Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat Size Yoga Towel (Deity Ganesha - Teal)

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Product Description

Once you experience a SKIDLESS towel from Yogitoes you'll wonder how you ever practiced yoga without it! These towels are specifically designed for yoga practice to prevent slipping. They are lightweight, super-absorbent, and accented with tiny clear rubber dots which grip to your yoga mat or to the floor, enabling you to have a steadier practice. Since they are ultra absorbent and non-skid, they're perfect for Bikram hot yoga! An added benefit of SKIDLESS yoga towels is putting a hygienic layer between you and your yoga mat. These towels are easy to care for as they can be machine washed and dried.

The towels are made from 80% polyester and 20% nylon, with all organic dyes. The SKIDLESS nubs are completely earth friendly, are made from silicon, and contain no latex. SKIDLESS towels are also great to travel with -- leave your yoga mat behind and pack a SKIDLESS towel instead! Goes perfectly with a Yoga Mat Harness Strap.

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  • 80% polyester, 20% nylon
  • Nubs are made with 100 % silicone, healthy for mother earth.
  • Mat size: 24" x 68"
  • Prevents slipping on your yoga mat
  • Machine washable

Customer Reviews:

  • Totally beats a beach towel
    This towel is fantastic! I used to use a beach towel and slipped all the time. This towel does slip a little, but it's 100x better than the beach towel. Definitely a must, especially for anyone doing hot yoga....more info
  • Changed the way I practice yoga
    This product really is as good as it seems. It has changed my yoga practice for the better, and now I can't believe I went so long without it. I will never practice yoga again without it. A must-have if you love yoga!!!...more info
  • a yoga MUST!
    I have three of these and have purchased them as gifts for many friends and family that practice yoga. They are the best. I read some of the other reviews and am shocked at some of the negative ones. I have never had any of mine bleed their dye. Although I did follow the directions and wash them twice in cold water before using. My first yogitoes is three years old and has been used way too many times to count(two - three times a week EVERY WEEK). It is still in great shape! I have never had any problems with the stitching coming undone. The new eco nubs on the current towels make them even grippier and better than the first towel that I purchased three years a go. I didn't think that they could be improved upon, but I am pleasantly surprised. I do Ashtanga yoga, it is one of the more demanding flow type of yoga. Occasionally I get a SUPER SMALL amount of bunching in the back of my mat. The way that some people go on negatively commenting on these is really silly. This has transformed my yoga practice. I never slip during all of the chaturangas in Ashtanga with the yogitoes. Yogitoes are awesome and pretty much idiot-proof!!!! Also, they are sixty dollars everywhere else, this is a major deal here on Amazon!!!! Take advantage of it, you'll be glad you did....more info
  • Great product
    I really like the Yogitoes. Make sure you follow the instructions and wash it twice. I did so and my purple Yogitoes turned my light blue mat purple. However, it is a great product since it does not bunch up on the mat the way a towel does. A word of caution, the Yogitoes can get a bit slippery during a few postures so be sure to squirt some water on it so that your feet don't slip....more info
  • Not bad, but not great
    I got this to help with slipping during a "hot" yoga class, because I sweat like a pig. It definitely does help, but two things I don't like: 1. it's very slippery when dry so I have to make sure I wet it before use, not a huge problem but I like to keep things simple so a little annoying, and 2. It bunches up at times, not as bad as a regular towel but enough that I'm still searching for a better solution. As far as color bleeding I just followed the instructions to wash twice before use and had no problems with an orange towel.

    So, definitely an improvement to what I had before, but my search for the ultimate hot yoga mat solution continues....more info
    I've practiced Yoga for quiet a while and I had never found a towel that would absorb sweat and have enough grip to not slide away from my yoga mat.

    I recommend this product AND the best part is that amazon has THE best price on this item online and in store....more info
  • Love love it!
    I love this towel and it is well worth the money. The side with the silicone grips keeps me from sliding in down dog and triangle. I imagine that the other side would be appropriate during a Bikram class, but have not tried it yet. It fits my mat perfectly and is thin enough that I can roll it up with my mat and put it all in my yoga bag. I already recommended it to a couple of my instructors for their own practice. ...more info
  • Works great - so soft!
    I have only used the towel once so far, but it worked great. The only time it moved was when we "flipped the dog" and I had to swing my leg over from being in downward dog into upward bow, or wheel pose. See http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/473 for a pic.

    The towel is very soft and big enough to cover my mat. I also love the dot in the middle/top of the mat. When I press down to the ground in the vinyasa flow, I dropped down straight toward the dot.

    Love the yellow color, too! Haven't washed it yet, but I don't care about washing it separately the first couple of times. We have a clothesline, so I'll probably dry it outside....more info
  • Essential towel for hot yoga
    Great product! While doing hot yoga it is vital to have a skidless towel to place over your mat to collect the sweat & prevent your feet from slipping. I never go to yoga without my yogitoes towel.
    *Just beware - color will bleed during first washing....more info
  • good purchase
    I spent several weeks researching various yoga towels that would help me when I'm practicing, especially in postures like downward dog where I felt at any minute I would slip and face-plant in class. I finally caved and bought one of bright, colorful yogitoes towels despite the pricetag. The thing that struck me when I first used it was the quality. I guess for the cost the quality isn't as nice as I thought it would be--it's very thin with some ragged edges. I tried it anyway, and I found that I could concentrate on my body position, and not worry about slipping. Bunching up generally isn't a problem, unless you are doing sun salutations at a very fast pace, in which case you may have to readjust the towel. I find that this is a moot point considering I am not at risk of falling on my face and breaking my nose anymore. I tend to use the towel with the silicone nubs facing up--this way I find I have a better grip. It does work well with them facing down too; I just prefer this way. The towel did not bleed when I washed it, using a cold-cold cycle. The reason I am giving this 4 stars out of 5 is primarily due to the quality and the fact that it is not totally slip-proof. However, I am glad that I bought it and will continue to use it in practice....more info
  • No More Slipping!
    This was my second Yogitoes Towel purchase. I always had problems with slipping and sliding during yoga and this towel helps immensely. It's also alot easier to wash than a yoga mat; just remember not to put it in the dryer. It will dry really fast if you just hang it up. Namaste!...more info
  • Does It's Job
    The towel does it's job, but I don't know if it was worth the extra money compared to the other brands. It still shifted some. Much less then a beach towel, but again, not AMAZING like I was expecting. I would get another towel. I would not get this brand unless it was on sale again though....more info
  • finally
    I love this mat . it works great for me no more slipping as i practice Yoga. the best, thanks...more info
  • Pleased with the product
    Prior to getting one of these, I used a beach towel. What a huge difference it made to have one of these. No more slipping around. If by some chance you do slip, just pour water on the mat at your touch points.

    Last but not least, the yogitoes does a great job of not bunching up. ...more info
  • yaga towel
    I purchased the yoga towel for my granddaughters birthday & she really likes it. She is very satisfied with the way it works & the way it washes up.
    I am disappointed in the ordering method used by Amazon though. I will think twice before I order from Amazon again.I got stuck with shipping charges & Amazon will not credit me for the charges. Too bad as I was consdering ordering another towel. Oh well....more info
  • Saves Money in the Long Run
    I have been taking hot yoga and have been using two regular bath towels per session. I sweat a lot so I have two soaking wet towels to wash and dry each time I go. I'd decided to buy this towel and I am pleased. It seems to absorb water and keep it all contained. Then I wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. It only takes a couple hours to dry when hanging. I think I am saving money because I am not running the drier constantly to dry regular bath towels.

    I also like the little rubber nubs on the bottom of the towel which keeps it from slipping while I am doing the yoga poses. I think I will buy another one just to have a spare....more info
  • Absolute Must for Hot Yoga!!!
    If you love hot yoga, you'll love this towel! I no longer slip on my sweaty mat, especially with downward dog. I do hot yoga 5 times a week and own three of them so I don't have to do laundry every night. Quality is great; they launder very well; just hold the fabric softener. May be a bit pricey but there isn't another quality alternative....more info
  • yogitoes great for hot yoga
    I use yogitoes every time I do yoga. It is great for hot yoga so that you are not slipping all over your mat. I also like the fact that it is washable - makes me feel better when I am face-down on my mat!...more info
  • skidless yoga towel
    was slipping all over in HOT yoga - towel works great and is the perfect size fot my mat....more info
  • better control over my poses
    The towel minimizes slipping during poses. although it does not eliminate slipping altogether, it does help. I like how it keeps the mat clean from the dripping sweat during hot yoga. ...more info
  • Handy and Grippy
    Yoga is one of my favorite activities out there. Unfortunately, before Yogitoes, I was prone to slipping around while in downward dog, which took the relax and recover aspect out of the position. With Yogitoes, I am able to fully focus on downward dog (and other positions) without having my hands and feet slipping. I love the bright yellow color, it's remniscent of a rubber ducky and is rather uplifting.
    ...more info
  • Great for Hot Yoga
    This towel saves me every time I do hot yoga. It's important to run your hand over the towel after you've placed it on your mat so that the nubbies adhere to the mat. Though I thought it was a bit spendy, I bought the colour that was on sale and my yoga mat is pretty cheap. I've had it for 10 years and it was cheaper than getting a new yoga mat that keeps grip when wet. The dye does bleed, but I wash it on delicate in a mini cycle by itself or with things I don't care about getting a little orange. It makes my yoga practice so much more pleasant. I only air dry my towel....more info
  • Just what I expected
    Great buy, and slightly cheaper than the list price.

    Good buy, and goes to a good cause!...more info
  • Good solution for me
    I would agree with other reviewers that if your skin is dry, you will slip, possibly more than on a regular mat. However, for me, that really doesn't happen for more than a minute, so I've been very satisfied. I have found poses much easier to hold....more info
  • great yoga yowel
    The yoga towel was exactly what I was looking for. And buying it in yellow saved $15.00....more info
  • Useful yoga mat cover.
    I attend a yoga studio, where the yoga equipment such as mats are provided. This towel is useful in this case since I don't have to bring my own mat, and still have a clean surface to practice yoga on. This towel is grippy in most of the yoga positions I've used it with, but at times my feet have slid off the towel, not because of the towel sliding, but my feet siding off the top surface of the towel. Otherwise I find it very useful, since i don't have to carry my mat around, and this towel folds to fit even in my purse....more info
  • The best skidless towel for yoga
    I have a regular yoga practice--both hot (Bikram) and non-hot (Iyengar, Ashtanga) and I bought this towel to use for both classes. This towel is truly wonderful for non-hot yoga--I no longer slide all over the yoga mat in down dog or triangle. However, it's not as effective for hot yoga. It works great during standing hot yoga poses, but once you're doing the floor series, the grippy dots on the underside of the towel actually cause it to slide around as you change floor poses. I've just learned to not flop around like a fish quite so much as I move between poses :-).

    All that said, I wouldn't give up this towel for anything--it is superior to just using a regular towel. It covers the whole mat, it's very soft and absorbent--almost like a thin terrycloth--and perfect for non-hot yoga. Be sure to read the label and follow the initial washing instructions as the towel will continue to bleed color even after the first few washings.

    One last thought--I bought the towel in yellow because it was the cheapest color on Amazon--if you're worried about it being obnoxiously bright like I was, it isn't. Save yourself the $15 and get the yellow. Yoga isn't meant to be fashion show anyway ;-) (as I tell myself when I want to buy a new cute yoga top!). Namaste....more info
  • no worry
    looks pretty and really sticky.

    you can focus on yourself fully in a hot room. ...more info
  • yogitoes mat towel
    I bought the yogitoes matsize towel not too long ago and it is fantastic. i needed it to help prevent slipping in certain poses and it does just that. and it also absorbs everything while im on my mat!...more info
  • Great Towel!

    This towel is super absorbant. It is sized perfectly to fit a yoga mat and keeps it's shape wash after wash. Amazon had such a great price, I plan to buy more to give as gifts!...more info
  • A little small to fit the Manduka
    I bought this to use with my Manduka BlackMatPRO [&]), and I practice a variety of Ashtanga, flow and power yoga. I sweat a lot and this definitely makes practice easier.

    It doesn't fully cover the Manduka mat, but it covers enough of it to get the job done. All in all, a good product....more info
  • Does what it says
    It's colorful and fun. Washed it by itself a couple times at first to keep the color from bleeding as suggested by other reviews. The towel is a little slick dry, so I spray it down with a little bit before I start my workouts so that my hands stick to it. The sweat that develops during the workout takes over later. It doesn't skid all over my mat. Like this product alot....more info
  • Awesome!
    Best towels for yoga... necessary... reduces slippage on your mat during those hot yoga classes...more info
  • good choice
    This is perfect. I love the bright color for the work out . Y...more info
  • Great absorbant non-skid mat
    I bought this as a gift for my husband because he takes a yoga class. He was using just a mat and a regular towel before. The towel would shift on the mat and make it difficult for some poses where he was trying to hold still. This mat stays in place and helps absorb the sweat so he can stay dry and comfortably do his yoga poses. My husband uses it over his regular mat but it could be used alone as well.

    This is a wonderful mat and it's definitely worth it if you do yoga or other exercises where you need something that stays in place and helps keeps you dry.
    ...more info
  • not so sticky towel
    this product works great if you wet it first. if you don't wet the towel you'll slide. didn't have any problems with fading (or bleeding), but I did wash it twice before use and didn't put it in the dryer. If I take the time to wet the towel first, I am happy with how it performs....more info
  • very helpful
    I do sweat a lot during the yoga. This yoga towle is vrey helpful for me when I laying down on the mat, and I can keep my yoga mat clean. This yoga towel is very easy to take care of it as well. Love it, love it, love it. ...more info
  • Great for Bikram!
    This towel is great for all types of yoga, especially Bikram (hot yoga). I cover my mat for traction... I've always slipped around on my mat, even the best, all natural rubber mat. It's a lot cheaper on amazon than directly from yogitoes....more info
  • Skidless for real!!
    Definitely worth it. Totally skidless and perfect size for the mat. Better to by the darker colors though. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I was sliding all over my yoga mat and desperately needed a towel. Had been using a regular towel, but since I do yoga pretty regularly, this was becoming a hassle (it moves around on the mat and doesn't fit well). This towel is the perfect size for my mat (standard mat). It has little grippers on the back so it doesn't move. It's soft but not too soft. Machine washable. I actually just leave it on my mat and roll both up together. Very nice!! An absolute must for avid yoga lovers....more info
  • Slidless Yoga Mat Towel
    I bought this skidless mat for one of my Yoga students - she loves it! Normally the sticky nubs are the side placed down on a Yoga mat, but it can be reversed if more traction is needed. I highly recommned this mat to be used in addition to a regular Yoga mat or with the Ashtanga Yoga mat (woven cloth mat)....more info
  • sweet skidless
    love this item! it works great for a sweaty yoga outing. I suggest getting one of these to stop your downward dogs from slipping. It's a great solution to hot yoga on slippery mats and it's soft on your skin, too....more info
  • This yogini loves it
    I've used Yogitoes since I started practicing yoga and I love it. The towels do not bleed either like another reviewer said before me. All you have to do is wash it with your other yogitoes in cold water and do not dry it and you're good to go. It helps before you practice to put some water on it. Wetness (such as sweat) activates it but right when you start practicing you won't be sweating right away so it's a good idea to put some water by where your hands will go to get it going. THE ONLY THING I do not like about yogitoes is that it sometimes doesn't stick as well as it should to the yoga mat and I have to keep straightening/fixing it during my practice. That's a bit annoying. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I think they should make these built into the mat itself. I would recommend to anyone, regardless of their experience or frequency of practicing yoga. I hate laying on my mat not knowing which side I put down on the floor the previous practice, so the towel makes it easier to stay clean. ...more info
  • Skidless towel
    Great idea. Great product. Doesn't always work for me.

    However, I know other yogi's who swear by it.

    And yes, I would buy it again. Because when it does work for me it is a life saver....more info
  • I can finally do a Warrior 2 pose without slipping.
    These mat blankets are normally pricey but, as usual, well-priced online at Amazon, especially if you don't care what color you get. The mat blanket is generously sized to cover my mat, and it does what it says- keeps you from slipping. It's also easier to wash than a regular mat; seeing as how many yoga positions involve face-to-floor contact I find this a good thing. Just make sure you READ and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS (I know this is really hard for some people) for care of your mat blanket....more info


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