Dyson DC16 Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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It's a funny thing. Of all the vacuum cleaners we bought over the years, the one my wife finds the friendliest to use is a rechargeable handheld. Though it seems ludicrous, it is the most ergonomic when you consider her petite frame. There are no long hoses and power cords to contend with. The Dyson DC16 Animal Handheld Vac adds more power and faster recharging capability for more efficient handheld cleaning. For the long and short of it, if you've a small domain and want to keep it dust free, the Dyson DC16 Animal is a handheld Vac that may just solve all those negative issues you've had about vacuuming. After all, larger isn't always better. The root is where the power comes from and the DC16 Root 6 Vac has the power to wield. And it's more likely to turn on when ever you want to and travel too! The DC16 takes the absurdity out of handheld cleaning and makes it normal. Join the fun! Lifetime filters that never need replacing Combination accessory tool Crevice tool Dyson accessory adaptor Large debris pick up High velocity airflow tools LED battery indicator Durable tough construction Motor wattage 21.6 volts. The power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in airwatts (suction power). Motor wattage simply tells you how much electricity a cleaner uses. Bin capacity 0.21 gallon Cord length of Charger 4.9 ft. Included with the Combination accessory tool, Crevice tool, Battery, Wall mounted battery charger with mounting screws, Product manual, quick start guide, 2-Year Limited Warranty information, Product registration card

  • Handheld vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair pick-up
  • Motorized brushbar, crevice tool, and combination nozzle/dusting brush
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures no clogging or loss of suction
  • Fast-charging lithium ion battery; wall-mounted charger; hygienic dust bin
  • Measures 4-2/7 by 16-8/9 by 9-2/7 inches; 2-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
    WOW. This vacuum really sucks up the dirt. I have several different hand held vacuum's and this one blows away the competition.
    Very powerful. I wish the battery lasted longer, but no complaints....more info
  • The powerful suction helps to offset battery life. You finish the job MUCH quicker with this product.
    We have two small dogs, three cats, three litter boxes, and three bedrooms with carpet. Everything else is hard wood.

    I read the reviews here with caution, and debated long before purchasing this product. I looked at what I would be using it for, and didn't think I would need it for much more than six minutes at a time. We also have the Dyson Animal Upright vacuum, so for anything that would require more than six minutes of work, it's not a hassle to haul the big guy out. (And whoa - does that work! Wow.)

    Two of the litter boxes are in my "office" (one of the carpeted bedrooms), so I keep this little guy in here, plugged in next to one of the boxes. Every so often, I use it for about a minute to vacuum up any stray crystals, whether they are near the box or elsewhere in the office. When I notice that the hallways have some dust/cat hair building up along the edges, I use this little guy for about thirty seconds and with the crevice tool and the hallways are dust free. The suction is so powerful that you finish your task in what seems like 1/10 of the time if you were using a Dust Buster instead. Same goes for other areas of the apartment. If I see a little dust in the corner, I bring out the little guy. I think that I've used it about one hundred times since purchasing it a month ago, and love it. Couldn't be happier. And the apartment is a lot cleaner. Knowing that I don't have to haul out the larger unit with the cord that needs to be unwrapped, plugged in, then wrapped up when finished, motivates me to be more proactive. (I need a nudge in that direction when it comes to cleaning.)

    No other portable/cordless has the power that this has, and the turbo brush on the Dyson (on all Dysons) actually works, whereas every so-called turbo brush I've encountered on lesser vacuum cleaners (Hoover and Bissell) never did. The turbo brush spins powerfully, the suction is fantastic, and it picks up EVERYTHING. Well, not as much of EVERYTHING as the upright, but this little guy blew me away.

    The other nice thing about it is that many of the other Dyson attachments (that I bought in addition to what came with the upright) fit this product, making it that much more versatile.

    It's expensive, but if I accidentally drop kicked it off the porch tomorrow and it shattered on the cement below, I'd buy a new one immediately. (Of course, I don't plan on drop kicking it any time in the near future.)

    ...more info
  • Like a built in cleaning timer
    Yes, the battery only lasts 6 minutes. This is widely advertised and shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who buys the Dyson handheld. It was actually a feature that kept me from purchasing it until I started thinking about how I clean. I'm kind of glad I did wait to buy one, since I really like the new attachment for the Animal version.

    I own a Dyson upright, the Animal version with the brush that moves with air flow. The problem with that one, though, is that the brush often stops moving if it's dealing with too much fur. This handheld unit actually powers the motorized brush, so it just keep going. It does a great job on the dog beds, the couch, and our recliner. Plus, the brush comes out easily for cleaning. Love that.

    I try to regularly bring out the big vacuum to clean house and suck up fur and dirt. But I know that doing so means I'm in for an actual cleaning session, something I don't always have time for. So I end up passing by the fur drifts, thinking I'll get to it "later", when I have more time. Here's why I actually enjoy the 6-minute battery life on the handheld. You know all those organizational articles you read that says to set a timer for 10 minutes, start cleaning, and just stop when the timer goes off? That's how I use the Dyson. I know I always have 6 minutes to spend on cleaning, even if I'm in a hurry. So I'll grab it, stick an attachment on, and start sucking up fur and dirt. I just keep going until the battery stops. Then I empty it, put it away, and go on with my day. Little by little, things get cleaned, cat litter gets collected, chairs get de-furred, and I don't stress that I'm spending too much time on it.

    The Root 6 isn't as heavy as I thought it would be, so I can easily use it one-handed. The canister is easy to empty, although I can't do that one-handed. It does take some pressure on the switch to get the bottom cover to open. And it has awesome suction, as one would expect from a Dyson. It is quite pricey, but it was a splurge I made in an effort to keep my house clean, 6 minutes at a time....more info
  • Excellent For Pet Hair
    The Dyson DC16 Animal is a great vacuum. It cuts through pet hair on upholstery like nothing else I've ever used. The ergonomics are excellent; especially the way the power brush extends out from the body. This allows you to get into the crevices of the furniture.

    My only disappointment is the battery life. Six minutes isn't a whole lot of time. However, if you move quickly you can get a lot done....more info
  • expensive yet worthless
    "For quick pick-ups" indeed! The underpowered battery on this device enables it to work for only *six minutes* after which it needs to be charged for *three hours*. Perhaps this is typical of a device of this class, but my one-star rating is based on the how the device held-up for me against its intended functionality: removal of pet hair from upholstery, stairs, etc. As you would probably expect, six minutes isn't nearly enough time to accomplish any kind of cleaning task.

    The suction of the device seems good. But even *great* suction for only six minutes every three hours would render any vacuum cleaner unusable for anything except, say, cleaning-up a pile of cracker dust.

    I'm not sure who would find such a device useful, or why Dyson would manufacture such a thing.....more info
  • Outperforms every handheld I've ever bought before
    I've persisted over the years in buying handheld vacuum after another and always been disappointed, they simply cannot seem to do a decent job. I gave in and gave the Dyson model a try, simply because of their stellar reputation with the larger vacuums. I am delighted! I charged it up and tried it out on the rug in my office, a wool rug that frustrates me with its tendency to accumulate pet hair. Even though I had to empty the little canister time after time, it was worth it to see all that hair come out!

    6 minutes is a short time to have this kind of power but to have a handheld vacuum that is actually functional is worth the frequent recharge. After all, if I have a bigger job I can use my regular vacuum!...more info
  • Bulky, Short Battery Life, Sucks Great
    This thing is a bit overly designed and bulkier than it needs to be but it has great suction power. It easly removed cat hair from bedding and does a great job cleaning my keyboard.

    Only complaints are short battery/charge duration(6min of use) and the size weight of the thing. If it were lighter, less bulky and included a plugin adaptor, it would be perfect.

    ...more info
    As an owner of several Dyson uprights, I was excited about the Root 6. Finally, a portable vac for quick pick ups around the house. However, as it turns out, this vacuum poorly performed from the time it was out of the box: it has horrible battery life; a charger that doesn't charge; a main unit that will work, if you are lucky, around six months.
    After contacting Dyson customer service I was told Dyson was having supplier issues. I was promptly sent a remanufactured unit (I was told I was getting a new unit) which failed to work after less than 10 days. I've also been sent two new batteries and two chargers. Today, the unit hasn't been used more than 10 minutes and is no longer functioning.

    The reason for all the defects? It doesn't matter which customer service agent you ask, all of them wil tell you Dyson is currently having "supplier issues" in regard to the Root 6. Manufactured in China, it appears Dyson root 6 has more than a few dissatisfied customers and more than a few poorly performing hand held vacuums. This vacuum is a real disappointment. It looks great but performs poorly. I was recently told to send the unit back and Dyson will determine the cause of the problem. Without sending it in, I can tell you this vacuum is pure junk. I've never owned a piece of equipment with which I've had so much trouble. The Dyson Root 6 is the biggest piece of garbage I've ever owned. Don't believe the Dyson hype on this vacuum. Stay away from the Dyson root 6 at all costs. It is a complete waste of money and you will most certainly be disappointed. ...more info