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Comfort Touch Controls Convenience is standard with Sharp's user-friendly Comfort Touch controls. With a 12-hour timer delay on/off feature and two-degree temperature control, there's no more temperature guessing. Simply set the controls and forget about

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  • Not cool enough, too loud...lemon!
    The Sharp AF-S100 line of A/C's are not worth their money. I bought one to cool down a 450 square foot apartment, which is well within the 10,000 BTU range of this unit. It could only cool down my place to 78 degrees at most when it was 88 outside. The air coming out of the unit just didn't feel cold enough when I put my hand to it. To confirm my suspicions I took a thermometer and actually measured the temperature of the outgoing air, and it was only 70 degrees. Considering that the temperature of the room at the time was 82, this is only a 12 degree difference between inbound and outbound air. According to online sources about A/C's, good units should provide at least a 15 degree difference. In addition, the interior coils would ice up and cause the compressor to stop even before the room had a chance to cool down to the desired temp.
    Another problem with this unit is that it is SUPER loud. I now have a 12,000 BTU Frigidaire unit instead, for which online reviews said was loud as well, but this Sharp piece of junk was louder on the medium setting than my new unit on the highest setting...go figure! Oh and I did the temperature test on my new Frigidaire unit -- 50 degree outbound air when the inbound ambient room air was 80 degrees. That's a bone-chilling 30 degree difference...compared to the measly 12 degree difference with the Sharp!
    My last beef with this Sharp unit is that if it ever manages to finally cool down to your desired temperature, only the compressor shuts off, and not the fan, so it stays loud and wastes energy. In my new unit, both the compressor AND fan shut off at the preset temperature. The Sharp product also lacks features such as an electrostatic air filter, a "sleep" function, as well as an additional temperature sensor found in the remote, for remote sensing of hot spots in your room. For that extra $25 that I paid for my new unit, I think it's money well spent. I will never buy Sharp A/C's ever again....more info