Dyson DC24 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Apartment dwellers, go for the ball!

With its convenient, collapsible handle for closet storage, the Dyson DC24 Ball Upright is the lightest and most compact vacuum in Dyson's line-up. This vacuum model is based upon the successful ?Ball? design which allows the head and base off the vacuum to pivot and turn with a twist of the wrist. The design allows the vacuum to easily maneuver around furniture and tight spaces with ease. As such, it is excellent for cleaning all floors with the grace and aplomb of a ballet dancer. It has a lifetime HEPA filter. There are no bags to replace. An extending wand cleans drapes, upholstery, and more.

When and where storage space is prime and closets are already crammed, this 12-pound Dyson offers a collapsible handle. It's an upright that fits into really small spaces.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner with Dyson Ball technology for smooth steering
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures no clogging or loss of suction
  • Effective for all floor types; motorized brushbar; reversible wand
  • HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly; collapsible handle for compact storage
  • Measures 13-2/3 by 11 by 43-2/7 inches; 5-year parts-and-labor warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Cautious, but not sure I'll keep it
    It was important for me to find a light-weight vacuum, due to a hand injury. Clean air exhaust was also an important feature, because I frequently have sneezing attacks when vacuuming (I live in the crux between the railroad, 2 airports and multiple parkways - very dusty).
    The biggest problem I see having with this machine is the removal and cleaning of the bagless bin. No matter how carefull I am about disposing the material inside, I have a sneezing fit. And then I have to wash 2 filters?? Not good. I've a feeling disposing of a bag is better for me.
    Also, the suction isn't as strong as my old Sharp EC-T4660, with a 12-amp motor. That's fair, considering the Dyson DC24 is a lighter-duty machine.
    The Oreck vacuums look like a good alternative, but at $600, may be out of my reach.
    As for the Dyson, I'll probably return it....more info
  • Great purchase!
    Received the Dyson DC24 a few days ago and love, love, love it. I've never been excited about a vacuum before, but I actually enjoy vacuuming now! It was easy to put together and even easier to use. I live in a very small home so this was the perfect choice for me. I just used the hose and brush attachment to clean all my walls and it worked great. Cleaning has never been easier...short of having someone else do it for me. I highly recommend the Dyson DC24...especially for someone in a smaller home or apartment. Easy to use, does a great job, and takes up so much less room when stored. And, when you live in a home that is only 587 sq. feet, every bit of storage space is precious. Wouldn't trade this for anything!! Best purchase I ever made!...more info
  • great vacuum for small apartment
    Vacuum is perfect size for my 1-bedroom apartment. It's *very* maneuverable thanks to "the ball" and compact enough to slip easily into a small space in my closet. It's got good power and cleans very well. A few minor complaints: it's got two filters that you're supposed to clean regularly (bad for us lazy people) and the hose is a bit short when I'm trying to vacuum non-floor spaces like chairs and couches. Also, it's a bit awkward to switch between the upright vacuum mode and using the hose-- you have to pull the entire handle out, turn it upside down, and reattached it to the hose; this is mostly annoying because you have to entirely unwrap the extra power cord in order to do this. But I'm just giving you all the nitty-gritty so you're not surprised, I definitely would recommend this vacuum for apartments or small houses (full-sized houses should get the larger capacity model dc25). ...more info
  • Worst vacuum I've ever owned
    All my DC24 seems to do is push crumbs across the floor- I always have to sweep up with a broom after "vacuuming" with this thing. It works okay on my rugs but it's absolutely atrocious on my wood floors. The roller bar does not adjust to a different height, so it never really gets on top of anything in order to suck it up. I have 2 kids who are constantly tossing cheerio's and other crumby things onto the floor and I'd like to be able to actually vacuum it up like my old junky vacuum used to! I find myself dangling and/or angling the vacuum to land precisely on top of whatever object I'd like sucked into it- this is a huge pain and every time I vacuum I am cursing it out under my breath. What a waste of money. I give it one star because it looks good....more info
  • Design flawed

    The Dyson does not get low enough to the floor to allow it to get under furniture. That's a big problem!

    I haven't vacuumed under our bed, coffee table, break front, couch, ever since I bought this thing. It get's under chairs with 18" legs, but anything shorter than that, and you're out of luck.

    I'm told the Oreck one piece goes flat to the floor. Hotel maids have to get under coffee tables and beds.

    Personally, I went back and ordered a 2-piece vac last night.

    The Dyson goes onto Craigslist. :( ...more info
  • love it! will never own another kind
    Dyson DC24 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    OMG this vacuum is awesome! It's tiny, delicate looking but when I vacuum I can feel the carpet and tile lift right up off the cement (lol)

    Price-wise, I can't complain, $399...I mean I will gladly pay extra for something that DOES ITS JOB and DOES A GREAT JOB too!

    I did have a 100 pound Dirt Devil Reaction ($180) that wouldn't suck up dirt if the dirt jumped up inside of it.

    My carpet LOOKS different, brighter, like I've had them cleaned! The feel of my carpet under barefeet even feels softer. I love the fact that I can vacuum the tile too, while I am in the vacumming mode, since I have 4 kids and 2 are always crawling around and getting crumbs everywhere. Sweeping is something of the past, thank God!

    I had the Dirt Devil, and the day I got my Dyson, I did a little test...I vacummed the whole house with the Dirt Devil and then with the Dyson. In my infant daughter's 10x10 bedroom (low low traffic area, new carpet) the Dyson's dirt cup was ALMOST FULL of dirt, debris and hair that the Dirt Devil didn't even get! By the time I Dyson vac'd the whole house, I had emptied the dirt cup 4 times. And remind you, this was 10 minutes AFTER vacumming with the Dirt Devil. No joke. Since getting it, I vacuum every other day and still am pulling up cups and cups of dirt and dust. I am truly amazed with this lil lightweight sucker!

    It gets corners and close to the baseboards really great, to those of you who has OCD like me!!!

    I really like the fact it as a 5 year warranty, just in case.

    I love how you can unlock the rollers, and slide it right out to clip off the hairs that wrap around the rollers, and it'll slide back in and lock back into place, so you don't have to turn the vacuum cleaner upside down and work on it awkwardly.

    I love the fact that with a one-hand click, you can empty the dirt cup in the trash.

    I looooove the fact it weighs 10 pounds and my 8 year old can even use it!

    What I don't like, but don't mind too much, is the short cord. And the owners manual says NOT to use an extension cord?! Odd....more info
  • Oh boy, am I in trouble!
    I bought the Dyson DC24 from Target because I felt I couldn't afford the DC15 and the lightweight, compact design of the DC24 appealed to me. Let me say, I have been incredibly pleased with the power and performance of the DC24.

    That said, when I saw Amazon had such a great price for a new, not reconditioned DC15 -- the one we originally wanted -- I had to snap it up. Wow, and uh-oh were my first reactions (that has to do with why I'm in trouble, which I'll get to later.).

    It is definitely worth purchasing for even more robust cleaning power (we have 8 cats!) and its generous array of attachments. It is more unwieldy, though not nearly as heavy as the ridiculous, poor-performing Kirby. With the Kirby, I had to get on hands and knees with a Gonzo sponge to lift hair, then vacuum - no more of that! The good news is either Dyson lifts pet hair without hesitation. The difference with the Animal is that while it is heavier to manage, it cleans even more definitively.

    A motivating factor is that I am an asthma sufferer, which I realize is exacerbated by the cats. The asthma's under control with meds, but I have definitely noticed dramatic improvement in my breathing and the utter banishment of household allergies due to such thorough cleaning.

    The "Ball" pivoting mechanism isn't hype, either. It reduces all that repositioning and maneuvering.

    So then, why am I in trouble? I am an idiot (or not!) because I am keeping both. The DC24 (small one) is perfect for whipping through the house on weeknights when I don't want to have a major production. It's so easy and light, able to get in tight and low places and I am never taxed or tired after using it. The Animal stays because there is simply no better cleaning to be had. I have had many vacuums in my life and if I could recoup my money from those manufacturers for the lousy performance of their Hoovers, Eurekas and Kirbys -- plus receive reimbursement for the extra hours I spent "double-cleaning" -- I could easily pay for the entire line of Dyson products with bags of money left over!
    ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I really liked this machine when I first bought it. However, mine stopped working within a few months. I took it to one of the warrantied repair shops. First we waited for a part from Canada - it didn't fix it. Then we waited for a part from Chicago - it didn't fix it. It's been over 3 weeks now. The repair shop still does not know what is wrong with it. I've just learned that because I did not buy direct from dyson, dyson will not replace it. They told me my only option is repair. I can go pick it up from the local repair shop it has been in and send it back to their headquarters. In about 2-1/2 to 3 more weeks it should be fixed. If it were not for the seeming inability to repair this model, I would have highly recommended it. now, all I can say is buyer beware - if it does break, you will find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting....more info
  • I Love Dyson
    This vacuum is wonderful! I love it. It does not require a lot of work and is very maneuverable. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Dyson Ball
    Looks great, handles beautifully, it's cornering ability is unsurpassed. However, it feels underpowered (compared with other Dyson cleaners I have driven) and the power cable is ridiculously short, if I had known it was this short, I probably wouldn't have bought it (but I have heard others express this problem with their Dyson cleaners), the handle-hose-tool-contraption is cleverly designed, but woefully impractical which is a shame. It is also short on tool attachments (like corner-crevice end). I wouldn't recommend it unless you bought it solely to impress people with a new gadget. Fortunately, my apartment has a lot of power sockets, more wood floors than carpet and I have a Swiffer for cleaning tasks - so I can just about live with all of the shortcomings - as it is such a pleasure to drive the Dyson around the apartment....more info
  • The little vacuum that sucked! (In a good way :-) )
    Wow! This thing really sucks!! No kidding! My wife brought it home from Target and I had it up and vacuuming within minutes (Hey! She brings home a new vacuum and I end up vacuuming the house?) The unit is compact and lightweight .. just perfect for our small house, with mixed floor coverings. I started off with the carpets and was amazed at all the dust and fur (where is the cat?) that it extracted out of the old carpet; with a reality check of "debris" swirling around in the transparent cyclone container you'll know in a short while how well this unit is working. The only thing I didn't like with unit is the high pitched whine produced by the motor/venturi container. Most people won't even notice .. but it drove me to put on ear buds!

    Moving on the to the tile entryway .. there is a switch on the unit that shuts off the spinning beater bar that is not needed on non-carpeted surfaces. It rolled easily into corners and around the door jambs. It did a good job of removing the dustballs from the corners. I suppose you could have popped out the extension hose and went after the finer dirt in the corners or the spider webs near the top of the drapes. The cord is about 20ft long - which is fine for getting into the remote places of the house. I liked being able to transition between carpeted and non-carpeted floors with a flick of a switch (to the right of the main power switch). The telescoping handle is great for storing (collapsed) in small spaces or (extended) for usage.

    One thing to notice here .. is the beater bar will NOT start until the unit is in the run position (this is the vacuum position)! This caught me off guard after it digested one of our A/V cables (ok, I was trying to be thorough and vacuum behind the A/V gear!!) and it suddenly stopped spinning. I cleared the cable and tried to restarted it .. no go! With my better half asking " Did you break it already? It's not even 1 hr old!" .. I had to open the sealed operators manual (I used the quick start guide to assemble it) and ensure the reset switch was in the "run" position. But, really, what happened was that I had the unit in the store position (which shuts off the beater bar while powered on). Once I put it back into the "run" position, it started spinning and I was off to another section of the house.

    I like the lighter weight of the machine (11 lbs) .. as we have to carry it down stairs sometimes to do the laundry room. The suction is fantastic (has anyone seen the cat?) and is consistent across all types of surfaces. Be careful of sucking up small pets or you might just find them swirling around the cyclone container with their little eye-balls bugged out from the centrifugal force (just kidding)!

    Some folks might find this unit small .. it is! It works just fine for a small home (less then 1100 sq. ft ) or a small office / studio space. For us, it works great. Just be sure to wear some ear muffs and don't suck up the cat!

    ...more info
  • Perfect for a scaled down model
    Unlike many people who have bought this vacuum, I have a 1700 sq ft house with carpet on the second floor. Originally, I had a DC17 Animal. It was big, heavy and bulky. I never thought it worked particularly well.

    The ball changed it all for me. After lugging the Animal up and down stairs for 3 years, I decided that I just wanted something lighter. We opted for the DC24 because of its small size (and we got it from Bed Bath and Beyond with one of those handy 20% off coupons.) I am able to store it in a closet and I love that.

    I am able to use it on the carpeted stairs. I am able to use it on wood floors and on area rugs. I can pop the handle off and use the brush thing in a second.

    Sure, I have to move the cord a few times and plug it in different outlets. But it isn't like I don't have 2-4 outlets in each room. And yes, I have to empty the canister once during if I do my whole house. But normally, I am doing either up or downstairs or just a room at a time. Plus, the canister empties into a normal kitchen trashcan with ease.

    The only drawback I can see right now is having to clean the filters once a month. But since we don't use it as often as some, I will probably do it every other. We have a Roomba, anyhow.

    ...more info
  • Best Vacuum!
    Well, all I can say is that, when I received my Dyson, I had already vacuumed the carpet, but I was anxious to try it, so I vacuumed again. The stuff that accumulated in the cup convinced me that this is the best vacuum out there -- it was like I had never vacuumed before! Now, I feel like my carpet is as clean as it's going to get. Does it make an old carpet look like new? No, but that old carpet does looked refreshed (mine is unfortunately 10 years old and needs changing, but now I feel like I've bought some time). Save up and buy the Dyson, it's worth it....more info
  • smaller, but the same!
    I bought the CD24 as a second vacuum. I already own a larger Dyson, which I use at home. The second smaller one is for my studio - which is a much smaller space. This model works the same way (very well!) as the larger model, but holds less dirt, and is easier to handle because it is lighter and smaller. A great choice for a smaller space!...more info
  • don't buy
    To start with, I really wanted to like this vacuum.
    I needed something light and efficient and did my online research, so this seemed to be the right king for me. It wasn't even that expensive compared to all other lightweight quality vacuums.
    So, I have a 3 story house, mix of hardwood and few rugs. It seemed to work ok at the beginning, I wasn't blown away by the suction power or by the amount of dirt it collects, I guess I do clean my house on regular bases), but it was doing the job until the brush simply stopped working. So ok, this was my first cleaning and there is no reason that something like that would happen. The brush eventually started on again, but for fear that this will happen again very soon, I am returning it.
    Other impressions - it does move very easily and it is very light. The container for dirt is small - very, you do have to pull stuff out of it - it doesn't really shake of like on TV and the cord is short. It is loud. On top of all that it feels extremely cheaply made and I do believe that the plastic will start breaking if not right away in a couple of years.
    I am giving it one star because it does indeed work, but I am pretty sure you can achieve the same result with something that cost $ 50, not $500.
    ...more info
  • Best household investment
    It took me a long time to find a vacuum that suited my needs.
    I wanted a vacuum with power to pick up the dog fur deposit by my terrier, but needed it to be easy on my delicate rugs. I also wanted one that was fairly light and compact enough to not take up a lot of room in my apartment.

    After a lot of research I found the Dyson line of Vacuums, but stalled on ordering because they seemed too big for my apartment.
    I'm glad I waited. The new DC24 Ball is the perfect vacuum for all my needs.
    After my first cleaning with this machine, I was so proud of my purchase.
    It is worth every penny.
    Now my home finally feels really CLEAN!!!!...more info
  • My new favorite appliance
    I am in love with this vacuum! I was debating between the 24 and 25, and am so glad I went with this one. I chose it initially for its light weight. I have a herniated disk and our old, heavy vacuum would throw my back out every time I used it. The difference in weight and manueverability is amazing. Why didn't someone invent this ball thing decades ago?? The first time I used it, I wondered about its capability because it was so light and quiet (another HUGE plus - you don't need earplugs). But when I went to empty the tank and found a 3rd cat (we only have 2), I was convinced of its power. Love the handle that lowers too, because it takes up so much less storage space. Love its small size compared to most other vacuums. I can get under furniture without having to move stuff around, like dining room chairs. It fits into our tiny bathrooms and gets really close to corners and baseboards. My house is about 1200 sq ft, and mostly carpeted and I do have pets. This vacuum is everything I need, and would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Disappointing directions and lack of accessories available.
    The directions were very poor. It appeared that there were 2 hoses. In reality, they showed 1 hose in 2 positions. The same was true with releasing the power brush. I called about a floor attachment and someone was to email in 48 hours, but I never heard anything. Evidently they do not have a floor attachment or duster for this product yet. I was disappointed, because I had done a lot of research and felt this was the best product!!...more info
  • New technology is easy to use
    I love the idea of the ball and it is a breeze to push around and use. Dyson has reworked the hose so that it is easy to pull out for attatchments. Be aware that there is a DC24 and a DC25, which I didn't know. I ended up getting the 24, which, for my big spaces, this vacuum is just a little small. The canister is much smaller than their other machines and I had come to expect more power from it. This smaller version also has a shorter cord length.
    For most homes I'm sure the cord length and canister size would be fine on the 24, but I wish I had been more attentive and chosen the DC25 instead. I am probably going to end up purchasing a DC14 again and use this one on one level of the house....more info
  • An amazing machine.
    Let me preface this by saying I live in an apartment with hardwood floors and two area rugs. If you had wall to wall carpeting I can easily see how this model would be too little vacuum for you. Now on with the review!

    I bought this Dyson and it's incredible. I could make a lame joke the fact that it really sucks, but a vacuum this amazing deserves a joke of higher quality. The vacuum is so powerful that I swear I'm cleaning the apartment below me through the floor boards. What I'm trying to say is if a plane were flying overhead and you were to point the Dyson at the sky, it would clean the airplane's carpet. I used it on my rugs and they look brand new. I. *****. You. Not. I used it once and dumped the contents out, and then I used it on the same rug and got even more dirt out of it.

    It comes in a couple different pieces that you need to assemble. It took me a bit to put it together, but that's because I was trying to make the process difficult. It comes with the body, handle, and head. The long handle doubles as a cleaning wand that you can attach to the hose by flipping it upside down. It only comes with one attachment which is a minor downside, but if you're not cleaning a lot of unusual surfaces (see: apartment dweller like me) the one attachment is probably all you'll need.

    On my last vacuum it would collect dust into a plastic bin, and then I'd have to open it up and pour it into the trash. The Dyson also has a plastic bin, but instead of having to manually unscrew the bottom, the Dyson allows one to push a button and the bottom swings open like a trap door dumping its contents into the trash. That makes so much sense!

    The next thing that is unique to the Dyson is how easy it is to maneuver. The Dyson doesn't have four wheels like most vacuums, instead it has a giant ball in the center that allows it to turn with zero effort. It seems weird to describe the handling of a vacuum, but when I use it, there's something about the fluidity of its movement that just feels right. The whole product is just a beautiful piece of engineering.

    All and all I think the highest praise one can give a product is not a statement but question; why haven't all ______ been designed like this? That's exactly what I asked myself after using the Dyson DC24....more info
  • I hate this product
    There is nothing good I can say about the Dyson Ball Vacuum. It is about as noisy as a jet on the runway; it's difficult to muscle around; to empty the canister you have to pull stuff out with your fingers; and $400 is outrageousfor such a trashy heap of plastic. I could go on - I'd give it minus stars but there isn't that option. Can I return it to the manufacturer?...more info
  • What a great purchase!!!
    At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend over $350 on a vacuum, but was it worth it!! This vacuum is amazing - picking up every speck of dirt, dust, paper and whatnot from the floor. The vacuum is really light weight and although the dust canister fills up quickly, emptying it is really easy. The only "complaint" that I have is that the vacuum filters (there are two) need to be washed out once a month, which really isn't a hassle to begin with. I can honestly say that I love this product and was worth every penny....more info
  • Dyson vac review
    Works great. Picked up way more than my old vac. Very happy with the ease of purchasing and the quick delivery....more info
  • Dyson Ball is hte best Vacume EVER!
    I love this vacuum is so compact and powerful enough to clean my whole house. The Ball does not kick up any dust which I love because I am allergic. Also the Ball gets all the hair from our cat. I can do the couches under the couches and even the stairs. We have a house with thigh corners and this vacuum takes them like the BWM of Vacuums!...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner is meant to be a handy, small yet effective and it shines at that. If you are comparing it against other full size vacuums, then you are comparing apples to oranges. If you have over 2200 sq feet of space you will probably also need a full size vacuum cleaner. But for a quick, effortless cleaning job this vacuum is perfect. Also if you have carpeted stairs it is great. ...more info
  • Dyson DC24
    I own two Oreck vacuums, one is only a year old. I purchased the Dyson DC24 becuase of its compact design. I did my own test aginst the new Oreck. I vacuumed a room with the Oreck, then vacuumed the same room with the Dyson DC24,WOW,the stuff the Dyson picked up was amazing.
    I am completely satisfied with the Dyson. I like the "ball" design, it makes vacuuming much easier,dumping the canister is a snap. A longer power cord would be nice,but I can live with a 20 foot cord. ...more info
  • The hidden problems.
    On first receiving the DC24 my wife and I were pleased. Light weight and excellent at picking up animal hair.

    Now the problems:

    1) Terrible customer service

    2) No available under bed tool

    3) Very small dust bin

    4) Mere 20 foot cord

    Upon identifying the related issues to the lack of an under bed tool we called Dyson after looking for a tool. We were on our first call that there was an adapter. The line was lost in transfer and on the second call we were told there was no tool or adapter. This means essentially that it is impossible to use this $400 machine to clean under a bed. My e-mail address was taken and I was told they would have technical support or engineering contact me. Since the release lever for the unit, also, stuck and the short height of the cleaner was giving my wife back ache we decided to return it.
    Contacting Amazon and making arrangements to return the unit it was necessary to repack the vacuum in the original packing. Unable to figure out the jigsaw puzzle of packing materials fit I called Dyson again for help. Speaking to the employee identified as Lynette on the contact line I was told she had no way to help me she was in the corporate offices and the units were packed in the warehouse. No offer of transferring me, no offer of connection to someone who did know, or a number to call for assistance, in other words, no customer service. Now I am placed in the position of needing to repack the unit and return it to have it rejected or be billed a further service charge because the Dyson folks will not aid me in returning a unit as I was specifically allowed to do.

    So yes, a nice machine with a couple of solvable flaws with a larger dust bin and a longer cord and a tool for cleaning under beds. But for $400 I expect customer of the 5 star level and assistance in finding my way to the proper folks who might have an answer.
    ...more info
  • DC 24, lightweight delight comes up short with its hose
    I bought the DC 24 to replace a small vacuum and was my first Dyson purchase (though I have used them regularly in the past). I would not recommend this vacuum to replace a dedicated large upright. Dyson uses "airwatts" to specify the power of the vacuums and the DC 24 has 115 airwatts vs. 220 airwatts for the DC 25 and DC 15. Not knowing how many airwatts other vacuums use, I can only guess similar comparisons to other brands.
    What to Like
    The DC 24 vacuum is lightweight 11.5lbs (DC25 16.1lbs and DC15 19.95lbs) and can go up and down stairs without problems (3 story condo). In fact, instead of using the hose attachment for the stairs I prefer to use the vacuum itself. It has a nicely placed handle in the front for this function (like a weed trimmer). You have to hold it out away from your body, as the brushes don't spin if the unit is placed upright.

    Despite being lightweight and lower power, it has consistent suction and still get's a lot of dirt and dog hair out of the carpet.

    The "Ball" allows the vacuum to access small, hard to reach areas without using the attachment. It is similar to using a swivel head on a mop. It handles my hardwood floors well, and now has replaced my sweeper.

    The no-mess canister, easy to dump out with just a push of a button.

    The washable hepa filter. This is one reason I do not have a problem with paying more for a Dyson. Effective heppa filtration requires regular replacement and that adds up in extra dollars. The dyson solves that with an easy clean filter.

    5 year warranty. You will probably experience a disconcerting feeling when it's out of the box and it seems like flimsy construction. I usually destroy vacuums and so far this vacuum has held up well. I think the flimsy feeling comes from it's flexibility, the adjustment points and the ball. Trust me, I have dropped it a few times down a flight of stairs on the hardwood and it still looks and works as good a new.

    Compact storage... that goes hand in hand with light weight, but it also telescopes down in height to fit under shelves for storage.

    Coolest Dyson feature for me is the no-tool brushbar access/removal. Makes it very easy to remove obstructions from the brushbar without a tool set.
    What not to Like
    The attachment is difficult to convert, this is not unique to this Dyson model. Some cleaver engineer came up with a way to make this attachment compact and self contained, but impossible to convert the first 10-15 times you use it. Dyson does have more expensive models that have easier to use attachments. After using their products for awhile, I have become a Dyson attachment Jedi Master.

    The hose for the attachments is short. It can't reach my 10' ceilings without lifting the base up off the floor. I recommend the Dyson's flexible attachment for dust and/or cobwebs.
    Other Notes
    The vacuum has trouble with large items (clumps of dog toy stuffing) that big vacuums normally don't hiccup on. It either doesn't have the brush head height or the plumbing for large items. It's not really a negative for me, as I learned early on to pick up big items that might destroy a perfectly working vacuum motor. I didn't have the same problem with using only the attachment. ...more info
  • Flimsy and pricey
    I purchased this after my Oreck died. After seeing the comercials for the Dyson models it looked really good. I knew it was going to be compact but was surprised at how small it really was. The ball does manuver but it takes some getting used to. The wand feature does have good suction but the length makes it hard to use. It does not lock into the shorter mode. The cord is really not long enough and I have to keep changing outlets. I like the feature of the pushing the button to dump the waste cup. The same button is used to detach the unit from the base so I am forever spilling the dirt/dust all over the vacuum.

    Th vacuum does pull out alot of fine dirt from the carpets but if you happen to come up to something a little bigger like a piece of cerial it just pushes it around because the head is so close to the floor. It does not have a height adjustment.

    The unit seems to be very flimsy in construction and I can not see it lasting. Although it does come with a 5 year warranty. I get no response from the Dyson site and feel that service is not that good.

    Overall I have been very unhappy with it. I went to the Dyson website and sent a email complaint about a week ago and they do not even have the courtesy to reply.

    The $399 price is way to high. I saw a compact Shark at Bed Bath & Beyond and it seemed to be much better constructed for way less money.

    I would not recommend this item. ...more info
  • Light, Compact, Expensive
    I had a very hard time choosing between the DC18 (slim model) vs the brand new DC24 (ball model). When it came down to it, my girlfriend liked the compact size and light weight of the DC24 due to that fact we live in a fairly small apartment.

    Both machines are about the same price in most stores, and I personally felt that the DC18 would be a better deal. However, after playing with both models the weight and size of the machines was very noticeable.

    This machine (DC24) is a breeze to use and sucks well. It seems a little weaker than other models, but it gets the job done in our apartment with carpet, wood floors, and pseudo-tile. I was skeptical but I'm glad I made the purchase.

    - Easy to carry
    - Convenient storage, aesthetically pleasing
    - Powerful enough to keep us clean
    - Ball 'gimmick' actually is useful

    - Electric cord could be longer
    - Vacuum sucking power not as strong as other models (obviously)
    - The parts are initially a little tricky to click into place
    - Expensive...more info
  • I love it!!!!!
    I have been a little skeptical of the Dyson machines. I haven't doubted whether they worked as great as they say, but they are a little on the pricey side, initially. However, there is nothing more to buy unless you want additional attachments. The filters in this machine are washable, and do not need to be replaced. There aren't any bags to replace. The ball makes it easy to manipulate and handle, and is extremely lightweight. The handle that folds down for storage is also the telescoping wand to be used with attachments. There is a handle on the front of the clear bin in order to carry, making it easy to move around the room cleaning your fan blades, or geting the inevitable spider webs that grow in the corner of the rooms. When using the telescoping wand, there is an impressive amount of suction. It's cleaning power is wonderful to be such a small machine. It's shocking to see what comes out of your carpets. Most manufacturers will only carry a 1 year parts and labor warranty on their machines. Dyson has a 5 year warranty on their vacuums. I love this machine. ...more info
  • Small than I thought!
    When I discovered this model, I did the research; Dyson's web site, this one, and other sellars. I found little information on it, but I had a Dyson DC15 "ball" vacuum in the past and decided to order it. I couldn't make up my mind between this one and the larger DC25. Other than measurements, the only difference that I could find anywhere, was that this model's handle retracted for easier storage. Guess what, this thing is as small as the DC18, only this model as the ball. Other than the size, it's a great vacuum and typical Dyson.

    It works great, suction is fantastic. It's perfect for an apartment or someone who wishes a lightweight easy-to-use vacuum. The hose system leaves something to be desired. It is cumbersome and somewhat difficult to utilize. One has to pull out the handle, reverse it, and attach the short hose to it. It's not as simple as the other models. Also, the cord is short and it the only accessory that comes with it is the brush. No extension or crevice tool.

    As I said earlier, this is a great vacuum for an apartment or for someone that wants something lighweight. I wished that there was more information available before I ordered it. Otherwise, I would have ordered the larger DC25....more info