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Infinite Undiscovery

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Traverse a seamless, expansive world in Infinite Undiscovery. Mistaken for a renowned hero, Capell is thrust into a conflict to sever the chains that bind the moon to his world. Rise against the wicked Order of Chains in fierce real-time combat with a party formed from 18 characters. But beware, not all battles are won by force. The most obvious solution is rarely the right move. Shatter the chains and release the Order's grip on the world.

  • A seamless, real-time battle system that maintains a strategic, party-oriented format
  • Players are confronted with a variety of dramatic situational battles such as executing a daring escape while a gigantic ogre follows in hot pursuit, or waging battle amidst towering tsunamis. Dynamic environments change and respond in real time, creating
  • Combat, exploration and other actions all take place within the same environment, seamlessly shifting between each game facet. Battles are carried out in real-time, bringing vibrant fighting sequences of the STAR OCEAN series out of the traditional battle
  • A twisting, 30-hour storyline co-written by Ryo Mizuno, creator of Record of Lodoss War
  • 17 characters join the hero, Capell, with unique Connect Ability actions that allow the player to tap into their abilities and take direct control

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Square Enix Action RPG
    The game is quite fun. I prefer these "action" RPGs (like IU, Fable 2) as opposed to the "turn-based" RPGs. I did not experience any lag or slowdowns in gameplay. The storyline is excellent (though I still have no idea why its called "Infinite Undiscovery"), and the AI is okay. The way you "connect" with other members of your party to use their skills/abilities is a little odd, but there are only a few times where you really have to rely on other's abilities like that. The only part that was annoying was that the voices of the characters didn't always match their mouth movements in the cutscenes... But overall its a great game. I was not disappointed!...more info
  • My husband loves this game
    I bought this game for my husband. He loves it. The graphics are incredible....more info
  • Infinitely Baller
    This is a very good and underrated game. Most people have cons that are present in just about every other RPG; such as save points item usage and other simple common things. It would seem that this game is a game for more experience and patient gamers who are legit. The battle system is a bit simple but extremely fun and interactive. While people complain about using a and b over and over to attack, when in a turn based game a player can find himself mashing a to attack over and over again. With nothing else said the story as starts out horribly dull, but it turns into a great adventure. Infinity Undiscovery is a great game for those who have patience and love for RPG'S. ...more info
  • Almost kinda halfway came close to being almost there.
    Role-playing games strike a tricky balance between gameplay and narrative that is easy to take for granted when everything goes together correctly. Infinite Undiscovery is sadly an example of how flawed design and myriad imperfections can mar an otherwise enjoyable adventure. Square Enix manages to provide the frame of a role-playing game epic that falls short on execution.

    Some of that energy is siphoned off by a largely empty and repetitious world, some of it is drained by faulty scenario design, and much of it isn't allowed real depth because of the relatively short length. It's easy to grow fond of the characters and become involved in their plight, but the narrative is only one part of the whole. ...more info
  • What a waste!
    How is it that RPG games haven't improved in all this time ... Infinite Undiscovery is a game full of flaws -- from the large distances between save points where if you die, you can lose over an hour, to the menu system that doesn't pause when you check inventory, to the limited available combos, to the seriously annoying connect system, to invulnerable bosses you have to flee from ... this game had so much potential, but it just falls short ......more info
  • good game
    I bought this for my oldest son for Christmas and he loves it. It was also $30 cheaper than any of the local stores....more info
  • A real "love/hate" relationship
    This game was awesome for some reasons and totally sucked for other reasons. So i'm gonna do the typical "pros & cons" review to keep it simple.

    -Almost no loading time: i mean zero ... the most loading you'll see is when you start up the game. Once you get going whether it's transitioning areas, entering battle, or even going in and out of buildings (an act that some games have murdered with load times) is all but instant.
    -Awesome cinematics: Ya this story is HUGE on the storytelling thing. It can be a bit much i'll admit (like put your xbox into screensaver mode long cinematics :P) but the upside? -> you can just hit "select" and jump right thru them if you don't care about the storyline (which sadly is one of this game's strongest points.
    -Good visuals: The graphics are of course stunning and the "world and dungeon" designs are all pretty unique. You won't see any copycat map setups here, each area has it's own unique layout that will keep you interested.


    -Controls: while you have freedom of movement and can try to circle around your enemy to attack, the controls are lacking when it comes to actually attacking your enemy. You have 3 basic combos, and you gain special attacks as you level up that you can "chain" into your normal swings. And when i say "chain" i mean struggle to get an effective combo together. Basically your basic attacks are performed by tapping A or B and your special abilities are activated by HOLDING A or B, an act which, in my experience, the computer seems to have difficulty distinguishing between.
    -Spectator Sport?: You are very involved early in the game; meaning the outcome of battles and events relied heavily on YOUR personal participation. However about half-way thru (either right before or right after i inserted the second disk) while i still found it enjoyable to beat on the trash mobs and minibosses, i soon realized that my role as an actual "player" would come to a grinding halt very soon. I think it was the second or third main boss i came up against when i realized this fact -> "Holy crap, for me to win this fight, i have to pretty much stay AWAY from the boss and let my secondary group (which can't die by the way) fight him themselves and when they weaken him enough i run in and hit the big chain that we're trying to destroy." Rinse and repeat that and you have the last few major boss fights. Sad right? My jobs were to: A. stay alive and B. hit the chain. Because heaven forbid i actually try to ATTACK the boss, he would 1 or 2 shot me into oblivion everytime.
    -Saving: or lack thereof. Save points are few and far between almost to the point that i found myself constantly thinking "holy crap if i don't find a save cube soon i'm gonna have to do all this crap over again if i die!" which brings me to my next con ->
    -Death: ya it sucks. Especially when you've been playing for half an hour or so and still haven't come across any save cubes so then you get to have the fun experience of repeating the aforementioned half hour of gameplay. And as i mentioned about the boss fights; it is VERY easy to die. You can die one of 2 ways: A. your whole party including you die (that's an immediate game over) or B. you die and some of your party is still alive; if they don't rez you in a certain amount of time .... ya you guessed it ... game over. It wouldn't be so bad except your CPU companions aren't all that bright. You could die ... and have a healer that could rez you in the group OR even a whole stack of rezzing potions in your inventory. So while you're laying there ... slowly dying ... you'd think that they would pick ONE of the 2 options to get you back in the game ... wel i'd say that happens about 50% of the time. I'm not joking. They CPUs are idiots ... so i won't even make a separate section in the cons for them.
    -Skills and leveling: you level up like nobody's business in this game, but at what price? A lot of your time is spent scrolling through countless submenus making sure that none of your 12 or so party members hasn't learned a new skill that you should apply to their combat abilities. Not to mention the massive skill and item database. This game is so high maitenance i felt myself going cross-eyed trying to keep all the information straight. In fact to even USE any items you have to bring up the menu (which makes you stationary and completely defensless) and scroll through all of your other crap to find the healing or mana regen potions you thought you bought but you can't remember what they're called cause there's so many different kinds and while you were trying to find them either you or the rest of your party was killed cause you couldn't move or help them ..... ya that pretty much sums up item usage. There are so many other issues i had that would fall under "maitenance" that i really just dont' feel like listing them. Suffice it to say it seemed like a lot of work for very little benefit.

    Well if you like a good story and some nice cinematics this game is for you. If you like PLAYING a game maybe with a little bit of customization and some freeroaming quests, this game is NOT for you. And yes the only reason i rated this game 3 stars is cause i LIKE cinematic/storytelling games :P....more info
  • If they only stopped talking
    The game play was fun it was pretty the music was nice and the characters did not look bad at all. the maps were pretty the fighting was cool... however....

    However the story was so bad! I did not think any story line could get wrose then FFX-2... (and I was a huge FFX fan). The story was weak and everything they said was so stupid! It was like listening to a bunch of five year olds talking about the issue that was at hand. Then Capell was pissed off because his two friends were murdered right in front of him, he was going insane then all of a suddent Aya hugs him and hes back to being immature again I could not handle the lameness of what they said.
    I do say the whole idea with Capell and Sigmond was really neat, but I figured that whole plot point out way before they said it in the game. so watching the characters figure "omg" was dumb.
    The end of the game was not worth it I felt cheated.
    The endings for all of them was sooooo stupid! I mean how did they get to that point?!?

    If you want to play this game SKIP all the movies, because everything else is nice. but I had to mute the TV half the time to save my brain.

    but it really is fun to play....more info
  • i just do not see it
    This game just s-cks from start I played I tried it a few times walked away thinking well its new give it a chance. Know it doesnt get better. Do not waste your money. It just s-cks. ...more info
  • A very good JRPG
    I bought this game on black Friday, and I finished it yesterday.
    The game is no Final Fantasy, but the story is good, the action is satisfying, and the presentation is really good.

    Many professional reviewers beat on this game, but as a self-proclaimed "hard-core" gamer, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game.

    If you're into JRPGs, this is one of the best ones on the market for the current generation of consoles....more info
  • Great JRPG
    I'm going out of my way to write this review because I feel that Infinite Undiscovery is one of the most underrated games out there. I picked up this game on launch day and let it sit on my shelf until a week ago, reviews killed my desire to play it. Needless to say, I should have judge the game for myself, and not what the reviews state.

    The characters are very cliche, the voice acting is alright, and the story is not mind blowing. The game comes with its fair share of problems, lip sync is all off, battle controls are not as smooth as I would like, and saving is a pain at times. But I started to love this game the more I play it.

    I like the characters, I have somehow got wrapped up in their story and needed to follow it to the end; the game provides lots of cut-scenes which I enjoy. The combat is fun. The script is enjoyable and laughable. Menus are clean and easy to use. And as I came to the end of the game, I felt satisfied that this game was worth the price I paid for it.

    Why 5 stars? Because this game to me was exactly what I was looking for; flaws and all, this game became one of my favorite RPGs. And for that, it gets 5 stars from me....more info
  • Rough around a few edges, but very well done
    I've read a lot of positive and negative reviews myself, and most are fairly accurate. There's definitely a niche of gamers that this will really apply to, but should still be a worthwhile purchase (or rental for those who can play for a week straight) for any RPG fan in general.

    The story is by far the strongest point. There will be times that make you cry, times that make you laugh, and times that make you so raging mad that you forget a certain character is fictional - like a good book. Great cinematics, great voice acting, great plot.

    The combat is fairly hit-and-miss (no pun intended). It took me until my 15th hour of playing to really figure out how to use combos and party orders (focus, combo, free, etc) to my advantage. Learning how to get some HP and MP back by using ground combos was very important. However, there is rarely a chance to take advantage of Connect skills, since you can't call for healing while connected, and battles are too fast or too on-the-edge to bother with another character's skills. Many of the boss fights are great and very challenging - sort of from the Kingdom Hearts genre.

    One major disappointment, although I am still a good 5 hours from the finish, is that the game brings strategic situations into play with a flourish, then all but ignore them for the rest of the game. The first hour of play is heart-pumping escaping and racing the clock, then soon after that is a great siege scenario... then it drops off to the occasional ho-hum "win before time runs out" scenario, if at all. They could definitely have taken advantage of multi-party situations more - so far there has only been one (absolutely fantastic) section where that occurred.

    I couldn't be happier with my purchase, though, and the only reason I probably won't play through it again is that so many good RPGs have come out or are coming out for the 360 - Vesperia, Last Remnant, Fable II, etc... hard to keep up with!...more info
  • Not anything great, but still very good.
    I bought this game after reading several lukewarm reviews. I am what you would call a casual RPG fan, but I've played several since I was a kid with an SNES and a copy of Final Fantasy 2. I love old fashioned turn based RPGs. Lost Odyssey, while not fun for everyone was one of my absolute favorites in the last decade, so I've tried to give more of the recent RPGs a chance. Infinite Undiscovery is by no means a bad game, its actually pretty good, but there are a few things about it that will probably turn away several hardcore SquareEnix fans.

    First of all, the combat. Its real time, and although it works decently well, it simply isn't anything too spectacular. I like the feel of strategy that turn based RPGs give me. Carefully deciding how best to attack and which spells to use and when to use them. I love leveling up my characters and the unleashing their hard earned powers on enemies. Infinite Undiscovery does a good job with the leveling up (sort of) but the real time combat just isn't really that much fun. It works, but again, it is too frantic and button mashing to contain really any strategy. This might not bother some other players, but for me it just feels awkward.

    The only other complaint I have is that even though the story is very solid and interesting, the places you travel to seem pretty empty. The towns only have a few people walking around and it just feels like if you're trying to do something like save the world, the stakes should seem higher in that you can actually see all the people that will perish if you don't! I think I've seen more cats and dogs roaming the towns than actual people, and that makes the game less immersive for me.

    Overall though, it is a good game with a good story. I got mine for just over $20 and that was well worth it. Give it a shot if you like RPGs, but try to just accept it for what it is or you won't enjoy it as much. ...more info
  • Graphics from 2008, gameplay from 1990
    Yes, it's beautiful. Unfortunately, the beauty is a facade, the voice acting is mediocre, and the gameplay stinks.

    Let's cover some of the basics:

    - Huge world, no rapid travel. No teleports, vehicles, even transit animals. You have to walk everywhere, and it takes forever.

    - Enjoy running around in the dark. A lot. Because everything is more fun when you can't see the traps and the enemies, to say nothing of where you're going! ... Or just turn up the gamma on your television and get on with the game.

    - As other commenters have mentioned, the difference between one combo skill and another is holding versus pressing a button down. The game frequently misinterprets your actions.

    - Someone apparently thought that allowing your crafting abilities to fail, destroying the items la FFXI, was wonderful and kept things interesting. Except that, here, there's not even the flimsy justification of "keeping the server economy stable" behind this incredibly stupid idea.

    - The boss battles have strange objectives that are often unclear, and when there hasn't been a save point in a long time, the frequent deaths on these become especially punishing.

    - Having to herd cats -- excuse me, party members -- in towns is a strange abstraction that only serves to make crafting, equipping items, and other mundane tasks annoying and excruciating.

    - Your party members love to ignore you when you die, leading to game over more often than not. Nevermind that they have plenty of opportunity and resources to resurrect you: conservation is the game here, and you're obviously expendable. The fact that you get to watch them ignore you, before you truly have to restart from your last save two hours ago, makes this all the more frustrating.

    - I suppose one of the conditions from Square as a publisher was that they needed a pretty (and oblivious) male main character, and several bouncy women with extraordinarily high-pitched voices. If that's what you look for in your JRPGs, look no further....more info
  • almost... but not yet there
    Even with all the gripes added up, the game is still fun. If you loved other tri-Ace games like Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, or Radiata Stories, you owe it to yourself to at least try this one. It was too easy for me to say just another hour and end up playing for another three.


    Battle system - it's awesome... except for using items (more in cons). This action-adventure-ish battle system never really gets boring, and if it ever does, you have the option to just run by the enemies. Unless you grind to raise your levels, you have to use your skills and equipment well to get through the dungeons and beat the boss.

    Short loading times - Pretty self-explanatory. I haven't experienced another game on the 360 with shorter loading times.

    Main story/characters - The main story is well told and the main characters are well developed by the end.


    Items in battle - Opening the menu to use items doesn't stop time, and there's no way to assign items to a button. Also, getting knocked down while having the menu open closes the menu... meaning if you (or anyone in your party) are in the process of getting clobbered up, you (or that person in your party) can't use any items. Which is bad because when you want to revive someone, you're usually being clobbered up.

    Unfinished towns - When you visit a town, you'll find doors that don't open, stairs that are crudely blocked by crates, and invisible barriers that block you from going down an alley. It makes me believe the developers didn't have enough time to execute their initial plans.

    Not many save points - Mainly because of the problem with using items during battle, you will die at some point in this game. You're then sent back a half an hour or two to the beginning of the dungeon. And you don't get to keep your experience points you accumilated since the last save point.

    Non-main characters - aside from the main party members, the characters don't have much of a backstory. This is a tri-Ace game, and I expected something like from the Star Ocean series where there'll be some optional events around a character to flesh him out. This game doesn't have much of them, and when it does have them, it's a chore to get through....more info
  • Excellent game, soundtrack, and storyline
    This is one of the most exciting and excellent games that I have ever played so far. If you are the kind of player who likes real time RPG and enjoys lots of cut scenes, a good storyline, and plenty of hours of fun, then this is the game for you. The graphics are spectacular and the music soundtrack is awesome. This is not a turned based game but a real-time game where every character does his or her own thing. While you, Capell and as the main character, valiantly fight foes, members of his own party will pitch in and help fight other monsters or help fight the one you are trying to deal with. There's also a good handful of characters that you will join your party during the game. Each character has their own personalities and attributes; some of them being funny and some others being serious. There's a good handful of missions to undertake as you make your way to break all of the lunar chains. The boss monsters are not difficult to beat but they do require you to assemble a good party so that you can finish off the monsters effectively.

    There's an assortment of options of which you can choose from such as enhancing your abilities by creating enchantments which use items found during the adventure. The game does require you to be quick at using items to restore your health or revive fallen team members, because the monsters will continue to attack your party while you choose an item to use such as a black berry potion or miraculous medicine. The game play takes about 30 hours to complete, but that time doesn't take into consideration the extra time of repeating some scenarios. The game does have a "game over" scene if you do die in the game; it just adds a little more excitement and seriousness to your game play so that you will play well next time. Game saves are found at intervals during the game, and so you have to really remember where the last save spot is, or you will end up forfeiting all your Fol (money) and experience points because you accidentally met up with some difficult monsters to fight.

    This is a game that some folks will like and others will not like, as learned in the previous reviews of this game. Not every game can incorporate all the wants and likes that players try to seek in a game. In my opinion, I think the developers of this game did an excellent job. Again, if you like a pretty good storyline, humor and sadness, action, awesome graphics, an excellent soundtrack, and a game that doesn't require a 100 hours to play, then definitely try this game out....more info
  • Intricate Storyline
    When i first put this game into my Xbox, i thought it was just going to be another Japanese games filled with cliches. The game starts off a bit weird and the storyline leading to the first boss is pretty weak, so i thought i would give it a few more days and if it didn't become interesting, i would give it up. Well quickly after this happens, it gets really detailed and in depth. The storyline is very very unique and the grapics are absolutely amazing.
    The fighting is a bit simplistic and sometimes you die somewhat often, but it just adds to the excitement of gameplay- watching out for things that'll kill you. However, you can connect with other party members to perform special attacks, and with around 16 computer plays that you can put into your group (4 at a time) the possabilities are seemingly endless. The only other con I can think of is that they didn't adjust movements of the mouth when transfering it to English, so the mouths never match up with what they're saying. There is such a great storyline though, sometimes you don't even realize it.
    Overall, Infinie Undiscovery is definately a game you should look into....more info


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