Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Dyson DC25 includes a motorized brushbar, fingertip controls, and the ball technology for easy vacuuming. Includes no hidden costs and a five year warranty.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner with Dyson Ball technology for smooth steering
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures no clogging or loss of suction
  • Effective for all floor types; motorized brushbar; Telescope Reach wand
  • HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly; hygienic dust bin; on-board tools
  • Measures 12-1/5 by 15-2/5 by 42-2/5 inches; 5-year parts-and-labor warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Awesome
    This vacuum is all I expected. Great power, easy to clean, easy to push around. Definitely recommended....more info
  • Bravo - Finally a vacuum Cleaner that Works
    It been a month since i purchased this vacuum and its here to stay for a long time. The design and ergonomics is outstanding. Easy to use and every part of the vacuum is well thought out and designed. ...more info
  • Exactly what i was looking for!
    I was a little skeptical about it because it is a very expensive vaccum, but i'm glad i bought it! very good build quality, amazing power and will gross you out what you see in the filter that came out of your "clean" carpet!!!

    It gets every single bit of dirt out of the carpet. The attachements work great in small areas.

    I would reccommend it to anyone looking for a great vaccum cleaner....more info
  • LOVE it
    After going through 2 "economical" vacuum cleaners in 2 years, I decided that maybe economical was not the route to take. With a handy dandy 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, we saved $100 off this baby! It's super easy to use, everything is pretty intuitive. It sucks up everything, easy to clean the container, fairly lightweight (compared to the regular dyson), and easy to store. I LOVE it. Totally worth the money. ...more info
  • *BEWARE* No Customer Service
    I purchased my Dyson from Amazon. Unfortunately when it arrived it had a manufacturing defect. The button that turns the brushbar on and off did not work. The button was jammed so that it could not be pushed. I called Dyson customer support. After a *long* wait I explained that the vacuum that I just purchased was inoperable. They explained that "policy" was that my only option was to return it to the point of purchase - i.e. ship it back to Amazon or I could take it to a repair center and have my brand new / never used vacuum serviced. Sorry but spending this kind of money on a new vacuum I did not want to have it repaired before I even used it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on *eternal* hold. I called back and asked for a supervisor and was connected this time. He explained the policy over and over. They were uninterested in helping me out. What did I expect? Just the type of service I have received from other manufactures. In other words they ship me a new vacuum with a return shipping label for the defective unit. But they were not willing to stand by their product since I did not buy it directly from them. So beware if you buy this vacuum. Dyson will not stand by its product simply because of where you buy it from. ...more info
  • Physical disabilities and Dyson C25
    After reading the very positive reviews on this site, I selected a Dyson C25 for my new vacuum. I decided to post for evaluation purposes for others who may have aches and pains like me and need a lightweight vacuum.

    First, let me acknowledge that my new Dyson works extremely well, is easy to empty, not uncomfortably loud and assembles with no problem at all. It took me 10 minutes, however, to get it out of the box. I was trying to keep from destroying the box so I pulled, twisted and yanked all of the litte pieces of cardboard from around the vacuum. No styrofoam packing, which I appreciated but also no easy way to get it out of the box. It was SECURELY packed! I opened both ends and no amount of pushing or prodding would allow it to slip out. I simply took the packing out one little tear of cardboard at a time.
    In hindsight, I would have simply slit the sides and retaped them if I needed to ship back. Assembly took about a 30 seconds after I looked at the pictures and found I was trying to put the handle on backwards.

    The Dyson uses a unique wrist action to guide the sweeper across the floor. This is similar to Swiffer mopping with a 16 lb. mop. This is easy on my hardwoods but on my carpet it takes a bit of wrist strength. I also had to retrain myself to use a vacuum in this way. If you have arthritis in your wrists, you may want to try one a C25 in the store before purchase. My wrists were extremely sore at first but have strengthed so I can vacuum about 10 minutes before resting.

    I also have a lower back problem which only bothers me when standing for long periods fo time or using a sweeping/mopping action. It bothered me with my old sweeper...it bothers me with this one. I didn't expect miracles but on the carpet and hardwoods, this vacuum doesn't feel featherlight. You may want to try one in the store if you have back problems. The telescoping tool wand is a little clumsy to handle, the hose tries to retract slightly when you turn it on and I haven't yet decided if I like using it. I have to use a bit of muscle to get it up high. I may find that with a little practice, it is a very efficient tool for baseboards. I love the way it stores in the handle. I'll post later with my verdict. For now, I'm not subtracting stars.

    The things I like best about my C25 are:
    1. Makes my rooms smell noticeably clean.
    2. Cleans all the dust out of the cracks of my hardwoods with little effort.
    3. Has a power switch and beater brush off/on switch that can be used without bending.
    4. 'Love the see-through bagless canister and look forward to emptying it
    5. No apparent leaks.
    6. Swivel head glides easily around objects. Compact head fits in nooks and crannies.
    7. Folds flat enough to vacuum all the way under my coffee table!

    8. Clean floors! Clean floors!

    9. Makes my area rugs look wonderful! Cleans up cat hair out of carpet!

    What I like less about my C25:

    Swiveling head sits very close to the floor so cobwebs/dust only 1 inch above floor goes untouched without getting out the want and tools.

    Makes my wrist hurt.

    Starts each time with the beater brush turned on

    Short power cord (only a slight drawback)

    Must pick up vacuum with hand grip and move 3 inches to get above smaller area rugs.

    Wand is heavy to lift overhead and seems awkward (at least at first) when cleaning hard to reach places.

    All in all, a four-star vacuum leaning to 5 stars for superb cleaning ability leaving an incredible fresh smell. I would buy again. I recommend trying it out in a store if you have physical disabilities.

    ...more info
  • you get what ya pay for
    I had an oreck for about 8 years and although I loved it and liked being able to make payments I did have to take it into the shop a bunch of times and the cord and handle did not hold up at all. So, I decided to go with a different product when the oreck finally quit working. I ordered the latest and greatest Dyson Ball and love it. I is very expensive so it should be! It handles very well and is very easy to use. I felt the same way about the Oreck at first so I will get back to ya after owning the Dyson for several years and I will let ya know if it still sucks ha ha!...more info
  • White Cat vs Black Pants
    This machine is incredible.
    I have a fantastic cat, I love her--she just happens to be albino, hence completely white and for some reason has an abundance of hair she apparently doesn't need. I wear black pants/skirts/shirts at least five days a week, and my adorable cat never leaves my side, my lap or wherever she can attach herself to me...
    So, instead of dying her black I went vacuum shopping. I opted out of purchasing the 'animal hair' Dyson ball--basically because I figured that the tape method of removing hair is a viable excuse for saving money... anyways, no need, this vacuum practically sucks the carpet off my floor!
    The brush tool works wonders on hair covered couch cushions--a feat I had almost given up on altogether, I figured I could live with lawn furniture indoors.
    It was simple to put together and I was using it within 10 minutes of having it out of the box. It's even easier to clean.

    It works great on all types of surfaces: wood, carpet, burber carpet, wool. I clean blinds and bookshelfs with it too.

    I have not been so thoroughly satisfied with a product since 'super sticky' post-its. It's not a purchase you'll regret. ...more info
  • Love at second, third, fourth, etc. use....
    So I'm a person who will read like all 200 reviews of a product before I buy it. If there any more of you out there, this one's for you!

    I have had my Dyson DC25 for around 2 weeks. I was SO excited to get it home after going through 6 vacuums in 6 years. Yes, you read that right. I have three boys, 2 cats, and we had a dog in the mix at one point as well. I've owned Hoovers, Dirt Devil, Bissell, Eureka, and the list goes on. Hubby and I finally decided that we would fork over the money for a Dyson, not only because it's so well rated, but because of the 5 YEAR guarantee!! This would've been useful with our other vacuums.

    So, brought it home, plugged it in, expecting a major WOW factor. Like, to see just gobs and gobs of goodness knows what collecting in the receptacle. The semi-bad news is, that didn't happen. (The good news is, I'm a better housekeeper than I had previously thought!!) So, initially, I was a wee bit disappointed. I think in my mind this thing was going to make my carpets look new or something. Which it didn't, it just made them look vacuumed. Well, a couple days and a couple vacuums went by, and I started looking around at my carpet, realizing - my carpet actually DID look better. A bit fluffier, and just overall BETTER. And then my husband commented on something I thought I was just imagining, that the house SMELLED cleaner. As in, fresh air, no more odors coming from the carpet - not that we had a stinky house, but sometimes if you lay on a carpet or whatever, there can be a kind of residual smell just from day to day life. Not anymore! When I walk into my house now, it smells FRESH. The on-board tools took a little getting used to, but now I love them, they are brilliant!! The dust bin is pretty easy to empty, although it's not entirely hands-free, you will have to get your hand up there to clean debris out from time to time. But heck, if you're not willing to do that, take the money you would've spent on a vacuum and hire a maid. Maneuverability is outstanding. On my deep pile carpet it's a little harder to manage, but that tells me it's cleaning nice and deep. And cleans very well on hard/tile floors as well.

    Only real con I can think of is that the power cord is pretty darn short. I mean, it's usable, but it was a little disappointing to have such a short cord.

    I'll try and edit in another month or so to keep this current!

    All in all - HIGHLY recommended. This is a keeper for sure. If you want a clean and healthy home, this is the vac for you....more info
  • Best Vacuum!
    This is an incredible vacuum. I used Dirt Devil's bagless vac for a couple years until it died. Then, the Dyson vac took its place and has performed beautifully. It is awesome on wood floors and wonderfully effective for picking up cat hair on carpets and rugs too. It's gentle on delicate rugs but still powerful for picking up dirt. The ball technology is well worth it. Vacuuming has become so much easier, and also FUN. This vac might become a show piece in some technology museum.
    It's like using a vac out of Star Trek! Five stars!...more info
  • Great Vacuum for $320 - here's how
    This vacuum is wonderful. It's even better when you only pay $320 (plus tax). Bed Bath and Beyond distributes loads of 20% off coupons, which DO include Dyson vacuums. BBandB also will price match in-store retail prices - the price must be from a store that has a physical retail location (i.e. no internet only stores). I used Google's shopping search engine and found a store in TX that sells this vacuum for $399. I printed out the webpage showing item and price, called the store in Tx to verify price, drove up to BBandB with my coupon in hand and walked away with a great deal. ...more info
  • Worth every penny
    Pretty much once a year I end up buying a vacum cleaner. I've always wanted a Filter Queen but wasn't willing to sink over 2k for a vacum (even though I'm sure it's worth it). So I end up buying the <$200.00 models frequently. Whatever is on sale that looks like it's decent works. Problem is they seldom do a very good job and don't last. So I try again spending a few more dollars and am consistently disappointed. My wife has really bad allergies and has trouble sleeping so I've been trying to do whatever I can to help out with that. (The HoneyWell 18155 was one thing and it was tremendous - but I digress). Last Christmas my mom wanted " A good vacum" and I got her a mid-level Dyson. She raved about it. So this time around, I wasn't worried about breaking the 300.00 mark b/c based on how much mom loved hers, I figured I couldn't lose. I was still ambivalent but was willing to take the risk.

    And all I can say is the risk was worth every penny. I picked up the DC25 on sale and had big hopes. It took me all of about 5 minutes to put together, in fact, it took longer to get out of the box than it did to assemble. And although it's not a big deal, It was 100% intuitive to assemble, I didn't even need to look at the instructions or even the box to do it (I mention this b/c from the looks of one, you might think it'd be difficult to do, at least I did). So 5 minutes later it was up and running. It's lightweight for one thing but feels really sturdy. Once you turn it on though, you immediately notice that it's not your typical vacum. It's surprisingly quiet for one thing. But you really can feel the suction. But it's not the same kind of thing as say a wet vac, that has a lot of power but is almost unusable for most things. No, rather it moves along very smootly and leaves nothing on the floor after you go over it. We have a lot of dog hair in the house and it's a persistent problem. So normally I have to make several passes over common dog areas. This time, I could literally see the difference after I just did one forward pass. I went back and forth out of habit but quickly began to notice that it wasn't necessary. For good measure I still do a back and forth, but it's probably force of habit more than necessity.

    After doing the carpet, I decided to try some of the attachments b/c in the past, I've seldom used the attachments b/c they really didn't work all that well on previous vacs. It was really easy to figure out what did what and I tried some 'tricky' things which I've never been able to do before very well... the covers the dogs frequently lay on was the first. B/c the dogs love the couch, lazyboy and love seat, we have covers on them to preserve each of them. Usually, when I try to vacum them, the vacum just sucks in the blanket and pulls the thing. You hear the motor rev and have to stop vacuming and pull the cover out. This time no such thing happened. Well, it sort of sucked the blankets but by simply putting my hand on each end I was doing it, I had no problem. This may sound silly but honestly, it's been a huge hassle and for the most part, I just punted and would throw the things in the washer each time b/c vacuming them was impossible. I did have to make a few passes on it but that's just b/c the blankets weren't held down by anything. But all the hair came out and it wasn't a monumental battle.

    The same goes for the curtain attachment. Again, I used to approach it with great trepedation b/c I was afraid of pulling down the curtains - and it never did much anyway. There wasn't a lot of visual feedback on the curtains just b/c they don't get dirty as such, they just accumulate dust. But suffice to say it was really easy to do. After that I went around to the corners and crevices of the walls as well as the ceiling fans and again, it was simple. B/c it's light and very maneuvarable and interacts with the surface the way it does, there's not anything that I've had trouble with yet and in the past, pretty much everything was a hassle. So much so that I was pretty lax when it came to vacuming. Were it not for my wife(then fiance), not much vacuming would have been done at all. Now, I end up doing it 99% of the time just b/c it's so hassle free.

    The weight, not having to go over an area several times, the ability to get to things easily without sucking them up, the ability to reach just about anywhere and the amazing power are such that vacuming just isn't really a chore any more. B/c you really only need a pass or two for everything means I can do the cleaning really quickly too.

    Over the past few years alone, I've probably spent close to 1k on vacums, none of which every did a very good job (or if they did, didn't do it for very long). The Dyson has a 5 year warranty (amazingly enough, the big box chain I bought it at specifically DIDN'T try to cram an extended warranty on it or even offer it b/c Dyson's warranty is more than any of their current plans - the sales person actually told me this. And considering how aggressive the big box stores are with extended warranties, I was really amazed by this). Had I just taken the jump a few years ago, I would have saved myself several hundred dollars, a lot of time and god only knows how much hassle.

    Yes, it's a little pricey and theres' just something awkward about dropping that much money on a vacum, at least there was for me. But I couldn't be happier with it. In fact, even though my mom loves the Dyson I got her, this is a higher end model and I am defintely going to upgrade her for her next B-day. That's just b/c irrespective of the price, this tool is worth every penny and then some. It's much more powerful than I expected, so light and so easy to use, I couldn't recommend it higher. I know I probably sound like a ridiculous cheerleader or Dyson employee, but none of that is the case - I've just been so disappointed with everything else I've bought and am that impressed with this thing. I can say this with virtual certainty - if you buy one, you won't regret it for a second once you give it a try. If only every household utility had a twin of the DC25 - I"d have the cleanest house in the world b/c it makes being a clean freak really painless....more info
  • It just didn't blow me away like I thought it would!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading all the 5 star reviews here and I was prepared to be blown away. But I wasn't! I was going to replace my Miele Red Star vacuum that I've had for 4.5 years. It seems to have lost some suction over the years and I am tired of pulling a canister along behind me as I vacuum. I was eager to buy a Dyson but was disappointed. While there are definite pro's to a Dyson (no bags to purchase, no expensive HEPA filters to replace) there were also some con's.

    First and foremost, if you are a tall person, there is no adjustment for the handle so I felt hunched over (almost as bad as pushing a child in one of those umbrella strollers if you're a tall person!) Second, I first vacuumed with my Miele and then with the Dyson. Although the carpet pile did look *slightly* more fluffed up with the Dyson, there was barely any dirt in the canister (a little bit of fluff) - so I guess the suction on my Miele is not as bad as I thought! Also, although the telescoping wand is nice, it was a little heavy and mostly flexible hose, whereas my Miele is a metal and hard plastic wand so I could actually get a nice, straight shot with it versus the flexible hose that had to be pulled and stretched to reach the higher spots.

    To sum it up, if you already have a decent (read: expensive) vacuum, I don't think you'll be WOW'ed by this one. I'm not super pleased with my Miele, but this wasn't the answer for me, either. It just didn't feel like it was worth $500!!!...more info
  • Simply awesome from a sceptic - DC25 Animal (purple ball)
    Well, we still have a Miele Cat & Dog but after 5 years, it requires servicing and I am sick of buying bags (that seem harder and harder to find and go up in price) and also replacement of the filters......I was sceptical about the Dyson based on reviews and complaints many years ago about them scratching tiles and hardfloors.
    I also had a preconceived idea about the technology.
    A friend bought the DC19 fortnight ago and loves it so to help out my wife, and after much research, I took the plunge and got the DC25 today.

    Where do I start? After coming home tonight from hospital, my wife actually vacuumed the house first with the old Miele.
    This was then followed by our new Dyson DC25. Absolutely 'gob-smacked'.....we collected a whole container full of hair, dust and dirt and we take our shoes off!!!! (always have)
    We thought we have an ultra clean house and have Dupont Stainmaster carpet and porcelain tiles........but a whole container of further dirt, dust and hairs??? Incredible pure and simple.

    I know its only our first clean of the house with this new vacuum but man, we did not expect this. My wife feels like cleaning the whole house again tomorrow.......!! Now thats a first, not only that but we thought our Miele was great.........damn

    At this stage, I would not have any hesitation to recommending this amazing vacuum....more info
  • Best.Vacuum.Ever.
    This is my first Dyson, and I am feeling somewhat cheated that I missed out all these years playing around with amateur vacuums.
    This thing is an animal. I can't believe how much dust and dirt it cleaned on my first use. It was as if I had never cleaned a day in my life. I love the fact it is bagless. I have a Golden Retriever, so we have a lot of animal fur in my house, and it sucks it all up. I did notice they have an "animal" DC25 after I purchased this one, but hey they have a 5 year warrantee, so I am assuming if I have any problems in that time I am covered.

    The pivot does take some getting used to at first. I have pretty bad carpal tunnel, but I feel like this vacuum doesn't hurt my wrists and hands like my other one.
    I did find it a little weird to put together initially, but once it was assembled, I was good to go and I have found it very easy to use.

    I am very happy with this purchase, and although it is a little expensive-it was worth every penny. I actually got a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond and was able to use it towards this vacuum, hence saving $100. ...more info
  • A machine that deserves 5 stars
    When I saw a lot of 5 star reviews and heard people raving about the Dyson, it made me curious. I checked out Consumer Reports reviews, and I found it odd that the vacuums CR recommends have a lot of negative reviews while the Dysons were much more positive. At the time of this review, the DC25 wasn't listed in their testing, but I would expect it to rate very highly. If it isn't, I will have to conclude that CR has no idea what they are talking about. So, with that out of the way, let's move onto the review.

    Out of the box, the vacuum requires minimal assembly. The roller brush head must be snapped into the body. One click and you're done. No tools. The attachment wand/handle must be clicked into place, as well. And finally, the two wand attachments included must be snapped onto the body. That's it. Nothing more. Four clicks and you're done. I barely consider it assembly.

    As many have stated, the vacuum has great suction. In our closet, we vacuumed the edge of the carpet where it meets our hardwards. The edge wasn't tacked down very well during installation, and we could see it physically sucking the carpet up, lifting it from the floor.

    As a test, we vacuumed a roughly 4x8 section of carpet that sees average traffic. The canister was half-filled with very fine grey dust and dog hairs. It was nasty. We had been using an Oreck XL, which stank terribly when in use. The Dyson was clearly pulling up a lot of old dust and dirt from the carpet.

    We have a Jack Russell with fine white sharp hairs. He sheds constantly. The DC25 took care of all the hair on hardwoods, irregular slate tile, and carpet. We were told about the Bissell Pet Pack attachments Bissell 3260 Pet Pack Vacuum-Cleaner Attachments that work with the DC25. They don't snap-fit, but work just fine with pressure fitting. Using the pet roller and rubber head, I was able to quickly clean our dog's pet bed. I thought it would be a total waste of time, because hairs were imbedded into the fleece. I had the entire bed looking like new in less than a minute, and the canister on the Dyson looked like I was making cotton candy with the hair swirling around inside. Amazing.

    I find the cord length just right. I would think a lot of cord would be a pain to manage. I don't mind plugging it in after each room. And like others have stated, if this is a problem, you can always buy a drop cord.

    The attachments work well, but I do wish Dyson had included a swivel/flexi head standard. An angled brush attachment would make using the wand easier. Still, the simple lift-off action of the wand is great. Flip open the top cap, pull up on the wand, and it disconnects from the vacuum and suction diverts to the wand. Or, disconnet the wand and use the hose directly. The expanding hose is a little stiff, but the one I tried in the store was much looser, so I expect that to get better with age and loosen up. If there is any area I would like to see improved, it is that I wish the wheels could lock on the body when using the hose. I guess having it roll prevents the vacuum from tipping over if the hose is pulled too tight, but it would be handy to have the option to lock the wheels and prevent the vacuum from rolling at times.

    I am very happy with my purchase, and I would highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Is it possible to truly love a vacuum? yes, it is.
    Afer messing around with "highly rated" Walmart $100-$200 vacuums and "Dyson clones", and ultimately taking them back every year after a belt loosened, or the plastic screws were stripped, I finally got pissed.

    I waited for a awesome deal and nailed this puppy after a Sears pricematch and a 20% off coupon for about $320.

    BEST $320 I HAVE EVER SPENT. I truly, truly have fallen in love with this. I hate doing housework, and when my wife asks me to vacuum, I find myself not even arguing with her. I just get up and do it, and often find myself vacuuming more than she asked. I'm not going to go as far as to say I now love vacuuming, but I have to say this is such a well engineered piece, that I marvel at it each time I use it. Truly worth every penny.

    I'm in love....more info
    This vacuum is incredible! I got mine yesterday... once I got all the pieces out of the box it took less than 5 minutes to snap them all together. I was able to vacuum my home in half the time.. it is sooo lightweight. I didn't realize how heavy my old vacuum was. "Old" being my replaced LESS than one year old Bissell! I can't believe that piece of plastic was even marketed as a vacuum. The suction power on the Dyson is unbelievable. I was impressed when I vacuumed my floors... but BLOWN AWAY when I started to use the tools. When I first used the mini tool for flat surfaces on my sofa, it felt like it was going to to suck in all the upholestry. Of course it didn't.. but it did take a few minutes for me to get comfortable with the suction power. With any other vacuum cleaner I have ever used, I could take the tools & roll them back & forth over the same area repeatedly. NOT SO WITH MY DYSON... there is no "rolling" back & forth. I can only place down the head of the tool & pull down & then pull it up again to place in a new spot. I'm not sure if how I've described it makes sense... but all I can say is you should buy this vacuum. YOU WON'T REGRET IT :) ...more info
    I was very hesitant, because I've never spent this much on a vaccuum. The day I got it, I vaccuumed with my old vac first and then with this one. I had to empty the container four times to do the whole house, and it's only 1600 square feet! I am amazed! superlightweight for going up and down stairs and the pull out attachment feature is more convenient than any vaccuum I've ever seen! This was worth every penny! My husband was livid when he found out how much I spent, until he used it, and now he loves it too! ...more info
  • Simply Thrilled
    See A H review (first by date) to get a great local deal if you have the BB&B stores locally.

    This Vac works very well. Design is very "Apple like".

    Easy to use and assemble. No bags or filters to replace. Smells clean, unlike old eureka. Maneuvers great.

    For something you will use weekly for 10+ years $400 is reasonable. Buy quality the first time and enjoy your tools.

    Simply thrilled. Never imagined I'd speak so highly of a vacuum, but it really is sweet.


    ...more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I have always hated vacuuming. My Mom had good intentions and bought me a new vacuum every 5 years or so, since they never worked very well. They always smelled like dog from the moment I turned them on, and nothing got sucked up no matter how many times we went over different spots.

    My DC25 was so easy to put together! I used it in my office first (laminate flooring) and got all the dog hair and dust up. Next, I did my steps, throw rugs, area rugs, and finally the carpet in my boys' rooms (complete with cookie crumbs and their parakeet's teeny tiny bird seeds). My rugs look like new (except for the giant coffee stain, but hey, you can't have everything). The vacuum turns easily, and the attachments are easy to hook up. I can't wait to use my ceiling extender! It's very lightweight, and you should see the dirt that comes out (the cup fills up quickly, so dump it regularly when vacuuming). Warning: Dirt comes out of the bottom of the cup when you push the red button. Don't do what I did and say "What's this?" and push it while holding it over the kitchen table....!

    Get this vacuum, you won't regret it. ...more info
  • It sucks...really, really great!
    I haven't reviewed any item on amazon but I had to say a word on this. This is one of the best vacuums I have ever own/used. I wasn't sure if my husband was going to be happy with the cost, I took a risk buying it on my own without telling him first, but after using it several times he agrees it is one of the best investments we have made for the house. It was so simple to put together and I used it on the first day. We have a long haired cat and I couldn't believe how much this vacuum collected on just an area rug. I had to empty the collection cup twice from all the pet hair that it collected and after I was done it was half full. My husband had a Hoover which blew out more than it sucked up...which was zip! Hardly picking up any of the pet hair. He was even amazed at the power of the Dyson when he used it to dust off his detailed collections. With him being allergic to dust mites it is really helpful that nothing comes back out into the air. I don't end up sneezing like I did with the vacuums before. The movement of the Dyson vacuum makes the task so much easier. We used it today in the living room and vacuumed the hardwood floors and it looks like we had spent hours sweeping and cleaning when it only took less then 10 minutes. The other thing I was impressed with was the noise level. While it still sounds like a vacuum, sending the cat to the closet, it is not so loud. I could still hear the TV without turning up the sound and I was able to hold a conversation with my husband without shouting. Don't let the cost hold you back, especially, if you have allergies because it is well worth it!...more info
  • Glad I bought this one
    Perfect? no Good? yes
    Fairly easy to assemble. Must use Dyson tools and attachments, others will not fit. This model is as heavy as I would want to go. Must make decision between size of cannister and weight. Pricey but time will tell if its worth it - sorry I can't say that yet. I do really like the ball movement.

    The only difference between the models that are labeled as animal models is the attachments that come with the unit and a cleaning kit. I confirmed this with Dyson directly over the phone. In my case, even tho' I have pets, I didn't feel those items were worth an extra $100. Use of the hose/extension for hand vacuuming is harder, more clumsy than I hoped. I may not be doing something right and want to ask some other users since directions with the vacuum are virtually nonexistent. I also want to ask how others are keeping the cord out of the way during use since it doesn't seem to attach/drape adequately to the handle, requiring use of my second hand to manually move it out of the way. Cord length is adequate for my use.

    This is my first clear canister vac, so of course seeing all the pet hair and dirt face to face when you empty it can be a little shocking and impressive. Canister does dump easily, once you figure it out because again I found the instructions lacking. My concern with buying a non-bag vacuum is sweeping up live critters and then having to deal with them when emptying the cannister. There is nothing that will kill them along the way. It handles well over some throw rugs, but definitely not all. Great on 5x7 flat rug and runners, not good on contour rug, nor all cotton thick bath throw rug.

    Overall, my old Hoover definitely needed replacing, this vac is much easier on my aging back, it handles switches between types/heights of carpets very well, sweep width is good, there's no doubt it's picking up pet hair, and I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • The Greatest Vacuum ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth the $$$$$$$$$$$
    This is the best vacuum in the whole world! It was super easy to put together and super easy to use. Thanks for the great deal!!!...more info
  • Money well spent.
    I had a DC14 AND loved it and when the new dyson ball came out, well, its a must have. Its a lot of money for a vacuum but if you dont want to live on dirt and grime left behind with the other vacs, its money well spent. This machine is the bomb. Easy manuevering, lighter than the older dysons, gets under the toe kick in the kitchen, powerful enough to get sheet rock dust out of carpet yet today from a project done 1 yr ago. Its worth every penny and more - scrimp on something else, sell a kidney, do what you have to and buy this machine!!...more info
  • Amazing!
    I got this vacuum for my sister in law after her 5 year old electrolux started smoking. The suction on this vacuum is amazing. She had just used her old vacuum the day before, but the gross dust and carpet fuzz this picked up blew our mind. It looked like the carpet hadn't been vacuumed in months! My SIL is a neat freak, so she was super excited and completely grossed out at the same time. Her hubby and daughter also have terrible allergies, so they are hoping it will help relieve some of his issues. She and her hubby have been vacuuming several times a day ever since they got this. Its really their new toy, not a cleaning appliance....more info
  • Easy with good suction
    I got my new Dyson today, and like others have mentioned, I was hesitant to buy such an expensive vacuum. My mother got a Dyson DC 16 a few months ago, and has been raving about it ever since. I LOVE my new dyson! The DC 25 is so easy to use, I didn't even need the instructions! The compartment is also easy to empty, and you can tell exactly what you are picking up. There are two filters that you are supposed to clear every 3 months that I didn't know about, but it looks like all you have to do is run them under water and then let them dry. Definetly worth every penny!...more info
  • Dyson DC25 vacuum works great, easy to move
    Great suction - moves around corners and furniture great. Cord should be longer. Very lightweight, easy to carry up and down steps (unlike the Kirby)....more info
  • Dyson or Miele
    I have a Miele that I bought over five years ago. A great vacuum but it has had two services in the past year and the power head is starting to fail. A new power head is several hundred dollars, so I decided to try the Dyson.

    The Miele has run flawlessly for years. The only down side is the power head on my older machine has a beater bar that runs off of a pulley that does wear out. I have had it replaced three times and last year the motor on the power head failed.

    The good news with Miele is that most vacuum stores provide service and can fix anything that breaks. The machine is not a throw away item. It can be repaired.

    With respect to the Dyson, out of the box, assembly was easy.

    It is light weight and handles well. The ball head suction is nice for pivoting on the carpet. I was able to do stairs by simply lifting the machine and doing each step with the power brush.

    A few observations on the Dyson:
    1.) The vacuum does fill up if there is a great deal of dirt. I have had to empty the canister several times when cleaning a particularly dirty area.
    2.) The machine suction is perfect. Unlike the Miele which had a tendency to over suck certain areas, this seems to be the perfect amount.
    3.) The beater bars have no height adjustment. I'm not certain if this is good or bad. The height appears to be OK.

    Overall, it is a good machine. It is light, versatile, good suction and maneuverable.

    The Miele is extremely durable and repairable. However, a new Miele costs over $1000.

    The Dyson is a light weight plastic with unknown longevity. Repairs are not well documented or even simple. It may be a disposable system in five years, but that is an unknown.

    In terms of price, try a 20%coupon from BB&B and price match an online cost of $449. Total cost about $369.00
    ...more info
  • Dyson applause
    The Dyson meets its claims. The power is outstanding, easily picking up lint from very difficult-to-clean, dense, old carpeting in a particular room of my house. The machine easily switches from carpet to tile floors, and the on-board wand with accessories is helpful once you get used to them. Be sure to watch the dust bin maximum fill level mark, especially when using for the first time, to avoid over-filling. ...more info
  • Almost Fantastic
    I read all the reviews raving about how easy this vacuum is to maneuver for people with bad backs so I bought it. It is no easier to push than my old one -- but it really cleans like crazy. I had vacuumed my living room twice - with 2 different vacuums - then filled the bin with one pass of the Dyson. The pictures-only directions made putting it together a bit of a challenge....more info
  • It sucks! I love it!
    Be prepared to discover all the hair, dust and general stuff you've been living with and never knew it! I have two cats, a dog and three very hairy humans in one house; there's a lot of shedding going on. The Dyson power is indisputable, but just as impressive as its power is the elegance of the design. Every functional part is easy to figure out, "snaps" in and out with the perfect amount of effort, and is placed intuitively. A seriously great machine. And the whole ball business is just gravy on top! It takes a few runs to know how to maneuver it, but once you get it, its fun and allows you to put the vacuum in places that were otherwise offlimits. A very light and relatively small machine, too; i don't feel like I'm committing myself to hard labor anymore just to vacuum. Go for it. ...more info
  • Traded my husband's car and was worth it!
    I traded my husband's beat-up car to buy this vacuum and he even agrees that it was worth it!

    * Great for carpet cleaning - like many people, I was skeptical at first but was blown away when it vacuumed about 1 cup worth of cat/dog hair, dust, and carpet fuzz out of 2 bedrooms that were vacuumed 2 days prior!

    * Vacuums the crevice - I used to have to use a spatula to scoop out the fuzz/dust in between the carpet and wall but this Dyson cleans crevices like no one's business!

    * Awesome on hardwood floors and tiles too - my hardwood and tile floors look spotless!

    * emptying the canister is a breeze - You just push the lever and it empties. This was one of my biggest concerns as our last bagless produced a ton of dust when emptying...

    - I don't think the cord is that short. It is definately not the longest cord on the market but I would rather have to plug/unplug the cord in each room than have extra weight added to the body.

    - It is a little heavier than I thought. I read some reviews where people raved about how easy it is to push because it's so light but I am not sure if it is that light...

    - canister is a little small. With such great suction power, I think we may have to empty it pretty often (like every 2 weeks?)

    I haven't used it but it has an extension wand that looks like it reaches top of the walls and stairway. You can also use the wand to vacuum blinds, curtains, couches, etc.

    Overall, I am impressed with the performance. I also liked the fact that it was ready to be used as soon as I opened the box (no assembly required). I bought it with a 20% coupon, so for $400 with no need to buy additional warranty (which we usually buy for appliances), I think this vacuum is worth every penny!

    ...more info
  • DC25 Ball is Simply the BEST vacuum
    This is one of the best vacuums we've ever owned! The ball design is a genius design that makes it so easy to vacuum around furniture and corners with hardly any effort. Now as for the power of this baby..., it suctions out the dirt and DUST embedded in rugs AND between hardwood floor crevices. It is just FANTASTIC when is comes to cleaning your floors. The price tag is a bit hefty but well worth the investment because of how well it picks up dirt. I highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Never been so impressed by a vacuum cleaner
    We splurged on this Dyson after seeing the commercial, and wow, were we ever satisfied. We had an old Eureka Boss "superlite" that smelled like our dog whenever we turned it on. I dreaded the stink and knew it couldn't be performing too well... WELL! One round with the Dyson and we filled the entire cup with dirt... horrifying! But also very satisfying. The carpets look like new. The ball mechanism is also very satisfying and easy to use. I never thought I would look forward to vacuuming, but with this "gadgety" thing in our closet, I will not dread it! The initial assembly is minimal... Just a few things to attach and the instructions are undaunting-- like Ikea instructions. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Worth every penny...
    I was skeptical about Dyson vacs in general because of the price, but I have to say this is probably one of the best purchases I've ever made for several reasons. The main reasin is that I have nerve damage and less than normal cartilage in my lower vertebrae, which made vacuuming very painful and laborous. On top of that, I have two dogs so I vacuum all the time. This vacuum is literally a miracle for me. It is so lightweight and so easy to maneuver that I don't have any pain after doing the whole house. That is really saying something, since things as small as leaning over for 10 minutes to wash the dishes causes me pain. It practically glides effortlessly across my floors (which are half carpet and half hardwood). Seriously, I almost cried tears of joy the first time I used it.

    In addition, it works spectacular, and just snapped together out of the box. The first time you use it you'll see that so much thought went into the design specifcially for functionality. It's pretty and modern, but more importantly, it's functional. I love that it can move along flush with a wall, so I rarely need to use the attachments (except to get behind stuff). And it's relatively small. I expected it to be much larger, but it's small and so very, very light. You'll really notice the difference between it's 16lb and the normal 25-30lb for other 11 amp vacs. And it's relatively quiet.

    Another thing I really like is that it doesn't seem to be a dust magnet. My last vacuum cleaner seemed to attract most of the dirt to itself, rather than sucking it into the canister. I stored it outside in our laundry room because it was a stinky mess (and I'm talking about a high end Dirt Devil model that was less than a year old). The Dyson is clean enough to stay in the house after several months.

    Vacuuming is not the most glamorous thing in the world, but this vac has surely revolutionized house cleaning for me. I know, silly, but it's true. ...more info
  • Outstanding!
    This thing is amazing!

    I have wanted a Dyson ever since they first came out, but when I went to a store to look at them, it was so heavy I would need one for each level of my house and not enough closet space to store them.

    This is under 12 pounds, fits easily in a closet, and is so light it's very easy to carry up stairs. I'll admit I'm not a fan of cleaning but being a female engineer I certainly appreciate well-designed products. This one has many clever features. The cleaning head is low-profile, so it easily hugs floor boards under kitchen cabinets (huge plus!). The ball design is incredibly inventive and so easy to use. It's like the difference hauling a suitcase around that has weels that go in only one direction vs. the new ones with pivot wheels - makes SO much sense and doesn't hurt my back to use it.

    Cleaning power is great! It isn't especially labelled for pet hair cleanup, but does a great job. I cleaned once with my old vaccuum, then filled this Dyson up with a 2nd run through. I was amazed at how much my old one didn't pick up!

    Assembly is easy - just 3 snap in place steps and no tools. If you get stuck on attaching the wand (which didn't seem to fit when you put it in according to the picture), turn it around to the other side and it snaps right in.

    Most vacuums have hand tools that are awkward or just don't work. This is so easy to pull out (with a long handle to reach ceiling cobwebs) that I don't hesitate to use it many times in the midst of vacuuming a room. The attachments have very good suction power. The long handle makes everything, floor to ceiling to window sills, easy to reach without effort.

    The only thing I'd improve upon is a better attachment for stair cleaning. The attachment isn't quite wide enough to make stair cleaning as fast as I'd like. I think there is an attachment sold separately that looks wider that might be better. And if you try to do stairs without the attachment (and carry the whole vacuum up each stair), it is difficult because the back set of balls move and disable the rotating brush and you can't manouver the whole thing across a stair. But no vacuum can do that properly, right?

    All in all, I think it is a tad bit expensive, but I think I'll never buy another vacuum in my life. And how good for the environment, not needing to buy and throw away vacuum bags! If I divide the cost by the number of years I'll use it and the decreased allergens in my house, it is worth every penny!

    I'm not the kind of person to get excited about a vacuum cleaner, so I hope you appreciate my review :) I really do like this machine!

    ...more info
  • Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Okay, I have been thinking about purchasing a Dyson for some time but did not know which one to get. I saw the ball a couple of weeks ago and started reading some reviews. I will admit that while most were positive, I was still a bit worried about such an extravagant purchase.

    Well let me just tell you that this thing is the BOMB!!!! I vacuumed my floors and then I went to my neighbor's house and cleaned his!! I could seriously not believe how much stuff it picked up out of my carpet. I have 2 kitties with long hair so as you can imagine, my chocolate brown carpet was pretty much a bit grey because of it. No matter how much I vacuumed with my Shark, it never got it all. After one pass of the Dyson - the carpet is brown again!!! I am in love!!

    As for the noise level... not bad.. the kitties were not nearly as scared as they usually are.

    Put together - I am pretty inept when it comes to all this and it did take me a second bc i am challenged but i had it all done within 5 minutes - 3 steps only...

    Do yourself a favor and go get one of these bad boys!! Easy to handle, cleans like a dream... My carpet Looks brand new!!!...more info
  • Best I ever owned!
    This is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned and I believe I've tried pretty close to just about every brand out there. The suction is unbelievable. I have two dogs and a cat and a house full of shedding (it seems)and I've never had one that sucks up like this one. I have just ordered two more attachments for it. If you are concerned about the price like I was, this vacuum is worth every penny. I'm hooked for sure....more info
  • works great and looks cool too!
    We needed a new vacuum and wanted something lightweight and high quality. As I researched vacuums, I found that several brands were 25-30+ lbs., this is only 16 lbs! My kids are to the age where they can start to help with chores and this is a very easy vacuum for them to use. It pivots so easily around table legs, toys, etc. so you don't have to take the time to move everything.

    The hand held hose is so easy to take out and use. There are 2 attachments that can click on. One is so cleverly designed that it has a brush feature that slides up and down over the hard plastic, so it is like having 2 attachments on one!

    The bagless feature is great. The unit just pops off and you press a button and everything falls right into the trash. One thing I love is that the unit is clear so you can retreive something if you vacuumed it up by mistake. The only drawback I noticed is that the outside of the dust chamber does get a little dusty after letting the dirt out. I just wipe it down with a wet paper towel and pop it back on the vacuum.

    With this vacuum you don't need to select a carpet height or anything. There is a single button which turns off the spinning brush which works great on hard wood floors. The brush does slide out so that you can clean it too.

    My husband is a bit skeptical in that the whole vacuum is made of plastic. I think it works great and it is so cool looking! I love the ball design and how easy it is to use. I am so glad I got it!...more info
  • Happy first time Dyson owner
    I purchased this vacuum to replace an inexpensive and tired unit. I had heard about the Dyson hype and read many positive reviews, but was skeptical. I decided to get the DC 25 - the DC 24 was what I set out to get but after physically viewing the unit I decided it would be too small for my needs.

    After using this vacuum for about a month now, I can say that it is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. It is very easy to maneuver around the floor and avoid obstacles as it pivots on it's ball. The suction seems to live up to it's hype even without the beater-bar activated to stir up debris. This is my first Dyson vacuum so I can't compare it to other Dyson models, however it has sufficient suction for my needs.

    It came with two handy attachments that work great for hard to reach areas. The extension tube has a clever design that is easy to deploy and has a good reach.

    -Easy to maneuver around obstacles
    -Excellent suction even with the beater-bar turned off
    -Safe for all surfaces, including hardwood floors (beater-bar off)

    -Relatively expensive

    I would gladly recommend the Dyson DC-25 to a friend....more info
  • Love the Ball
    Ok, we have had this about two weeks. First I have to say I love the ball feature. It works GREAT. It is very easy to manuever and as the commercial says, "it turns on a dime". You just turn your wrist and the vacuum turns to where you want it. Great feature. I think that will become the next thing in most vacuums.
    The suction is very good through the hose and floor attachment, works great on stairs. Another thing I really like is the attachments lock onto the hose with a click. They don't just fall off. That was always a problem with my old vacuum, the attachments would just fall off. You just push a button and they come off, thank you for that Dyson. It does a really good job of cleaning the edges of the carpets along the wall, much better than our old machine.

    Now for the con's.
    First, the power cord is short. It will only reach throughout one room. I am sure this is to keep the weight down, but it is annoying to have to keep stopping to change plugs. I may have to find lightweight 20 foot extension cord to use with it all the time.
    Second, I am not 100% convinced on how good the suction is through the vacuum head. It appears pretty good, but when I read all the reviews from all the Dysons, including this one, most people say how shocked they are by what is picked up in the machine the first time they use it. I really did not get that much dirt in my machine. I can tell it does pick up dirt and stuff off the floor, I am just not sure how deep clean this gets. I need to drop dirt or some sort of powder in the floor and see how well it picks it up deep down. Hopefully I just have really good clean floors. My wife does vacuum a lot, so lets hope that is it. Don't get me wrong, it is very evident that the vacuum is cleaning the carpets.

    Overall I do recommend this vacuum. It is very light, very easy to use. My wife loves it. It is very easy for her to move up and down the stairs which is a huge plus as she has difficulty with big vacuums as they are very heavy....more info
  • You Get What You Pay For!!!
    We were going to buy the DC07, but decided the DC25 was worth the upgrade....boy, were we right!!!
    The main clencher is the ease of using the attachment tools, with the DC25, you just extend the telescoping pole, and, voila! you're ready to go!{the DC07 requires plugging/unplugging to use the attachment tools} I found myself attacking every corner and groove with specks of dirt/cobwebs in it (LOVE this thing for cleaning the ac intake grates and the fins of our air filters!)...most of them without ever having to bend over.
    Of course there is the fantastic suction, but then, you expect that from Dyson's reputation...it was disgusting what it got out of our carpet (we have no pets, no kids, and don't wear shoes in the house; I vacuum very regularly, anyways) the first time.
    If you don't think you'll use the attachment/tools much, the cheaper models might work for you, but if you appreciate being able to easily attack the tiny corners and grooves no upright can fit into, you're probably dreaming of this model.
    The "Ball" feature makes turning and getting into weird corners a breeze, although it may take some people a while to get used to; I've been using a swivel-head mop for years, so I'm used to the motion.
    FYI, if you get those 20% off coupons from a certain store that sells stuff for Beds, Baths and, well, you know, that last "B"..you can try all the Dyson vacuums in the store, purchase your Dyson from them with a coupon (saving you $100 on this model!), not pay for shipping, and have the ease of returning/exchanging at a local store if you should have a problem....more info