Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book:4th Edition 2005

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Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book has been considered the bible of breast-care books since it appeared in 1990. In 1995, Love completely updated the book in a 600-page second edition, including new biopsy and screening methods, implants, the pros and cons of hormone therapy, new discoveries in breast-cancer treatment, and many other topics. Every chapter has been rewritten, with the exception of the anatomy chapter ("The breast, I'm glad to report, is still located on the chest!"). Love presents copious medical information in a simple, welcoming style, and plentiful illustrations make the information even clearer. About two-thirds of the book deals with breast cancer: risk factors, prevention, screening, diagnosis, staging, emotions, treatment options, surgery, alternative treatments, clinical trials, and more. But the book isn't just about breast cancer. It's also about breast development, physiology, bras, nursing, sexuality--if it has to do with breasts, Love discusses it. Love also debunks breast myths: underwire bras do not cause cancer, neither do bruises or injuries; "fibrocystic disease" isn't really a disease. The book includes a wealth of resources: books, treatment centers, and organizations (but no Web sites--perhaps in the third edition?). --Joan Price

A fully revised edition of the definitive guide to breast care reflects new developments in screening and diagnostic techniques, cancer treatment and research, genetics and diet, implants, hormone use, and many other topics. 100,000 first printing. Tour.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book
    This book has been a lifesaver for me. I had breast cancer a year ago and if I had a question, I knew I could turn to the index and find the page that would have my answers. It put me at ease most of the time through a very scary experience. I have bought this book for a friend who just found out that she has breast cancer. She, too, have enjoyed the peace this book gives. It is very informative and interesting. I recommend this book to every lady who is told that she has, the scary words, "breast cancer"....more info
  • The single best resource on breast health
    Like many of the other reviewers, I picked up Dr Love's book (1st edition) when I was diagnosed and undergoing treatment for Breast cancer. (I then picked up the 2nd edition when going through a recurrance "scare", a year or so later.)

    I found her text exhaustive but not exhausting. She's a straight shooter which I found essential when people are reluctant to give you hard truths.

    I read several books throughout my treament, I continue to keep an eye on the literature even though I've been cancer free for 3.5+ years. My opinion is unchanged. If you can only buy one book, buy this one!

    re: the previous reviewer who didn't appreciate the "horror" stories of unlikely recurrances and cases of extremely fast progression. Dr Love was making the point that cancer can be unpredictable. She therefore refuses to predict how long a patient has to live. In addition to the "scary" examples, she gave several encouraging examples of people who according to conventional wisdom should have been dead long ago but continue to defy the odds....more info

  • Not the best! Try Your Breast Cancer Journey instead.
    This book is promoted as the best book to use for breast cancer. It is not. Skip the book, and visit the website to see photographs of women who have gone through the surgeries. The first half of the book is about basic breast anatomy and development, and not about the choices needed now. The second half of the book suffers from three problems: old statistics that do not take into account changes in treatment, too much detail on rare complications and types of disease, and too much detail about recurrence. Not recommended.

    The most serious flaw is that it uses outdated survival and mortality statistics that do not take into account the current treatment protocols. The result is unnecessary fear and panic. There are no good statistics on ten-year survival rates, because the current treatment protocols have not been in use for ten years. The development of changes in chemotherapy, antibodies, and hormonal therapy is changing so rapidly that for at least the next twenty years there will be no good ten-year survival rate statistics. Even the five-year statistics do not give the current picture. Dr. Love only gives one paragraph's worth of guidance on how to interpret the statistics. This can result in resignation and fear, just when one should be preparing to live well and fight hard.

    The second flaw is that Dr. Love's frustrations with the imperfections of medicine and the slowness of change of the medical system come through. She spends lots of detail on rare complications of surgery, and rare possibilities of recurrence. She agonizes over the fact that any lives are lost. I want that knowledge and compassion in your team. I do not want to sift through this detail when I need to get information on which to base decisions.

    The final difficulty is not a flaw, but a portion of the book. As a newly diagnosed survivor, I wanted to know what I should do next, what will happen next, and how I can detect any recurrences. Ido not need an entire section for women who have recurrences. Fewer than half of women who have breast cancer get recurrences, and right now, I need to concentrate on what I can do to prevent one, not how soon to arrange for hospice in case of recurrence.

    Instead, try John Link's Survival Manual, or, best of all, Your Breast Cancer Journey from the American Cancer Society...more info

  • wonderful resource
    This book was recommended to me by a breast surgeon as an excellent resource for me to use. I borrowed an earlier edition from the library and decided I wanted to own it. After purchasing the newest edition from Amazon, I was amazed at how well updated it was, and how Dr. Love clearly and understandably explained any differences in data from earlier books. It is easy to understand without being 'dumbed down' and I find myself turning to it - more than the internet - when questions come up. I strongly recommend it as one of the best purchases I have ever made - can't imagine anyone ever being sorry for having purchased it....more info
  • A must have reference for all women.
    Dr. Love's book should be standard issue for all women....more info
  • The most informative book on the market
    As a second stage breast cancer patient diagnosed in l997, I have found this book to be a fount of information. I have bought several copies for other members of my family, male and female. I strongly urge everyone to read this volume. I find myself referring back and rereading the book many, many times. Dr. Susan Love has done a great service in writing and publishing this complete and easy to understand book. Thank-You Dr. Love...more info
  • Excellent; very thorough and "on-point".
    I am a 39 year old mother of four teenagers. In April of 1998 I was diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS) in my left breast. Boy, was I really scared. My mother died from breast cancer. I was introduced to "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book" when I went to see my doctor about a lump in my "right" breast that had suddenly appeared six weeks before, it turned out to be benign. It was the then, undetected, accidentally discovered "mass" in my "left" breast that had LCIS! I underwent a fine needle aspiration which led to an excisional biopsy in each breast, and am now fine with no further treatment necessary. At the very on-set, my surgeon recommended Dr. Love's book to help me completely understand LCIS and what to expect during surgery and after. I found Dr. Love's book to be extremly helpful in allaying my fears and dispelling my misconceptions about breast cancer. Her book is very detailed, direct, honest, and compassionate. The chapter on LCIS with its diagrams took me step by step through the process of what was about to happen to me, from surgery, to recovery, to the emotions that I would experience. There were no surprises! My surgeon keeps a copy of Dr. Love's book in his waiting room on the table at all times and always recommends this book to his patients. I now recommend Dr. Love's book to my family, friends, and my other doctors too. Thank you, Dr. Love, for taking away my fear of "not knowing"!...more info
  • Indispensable in a time of great need
    I bought this book because it seemed like a sensible thing to have. A day after it arrived from Amazon, a friend of mine had a lump detected on a mammogram. Four weeks later, she had a mastectomy. Actually I never read the book. I gave it to her before I had a chance. She thanks me for it every time she sees me. She said she had gathered a lot of info, but this book was the most informative and systematic of anything she'd read. She brought it with her to every appointment with her doctors. "I don't know how I could have dealt with this without it." So I'm now about to order a second copy as it's been only eight weeks since the first one arrived. I hope this copy sees much less use....more info
  • One of the two best books available
    This is an excellent book, and well worth reading. But it's probably the second book to read, behind "The Breast Cancer Survival Manual : A Step-By-Step Guide for the Woman With Newly Diagnosed Cancer" by John Link.

    My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 5th of this year. Fortunately, she found it herself, through self-checking, and we live in an area where two of the world's best breast cancer treatment groups are located - the Breast Care Center in Orange, CA and the Memorial Care group in Long Beach. As of yesterday, we were fortunate to discover that, eleven months later, through a combination of surgeries and chemotherapy, the scans that were done last week on the liver, lungs and bones all came back negative, so we hope to have many more years together.

    Dr. John Link is the friend of a friend and we consulted with him on treatment. As part of the consultation, he also gave us a copy of his book, which is very readable and understandable. It's particularly good at giving guidance on how to put together a treament program that's right for you as an individual.

    The Susan Love book is excellent, particularly as a reference for all the information you want to know when your life or the life of someone you love is at risk. The difference between the two is that the Link book provides a great overview and a guide for getting treatment, and the Love book is the reference for all the stuff that you want to look up when you have a question. And if you're like us, you'll have lots of questions because this is all very complex and it's very difficult to decide on what the best approach will be for your individual situation....more info

  • A fascinating book!
    I have been diagnosed with precancer and have found this book to be a God-send. It's the only book I've found on the market that goes into detail about pre-malignancy. Dr. Love is very straight-forward in her advice and criticisms of the medical profession. If you need a second or third opinion, this book will clear your doubts. Most doctors don't know how to communicate to their patients and assume you know what they're talking about. Ever try reading a pathological report of a breast biopsy? This book will answer all your questions. Congratulations, Dr. Love, you've contributed so much to clearing up a medical problem which, unfortunately, the establishment has taken advantage of....more info
  • The best single resource on breast cancer yet
    IN plowing through over 3000 recent articles on breast cancer and every major book on the subject. Susan wins hands down as the best single book on breast cancer and breast health...great research...great book....more info
  • An absolute must for all breast cancer patients!
    I bought this book the day after I was diagnosed and began a journey of learning about my disease. It answered questions I forgot to ask my surgeon. My oncologist says it's one of the best books to read on breast cancer. It's a small price for such a vast amount of information....more info
  • Comprehensive look at breast cancer and its 4 stages
    It is rather ironic that this paperback edition was published in May of 1995, the exact time that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, actually 3 days after my 53rd birthday on May 27th. I still remember how after my biopsy, at the doctor's office, the nurse ushered me into the doctor's private office, closed the door and sat next to me. I had come alone and was not prepared to hear this bad news. My surgeon had almost assured me that he would find nothing wrong, since my exams hardly showed any signs of a tumor. He proceeded to say " I have good news and I have bad news, the bad news is that you have breast cancer, the good news is that it is at an early stage and we can treat it with either a lumpectomy or mastectomy, maybe radiation and possibly chemo but we need to do some more surgery as soon as possible and remove some lymph nodes to see if it has spread". I was in for quite a shock when a few weeks later the doctor did a lumpectomy and also removed 19 lymph nodes and 2 of the lymph nodes were cancerous, this put me into stage 2 cancer. I started reading a few books and Dr. Susan Love's book was the one most suggested by the hospital staff. One thing I discovered about this book is not to get to far ahead of things, it should be read "on a need to know basis", it is a bit overwhelming to go through all the stages, statistics, possible recurrences, reconstruction surgery etc... One book that I found to be more inspirational is "Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul: 101 Healing Stories of Courage and Inspiration." Also having already read all of Bernie Seigels' books, I was familiar with the importance of keeping a balance in my life and living for the moment. I was able to see Bernie Siegel, he came to NH and I was given a ticket by Bishop Leo O'Neil, who I was fortunate to have worked with in the Diocese of Manchester. Bishop Leo also had cancer and passed away in November of 1997. He was a source of inspiration to all of us in the Diocese. Five years have passed since my diagnose. After 3 more lumpectomies and numerous tests I am cancer free and a breast cancer survivor. My chances of recurrence are about 30% according to my oncologist. I try to live one day at a time; "Yesterday is long gone, tomorrow is really today."...more info
  • The Breast Cancer Reference for women who want to know
    Some women with breast cancer want to know everything about the disease--how it may have been caused, treatment options, prevention and living with breast cancer. Others just want to get through treatment. If you are one of the former, this is the book for you. The 610 volume answers almost every question you may have about breast cancer, and some you did not even think to ask. When going through an initial breast cancer diagnosis, it is very easy to absorb only a little of what the surgeon or oncologist is saying. This book will let you slowly absorb the facts about breast cancer. It is filled with diagrams and charts. It is a clinical reference but certainly written for lay people. For me, reading this book and some of the references, helped me to push for a more aggressive treatment plan, than had been recommended by my physicians. This book is highly, highly recommended!...more info
  • Another Breast Cancer Survivor
    When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I was terrified. I had helped my mother-in-law die with breast cancer in the early 60's. I had known my first husband since I was 15 year old. I loved his mother very much. She suffered for 10 long agonizing years. I cared for her because her family all worked. I truely believe I married her son because I cared so much for her. They did a radical mastectomy that was groteque, she was so scared form the cobolt that she was black and blue. I used baby oil to calm the pain. I would sit with her when she was violently ill from the medications that she took. From the age of 16 until I was 26 I cared for her. The cancer went from her left breast,2 years later the right leg, 3 years later the right breast, and then it went to her brain. Through it all she never lost her faith in God or the strongest caring personality that I have ever known. The Susan Loves Breast Book erased all my fears and explained all the treatments and procedures. I felt like doctor S. Love was right there with me throughout my treatment even today. I will never have to suffer like my first mother-in-law. Neither her doctor or anyone told us what the treatments were for or what to expect during the treatments. I recommended the "Dr. Susan Loves Breast Book" to every woman whether or not she would ever have to face cancer because the book is complete in recommending prevention as well as symptoms of pre-cancer. I wish there would have been a book like this one back in 1960's....more info
  • The Bible of Breast's Books
    This is the most complete and readable book on the breast. If you are diagnised with breast cancer, this book is the one to buy. You don't have to read it from cover to cover but you can find the section pertaining to your needs. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost ten years ago, a friend brought me this book. I have since bought it for several other friends....more info
  • a user's view
    I have several friends with breast cancer and this has been a very valuable resource for us....more info
  • Excellent resource for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
    I am a physicist (not a physician) and know little about the field of medicine. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, I wanted to understand all about the disease both for aiding in her treatment decisions and for educating my 4 year old daughter, who is now at risk.

    This book includes the standard "How the breast works", "Diagnosing cancer", "Treatment of cancer" chapters to guide people through the shock and emotional decision making required before surgery and help make decisions regarding chemo and radiation therapies. These are invaluable resources for anyone who wants more understanding than what is provided through a chat with their surgeon or oncologist or the thin pamphlets received at the hospital.

    The real value of this book, however, that sets it apart for all others, are the deep and rich chapters about other aspects of the breast and cancer. In particular, this book has a chapter on breast augmentation, which was recommended to us after a mastectomy; a chapter on how cancer occurs on a genetic DNA level; a chapter on cancer prevention for my daughter; and a chapter on clinical trials - what they are, which might you choose, and how should you evaluate them.

    In short, this book has been valuable resource in making short term treatment decisions and looks to be a valuable resource in future years. I eagerly await the 4th edition, though I don't know when or if it is coming.

    ...more info
  • The best!
    This is the most readable and complete book on the subject. It is especially recommended for anyone dealing with breast cancer. It provides up-to-date info in an understandable manner. Also see the web site....more info
  • A must for those recently diagnosed with breast cancer!
    An absolute must-have reference book for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer or concerned about their risk for breast cancer. It contains all the options for surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other treatments. Discusses and explains risk factors, stages of the disease, statistics and various treatment options. Better than five stars!...more info
  • Best Resource!
    Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book is an excellent resource for anyone facing the possibility of breast cancer or a loved one's diagnosis. Even if you've read a prior edition, so much has advanced in the field of treatment and options that it is worthwhile to get the newest edition. The book helps the reader to have a better understanding of all different aspects of breat problems, diagnosis, and treatment options. It's a must read before you go to a Dr. as well as after to help one better understand it all. It's a book you'll keep picking up again and again....more info
  • Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book
    I bought this book for my sister when she was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. This became a bible to her - she referred to it at every point - surgery, radiation & chemotherapy and every set-back during treatment. She lives in the UK and had me send several books to her friends and later to her gynocologist (all diagnosed with breast cancer). The gynocologist believes it to be the best book written on breast cancer.

    Low and behold if I wasn't also diagnosed with breast cancer this year. This is a huge book and I found I could only read the parts that were significant to me at the time. Knowledge is power - and this book definitely gives every reader this! It gives strength to make decisions and understand the options. Dr. Love explains how some women choose not to follow treatments recommended - and how they still survive. Yet, how others follow standard treatment and for no rhyme or reason the cancer returns. (There were just a couple of examples mentioned). Dr. Love gives you all the facts. I did not find her book scary - I want to know whatever I can! There are many charts giving info on studies. I found the chart showing the recommended treatments were right on for what both my sister and I were recommended.

    Without a doubt I feel that Dr. Love's book (and her Website with live chats with specialists) has helped me tremendously. I am sure I would have felt lost without this help. I highly recommend this book!...more info

  • Good but intense
    This is a good book for the details. I would also recommend Breast Cancer for Dummies. Even though I didn't like the title, I found it to be down to earth, easy to understand and good with useful information....more info
  • need to know
    This book's answers far outstriped any questions I had even thought of in it detail and clairity. I also enjoyed the authors simple and direct writing style which made it easier to read in segments which can be helpful for a busy schedual....more info
  • An Invaluable Resource for those facing Breast Cancer
    When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, this was one of the first resources we found. Dr. Love has dedicated herself to both research, healing and writing about breast cancer. In my mind she has done an admirable job.

    This is not an easy read, nor is it always easy to understand what Dr. Love is saying. The book is replete with medical terminology and processes. Yet if one is to beat or even understand breast cancer, this information is indispensable.

    We live in the triangle area of North Carolina where there are many excellent cancer resources, yet this book almost always matched the excellent medical advice we got, even when my wife's tumor was so complicated that it required outside expertise from Sloan-Kettering in NY and an expert at Vanderbilt Univ in TN.

    Make no mistake, it was tough plowing through the arcane terminology. But my wife's life depended on it. Dr. Love's discussion of the choices a woman must make was both insightful and compassionate and a good ancillary resource in the process we both went through. While I am far from a medical expert, I think this book is the bible of resources on the subject. I could not recommend it more highly. ...more info
  • valuable for consumers
    This book offers very helpful information on breast cancer. It affected my outlook on treatment, particularly chemotherapy.

    I am not a doctor or a breast cancer patient, but I think I know something about decision-making under risk. If you are the type of person who likes to make their own medical decisions, based on information and advice from doctors, this is a good book for you. Also, if you like to think about quantitative, statistical factors in making a decision, this is a good book for you.

    Let me illustrate the point about chemotherapy with a metaphor. Imagine two people in a car--a driver and a 14-year-old. The driver notices a bee inside the car, on the windshield. The 14-year old takes a pistol out of the glove compartment and offers to shoot the bee. The driver says, "Go ahead."

    What's wrong with this picture? My guess is that the driver has an irrational fear of bees, based on poor knowledge. The 14-year old has an overblown sense of the value of guns.

    Oncologists with chemotherapy are like the 14-year-old who wants to shoot the bee. And many women with breast cancer are like the driver who is so scared of the bee that the potential long-term side effects of the gun don't affect the decision.

    There definitely are cases in which I would favor shooting the bee (applying chemo). But I would recommend making your own decision, based on the data in this book, rather than passively accepting the "standard" (which keeps changing to lower the threshold of risk required to supposedly warrant chemo).

    There is much more information in this book than the data on chemotherapy. But that information alone makes it highly valuable....more info

  • My Desperate Search
    I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and scheduled for a mastectomy. I was asked to make decisions about treatments without even the most basic information. If I made the wrong decision I could die. This book was up to date (1999) and easy to understand, starting with the normal breast and how cells divide helping me understand the here and now. Each treatment option is reviewed with realistic outcome statistics. Her recommendations for questions for your doctor helped me make decisions about Chemo. The information in this book made me feel more in control of my illness and my treatment. Perfect for family, it helped my Husband and Sister understand what was happening to me....more info
  • Waste of money other than to relieve stress
    The book is very informative but at time of need when diagnosed with breast cancer only serve to kill hope and positive thoughts when both are very much needed. It did serve well to reduce stress when one day I had a bad day and week by ripping it apart. In that instance, it was the best money I ever spent!...more info
  • Great reference tool for those with breast cancer
    I purchased this book for my best friend when she was newly diagnosed with breast cancer. She read it then and found answers to so many of her questions. She still uses it 4 months into chemo as a reference tool. She still will tell me this is one of the best books that I purchased for her....more info
  • Read This Book Before You Need It
    This book has massive amounts of important information, though in places is a bit technical for the layperson. That being said, my only lament was that I hadn't read it prior to my diagnosis of breast cancer. Since one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, this is a book that all women should read; once there's a diagnosis of breast cancer, things go way too fast for thoughtfully reading such a vast resource. Though there are books that deal with the aftermath realities of day to day living and the necessities of things like lots of pillows, etc. I do wish this book had touched on some of the practical preparations that could be made prior to surgery. There's a lot to be said for this book, it contains a wealth of information; I just wish I'd read it a year ago....more info
  • A Book For All Women
    First I want to say that Dr. Love's book is not limited to information about breast cancer but has extensive information on all aspects of breasts.

    I was given a copy of Dr. Love's book after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it became invaluable to me. Frequently I had to set it aside for a short time because the information was so frightening, but cancer and its' treatment is a frightening experience.

    The information she provided allowed me to ask important questions and make good decisions about the choices available to me. I had good doctors, but they did not go into some of the details I needed to know such as: odds of recurrence with lumpectomy vs. mastectomy; which chemotherapy drugs produced what side effects; why radiation?

    She also provided information that allowed me to better understand the idiosyncrasies of breast cancer and my particular prognosis.

    Breast cancer research is producing such promise with new drugs and procedures, that there is no way a book can be published with "the latest" information. Still, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Love's book to ALL women--whether they are interested in breast feeding or are facing difficult decisions about breast cancer treatment options....more info

  • A must for every family health library
    Dr. Love's Breast Book has found its way into the hands of many fearful and concerned people. It is a companion for the breast cancer patient. It should be in everyone's hands well before illness strikes. The organization of the chapters makes it comfortable reading for those under stress....more info
  • The one book to get
    Of all the books on this delicate subject this is the one to get.
    Not a lot of fluff, just basic scientific data in an easy to read format.
    ...more info
  • Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book:4th Edition 2005
    I bought this book for a good friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The book was suggested to me by my mother who just underwent a double mastectomy. My friend is very thankful for this book. She told me it has helped tremendously with questions she has about her condition and treatment options.

    So while I haven't personally read this book, I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who has the tragedy of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

    ...more info
  • Dr. Loves Book
    This is an excellent resource. 4th edition is superior to the 3rd edition. A wonderful book for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Everything you want to know and MORE!...more info
  • Great informational book but patients BEWARE
    This book is more of a textbook than a patient's guide. It is exhaustive in it presentation of data but it left my wife (who recently was diagnosed with breast cancer) and me at times without hope. In good textbook fashion, Dr. Love presents ALL information, no matter how arcane and unlikely to happen (e.g. paients who have a modified radical mastectomy thinking they will NEVER have a recurrence in that "breast" but there is an example cited of a patient who has a recurrence in the SCAR!!! True, but give us a break!). Others: She had clean nodes, clean margins and stage 1 Breast cancer and was dead in a year. (Also true, but PLEASE!!). We were not looking for a cushy feel good book that offered false hopes, but this book is brutal at times. Still, we did learn a lot about breast cancer (we're taking patients ourselves now!) and for that I am grateful but I really feel it's necessary to forewarn patients. Caveat emptor....more info
  • Must have for Breast Cancer Patient/Family
    This was recommended to me by a co-worker of a friend. I now recommended it to a anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a loved one who has. Dr. Susan Love explains things fully and in a very easy to understand manner. No matter how good of a support team of doctors you have, there are going to be questions that come up when you're not in a doctors office. Better yet, by reviewing the book, you'll think of things you SHOULD ask. It helped me both prior to my surgery, immediately after my surgery and will continue to be a wonderful reference book as 'things' come up....more info
  • Excellent Resource
    I definitely agree with the many readers regarding this book that it is absolutely the authorative source book on the subject of breast cancer. The author describes virtually every detail incl. the emotional aspects from prevention to diagnosis and through the healing process. I picked up a copy of this extensive book when one of my friends was diagnosed with breast cancer to be able to better relate to her and to understand what she's going through and I must say it is a very interesting read. Another excellent book on the subject that is really encouraging and helpful and I think is also a "Must-Read" is "Breast Cancer Be-Attitudes" by breast-cancer survior Sylvia Baker....more info
  • Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book:4th Edition 2005
    Excellent book, covering all aspects of breast cancer. Dr. Love is considered the top authority on breast cancer. Her style of writing is interesting as well as informative. It is as if she is talking personally to you. ...more info
  • Every Mother Should Have This Book
    Because this book is a comprehensive work on breasts, I think it is vital that every mother have a copy of this book, study it, and share its information with her family (male and female). I have been diagnosed with stage three cancer although I have had mammograms and breast exams on schedule. Had I known what was in this book, I would have been alerted to signs that my doctor missed. This book gives the reader the power to have control through knowledge....more info
  • The Best Informational Book on Breast Cancer
    As a survivor of breast cancer, I have looked at most every book I can get my hands on about this disease. If you are looking for an informational book, there is none better than this one. It covers virtually every topic and answers almost every question you can think of about breast cancer.

    Some of Dr. Love's ideas (eg., epidemiology, DDT, etc.) are not supported by the establishment. However, I found her ideas very helpful. They raise important questions about causation and treatment of breast cancer.

    I was able to find all the information I needed about my particular cancer in this book, along with options for treatment and questions to ask my doctor. While this book is not definitive, it is absolutely necessary for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Other books that I found very helpful in other ways are: Art.Rage.Us.: Art and Writing by Women with Breast Cancer, The Red Devil: A Memoir About Beating the Odds, and Cancer Vixen: A True Story.

    I think this is also a great book for family members and partners of those diagnosed with breast cancer. There is a lot of useful information for support and caretaking. The book is a wealth of information for anyone who is touched by this disease....more info
  • If you have a breast problem you need this book!
    The first breast problem I had turned out to be a cyst, and this book gave me all the information I needed to prepare myself and understand the procedures. Four years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I don't know how I could have gotten through everything without it. If you have a problem, do yourself a favor and buy this book. It is worth ten times the price. ...more info
  • Doctor Recommended
    Recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I found it to help me "wrap my head around" all the information, and make informed choices regarding my care. I personally like that it doesn't read as if you are an idiot without going so far over the top that you feel as if you are reading a text book. However, if you are recently diagnosed, don't read it cover to cover! Take it step by step. Read, talk to your doctors, re-read... otherwise you will be more likely to feel overwhelmed, and you already have enough to deal with....more info
  • Dr susan Love's breast book
    I purchased this book to help my sister working as a part-time interpreter do a better job. I like it and my sister appreciated it, although she did not read it. She lives many thousand miles from me, so I explained the main points to her through the phone. I think every woman should and must read the book. The style is clear, but the book is rather too long for a common person. I wish every medical book had a simple and clear style like this one....more info
  • book review
    One of the best resources I have read, with up-to-date information about today's health care. It should be required reading for all who are facing breast cancer treatment....more info
  • Very Informative
    After my devastating diagnosis of breast cancer 6 months ago, my surgeon recommended this book to me. It answered almost every question I had regarding my treatment options. It's a lot to digest all at once, so I have just been reading it chapters as they come up in my life. The surgery section is very helpful, and details the whole process from beginning to end. Dr. Love doesn't sugar-coat anything, so some of the information can be hard to digest, but if you are looking for honest, straightforward answers, this book is very helpful....more info
  • Excellent source of information!!
    This book has been an excellent source of information!! I have learned about the type of breast cancer that I have and the options for treatment. Everything that the doctor told me had been explained in the book, so I felt very comfortable in making my choices for healing....more info
  • Excellent book for survivors working for early detection!
    This oncology field is changing so rapidly and there are conflicting data coming out. Therefore, her book is out of date before it's published. However, Dr. Love or someone must dedicted themselves to mapping the anatomy of the ductal system of the breast! Her work is presented well, and it is a good resource of those helping new patients, but not necessarily for the newly diagnosed patient....more info
  • . . . with a warning
    This is the first book I bought when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the "bible" for women with the disease, and recommended by them for newly diagnosed women. And so many breast cancer patients can't be wrong.

    The book is chock full of great information. But for those of us diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, that information is so scarey and hopeless sounding that I began to wonder if I should even bother with treatment! I would never recommend the Breast Book for an IBC patient. (In fact, I warn them off, and I have talked with other women with IBC who had my same reaction.) I agree that it's important to be a "straight shooter" and give all the information, but to deny hope is a terrible thing -- especially in a field where the odds change every day, as new drugs and treatment regimens are discovered and implemented. No book on breast cancer will ever be truly "up to date." By the time it's published and available to readers, the research is at least a year old. But if Dr. Love wants to tell us how grim our outlook is, she also needs to point that out. (In fact, by the time I was diagnosed her book was sadly out of date with regard to IBC survival rates, which had skyrocketed with new treatments.)

    So, yes, a very good reference book, but one to be avoided by women newly diagnosed with IBC (and perhaps some other advanced breast cancers)....more info

  • buy this book, but don't read it after dark
    I bought this book when my partner was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago at age 32. We have both relied on it as a source of information throughout her treatment, and it has served that purpose well-- it is very complete and up-to-date. This book is often referred to as a "bible" for women with breast cancer, and I can see why.

    However, we both found this book profoundly frightening in a way that we did not find other breast cancer books-- even ones that cover similar material. I think this may be because, unlike the authors of most breast cancer books, Dr. Love has not had cancer herself. As compassionate as she may be in person, her tone as a writer is sometimes cavalier. I am sure that as an MD she has had to distance herself in order to treat women with breast cancer, and unfortunately this distance comes through in her book. At first I thought that my reaction to her writing and her statistics was just because the diagnosis was so new and frightening-- but it's still true now, a year later.

    This is a fabulous resource-- probably the best-- but don't read it alone, or when you're feeling particularly scared or pessimistic....more info

  • As family counselors, we say buy it!
    Research is 75% of what we do, and no book on breast cancer tops this one. There are many books and literary compositions that address recovery better, but to gain an understanding of your body and what is going on inside your body, we give this one five stars....more info
  • Straight Talk About Breasts
    This book, like the first two editions, pulls no punches. It is chock full of the latest info on breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and research. I recommend it for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and wants the total picture at their disposal. It is not sugar-coated, but it is truthful. The chapters are organized in such a manner that it is easy to find exactly what you are searching for. The updated sections on new techniques, such as ductal lavage, are inspiring. This book remains the total package for breast cancer and breast health, in general. Knowledge can be scary, but ignorance is dangerous. I highly recommend this book....more info


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