drain), service center contacted Hoover and they said the vacuum was out of warranty, I called and questioned them, explaining the motor was new. I had to send them the original receipt, which they took the first time, the bar code thing on the box (which I no longer had:who keeps the box, HELLO?), the receipt for the replaced motor and the receipt for the service center for the first motor, proof that I cleaned the filters on a regular basis, Ect. Come on now, tell me they weren't just giving me the run around, so I decided to push it and hounded them in regards to this, finally I gave up. Months later, I received a letter from them: Dear Sir, We regret to inform you that your vacuum is not covered under the warranty, and so on. . .

    BUYER BEWARE, this unit is not worth the cost of the box it came in. You would be better off not vacuuming and moving out of your house to a new one when it needs to be vacuumed. Bad, bad, bad news! ! ! Don't waist your money! ! !

    ...more info
  • What a piece of junk!
    I have to say that this vacuum caught my eye as soon as I saw it. It has a cool flashy design and looks like it's got both form and function. But my experience with it suggests that's all it's got -- just good looks.

    In terms of performance, this has to be the worst vacuum I've ever purchased, and I had two Hoover vacuums before this one that I was fairly satisfied with. This Fusion upright is simply a cheap knock off of the Dyson, and the craftsmanship is unspeakable. It does look like a Dyson, but that's where it stops.

    Out of the box things weren't working right. The floor height adjustment knob was so stiff that I couldn't even turn it with the help of a wrench, let alone by hand. I had to turn it upside down and try to figure out its internal working mechanism. After struggling for 30 minutes, I finally managed to loosen it up, the plastic knob that is. I still don't think the height is being adjusted. This was an omen of the things to come.

    The rest of the installation went without any problems. However, when I first turn it on, I immediately sensed a strong burning smell, like a rubber belt overheating. But there's no smoke and the vacuum continues to function. I initially thought it must be something related to the vacuum being brand new and the smell will go away after a few uses, but I was wrong. I used the Fusion for 3 weeks (almost daily) before I returned it and the smell was always there whenever it's turned on. It's really a headache-inducing smell, like gasoline, but stays around the room much longer.

    Even if you can live with the smell, there're other stupidities in design and craftsmenship that'll drive you crazy. For example, when you want to return the vacuum to upright position after cleaning, the catching mechanism simply does't engage until you push and bend the vacuum forward with brute force. Also, if you vacuum bare wood floor and make a sharp turn, the hard bristles will drag on the floor and make a lousy noice. The pet hair removal accessory also doesn't remove anything with the bristle on. It simply gets pet hair tangled up and dragged around. You'll have to remove the bristle part to suck anything in at all.

    Now onto the performance of sucking. While the hand accessory sucked very well, the main floor vacuum hardly sucked at all, and I was only using it on hardwood floors! It had trouble picking up very small dirt particles (the size of rice) dropped from my flower pot. I had to run it across several times to pick them up. So a lot of times I just used the hand tool instead.

    I'm not going to list all the other "features" of this vacuum to save you time. The one I got may be the worst case scenario for this particular model, but I would bet the overall quality of this model is terrible. So stay away from the Fusion!!!...more info
  • Hoover Fusion Sucks.... like no ohter vacumm!!
    I have a Rainbow, but I was tiring of the hassle of prepping it just to use it and then having to empty it once I was done (Yuk!!) I needed something else for the general vacuuming. With 5 indoor cats (and 2 that come and go), I'm vacuuming every other day. Needless to say, I don't know if I'll ever pull the Rainbow out again! I'm still shocked at what this vacuum sucked up! It was intriguingly gross. I bought it and used it Sunday and come Monday, I couldn't wait to get home to use it again.

    For a vacuum, I was a little surprised at how quiet it was compared to others. I really do like the adjustable handle... it's both easier to store (when it's fully down) and easier on my back (when I adjust it to the height I need). Set up was a breeze - it was ready to go in 5 minutes. Like the other reviewer, I found mine at wal-mart for only $98, so check there first.

    Update: Months later, I'm still in love with this vacuum! I haven't used my rainbow since I've had this. I'm still amazed with everything it sucks up!!
    ...more info
    The bad news: The roller bearings are held in the plastic roller with more plastic and dislodge after very few hours of use. A replacement roller costs $17-28. The canister cannot be emptied cleanly due to poor design. The final filters are only good for cleaning half an average sized room because the "cyclonic action" only swirls very large particles. The final filters MUST be washed very frequently. Not recommended for use in households looking for really good results. (vacuum first, dust second)

    The good news: Absolutely the best roller bar if you have long haired pets. The unit picks up everything!! The roller bar is not prone to clogging with hair, regardless of how much you have. This is the only reason I am keeping this otherwise rotten machine.

    I can't believe this has Hoover on it. Hoover used to be synonomous with quality. This is not reliable or particularly useful.

    ...more info
  • Too much suction?
    I just tried out this product on 2 rooms of carpet and you would not believe what it pulled up. The container looked like a small rodent was pulled in there was so much lint. This may cut the longevity of my carpet if it pulls up that many fibers. The height control is rather cheap and non-specific as to the type of surface to be cleaned. My last issue is that the contained is a little messy to empty. I think that in the future I'll just take mine outside. The up-side is that it traps all the dust and what not in the container. Nothing is recirculated back into the room. It is very effective. ...more info
  • Hoover Fusion
    First of all, the price quoted for this vacuum is way out of line. I also bought mine at Wal Mart for 98 bucks. The listing here says the shipping weight is 70lbs. Who would want a vacuum that heavy?! Actually, the machine weighs MAYBE 20 lbs and is quite easy to maneuver.

    It works great and is very quiet. We also have a Dyson DC07 that works well. It cost about 400 bucks. As far as efficiency, this one seems to be as good as the Dyson.

    I just bought it, though, so I cannot attest to its long-term reliability.

    Go to Wal Mart....more info
  • Good...if you want it to last a year and 3 months
    When I first purchased this model, I was very impressed with its suction and ease of emptying the dirt bin. My only complaint at that time was that vacuum was top heavy and would fall over at times.
    Then, out of the blue, the motor stopped working and burned up. Of course, the warranty had just expired 3 months prior. I called a local company for repair and they quoted at least $90 to replace motor. They told me to not waste my time...it would just happen again. They said that the Fusion is notorious for burned up motors because there is no way to trap the dirt from getting to the motor. I guess I'll try a Windtunnel. If that piddles out, I guess I will learn my lesson and spend the money I keep wasting every year on a Dyson....more info
  • Awesome
    This was an early christmas present and I couldn't be happier. We got it at Walmart for 98 so try there first. My carpet is very bumpy. It has a diamond patern and the dirt loves to collect in the grooves. This vacuum got into the grooves.
    The handle (pet brush)really refreshed my sofa. I love it, I love it, I love it....more info
  • Very cool....my husband WANTED to vacuum...
    This vacuum does a fabulous job with the dog hair in our three-dog household. It's cool looking, too, which is a plus when you want the kids to help. I've used a Dyson, and the Fusion really does just as good a job for much less money. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • A Vacuum That Really Sucks (In a good way)
    First of all - I bought this vacuum for $98.00 at Wal-Mart! The prices on here are much higher!
    I really like this vacuum! I replaced my 10 year old Hoover bag vacuum with this one and let me tell ya - my carpets were dirty! I vacuumed with my old vac the day before I bought and used the Fusion. When I vacuumed with the fusion I was shocked at the dirt it still sucked up! It's quiet compared to my old one too (could be due to it's age).
    One complaint I have is the placement of the electrical cord. It's about 1/2 way down on the unit (rather than at the top like my old one which helps keep it out from under foot) and it's always getting stepped on! Also the "stair cleaning handle" gets very warm (not quite hot) when vacuuming up the stairs. BUT the top handle is just as handy for holding onto it while doing the stairs and is also very nice for lugging it up and down the stairs.
    As far as dumping the canister goes - well ya I won't be dumping it in my house. Like any canister full of dust, dirt, pet hair and other disgusting things, I'll be taking it out side to our big garbage can to dump it. I wouldn't want that stuff re-floating around in my air and breathing it.
    I LOVE the canister tho...for the simple fact that I can see when it's full! No more feeling the gross dusty, dirty bags to see how full it is. I also love that you can wash the filters on this vacuum~! Now that's what I call a budget friendly vacuum cleaner! ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I bought this vacuum for my cleaning business. The filter is washable and good for life which is a good investment. I tried it on my carpet when I got it home and wow did it pick up the dirt and hair. One sweep over each section verses 2 or 3 I was doing before with my old one. I decided to try the little hand brush that attaches to the hose. I've always felt these things were worthless, but I ran it over my hair covered sofa and not only did it leave nice brush marks, but it also actually took away the hair. I'm impressed!...more info